Best Computer Monitor Wall Mount

If you think of buying the Best computer monitor wall mount arm, you have come to the right place. A monitor arm is a very versatile and dynamic accessory.

Many times the space is insufficient, or it is not uncomfortable to work on the PC.

This post is for you,

Here you can find the best wall mount for a computer monitor that will save you space on your desk without completely covering your LCD screen.

With this comparative guide, we want to help you get the best wall mount for your monitor, and all have great tilting and rotating capacity.

First of all, we made a comparison table with the best monitor wall mount where you can see the type of monitor wall mount bracket, the 32-inches allowed, and the opinions collected from each one of them.

Here we go!

Advantages of having monitor mounts in your workspace

It’s a good idea to have a wall mount kit that will hold the monitor on your desk. There are some advantages to heavier monitor mounts.

  • You will have freedom of movement and can adapt to your height using an adjustable monitor mount.
  • Adaptation of the screen suitable to the view. To avoid problems or neck pain, it is recommended that the gaze is right in the middle of the screen, so with a desktop monitor support, you can adjust it.
  • More space. It allows you to lift the monitor from the table or even hang it on the wall, so we will have more room on our desk to place things and work comfortably.

Basic Features of a Monitor Wall Mount

These are the basic aspects to consider in support of a monitor:

  • Swivel weight capacity.
  • Tilt capacity.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Simple and easy of installation, tabletop or wall-mounted.
  • Monitor size, as some mounts support specific inches, as well as a 10kg weight limit. approximately.
  • Single, double, or triple table stand.
  • Reasonable price range from USD 20 to USD 100.

What is the best monitor Wall Mount?

The best support for a computer monitor will be the one that best suits your physical and work needs.

For example, you have two screens, and you will need to find a dual monitor setup wall mount that is also adjustable in height and has enough strength to support the load according to your monitors’ size.

On the other hand, if you are a person who has a neck or back pain problems. It will be essential to adjust your monitor to work properly and prevent serious injuries.

There are different aspects that you should consider and make it easier.

Here we make a list of the best monitor wall mount for you. Please read all the product descriptions, pros, and cons, and other future.

Bontec 360º Dual Monitor Mount for 13-27

MOUNT PRO Dual Monitor Mount Fits 13-32 Inch/17.6lbs LCD...
1,077 Reviews
MOUNT PRO Dual Monitor Mount Fits 13-32 Inch/17.6lbs LCD...
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - Dual monitor mount widely fits most 13" to 32" flat and curved screens and...
  • ARTICULATION & HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT - Adjustable articulating arms provide 360° rotation, 180°...
  • INTEGRATED CABLE MANAGEMENT - Desk monitor mount keeps your power and AV cables clean and organized...

This dual monitor mount is the best due to its fantastic features. It is fixed to the wall using a metal piece from which a metal bar rises. In turn, two arms emerge that are screwed to the screen.

In this way, we can raise and lower the height of our screen to accommodate our vision. Also, it accepts screens 13 to 27 inches and can 360-degree rotation feature on itself.  Finally, we indicate that it is black and that it holds up to 10 kilograms of load.

  • The black color fits in any room.
  • The height is adjusted.
  • Accepts 13 to 27-inch monitors.
  • You need to fix it yourself.

North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount

NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel...
17,945 Reviews
NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel...
  • ☑UNIVERSAL: Fits Most 17'' - 30'' Monitor with the load from 4.4 lbs up to 19.8 lbs, VESA...
  • ☑FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The durable gas spring system ensure easy positioning of your monitor in any...
  • ☑FULL MOTION: A Wide range of movements, The monitor can be rotated and tilted effortlessly in any...

The North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount for monitors and televisions. It is finished in metal, with some plastic pieces. It is very heavy. It safely supports monitors weighing less than 5 kilos, but if it has to support more weight, the screen gives way to one side.

It allows you to rotate it 350º easily. It is made to put the monitor horizontally or vertically.

Although you can hide the display cable management feature inside the arm, they are not entirely hidden and can feel clutter. Its assemble simple, and its value for money is good.

