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Project management apps are an important tool for every business owner. They help you manage projects, tasks, and deadlines in a smart way. There are different types of project management apps available today.

Some are free while others cost a lot of money.

In this article, I am going to review the best project management tasks.

What Is Project Management Software?

Project management software is used to track project activities. It helps managers plan projects and assign tasks. The best project management software allows users to set up milestones, so they can measure how close they are to finishing the project.

Some project management tools focus on just one thing, like resource management. Others do all stages of your project. You can use different tools for every stage of your work, from the initial outline to reporting on success or shortcomings after everything is done.

You will need tools for proposals, taking notes, building documents with other people, sending messages about your project to others. The best app will do all of these things.

Most new tools are online, such as software-as-service (SaaS). This means that new features can be rolled out and people can be installed. You may like web-based systems or on-premises systems.

What makes great free project management software?

There are two main things that make products stand out from their competitors. The first is how easy it will be to use, and the second is how useful the product is.

Sometimes people want to start using a new app right away, but remember that not every feature will matter if you are already struggling with other tasks.

So before you decide which project management platform to use, take time to look at what each one has to offer.

The best free project management apps



Asana is one of the most popular task management platforms out there. It offers both desktop and mobile versions, making it easy to access from anywhere. 

You can create new projects budget, assign them to teammates, set due dates, add notes, attach files, and much more. Best part? There are no limits on how many users can use your account!

If you want something simple yet powerful, then look no further than Asana. With just three tabs — Tasks, Channels, and Boards — you can quickly organize project lifecycle, assign them to teammates, and keep track of progress. 

You’ll find plenty of useful tools like drag-and-drop boards, checklists, and due dates. And since Asana works seamlessly within Google Drive, you won’t ever lose access to your data again.



Basecamp has been around since 2004, which means it’s pretty old school by today’s standards. But if you’re still using email instead of modern collaboration tools like Slack, this might be the right option for you. Use Basecamp to manage all aspects of your business—from marketing campaigns to customer support requests.

With Basecamp’s intuitive interface, you can manage multiple clients simultaneously without having to switch back and forth between screens. That means less confusion and fewer mistakes along the way. But perhaps the biggest reason why people love Basecamp is that it’s completely free! There are premium versions available as well, though.

JIRA Software

The 10 Best Project Management App 1

JIRA was created back in 2005 to handle bug tracking within Red Hat. Since then, it’s become one of the most widely used issue-tracking systems in existence.

Google Docs and Sheets have long been staples of online productivity. They work great for sharing documents across multiple people, collaborating on spreadsheets, and keeping everything neatly stored away in the cloud. 

Plus, you don’t need any special permissions to edit someone else’s document. Just go ahead and click “Edit” at the top left corner of their page.

This tool was originally developed for developers, but Jira now supports many industries outside of tech. The best part about JIRA is that it doesn’t require an IT department or expensive hardware to run. All you need is a web browser and some basic knowledge of HTML5 coding.



MindNode is a free mind mapping tool that helps you visualize ideas and brainstorm concepts. The best thing about MindNode is that it doesn’t require an internet connection or software installation. All you need to do is download the program onto your computer and get started.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker

One of our favorites among agile development platforms, Pivotal Tracker helps you plan projects ahead of time while keeping team members up-to-date.

on their tasks throughout the process. If you’ve got a lot of moving parts, you might consider upgrading to Pro so you can add custom fields and other advanced settings.



Trello may not be as well known as some other options available, but its features make it worth checking out. Create boards where you can organize tasks into different categories. Then share those boards with others so they can see what needs doing next. 

Suppose you want to keep things private. Select “private board” when creating each board. We know Trello isn’t exactly “free,” but we still think it deserves mention here because it has become such a staple in the world of digital collaboration. 

It’s easy enough to set up and customize, plus there are tons of templates to choose from when creating cards. Best of all, Trello is compatible with almost every major operating system, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, ChromeOS, and more.



Wrike is similar to Asana because both are web applications that allow users to create custom dashboards and view important metrics anywhere. One key difference between these two apps: Wrike focuses primarily on team communication while Asana emphasizes individual workflow.

While Wrike does offer a few extra bells and whistles compared to the rest of these apps, they aren’t necessary. What matters most is how easily you can create customized dashboards and reports. 

In addition to viewing everything in real-time, you also have the option to export information to Excel or PDF files.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is another cloud-based solution that allows users to collaborate across different devices. Zoho Projects mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc., making it perfect for remote teams. However, this comes at a cost.

For $10 per user/month, you can enjoy unlimited storage space, file sharing, and even video conferencing capabilities.


GoToMeeting is great for small businesses that don’t have dedicated conference room space at work. Plus, it integrates nicely with Microsoft Office products, which makes things even easier.



FreshBooks provides accounting services but also happens to offer invoicing templates that make creating professional-looking bills easy.

