Last Update November 5, 2020: We improved the overall article.

If you want to know how many people click on the website link in your Twitter, Facebook profile, lots of people use a link instead of the direct link to their website.

Therefore, today in this article, I will Show URL Shortener Service that’s you can share your article in social media sharing.Also, you can use shortened links in other ads. For example, say you are using UTM codes to track website traffic. You could create a complex UTM code structure for a link but then shorten it via Bitly and use the link on a piece of direct mail.

You’d be able to see anytime someone who got your direct mail package in the mail, actually went to your website.
Probably the most popular URL shortener for Twitter because it was one of the first to let you track your tiny URLs. It’s very simple interface will allow you create custom URLs so that it’s not just a random mix of letters and numbers if you want.

In order to shorten your URLs, you need to schedule your posts through Buffer who will put your posts in a queue and schedule them to go out at the times you preset. The benefit to Buffer is being able to keep your feed populated even when you’re too busy to post.


Another one of the first, if not the first URL shorteners for Twitter. The website is just as basic it was when it launched, but it does the deed. Want the simplest way to create a Tiny URL? This is it.

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