In today many people have YouTube channel & website.

If you think your website & blog has lots of users you want to get more subscribers by displaying the YouTube subscribe button and subscriber count on your site?

than In this article is helpful for you.

Here I will show you how to add a YouTube subscribe button in the website.

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Your WebSite And Blog 1

How to get YouTube Subscribe Button

First, you need to know your channel name or channel id.

if you have configured you channel name than using it by name or if you don’t have a channel but you have channel id than get it by id.

Visit this YouTube Account Setting page an know your channel name or id details

YouTube Subscribe

Second, you need to visit the YouTube subscribe button page on Google Developer’s website.

Scroll down to ‘Configure a button’ section

YouTube Subscribe

Simply enter your channel’s name and choose a layout, theme, and subscriber count option.

You will be able to see a live preview of how your button will look. Once you are satisfied, you need to copy the code.

How add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger

Go to Layout There you will need Add a Gadget >> HTML/JavaScript  Copy & and Past the code here and that’s it .

YouTube Subscribe

How add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

login to the admin area of your WordPress site and go to Appearance » Widgets.

There you will need to drag and drop a text widget to your sidebar, and paste the YouTube subscribe button code inside the widget.

Save your changes and visit your website to see the YouTube subscribe button in action.

YouTube Subscribe

In others, platform is pretty simple just decide where you want to display the YouTube Subcribe Button .

Than edit you website file and past the code where you want to display to button that’s it

We hope this article helped you add YouTube subscribe button to your site. Please don’t forget to share this article in you circle

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