Benefits of Video Marketing

The fact that there are over 3.97 billion people who are connected to the Internet globally is mind-blowing. The growth in internet penetration along with improved cellular internet technology has made it possible to enjoy high-quality media content online.

This has also caused an increase in the consumption and creation of videos for marketing and entertainment purposes.

Over 1 billion hours of videos are consumed daily on YouTube alone, and nearly 90% of the viewers discover new brands and their offerings using YouTube.

Approximately 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool for their campaigns. This should give you a fair idea as to how video content has become so dominant.

Let’s delve deeper into the nine prominent benefits of using video marketing for growing businesses.  

More People Prefer Watching Videos

Over 72% of people prefer watching videos to learn about a product or service being offered by a business. In the contemporary digital era, people are more accustomed to watching videos rather than reading texts or viewing static graphics.


Deep internet penetration along with affordable plans and smartphones have made it easier to access online video content.

This has also made people habitual of watching videos over other alternatives. Businesses should use effective video editor tools like InVideo to curate their video content before sharing it with their targeted audience for maximum impact.

Video Complement the Marketing Efforts of a Brand

When it comes to enhancing the marketing efforts of a brand, there is no better marketing tool than a video as it is informative and highly engaging.

It is often used by brands to promote a new product or a service that requires educating the users about the utility quotient of the products or services being offered.

If your business is promoting its product or services using blog posts to increase organic traffic, you can alter your marketing strategy to also include videos.

It will help to deliver the same value in a precise manner that takes less time.

SEO-optimized Videos Help To Improve Your Google Ranking

Compared to blog posts and other text-based content, videos are easy to rank on search engines. Creating highly engaging and optimized videos using a feature-rich video editor such as InVideo helps to level up your video marketing game.

You can also create a catchy thumbnail using the same tool to attract maximum eyeballs. Writing relevant titles and descriptions also plays a crucial role in optimizing your videos for the organic searcher.

A boost in organic traffic will help you showcase your offerings to a larger number of visitors and also improve your conversion rates. Adding relevant links in the video description can also help you optimize better.

Videos Help To Establish Trust and Create a Robust Brand Image

Including videos in your marketing strategy aids in establishing trust among the customers and building a robust brand image. It helps to connect with your audience in a more personal and engaging manner that makes them feel a part of the community.

You can use live-form video content as a part of your marketing strategy to communicate with your audience in real-time. This is extremely beneficial for those who want to benefit from inbound marketing.

Employee interviews and other behind-the-scenes footage can also be used to demonstrate the human side of your brand. This requires meticulous video editing using a good video editor to create a strong impact.

Using Video Content Makes Your Brand More Relevant and Up to Date

Companies do not solely rely on images and texts anymore to reach out to their potential customers. Using a video marketing strategy helps to demonstrate that you are aware of the latest trends and technologies; it is considered a contemporary brand promotion technique.

Nobody wants to buy from an outdated brand that is not employing the latest tools and technologies.

Moreover, there are various video format types including live, stories, shorts, etc., that can be used depending on your needs to reach the right audience.

Videos Boost Conversion Rates to Date

More people are likely to purchase goods and services from your business after watching a video rather than an image or a text.

Videos help to boost the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns as they are informative and engaging. Additionally, product review videos help buyers to make more informed marketing decisions.

As high as 50% of internet users want to watch a video on the product page before making their final purchase.

You can even use videos to effectively market your offerings by collaborating with social media influencers in your niche.

An Ever-evolving Landscape

Video marketing is an ever-evolving landscape that keeps on providing brands and marketers with new ways to promote a product or a significantly effective service.

Today, you can choose from reels, shorts, stories, etc., forms of videos to promote your offerings in a more effective manner depending on your target audience profile.

The introduction of new features by video editors like InVideo provides you with much more flexibility when it comes to creating and promoting video content.  

It’s a Rising Trend That Is Still Uncrowded

One of the most prominent advantages of video marketing is that it is still not being used by a large share of businesses, which gives an added advantage when it comes to marketing your goods and services to the targeted audience.

Video marketing is gaining momentum, but it is not yet crowded; this gives you an early mover advantage.

Live Videos’ Growing Popularity 

Live videos have become an increasingly popular trend in the video marketing space. It is being leveraged by celebrities, marketers, and businesses to connect with their audience on a more personal note.

It also helps to exponentially boost the engagement rate.


Video marketing is currently one of the best ways to reach out to your targeted audience for products and services promotion.

It is far more engaging and informative than the traditional means, which gives it an added advantage. Using reliable video editing tools and software like InVideo will help you leverage the full potential of videos.

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