Best Video Editing Apps To Use

Video editing is the process of altering a video so that it meets specific requirements. Video editing can be an arduous task, but there are now many applications on the market to make this job more manageable.

There are also many different types of videos that need to be edited to work well with SEO and marketing campaigns.

In this blog post, we will talk about what makes a good video editing application, how you can increase your conversion rates by using these applications correctly, and the best ones on the market today.

What is Video Editing?

Video editing is the process of altering a video so that it meets specific requirements. It is usually considered one part of post-production. Other tasks such as titling and color correction are also included when it comes to this department.

Many people use the term ‘editing’ so broadly that they contain all their post-production work, no matter what field they’re working in.

Still, whether or not you choose to be picky about terminology like these professionals will depend on your personal preference for now. 

Most people say a good video has a strong backbone. Usually, a good script is an excellent foundation.

An explainer video script sample can give you better ideas of how you can effectively execute and convey your message to your target audience. Try to look over them and begin transforming your video today.

What Makes A Good Video Editing Application?

Ease of use

Its ease of use is essential when buying video editing software. Once you learn and become proficient with it, it will be worth its price.

The last thing you want after purchasing a new program, only for you to spend some time learning the ins and outs of this unfamiliar technology – especially if you could better spend your time on other areas like writing or marketing.

Editing Tools and Features

Editing software can be a pivotal tool for giving your videos an edge. Advanced editing features help you dazzle viewers and take them on a spectacular journey through the content of your video with sophisticated transitions, graphics, text overlays, sound effects–you name it.

Excellent Customer Support

When you need customer support, it is excellent to know that there are many ways you can contact the company.

Customer service representatives should assist with any questions and concerns about products or services they offer because these people get paid just for helping customers like yourself.

Advanced Features

YouTube is an international phenomenon with millions of visitors every day. In the past, only a few were able to create these videos because it was so difficult and expensive.

But now that there are many less-expensive versions of video editing software and free plug-in programs for popular music production software, anyone can make YouTube their canvas.


With so many free video editing solution options available, it is hard to decide which one will be best for you. The program’s performance and capabilities are just two factors that should influence your decision-making process.

There are more affordable programs out there, but they can have limitations in terms of file formats, lacking major features like titles or audio mixers, among other things.

On the flip side, high-end professional-level programs may lack some basic features such as title creation due to a higher price point without much additional worth beyond their cost at all levels above beginner-level functionality.

Why you should edit your videos before uploading them to YouTube or Facebook?

If you are a YouTuber who posts videos on YouTube, Facebook or other social media platforms, then there is one thing that you should NEVER forget to do before uploading your video – editing. Editing can be done in many ways and they all serve different purposes.

For example, some people edit their videos before uploading them to make sure that the quality of the video is up to par with what viewers expect.

Others choose to edit videos for content so they remove everything from it that could potentially offend someone and ruin their reputation online.

Finally, others use editing as an opportunity to add a little bit more style into their work by adding filters or making sure images are framed beautifully. However you decide to do it, remember not to neglect this important step!

Best Video Editing Applications

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is not a professional-level application. It has some good editing features for its worth, but it lacks in many areas that would make Filmora the better choice if you’re looking to edit something high quality and professional grade.

This said, Filmora may be perfect as an introduction program or starter software for someone who doesn’t have much experience with video editing.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

Filmora costs $79, whereas Final Cut Pro X starts at $299 on its lowest tier of purchase (the app also includes a free trial.). The price point difference outweighs any other benefits one might find on this list, so we recommend saving your money by choosing Filmora over FCPX, which is the same price point.

Final Cut Pro X is a professional-level application with many powerful editing features unmatched by any other video editor. It may be more expensive, but it provides incredible content creation and production capabilities for those looking to get into filmmaking or create high-quality clips quickly.



The best thing about iMovie is its ease of use. There’s virtually no learning curve unless you’ve never touched a computer/smartphone before in your life, which would make sense why one would need an introductory program like Filmora or FCPX to begin creating videos from scratch.

However, when you’re able to finally figure out what buttons do what things, iMovie can become as robust as Final Cut Pro.

iMovie is easy to use but not as powerful or complex as some of the other video editing applications on this list. That’s what makes it so great for beginners looking for a way into filmmaking and want something that isn’t going to feel like they’re making things from scratch.

For intermediate filmmakers, iMovie will get the job done if you find yourself needing an app with less complexity than Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer.

Adobe Premiere Rush 

Adobe Premiere Rush

It has been at the top of many lists as a favorite video editing application.

Premiere is probably your best option for post-production if you’re shooting on film because it allows for much more finesse and depth than other software will allow.

It’s also versatile enough that no matter what type of project you’re working on, there are plenty of plug-ins that can help make your videos come alive with color correction or special effects Premiere uses timecode–a system based on hours: minutes: seconds–so if you need to sync up footage from multiple cameras, then this might be the app for you.

Power Director

Power Director

Power Director is a video editing application that creates quick and easy videos. It has many features, but it’s simple enough for anyone to use! One of its main strengths is its time-saving ability because you can create content quickly with drag-and-drop functionality.

The interface also creates engaging edits much more accessible than other applications on this list since the timeline design includes auto music sync. You don’t have to worry about timing every clip manually or selecting sounds before uploading your project.

Power Director does all that work for you. If you’re looking for an app that lets you do everything without overwhelming users, then Power Director might be perfect for your needs.

Editing tips and tricks for beginners 

  • Cut out any irrelevant footage that doesn’t matter. The less content you have to work with, the more time it will take for your video edit to go through and be ready.
  • Find a balance between pictures and words – too many of one or not enough of the other can leave viewers confused about what they’re watching. If possible, try alternating so your eyes aren’t strained by looking at one type all day long!
  • Try using special effects to spice things up. They can be the perfect touch for a dull video project, and they’re also relatively easy to do! The most popular ones are: fading in/out, camera panning (both left and right), zooming in or out slowly, color correction – which is making an image black and white but with one specific color that pops off the screen (think of it as selective coloring). Video editing software makes these features super simple to use so if you’ve never dabbled before now’s your chance!
  • If you need to make a video longer, the best way is by adding more content. But if your video can’t be edited anymore and it’s still not long enough, consider using bumpers in between clips like text or an image that says “next” so viewers know they’re waiting for something else.
  • Make sure to save before editing! It may seem obvious but there are many people who don’t do this simple step and then end up losing their work when a computer crashes.
  • Don’t forget about audio quality – both the sound coming from outside of the camera (ambient noise) and any noises made by the sound quality.
  • After editing, you may notice that there is still some lag between the video and audio – don’t worry! This can be fixed with synchronizing which only takes seconds to do in postproduction.
  • Finally, if you need help on your project come up with an idea for it or want someone else’s opinion before starting, check out professional editors who offer these services at affordable rates.

Final Words

In today’s world of online video, it’s more than just watched, it’s expected, so use video editing tools to delight your audience and improve conversion rates across your social media accounts.

Use this guide to jumpstart your video marketing efforts and make the learning curve easier. Video is the best way to connect with your audience and turn them into customers.

You can’t just post videos and hope for the best – you need a strategy that will get people watching, liking, commenting on, and sharing your video content so it reaches more of their friends than ever before.

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