  • Good value for money
  • Metal finish
  • Simple assembly
  • Allows you to put the monitor vertically
  • Very heavy
  • Dowels and screws included are not the most recommended.

Ergotron LX Desk monitor arm

Ergotron – LX Premium Monitor Arm, Single Monitor Desk...
15,008 Reviews
Ergotron – LX Premium Monitor Arm, Single Monitor Desk...
  • Broad compatibility: Fits large, single screens up to 34 inches diagonal and 7 to 25 pounds;...
  • Multiple mounting options: Includes arm, extension, base, 13-inch pole, plus two-piece desk clamp...
  • Workspace adaptability: Raise your productivity and increase your workstation’s flexibility with...

Being the closest thing to a robotic arm, this PC monitor presents itself as a true revolution. Its base is fixed to the table, and from it, an arm emerges that ends in a piece with four slits to place the screw holes that fix the Curved Monitor. 

In this way, our monitor will be able to move around the space according to our needs. You can tilt, turn right and left. Finally, it should indicate that it is made to save space in your home and, especially on your desk.

  • 10-year warranty.
  • Adjustable to our needs.
  • Save a lot of space.
  • Screens smaller than 17 and larger than 27 inches are not accepted.

NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount

NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion...
416 Reviews
NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion...
  • ☑ ULTRA WIDE LONG ARM- with ultra wide and longer arm fits most monitor from 22~ 32'' monitors...
  • ☑ VESA-COMPLIANT PATTERNS 75x75mm and 100x100mm; While if your VESA hole is inside a recession...
  • ☑ WIDE RANGE ADJUSTMENTS Built in with ultra-precision gas-strut, Support : +85° to -30° screen...

This NB North Bayou stand is designed to install two monitors between 17 and 27 inches. It is decorated in metal, and each of its two arms can support monitors up to 6.5 kilos.

However, it is recommended that each standard monitors do not exceed 5, because, in the long run, excessive monitor weight is harmful to the support, which ends in giving in and losing strength.

Installation of the mount is simple and, once assembled, the arms can be adjusted to the desired height and angle (each arm can rotate 180º). It is handy for using double screens size.

Also, it allows you to place one monitor horizontally and another vertically, which can be very useful for computer experts who work editing code.

Monitor cables can be hidden between the stand arms, but cannot be completely hidden. As with other NB North Bayou, the included screws and plugs are not of high quality, so sometimes it is necessary to buy others.

  • Easy to install
  • Good metal finish
  • Not suitable for heavy screens
  • Poor quality screws and plugs

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Wall Mount

Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating-Arm TV Wall Mount for...
36,996 Reviews
Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating-Arm TV Wall Mount for...
  • Full motion articulating TV wall mount fits most 12- to 39-inch TVs; holds up to 40 pounds
  • 18 degrees of tilt (+15 to -3 degrees) for optimal viewing angle and to reduce screen glare
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum arm extends TV mount up to 16.1 inches from the wall; Swivels left to right up...

The AmazonBasics heavy-duty wall mount is renowned for its strong, long-lasting feature, and many people have reported that it holds their heavy-duty screens up very well without giving them much wobble. It also has a lightweight structure, making it sturdy for rough use and a significant consideration when purchasing any mount.

The AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Mount comes with a protective cover that will protect the screen and reduce glare. Many models come with easy-to-install attachments that allow you to easily change your screens from the mounting location, saving you time.

For safety purposes, the AmazonBasics heavy-duty aluminum Mount uses a locking system to keep the screen mounted securely. The locking mechanism is designed so that the screen can’t be easily opened with a key. This will prevent accidental opening while it is in use.

VIVO Premium Aluminum Single LCD Monitor Wall Mount

VIVO Premium Aluminum Single LCD Monitor Wall Mount for...
1,464 Reviews
VIVO Premium Aluminum Single LCD Monitor Wall Mount for...
  • Counterbalance Wall Mount elevates your 17” to 32” monitor screen (with VESA 75x75mm and...
  • Fluid Motion makes this mount easily adjustable, offering -45° to +45° tilt, 180° swivel, and...
  • Solid Construction designed for scratch resistance and durability makes this mount capable of...

