Bed Exercises For Belly Fat

Is belly fat keeping you up at night? Well, bed exercises for belly fat are a great way to burn those pesky calories and get rid of that unwanted belly fat. It is essential to keep in mind that the bed exercises for belly fat listed below are not designed to replace a proper diet and exercise routine. With these bed exercises, you can be sure to feel better about yourself again!

These bed exercises will help tone your muscles and teach you how to burn calories while you sleep. We’ll take a look at 10 bed exercises for belly fat that anyone can do in their bed!

Why Bed Exercises For Belly Fat ?

The benefits of morning bed exercises are plentiful, ranging from better sleep to improved mood. Everybody is different, and everyone has a unique fitness tolerance level, so it’s best to start slow with 10 minutes or less in the mornings before you can work your way up!

There isn’t an excuse not to, as most people have time for their daily routine, but they don’t find the motivation. Whether that be through exercise, journaling, or anything else.

we all need some form of self-care in our lives, whether it’s mental health-related such as dealing with anxiety or purely physical like eating well and exercising regularly.

which will lead us back into feeling great about ourselves again because those two things go hand-in-hand when treating one another. Morning bed exercises will help you feel better in more ways than one.

Leg Extension


It’s time to work those abs in this exercise. Sit up with your elbows behind you and forearms on the bed, supporting your upper torso. Bend both knees inward towards the chest as tightens lower abdominals; extend legs together out straight for a few inches off of the floor!

Loop towel around back to support the spine during exercises if desired (upgraded level). Focus on using muscles responsible for ab crunching by pulling them into the spine while extending our legs outward- 45 seconds is all we need here – don’t drop down until the timer goes off:) It would be best if you were starting to feel some burn there. Move on to the next bed exercise with some nice deep breaths.

Leg Raises

Lift your legs and hold for a second, then lower them back down until they are just barely touching the bed. Do this 45 times while engaging your abs to keep from arching or looking like you’re about to jump off of the bed (especially if it’s been a while).

Repeat this motion with both legs by lifting one group higher than before, perpendicular to the floor instead of parallel. Lift both legs together at all times, so they’re perpendicular to the bed, then bring them back down without letting go of any air while making sure you always engage those ab muscles to maintain proper form by leaving no space between your upper body and mattress.

Wide U

Wide U is a new lower ab exercise that I recently loved and thought I’d introduce to you guys as well. It’s so fun, and the burn is real (It is). The critical position for this movement starts with your elbows behind you, your upper torso up, then crunching your lower abs to lift one leg into the air.

You can alternate from side to side or stay on one side of your body during each rep! This move will target those hips not mentioned before because they support more weight than usual while pulling off these crunches.

Hands & Toes Touch

Lie on the bed with your arms and legs up as if you’re about to bear crawl. As soon as you are in position, crunch your abs so that one of them lifts off the ground while simultaneously lifting a leg straight up into the air at 90 degrees while reaching for it with an arm from the opposite side.

Alternate between sides every 45 seconds or whenever they say “switch.” The key is to think about using those lower ab muscles instead of relying solely on upper body strength – visualize yourself squeezing them together and pulling in order when performing each rep!

Leg Extension to the side

To make the lower abs on top of your core work, we’re going to do a side leg extension. Think about it like this: You want the flat belly, and you want that tiny waist?

Then no complaining or slacking! So get those legs in front with one foot stacked upon another for support as they both extend towards 45 degrees from the ground or wall if there is not enough space.

We are also working on our obliques, so try rotating each hip outwards before switching sides when given time cues (remember 3 breaths). This way will help us burn fat quickly because all these exercises hit multiple muscle groups at once!

Leg lift in 4 strokes

Leg lifts are not accessible, but they always lead to a significantly lower ab burn. So let’s get started! Lying on your back, hands below the bum, and crunch those abs using 4 strokes Extend one leg straight in front of you off the bed. while simultaneously lifting so that it is 90 degrees from the floor Hold this position before lifting through both legs at once pointing upwards towards where my toes would be.

if I were lying down here with no obstructions like these sheets (I can’t believe how much laundry we do every day!). Lower them by alternating each stroke for an equal amount of sets until all 8 reps have been completed.

Leg drop

Tighten your abs, then slowly lower one leg until it is only a few inches away from the bed, Then raise it back and lower the other leg Alternate between sides for 45 seconds.

I know this sounds like you’re doing crunches on both legs at the same time, but no! It would be best if you used all of those ab muscles to be strong enough for anything life throws their way to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle.

Reverse Crunch

Lift your legs to the sky, keeping your hips bent and back flat on top of a mat. Place both palms firmly on either side of you for support as if sitting in the lotus position. Begin by pushing down with one foot at a time from where they lay against each other (the feet should remain together).

With an exhale, twist about 45 degrees so that only one knee is touching the ground while simultaneously lifting the opposite leg off the floor into the air until it reaches vertical height– who will do this twice before switching sides again with two more twists using the same pattern: 1x left-foot sole + 2 times right-knee-touching floor then change positions & do another set reducing the number to 3 movements per leg alternating.

Ab Bikes

At first, I was skeptical of the Ab Bikes, but it’s not easy-peasy, which means a great workout for my lower abs. Back flat on the bed, hands behind head and shoulder blades off the ground while crunching your lower abs to bring left knee in towards chest then straighten right leg out with upper-body turning to touch elbow against the knee – don’t just use elbows!

Once you’ve made sure your whole torso is moving, feel those muscles burn as if they’re being ripped apart: these are some rigid arms and abs.

Leg Hold

One of my favorite exercises is the leg hold. This exercise will make your lower abdominals stronger and more defined, so I know you want to give this a try! Start by putting both elbows under your torso for support while lifting with both legs at around 40 degrees off the bed.

Keep looking straight ahead at your toes as if they’re telling you about their day and wait until all-time runs out; don’t drop those feet even once in these 10 seconds – remember that when it’s hard work, it means progress has been made!


Who can do these exercises at home without any equipment? These are some of the best and most effective bed belly fat burning workouts that you should try to get rid of your extra stomach pounds fast!

Remember, everyone needs to have a healthy lifestyle to live an enjoyable life. So go ahead and make time for yourself by exercising before heading off to work or school tomorrow morning!