Best Video Players For Android

Watching a video is considered to be the best source of entertainment these days, you can download videos from Facebook in a click and binge-watch them. A few years back, one had to convert high definition videos into lower-quality formats to view them on mobile phones.

Still, with changing times, technology mobile apps have emerged so much and came up with a variety of video players for android.

A video player is a type of media player which plays video data from pen drives, optical disks, etc. in various formats like AVI, MPEG, etc. On video players, one can run just digital audio too.

Here is the list of some of the best video players who are making rounds in the market for their superior quality and best performance.


MX Player  

MX player is one of the most popular as well as a smooth video player. It has a very user-friendly interface, and all types of videos can be played on it. MX player also provides various plugin features.

One can watch a video with subtitles, zooming the screen, changing text size, gesture controls, etc. 

This video player gives the audio a boost, which is quite relaxing to the ears. The best part about this video player is that one can enjoy watching movies without any disturbance of kids as it provides a one-screen lock for kids.

NDTV Gadgets 360


VLC is a free video player available for android and that too without any ads. It supports both audios as well as video formats.

VLC player has a stunning design, and it manages all the media library of your device at one place.

VLC also supports subtitles, gesture controls, and one can play any video from 360-degree format to 8k formats.

Just by swiping and pinching, one can control the screen zooming in or out. It provides a beautiful set of five-band built-in equalizers. So, we can say that this video player is a complete package for all types of consumers.


Player Extreme

Player Extreme is a player having an in-built subtitle downloader. This player offers the syncing capability of videos directly from any website or from your device. This player also acts as an organizer for pictures, videos, and music.

This also provides a browsing facility in the application. This player streams all our media to all our devices. This player is quite safe to use as it keeps all the videos in a private folder.

PlayerExtreme supports different types of video formats like SMI, SRT, TXT, etc. Also, one can share any video on their social media handles. 



This player on the list is quite popular and one of the best video players. This player offers its users a variety of file formats. It also provides cloud storage in the app only.

It, too, supports subtitles, gesture controls, and bookmark options for the favorite videos. This player can play local as well as online 3D videos. 

It also supports HD videos as well as Slow Motion Playback. A user can enjoy split as well as multiple videos having seamless playback.

It gives its audience an advanced audio processing facility for different audio files.

Above all, the best part about this player is that one can watch a movie on a laptop from their mobile phones.



Xplayer is an HD video player for tabs as well as a mobile phone. It is an ad-free video player, and its use will be provided with a private folder to store the data.

By this, one cannot lose their files. It also supports Chromecast through which a user can enjoy their videos on TV too. 

This player is quite user-friendly, also allows users to play a video in the background, at the split-screen, and even in a pop-up window.

This video player supports formats like MP4, M4V, 3GP, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc.

The features provided by this player are Quick Mute, Night Mode, Playback Speed, etc. One can easily share as well as manage their videos in this player.



The player is a famous video player which gives stress on mobile UX rather than a classic video player. It supports not only all video formats but also many audio formats, too, like MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.

Like all other players, it also supports subtitles, screen mirroring, etc. The interface is quite smooth and user-friendly. A user can use a different number of applications while watching videos on FXPlayer. 

It also has multi-playback functions like shuffle, repeat, mirror mode, etc. The player gives a scanning option for SD cards. One can resize the video playing screen and can control the playback while using it as a floating window only.

It provides blu-ray ripping videos, HD, 1080p, DVD, 4K in its player. It offers multilingual audio support to its users.

One can control the gesture, fast forward, fast backward, just using a double-tap only.