We all are familiar with the fact that a messenger bot is a software that uses Artificial Intelligence to communicate with its customers.

A Facebook messenger bot is something that lives on Facebook,

meaning it converses with some of the 1.3 billion

people who uses the Facebook messenger.

Here is a list of top 10 Facebook messenger bot builders which you can use for free!


SendPulse is a multichannel marketing solution that brings all the best features a marketer may need on a single platform. Email and SMS marketing, web push notifications, subscription forms, and everything in between. 


When it comes to Facebook marketing, SendPulse doesn’t disappoint and offers an intuitive Messenger chatbot builder.

Messenger chatbot builder

Messenger chatbot by SendPulse can be used as a stand-alone marketing tool or as a part of an elaborate marketing campaign.

Due to its lead generation capabilities, marketers can use a chatbot to collect customer data transfer it to the SendPulse account, and launch an email or SMS marketing campaign.

The platform is constantly evolving and just recently SendPulse has launched their own email verification tool that helps eliminate abandoned or invalid emails from the list. 


Manychat is anything but difficult to utilize, you can simply relocate anything you need, additionally mix with integromate and Google structure makes it an incredible stage.

In the event that you are a Chatbot Agency it’s smarter to choce another product as various records will profoundly build the expense of manychat

We have had the option to utilize the bot to develop our rundown inside our Facebook gathering, site and blog entry to give some examples.

Love the intuitive interface – use it to show the remainder of my group what the messages are and what the stream is.

I additionally like the capacity to send a see message to Messenger so I can demo this to other people.

There is a ton of supportive instructive material too that makes is anything but difficult to find out about chatbots.


Active chat is a Messenger Bot builder that helps you create a chatbot from scratch. It has specific existing templates, and it helps in customer support. It incorporates multiple platforms like telegram, SMS,email marketing and supports various parameters and site tracking.

It is a visual builder that helps in the product or customer service conversation and has many integrations with various giants like Shopify, Dialog flow, Google’s Natural Processor, etc.


The setbacks include the absence of a built-in live chat. There are no Facebook comment acquisitions and less appealing design.

The free version is available up to 500 users and lets you built two chatbots with a limit of 1000 messages.


Chatfuel is one of the big names in the bot building messenger platform  with a massive growth strategy and years of experience. They regularly update as well as improvements based on users’ feedbacks. Their various integration options include Zapier, Webhook, etc.


This bot helps us to stay on top of the topics you care about the most. It does not have a live chat yet for every account. The overall interaction can be a bit complex. The free plan is limited up to 5000 users.

Flow Xo

Using FlowXo, one can create simple chatbots that do simple tasks such as booking a room. It offers the implementation of various platforms with a maximum of 5. Visual builder aids in the flow and provides multiple applications like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. It helps to create bots

Flow Xo

without any coding skills. Webhook or some other triggers are needed for broadcasting purposes. The free plan permits 5 bots and 500 interactions.

Survey boat

A survey facebook chatbots focus on surveys. It is not necessary that we must use our own Facebook page as the bot host. It offers various functions such that you can start the study from where they left off and ways to collect and analyze data.

Survey boat

It has a high response rate. It helps in creating surveys and provides a smooth implementation for creating pots. The free version allows 100 users and ten questions per survey & common questions


This bot builder focuses on leads. It is mainly used up in the insurance and finance sectors. It generates high quality leads from your website and Facebook page visitors. It primarily aids in businesses.


It uses a website as its platform and provides secure data saving. It does not offer any broadcasting, and there is no bot platform support to add any rich content like images. They offer 50 leads per month as free.


Botsify is a robust bot builder platform that provides powerful language learning ability that lets us match user phrases. It also offers website integration for its paid users. It is yet to integrate with Shopify or Woo-commerce. It allows us to create automated chatbots online.


It does not include a gallery option, and there is no segmentation for message scheduling. The free plan includes one chatbot of up to 100 potential customers.


Chatterton still works in beta, but it offers integrations to monetize the bot. It provides no broadcasting, and there is no built-in testing interface. It helps create the chatbot with various flow tools and without any coding.

It supports rich contents like buttons, gifs, photos, videos, etc. It allows you to connect different APIs at each interaction with the user. The free version permits 15,000 messages per month.


Sequel is one of the oldest chatbot builder platforms. It allows creating various units so that one can easily separate different flows inside a bot. It has a built-in poll as well as emoji support. It will enable the user to connect to many platforms like Skype.

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Sequel bots are designed to have a personality. It caters mainly to brands and creators in various industries relating to media and helping them build the bots that converse with their followers.


It is a widely used bot builder that lets you choose different triggers for different actions and categorize them. It allows broadcast scheduling. It doesn’t accurately send in failure messages and is hard to connect recipes.


It helps to create the bot in minutes without any previous coding experience. It is rapid in response. The free plan offers one facebook messenger chatbot up to 1000 users.

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This bot builder facebook app lets you build chatbots that integrate with e-commerce and has features such as forms and campaigns. It has a great build in statistics. It shows how many people viewed the conversation and how many read them. It is hard to edit some parts, and all the flows show up automatically after the welcome message gets displayed.


Facebook is an amazing website. You can automate everything using some special tools like a Facebook Video Downloader for downloading your favorite FB videos.These are some of the widely used bot builder platforms as of now. Hope you love it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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