best electric razor for men with sensitive skin
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According to studies, most people shave their beards every day or at least once a week. Conventional disposable razors wear out quickly with this frequency of shaving. For many men, the new electric razor is more comfortable and less irritating.

But you need to know how to choose a razor. To help you do this, we have written down the best electric razors for men with sensitive skin, which are based on different tests and opinions.

Here are things you should think about before buying an electric razor.

  • Closeness to Shave: One of the most important factors is that you should be able to shave close.
  • Comfort and convenience: Electric shavers are good to use because they make your life easier. They should be easy and quick to use so that you can shave quickly!
  • Technology: We must ensure that the razor has the technology that we want to meet our needs.
  • Speed: Electric razors make shaving much faster. So in 10 minutes of hand shaving, the electric razor should be about 2-3 minutes.
  • Battery life: Some modern models should have at least 50 to 60 minutes of wireless use.
  • Durability: The more expensive a razor is, the longer it will last.

It is not hard. It is just basic knowledge. This will help you make a decision that you are happy with! There are two types of styles from which to choose, and it is up to you what kind of style you want.

Type Of Electric Razor

There are two types of electric razors: rotary and foil. Both work the same, but they do different things. Rotary razors use a blade that is not harmful to your skin. Foil shaver has a bar that works like teeth on a comb, which is not safe for your skin.

Foil Electric Razor

Aluminum razors cover a large area. You can use them to shave your head. This type of foil shaver often comes with 3 or 4 blades, and the blades move from the front to back and on the grid.

  • The cutting speed is faster.
  • Gives a much closer shave.
  • Shaves more precisely.
  • Protects the skin more.
  • They adapt poorly to the contour of the face.
  • Only operate in a straight line.

Rotary Electric Razor

This type of razor is perfect for round shaving surfaces like the face. It helps to get all hairs without missing any. The razor also gives a clean look.

  • Reach hard to reach hair much more quickly.
  • Industry experts and user ratings say that overall, shavers of this type perform better.
  • Provides better flexibility that covers the facial contour with much lighter pressure.
  • Very silent.
  • The best option for those who shave every day.
  • May further irritate the skin.
  • Does not give a detailed shave (sideburns, goatee).

Editor’s Choice ➥ Philips electric razor for men

Philips Norelco...
3,597 Reviews
Philips Norelco...
  • The Philips Norelco shaver 8900 is...
  • Unique contour detect technology follows...
  • The smart click beard styler is designed...

Last update on 2021-09-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Philips Norelco shaver 8900 is a reliable and precise device. It has a flexible rotating head. This electric shaver can reach the most difficult to access areas. It also comes with a precision trimmer for the finishing touches. You can use it underwater because it is wireless and waterproof too! Its charging time and battery life are excellent too!

Why Should you Buy: 

  • Heads flexible in 5 directions to conform to the contours of the face
  • Clip-on precision trimmer for a clean mustache or sideburns
  • 100% waterproof for a comfortable shave with or without gel/foam

Best Cheap ➥ Best electric shaver under £100

SweetLF 3D...
28,377 Reviews
SweetLF 3D...

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The Wet and Dry technology in this electric razor is great. The shaver can work with a lot of hair. If it gets wet, the shaver will still work. It has a good battery that lasts for 2 hours when fully charged and only 1 hour to charge.

Why Should you Buy: 

  • Protection class IPX7
  • 2 hours of battery life for an hour of fast charging
  • Wet & Dry technology

Best High End ➥ Best braun electric shaver

Braun Series 9...
2,387 Reviews
Braun Series 9...
  • The Braun series 9 is one of the world's...
  • Built-in responsive Intelligence...
  • The specialised head shaves more hair in...

Last update on 2021-09-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This Braun Series 9 electric shaver has an elegant design. It is very flexible and made of different shaving elements, including a titanium-coated trimmer.

If you have a thick beard, it could be hard to shave. The shaver has a precise blade that can adapt to your face’s shape. It is also waterproof and comes with an efficient charging station for when you’re done shaving. One downside is the price, which is very high.

Why should you buy 

  • 5 synchronized shaving elements
  • 2 specialized clippers, one with titanium coated blades
  • Powerful shave with every pass, even on thick beards

Excellent ➥ Best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin

Remington R3-4110A...
591 Reviews
Remington R3-4110A...
  • 35-Minute Runtime - Get 35 minutes of...
  • Cordless
  • Surgical Steel Blades - Sharp and...