In addition to providing customizable invoice layouts, this service lets you send PDF files instead of paper checks.

Trello has a version called Trello Pro if you would like to see all of your projects in one place. It includes integrations with other services such as Google Calendar, Zapier, Salesforce, Dropbox, and GitHub.

Why do you want to use Trello instead of other services?

It is fast and easy. You can change it so that it meets your needs. There is a free tier, so you can try it before you sign up for something else.

Why choose Wrike over other services?

It is easier to use than Trello. You do not need to be familiar with code. You can log into your account and start editing right away.

Why choose Zoho Projects over similar services?

Zoho Projects has many features. You don’t need to pay for them yourself.

There is no limit to what you can do using this platform. It’s great for small businesses that want to keep their things organized and don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront.

What should I look for in a project management app?

Choosing the basic features of the software is important. Each one will work differently depending on your specific requirements.

Some tools are better for your team than others. Some people may feel that they are easier to use. However, below you will find a list of the top-rated tools based on their quality and how well they work:

Tasks & To-Do Lists

To effectively track progress, you must assign individual items to individuals and monitor those assignments. If you prefer using lists instead of cards, then try Todolist. The best part about Todolist is that it syncs seamlessly with other platforms so that you won’t miss a beat.

To stay organized, you need to break down tasks by category, subcategory, priority level, deadline date, and many other factors. Project Management Software has been designed specifically for this purpose. 

Each tool we’ve listed above excels in its own unique ways, but here are three of the best ones available today:


See all of your projects at once, from any device or browser window. Create custom views for different types of content: To-do’s, bugs, epics, etc.

 Unlimited Boards

Collaborate across projects or organize by the client. Create boards for each of your clients, then share them with all members of your team.

Automate routine work

Create custom automation based on triggers like who changed something or when someone started working on a task. Automation lets you set reminders, send emails, and more—all from within Asana.

Get notified about changes.

Asana keeps track of all activity across projects, boards, and users. Get alerts whenever anything happens: comments, edits, files added, etc.

One platform to manage work

Asana helps teams stay focused by managing everything in one place. From projects to approvals, we’ve got you covered.

Managing Projects

Keep track of who owns what and easily share updates across the entire organization. Set milestones, add notes, and even attach files or documents.

Approve changes before they’re made. Reviewers have access to comments, attachments, and other information as needed. Get notified if someone else makes an update.


Get real-time updates on progress across projects. See who’s working on what, and stay informed throughout the day.

Project Management Apps For Small Businesses

There are several different types of project management software solutions available. These include enterprise-level systems, web-based apps, desktop/mobile apps, cloud-based apps, mobile apps, etc. 

In addition, various pricing models range from freemium to paid subscription plans. How to Choose the Best Project Management App

There are dozens of project management applications available online. But how do you know which one is going to help you most?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not PMA is right for you.

  • What type of project am I managing?
  • How often does my project require collaboration among multiple people?
  • Does my project involve complex processes or procedures?
  • Is my project time-sensitive?
  • Will my project have milestones or deadlines?
  • Am I working alone or with a group?
  • Are all members of my team required to access the same system at once?
  • Can I easily share files across teams?
  • Do I plan to add new users to my project later?
  • Do I need to integrate data from outside sources?
  • Do I need to create custom reports?

FAQs of the best project management app

What are the best features of this software?

It has many useful features such as task lists and due dates that help you manage tasks more efficiently. It can be used for personal use too. The interface is very user-friendly, with simple navigation options.

How do I get started using it?

You don’t have to download anything; sign up online.

Why should you use a project management app?

When you have project management apps for project planning, you can take care of your team, tasks, and deadlines without even being in the office.

What apps are needed to manage projects?

If you are looking for something that is not difficult to use, check out Asana.

How much does Basecamp cost?

After that, the premium plan is $99 per month for unlimited users.

What is the best task management app?

Find out more about Basecamp here.

How does it work?

It allows you to organize projects that act as a central location for everything and contain to-do lists, notes, events, files, and much more.

What are the benefits of technology?

Undoubtedly, it has allowed us to connect, perform, improve, and leverage our resources beyond what was once imaginable.

What is Rescue Time?

 Use Your Time Wisely If you have doubts about using your time sensibly, this app will send you weekly reports to indicate what is stealing your time.

What is the app for you?

 Keep on Top of All Your Tasks If you’re struggling to manage everything you have to do, and you work with many different devices, then this is the app for you.

What are the benefits of using Focus Keeper?

Focus Keeper helps you stay focused by blocking distracting websites while working or studying.

Which one is better: Trello or Wunderlist?

Trello is an excellent tool for managing teams and projects. However, Wunderlist is great for individuals who want to keep track of their daily activities.

Is there any other good alternative?

Yes! There’s also Google Calendar which works well for both individual users and groups.


We hope these reviews helped you make a decision regarding which product suits your needs the most. We wish you success in finding the right solution for your business.

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