VIVO Premium Aluminum Single LCD Monitor Wall Mount (G100B), you’ll never have to deal with unnecessary headaches. With a modern design, this monitor mounts to the wall and is fully protected from damage due to falling objects or bumps on the floor. The VIVO Premium Aluminum Single Monitor Wall Mount provides ease of cleaning because it’s easy to remove, wipe, and fold design.

No more messy installation process or trips out of your home or office. The VIVO Premium Aluminum Single LCD Monitor Wall Mount can be easily installed with the use of a socket screwdriver. Just make sure that the wall studs are in good condition before installing your monitor. When mounting the monitor, do so at an angle of 45 degrees.

If you’re looking for the best possible monitor for your home or office, the VIVO Premium Aluminum Single LCD Monitor Wall Mount is a great option. With its ergonomic design, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary neck and back problems when viewing your favorite sporting events or presentations. The monitor also offers many benefits such as the added protection from drops and bumps on the ground, easy to clean design, and enhanced safety when mounted to your wall.

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 15...
19,568 Reviews
WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 15...
  • Compatibility: Full motion heavy duty wall mount for most 13 to 32 inches flat panel display up to...
  • Fully Adjustable: +/-15 degrees tilt; 180 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotate for better-viewing...
  • Space Save: Places TV just 2 inches from the wall to enhance the look of ultra-thin LED TV. Extends...

A WALI TV wall mounts Articulating LCD Monitor is an extraordinary way to show off your own home entertainment system, or even get the best in the business, as well. You can have it mounted on a wall in your living room, dining room, den, bedroom, office, and much more.

No matter what you would want to use it for, this monitor will make the task of enjoying your viewing experience more pleasant and comfortable. It allows you to move your viewing area and even adjust the height so that you are able to enjoy better picture quality at any time. It also has a swivel base for easy portability.

With its ability to swivel and adjust to almost any viewing angle, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies, shows, and sporting events with ease. There is even a built-in headphone socket for your convenience.

Satechi Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand

Satechi Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand -...
510 Reviews
Satechi Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand -...
  • ELEVATE YOUR MONITOR - raise your computer desktop, laptop or external monitor to a comfortable...
  • MAXIMIZE STORAGE - create additional space underneath the stand to conveniently store away devices...
  • STRONG & STURDY - constructed from strong aluminum alloy to easily withstand the weight of your...

We are facing a high-end model that works for monitors, iMac, and laptops. Its excellent aluminum finishes stand a lot of weight (up to 14 kilos), and its design is handy to keep your desk tidy. It allows you to raise your computer so that the space below can store the keyboard and mouse, external hard drives, or simply cable management design. 

Although be careful, if your keyboard measures more than 37-38 centimeters, it will not fit in the hole below. The support includes some rubber stickers to put them on its legs and thus avoid scratching the surface on which we place it.

It is sold in three different colors: silver, gold, and metallic pink. The elegant line of its design is intended for Apple computers. Plus, silver is the same shade as iMac, Mac, and MacBook, so Apple lovers and users will love it.

This monitor stands the weak point because it is fixed, and its height cannot be adjusted. Its “somewhat high” price is justified by the high quality and design of the product.

  • Its aluminum finish
  • Supports up to 14 kilos
  • Serves for laptops and desktops
  • Being a piece does not require assembly
  • Its attractive design
  • Can’t adjust height
  • If you have a large keyboard, you won’t be able to keep it underneath

What is a monitor wall mount?

A monitor wall mount is an item that will allow you to place your monitor screen at the height that you like the most, easily adjusting both the position and the angle. Something that is not possible if you do not use the support of this type.

There are different types of monitor mounts allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and the type of screen you have, offering you significant space savings and greater freedom of movement, as well as better vision.

Why buy a monitor wall mount?

As we have already mentioned, when buying a wall mount for a monitor or TV you will enjoy greater space savings and freedom of movement. since the screen is placed on the support, it will allow you to place it according to what you need at all times, having the workspace completely free.

