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Today in this article I will cover google wearable apps development starting process in android studio. here in this article I will show how to start developing android wearable apps using android studio. before developing wearable apps, you must to configure android studio.


In Android Studio SDK Tools, if you are not Show Google Play service Rev.18 Google Repository Rev.9 Complete the following steps to get special access to all the things you need to start developing.

Start SDK Manager.

Update the Android SDK Tools and Platform-tools to versions 23 and 20 respectively.
Click Tools > Manage Add-on Sites > User Defined Sites.

Click New,
Enter into the text field,
Click OK.

Click Close.


You should now see new Google Play service Rev.18 Google Repository Rev.9  Update it.
Run on the Emulator


To setup, the Android Wear emulator install the latest Android API and updates lineup in the Android SDK Manager. Remember to install the ‘Android Wear ARM EABI v7a System Image’.


Then create Android Virtual Device (AVD) for Wear using the system image just updated. There are two skins available for the Android watch round and square. I have chosen square watch.

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