Blogging is conducted by many people right across the world. It’s a great outlet that allows you to communicate with others that have the same interest as you.

However, the problem is that not everyone can build a great blog experience for their readers.

Because of this, it can lead to your readers moving on elsewhere to get the information they need.

For those who are curious, here are some powerful blogging tips that you can use to help build a powerful blogging experience for your readers. Let’s take a look.

2 Know Who Your Audience Is

Before you begin your blogging adventure, you need to work out who your audience is and what they want to read the most.

First, you need to work out what niche you want to write your content in. Think about the industry, is its beauty, health care, food, etc?

Once you have your niche, you can then look at understanding your audience better. This can be done by using the Google Keyword Planner or the Google search bar for inspiration and ideas.

By searching Google Keyword Planner or Google search bar you can see what your niche audience is looking for.

When you’ve narrowed down the question they’re looking for, you can then work on creating a blog that’s targeted to answering their questions.

3 Google Search Example

Powerful Blogging Tips To Help Build A Powerful Blogging Experience 1

4 Google Keyword Planner Example

Powerful Blogging

5Deliver Quality Content

Let’s face it, everyone can write a blog, BUT not everyone can write a blog that of value to their readership. Quality is extremely important when writing your content.

So what do you class as high-quality content, you ask? Well, there are a few golden rules that shouldn’t be ignored and these are:

!) Your content should be informative to your readership. It should answer questions and give take-away advice they can use and implement into their own strategy.

!) The content should be well written and free of grammar and spelling mistakes. If readers see too many mistakes or broken grammar, it will hurt your reputation.

!) The content should flow well and not be stuffed with keywords that make the content awkward to read. It should be written for people and not search engines.

!) Keep your content balanced with bullet points, paragraphing and subheading. If you have large blocks of text it can be overwhelming to read without any breakpoints.

!) Use headlines that are catchy to gain attention from your readers. For example ‘New Herb Helps Heal Cracked Skin’ doesn’t sound as enticing as ‘Exclusive New Herb Can Heal Cracked Skin In Three Days!’

The foundation of any blog is the quality of the content that you write. If you tend to push more blogs out than working on the quality of your blog, you’ll find the overall experience will fall short of your readers’ expectations.

Powerful Blogging

6Use Imagery To Tell Your Story 

People tend to respond better to visual cues, that’s why it’s important to use high-quality imagery in your blog to help get your story across.

Blogs that don’t have any images tend to come across boring or it feels as if you haven’t put enough effort and pride into your work.

If you think about it, generally you have only three seconds to grab your readers’ attention. Using high-quality images can help you do this.

So how do you build your blog with the right images? Here are some tips:

!) Use a minimum of two images per blog if the blog is over 500 words. Generally, work on 1 image per 500 words.

!) Use screenshots were possible to show examples of what you’re trying to talk about. Screenshots help to add value to your content.

!) Make sure all images are completely relevant to the subject your writing about. Don’t put flowers on a sports article.

!) Use sites that give you the right to use the image. Some of these you may have to pay for the image while others you may get the rights for free. Some sites you can look into are Shutterstock, iStock or Pixabay.

!) Google says SSL certificate helps to increase keyword ranking and advice to implement on every website. It provides good security from hackers. Comodo is the most popular & trusted certificate authority in the SSL industry. So, we recommend you to buy comodo positive SSL certificates that comes under your budget.

Images make a great addition to any blog. By taking the time to incorporate high-quality images you’ll find that your blog will come alive and be more valuable and appealing to your readership.

Powerful Blogging

7 Write What You Know About 

If you really know your industry inside and out, always work that to your advantage. People like to know they’re reading content from expert individuals.

This is why popular blogs such as Neil Patel work so well because they know their industry inside and out.

Powerful Blogging

If you know some areas of your industry, but not others, that’s ok. Start by writing in-depth content about the subjects you know about before moving yourself into uncharted territory.

When moving yourself to an area you don’t know, make sure you research it well in order for you to sound professional and to give value to your writers.

By playing on your strengths and researching areas you don’t know, you have the ability to really shine as a blogger.


When it comes to building a powerful blogging experience, it’s all about how you research your audience and the content quality you write.

By taking the time to work on your blog, you have a higher chance of really improving your blog for the better. So are you ready to create a powerful blogging experience for your readers?