Once upon a time people just ask a question physically more than 2-3 people only listen to the question. and reply to the answer only who knows the answer.

Now time will change in the virtual internet life we have a lot of opportunities now if you ask any question on the internet is a popular place than millions of people see your question and a lot of good knowledgeable people get an instant reply to your question proper answer.

Many people give you tips, suggestions, and ideas flowing your question.

In my opinion, if you have any questions then ask it’s via online or you have good knowledge of any kind of thing then you can also join the place where you can able to reply to other’s questions to answer, maybe your answer is very helpful for others.

Lot’s of Site available around the internet in this type Question & answer base system.

Today here I’m going to show a few best places where you ask the question and also reply to others’ question’s answers.

Quora is simply a Questions-and-Answers site with a voting system attached. For whatever reason, this site has attracted big-time experts in numerous fields – so a lot of the people answering questions are the top in their industry.

The voting system keeps only the best answers visible so you aren’t seeing junky answers from people trying to self-promote or blow smoke. Looking for great accounting software? Blog platform? A hosting service provider?

Lawyer? Even a great new gadget? They’re experts on here offering advice on all these topics. Why, you ask, would you want the opinion of a few experts as opposed to a whole community?

From 1995 ask focused question-answering solutions around the internet. however, ask also provide a web search result too. so think who don’t know about ask. may don’t need to explain about ask.com here.

this is the only one popular place to question & answer. Just try with your question here.

Yahoo ! answers
The most popular community Q& A powered site with millions of users and thousands of questions asked and answered every day.

All the questions are categorized in such a way that you can easily search for a related question in a category or place your question in a relevant category.

Answers are rated by visitors and the best rated answer will be displayed as the best answer for a question.

Microsoft Community
Microsoft Community the best place for windows operating system users. most of the people are using the Windows operating system this section of Microsoft provided you when you using windows probably you will face a lot of problems, in my opinion, you can find out windows related problem solution here.

because most of an answer is provided from Microsoft developer team member this the plus point of this site.

in the main page, you will start finding your solution to see the category after inserting the category if you will not find your answer then simply you will be submitted your question with proper problem hope you will find the solution here.

Question dot com is a place for all kinds of topics. basically this site is best for the general user. for who will find questions impress a girls & relationship question, personal problem celebrity gossip how to arrange the best holiday.

take care of your health, baby name suggestion. besides if you provide good quality answer than question dot com add you top contributor list that’s you will become an expert

StackOverflow is a new programming Q&A Place. It’s not a discussion board, it’s specifically designed for programming questions and answers.

The questions can be as detailed as per your needs. Anyway, enough about what the site is, and onto my impressions of it.

Wiki Answers
Wiki answers have a huge database of questions and answers and they are arranged in about 5,372 categories for easy reference.

On the homepage, you can post questions and also see new questions and new answers for the questions asked.

8IDG Answers

IDG Answers
IDG answer is another’s the best place for its professional person . in my experience I also like this place. the site has networked with a few major category options.

mainly this site gives you security, networking, data storage, networking type question. maximum site user is an advanced level IT professional.


In the last blow, all site is the question-answer related solution. I have just listed here for my small experience. my opinion the site is able to find any kind of solution.

if you are looking so a solution to your question then you must ask the answer here. I hope you will find the proper solution here. If you have a suggestion in my flowing list then please submitted a comment here.