Last update on 2021-09-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Remington R3 electric shaver has PowerFlex 360 technology. It will help you shave your hair more precisely. It is a good thing that the head of the electric shaver can change positions and go around your face because it makes it so effective when shaving. The Philips Contour Detect technology helps because it knows how to shave your hair in the most respectful way possible.

The steel blades and the double shaving foils give you a good cut. The retractable trimmer lets you get closer to the hair on your leg. The charge time/autonomy ratio is more than profitable for these shavers; however, the shaver has to be charged for 4 hours before you can use it for 40 minutes with autonomy.

Why should you buy 

  • You have 40 minutes of free time.
  • Washable but not 100% waterproof
  • We like the Quality/price ratio + Small retractable mower for finishing touches.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Electric Razor

In the past, there were only manual razors you could use. Now electric ones are available. These have both pros and cons. That is why it’s best to know all about them before you buy one.

People who want to get an electric razor should be careful to know them to make the right choice for themselves and their needs.

The Advantages :

  • Easy to use: Electric razors are more convenient than the old fashioned manual razor. They give a better shave and are easier to use.
  • Preserves the skin: One of the most appreciated things is a razor. If you have a bad memory of your first shave, this type prevents you from injury or ugly coloring.
  • Reduced allergy risk: Electric razors are a good way to avoid post-shaving allergies.
  • Self-cleaning: Unlike a manual razor, you will not need to remove hairs from the blade of this new razor!
  • Shaving Foam Compatibility: You can get an electric razor that is compatible with shaving cream, if you have sensitive skin.
  • Speed: This razor is best for men who shave every day. It doesn’t take too much time, and it leaves your skin smooth when you are done.
  • Precision: An electric razor is a good tool for shaving your skin. It’s exact and allows you to get the best results.
  • Easy maintenance: Cleaning a razor is easy and you can do it with materials that are available. Sometimes people will sell those materials for you to buy.
  • Longevity: Electric shavers are better than other types of shavers because they are easy to take care of and last for years.
  • Economy: People who say that easy care and long life also say the economy! All users have the same opinion because they adopted electric razors. It is their wallet that feels relief!

The Disadvantages:

  • Electric razors are considered high-precision by many people, but some reviews remain mixed. Some reviewers think manual shaving is more accurate than electric razors.
  • Sometimes electric shaving is not good for individual beards.
  • Some models of razors do not have a good grip, which can affect the quality of your shave.
  • Getting a good shave can depend on how the product is used.
  • Electric razors do not always provide a good seal, making it more difficult for them to work.
  • If you misuse the razor, your skin will become red and irritated.
  • The cost is high. Many people can’t afford to buy it, because it costs too much. The investment saves money in the long run.
  • Some razors do not offer all the things that you need to shave. Makes it more expensive.
  • Razors can be hard to shave your skin. It might take more than one try to get your skin smooth.
  • Changing the heads of an angle grinder is not always easy, but sometimes it’s hard to find them.

➦Frequently ask question

How much does an electric razor cost?

Electric shavers have a different price depending on the model. The cheapest one is 50 USD, and the most expensive is 400 USD.

What is the lifespan of an electric shaver?

A shaver can last for years if you take care of it. If you want it to last longer, change the rotary heads every two years.

Do electric razors prevent ingrown hairs?

Yes, the electric razor is better because it prevents ingrown hairs.

Can an electric razor cut long hairs?

Electric razors are not good for long hair. Some electric razors can even be damaged if they touch long hair.

Can an electric razor cause acne?

An electric razor does not cause acne. An electric razor is better if you have acne that is caused by inflammation.

Can you share your electric razor with a family member?

For better hygiene, you should use an electric razor. They are for one person and not shared.

Are electric shavers better for the skin?

An electric razor is better than a mechanical one because it does not damage your skin. It gives you a clean and smooth result that does not hurt.

Can women use an electric razor?

Yes, there are electric razors for women to shave. It would be best if you did not confuse these with beard razors that are designed for men.

Are electric razors allowed in luggage when traveling?

You can bring your electric shaver on the plane when you fly. But it is safer to put it in the hold of a plane.

Are electric shavers waterproof?

Electric shavers can be made to be waterproof. You can find the one that you want with a comparison and test.

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