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You can claim a tax reduction when you use your vehicle for business purposes because that is considered a business expense. Through the TripLog app, you can track the mileage covered and use this information to claim on your taxes for a deduction. You should aim to reduce business costs so as to make more profits.

If you have proof that the mileage covered was due to business errands, then the internal revenue service may allow you to claim this expense as a tax reduction. Here are a few tips regarding mileage for a tax reduction that will help you understand how the process works.

Here are 3 tips to help you save on your taxes by tracking your mileage:

1.Maintain appointment records
To support your claims that you traveled for business, an appointment book is necessary. You should record all business trips made in this book. You should clearly indicate the date, time and location of the business meeting.
Details such as the purpose of the business appointment, the business executives that you were meeting, and the duration of the meeting are also necessary. For more accuracy, ensure that you record the details of your business errands immediately.
You should maintain an appointment book either in hard or soft copy. In case you are required to prove the mileage claims, then you can provide such details from your records.
2.Mileage tracker app
This is an important app you should keep all the time. Ensure that it is on every time you go on a business trip. This app helps you to get the facts right. Some people may end up reconstructing mileage expenses for the sake of the claim. Such reconstructed figures may not be accurate.
But having a mileage tracker app makes it easier to keep such records. It automatically updates mileage information and retrieval of such information is made easier.
For people who run business errands using their personal cars, they may also claim reimbursement from the companies by providing details captured on the app. This saves time and also makes sure that accurate details are obtained.
3.Qualified mileage expenses
Some personal mileage expenses may qualify for reimbursement or for tax reduction. These include mileage covered during vacation if you stopped by to see a client, or for a business deal.  If you are meeting a client on your way back home, or you drop a client on your way home, such trips qualify for tax deductions and reimbursement.
Rental car mileage also qualifies for tax reduction. This may also qualify as a business expense. Since you cannot claim the two claims you need to decide on which one you should claim. The cost of renting a vehicle includes insurance, fuel, and taxes.
But mileage expense only calculates the mileage covered. The value of the two expenses differs. Most people calculate the expected tax reduction amount, or reimbursement and opt for the higher value.
You should follow these guidelines to make it easier to claim and support your claim. This way you will take advantage of the mileage tax reduction and reduce business operating costs.
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