Last Update October 31, 2020: We improved the overall article.

This Error Come from 2 way first :

  1. If Maintenance script runs, but it doesn’t do the transfer of data.
  2. After a PHP upgrade to version 5.4.x the open statistics page won’t display anymore. You only get a white page. No errors are displayed anywhere.

Open the Openx2.8.10 Flowing Root Directory And Edit the 2 file


In the CommonEntity.php file see the 287 Line to 296 Line Apply the PHP comment in your file like this ad_id

            $this->childrendata = array();
            if (array_search('ad_id', $aggregates) !== false) {
                $this->childrendata['ad_id'] = Admin_DA::fromCache('getAds', $aParams);
                // Plugins can set their own ads in the array
                foreach ($this->aPlugins as $oPlugin) {
                 /* stop error hide this line 

Also online 316 Line to 326 LIne zone_id :

 if (array_search('zone_id', $aggregates) !== false) {
                $this->childrendata['zone_id'] = Admin_DA::fromCache('getZones', $aParams);
                // Plugins can set their own zones in the array
                foreach ($this->aPlugins as $oPlugin) {
                /*  stop error hide this line 

If done to do this file Now open CommonHistory.php File Also Add PHP comment in this flowing line 161

    function prepare(&$aParams, $link = '')
    /* stop error hide this line 
OpenX Ad server: Blank Statistics Page. Fixed Solution 1

Finally… Reload the page see stats page are working and see stats report in your Openx UI. Hope to Solve your problem to save a lot of time. but forget to write a comment