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Responsive jQuery Image Slider Plugins can display your images within a responsive and user-friendly way and create lightweight and beautiful effects for your web site.

Developers keep working on plugins to deliver better results make quickly and without any hesitation.

Flowing my collecting responsive jQuery image sliders plugins are completely free to use and abuse on HTML websites.

this plugins can help to build on modern web standards.

Let’s Try with Responsive jQuery Image Slider Plugins

Minimus Slider is responsive, minimal and compact jquery slider which comes with few essential parameters that can be set to fit your and it can contain anything (images, HTML5 videos, HTML5 audio, iframes, text, …) but it was born to be used mostly with images.

Royal Slider is a jQuery plugin for displaying any HTML content (images, videos, text..) inside a slider interface and comes with awesome features.

The slider is fully responsive and very customizable with 50+ options, 4 skins with PSD files, 9 pre-built templates (and more coming) and full CSS styling.

bxSlider is a responsive jQuery slider for creating simple content sliders & tickers

Slippry is responsive slider plugin for jQuery. Slippry is written to work on the latest jQuery functions, CSS3tricks and HTML5 elements.

Slippry offers a heap of settings you actually need, and with the included CSS and Sass you can make Slippry look just how you need it.

Responsive_DG_Slider is full screen responsive image slider powered by the fantastic java-script library jQuery. It is flexible and it has different transition effects.

Also With a nice and simple design, it adjusted automatically to the width of your browser screen.

jQuery Slider Shock is complete (probably the most-customizable and feature-rich) jQuery slider plugin also comes with WordPress support.

This plugin is capable of presenting both images and videos that are hosted locally or from external sources like RSS, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sudo Slider is a feature-rich jQuery slider plugin that can display any HTML content with various presentation methods.

It is based on the Easy Slider and works by transforming the items in an unordered-list.

8Excolo Slider

Excolo Slider is simple responsive, touch-enabled jQuery slider comes with autoplay slideshow, keyboard slide navigation, play the slideshow backwards, responsive and many other impressive features.

Swiper is the free and ultra lightweight mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions (where supported) and amazing native behavior.

It is intended to use in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native apps. Designed mostly for iOS, but also works great on Android, Windows Phone 8 and modern Desktop browsers.


Camera is created by the developers of Diapo and includes myriad of features for working with responsive layouts.

Slides can be created with any HTML elements (images, text, videos, etc.) and Camera displays them with a good looking interface + a set of transitions.

WOW Slider is a responsive jQuery image slider with amazing visual effects, and works flawlessly on all mobile devices, modern and legacy browsers, including IE6, thanks to the standards compliant, valid, semantic markup and thoroughly optimized script.

Unslider is fully responsive jQuery slider that just slides. No fancy effects or unnecessary markup, and it’s less than 3kb.

It’s fluid, flexible, and fantastically minimal. Unslider’s been tested in all the latest browsers, and it falls back magnificently for the not-so-latest ones.

A-Slider is a simple, responsive slider with audio support. It’s easy to use, highly configurable slider.


PgwSlider is a responsive slider for jQuery / Zepto comes with number of features such as fully responsive, lightweight, browser supported, and seo compliant.

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