Are curved monitors good for content creation? It would be impossible to answer that question because everyone has their own view on it.

Some people think it looks weird, and others will tell you that they are the wave of the future for computer monitors.

A lot depends on the style of your office or what type of computer desk you have. However, one thing is certain: when you look at a curved monitor, you will most likely see it as an eyesore.

So when you consider curved monitors, how do you determine whether or not they will be useful in your business or if they will look silly?

You either love them, or you love them! The ultrawide curved monitors look great and offer a lot of added value when it comes to productivity. 

These monitors offer great added value, especially in the creative sector!


Why is a curved monitor so great? See for yourself!

What you should know about ultrawide curved monitors, I have summarized for you in this article:

The format

Two unique features in this monitor:

  • It is an ultrawide monitor. That means it has an aspect ratio of 21: 9 in contrast to the common 16: 9 format.
  • The display is curved.

Both unique features make this monitor a real eye-catcher, of course! But it can do much more than that!

The resolution

The format alone is not everything! Only in connection with a higher resolution do these monitors really play their trump card!

Regular monitors have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. With 3440 x 1440 pixels, this model offers almost 2.4 times the area!

That means more space, more multitasking!


Are curved monitors good for content creation? 1

The grand finale is then the screen diagonal. This is 34 ″ and turns the monitor into a real screen! However, at a distance of approx. 50 cm (i.e. on a normal desk) everything can be viewed nicely.


Ultrawide monitors offer a lot of potentials to make work on the PC easier, regardless of whether it is a curved monitor or a straight one! 

In every conceivable situation, the extra area and width of the monitor simplify work.


Two websites can easily be viewed in full size in parallel on the monitor. No matter what you are doing on the Internet, whether research, blog articles, social media posts, … everything is easier!

Curved monitor for office work

The format is also useful for normal Office applications. Displaying two documents side by side is not an issue at all!

Today, there are many different types of monitors in the market, all of which provide different features to satisfy different needs and requirements. These screens come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. Flat monitors for home office use vs curved monitor for home office use.

You can choose a curved monitor for home office use or a flat monitor for home office use. A curved monitor for home office use can be similar to a large screen TV, but it also offers you a much larger workspace. It can give you more space to work on, with less wasted space that can be used for things like your books, files, or files for your other projects that are taking shape.

This type of monitor is great because it gives you the option of using either your mouse keyboard or even both of them. The most common way of using a curved monitor is to place it on top of a desk and then use one keyboard or the other, depending on how you want to use it.

You will have less of a problem if you use your laptop with your curved monitor since they are designed to be compatible with laptops. If you have a smaller or bigger laptop, then you would have to buy a separate monitor.
Another benefit of the curved monitor for home office use is that the screen looks a lot better.

Video editing on the curved monitor

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But especially in creative activities such as video editing an ultrawide curved monitor can show its advantages! A perfectly drawn out, a clear timeline is a dream come true!

Photo editing on the curved monitor

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Curved monitor photo editing view

This extra space is also an advantage when editing photos! More space for editing, explorer, adjustments.

If you plan on using your pictures for a photo album or digital portfolio, a high-quality monitor is necessary. If you are planning on printing your pictures, a high-quality monitor is also needed. You can have a larger screen resolution and size if you use the latest models of computers.

The better quality monitors are equipped with a wide range of adjustments, such as contrast, color, brightness, and the like, so that your pictures will look great no matter what style of presentation you intend to use them for.

Another useful tip for photo editing on the curved monitor is to make sure that your adjustment level is at the highest possible value.

This allows you to bring out all of the colors and details in your image. The third step is also very important for photo editing on the curved monitor. The fourth step involves adjusting the brightness level.

While there are many different settings that control the amount of brightness in your picture, you can easily adjust the brightness by holding down the Alt key until you find a setting that matches your liking.

Best colours

Not only the processing quality is very, very good, but also the quality of the color rendering! And all of you who are really into the subject of the photo and video editing know how important accurate color reproduction is on a monitor.

Each monitor is supplied with a measurement report on the quality of the display. Samsung specifies an sRGB color space coverage of 125%. The contrast of 3000:1 is also a real pleasure!

Curved monitor gaming

There are a lot of advantages to having a curved screen when it comes to gaming. For one thing, you will find that you have a clearer picture and a lot more action. If you have a curved monitor, it will give you a lot more room for movement and be much easier to maneuver your hands.

This is a very desirable feature because it allows you to take in the whole screen and not just parts. When you play a game on a curved screen, you will notice this benefit a lot more because you will always see the whole thing and won’t be restricted by the edges.

If you then activate the 100 Hz mode and switch on the AMD Freesync supported in this curved monitor, everything runs super smoothly, and screen tearing is in vain!

Another advantage is that you will find that it offers a better visual clarity level and is much more comfortable to use. If you enjoy a lot of gaming, then a curved screen can be a great investment because it will provide you with an incredible gaming experience that you will never forget.