To this must be added that support will offer you a better vision, adapting it to your position and height. 

Also, a point that we tend to overlook is that the mount for monitors will improve your state of health, avoiding possible discomfort or pain caused by having the screen in a bad position, which forces you to strain your neck and eye strain.

What to consider when choosing a monitor mount?

Here are some things to consider when choosing a monitor mount screen support.

VESA mounting system

In the same way as with TV mounts, when buying a monitor mount, you should look at the VESA compatibility mounting system, which will mark the standard measurements of the screen, helping you to choose the mount that best fits the size and you offer the best performance.

Where are you going to place the monitor?

It is also important to take into account where you are going to place the monitor support, since depending on the characteristics, there will be supports that better or worse fit what you need.

Support load capacity

Another point to take into account is the load capacity of the PC screen support, being essential that it is resistant enough to be able to keep the monitor safely since otherwise, over time it will likely end. Falling.

Cable management

We also recommend that you get the support that has a cable management system, as this will prevent the cables from being visible and could harm their use.

If you have not found the model you were looking for, you may also be interested in visiting the analysis of the best TV stands that we have prepared.

Frequently Asked Question

Does My Monitor Have a VESA Mount?

A VESA mount is a standard mounting system for larger monitor. The VESA mount allows you to attach your monitor to any wall studs using screws. This makes it easy to move your monitor around your home.

Are TV mounts compatible with PC monitors?

Yes, TV mounts are compatible with PC monitors. However, it would help if you were careful when mounting TVs to your computer monitor. If you mount your TV too high, you may experience glare from the screen. Also, if you mount your TV too close to your monitor, you may experience blurry images.

How to wall mount a monitor without VESA, though?

Wall mounting a monitor is a great way to save space, but it requires a specific type of monitor stand called VESA. If you don’t have one, you can use a regular monitor stand instead.

What If Your Monitor is Not VESA Compliant?

If your monitor is not VESA compliant, then you need to use a VESA mount for your monitor. A VESA mount allows you to adjust the height and tilt of your monitor. This is important because you want your monitor to be level and at eye level when you sit at a desk.

Do TV Mounts Work With Monitors?

Yes, they do work with monitors. The only thing you need to know is that you should use a monitor stand with a VESA mount. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one from Amazon for about $10.

Do monitor wall mounts come with mounting screws?

Yes, they do. Monitor wall mounts usually come with mounting screws. However, some monitors may require additional hardware, such as a stand or bracket.

How Do You Mount a Monitor Without VESA?

The monitor needs to be mounted using the VESA mounting system. This is a standard system used for all monitors. If you do not use the VESA system, then you may damage the monitor.

Is Your Computer Monitor VESA Compliant?

The VESA standard was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). This standard defines video display devices such as monitors, televisions, projectors, and digital signage. The VESA standard is used worldwide to ensure compatibility between different types of displays.

Can All Monitors be Mounted?

Yes, all monitors can be mounted. However, some monitors require additional hardware, such as a VESA mount or wall bracket.

Are Monitor Wall Mounts Universal?

Yes, they are universal. They are designed for all monitors, regardless of size.

Can you mount computer monitors to the wall?

Yes, you can mount computer monitors to the walls using a bracket. The monitor should be mounted at eye level, and the screen should be positioned so that the person sitting in front of the monitor can easily view the screen.

How high should I mount my computer monitor?

The optimal maximum height for your computer monitor depends on how tall you are. If you are short, then you should place your monitor at eye level. If you are tall, then you should place it at about 6 feet from the floor.

Does my monitor have a VESA mount?

A VESA mount is a standard mounting system for monitors. The VESA mount has been around since the 1980s and is used by all major computer manufacturers. Most monitors sold today come with a VESA mount.


If you have also seen yourself in the place of working from home and want to do it more comfortably, an adjustable monitor mount will help you a lot to have a comfortable environment and a larger workspace.

In short, keep in mind all the above tips and take a good look at the features of each product, and you will surely be right with the purchase of your monitor support.

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