Are you tired of sending large email attachments? Is it becoming difficult to do real-time editing at work? Don’t just worry as Google Drive is here to help you with its amazing features.

Known as one of the safest cloud storage devices, Google Drive not only lets you create files of different kinds, but you can backup everything. With its impressive features, you Google Drive enables you to work seamlessly, collaboratively and is accessible from anywhere.

Through this blog post, I am going to tell you the exceptional features and how does Google Drive work that will further help you lessen your burden.

Here’s a list of Google Drive Features
To access the Google Drive’s powerful features, all you need is a Google Account. Once you create it, you are now ready to experience the whole new lease of work life. Those who have a free account on Google will get a 15 GB of storage space, and if you go for its premium version, you’ll get 30GB of space.

Google Drive comes with a set of smart apps with power-packed features. You can create, edit and save Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and Sites. The best part is that Google Drive is extremely compatible with the third-party apps, tools, and plugins that help you to work more seamlessly and enrich your overall work experience.

Google Drive Features

You can even save your Gmail attachments directly to your drive and access it without the internet connection. You scan important documents by either taking a snapshot or a picture. You can further save your stuff in the Drive and access it anytime.

With its “Drag & Drop feature,” the professionals can upload files directly to an Email or Drive quickly without having the need of attaching it to an Email. It’s a great feature that helps you to upload large files faster, or you can share the URL or shareable link of your file directly by giving a customized access control to people.
The professionals can customize the view of their drive by selecting a grid or list view as for how it suits them.
Below is the screenshot of a list view of a Google Drive

Google Drive Features

In fact, just like you organize your PC’s drive by adding files into folders, you can even give ‘color code’ or ‘star’ to various folders so you can easily recognize without any difficulty and work more productively. Besides that, you can move a file into folders or rename it anytime.

Below is the screenshot of a Grid View of a Google Drive

Google Drive Features

Just to ensure that file that you are sending a right file or sans typo, you can even preview your file in a drive before sharing it your client or a co-worker. In addition to it, if you don’t want few people to make any additions in your shared document or any other file, you can change the privacy settings by giving access control to people who can make edits or suggest views.

You can make your docs private, public, or provide access to the particular people.

Is it exhausting to click mouse every time for every command? Don’t you worry as, with the help of shortcut keys, you’ll be able to navigate easily in the drive. The best way to make most of it is by learning some excellent Google Drive shortcut commands. You can view keyboard shortcuts by going into the settings of your Drive.

Google Drive Features

With Google Drive’s sharing and collaboration features, you can share docs, photos or videos with your colleagues, business clients, and partners in the real-time.

It allows people to work in tandem on a single doc; wherein they can ask a specific question or assign tasks and interact with the team members via Chat option to receive their regular feedback on the project or any assignment.

Wrapping Up
All in all, Google Drive is more than just a storage device. From creating automatic backups to easier accessibility, Google Drive is the world’s best services that let you work collaboratively and seamlessly. If you haven’t tried or explored Google Drive yet, it’s now the time to get started and make most of it.
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