How To Get Non Disruptive WP Migration Services?

In order to survive in this competitive world organizations need to match up the pace with the technological world. Wherefore, as per a research report from Gartner, over two-third enterprises have devoted  IT budgets for maintenance purpose of the existing infrastructure.

Despite of all the efforts there are several challenges associated with the migration process. The very first challenge is that the size of the data which is to be migrated in growing quickly with the capacity and the next challenge is that the migration process is not that easy for all users.
WP Migration Services
As we are online service providers, thus we need the data availability all time, wherefore there is a very small downtime, which is required by the developers for the maintenance of the system and is not sufficient enough to migrate the date.

In this blog we will discuss the bottleneck which we encounter while migrating our websites and how to over come.

Extra Downtime or deadline delay

The major USP of an online business is that it renders services 24*7  no matter you have 100 or one million followers. So, if you are unable to cater to them, then there is no credibility in your business. Apart from loosing your credibility in front of the users you also get loose your returns.

There are times when we get highly affected while transferring the whole WordPress CMS which hampers the  way you transfer your data. This not only affects your business image, but also have a huge impact on your profits and losses. 

In order to remove the chances of downtime you need to go for a proper planning and formulating the moves.  This will further help you to ensure that no data is lost in the process. Apart from this there are numerous tools or custom scripts which are helpful in migrating your website efficiently.

Managing the data loss

Data is the fuel of the future and one of the most vulnerable things during the migration process is the loss of data. Moreover, it was seen that after loosing data it is not possible to recover it easily and it has happened in 66% of the cases.

When it comes to migration, it is not possible to switch to another website without touching the data. Data is something on which a lot of things depend and it has a very serious impact on your public relations.

Apart from that let us suppose that you run a gym and during migration you lost your data which contains complete information about the subscriptions and dues of the users. These situations may lead you heavy losses and on the top of it ruins your public relations. 

So in order to save yourself from these ugly situations you need to act safely and take backup of your website before starting the WordPress migration process. There are numerous ways to backup your website and nowadays there are tools available to backup your website. So, it is up to you to choose the most feasible way.

The first way is to do it manually and the other way it uses plugins for the process.

CMS2CMS is one of the best tools to migrate your WordPress website safely. This service allows you to migrate your website to a new platform safely without coming under the risk of losing all your data during the process of shifting.

This is not just about data but using this tool you get to support the complete migration process by making use of the migration insurance option. 

Another backup tool which is widely used across the audience is CodeGuard which is a backup tool which helps to connect your original data using the ftp/sdtp/MySQL information, which helps you to get real time updates.

Schedule Overrun

There are times when transferring a project takes a long time than it was actually scheduled. This is the reason when you need to have more resources than you planned before hand.

This deadline delay will result to hamper other lined up projects and may also affect your productivity. 

Though it is never clear that how much time can a migration take as it is subjected to a lot of changes, but proper strategy can help you to keep all the unwanted things at bay. 

In order to keep all the migrations on the desired time line you can follow the following measures:

1.Carry forward a structured approach and formulate a set of methodologies for completing the process. 
2.Articulate clear boundaries and structures for your tasks.
3.Make use of tools for the task list
4.Make use tools in order to automatize your testing process.

As it is aptly said that prevention is better than cure thus you need to speculate all the potential dangers and fortify your system and not to succumb in front of them.

About the Author -

Arya Stark is a mobile app developer working for an Offshore Enterprise Mobile App Development Company, Xicom which offers a quality enterprise mobility services. So if you are looking to avail the best mobility services, you can get in touch with her. 

Know more about Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus

Since Samsung produced their first smart phone in 2009, it can be said that they are one of the biggest names in the industry. They have proved their stand in the market by being credited as the first company to produce an android tablet.

They have been able to satisfy their customers with several types of phones with different capabilities. One of their smart phones is the.Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus. The phone was launched back in February 2014 and has great features and improvements from the other Samsung Galaxy Phones.
Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus
The smart phone industry is highly competitive and Samsung was able to prove their level of competition by producing the.Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus.

Camera and performance

One of the areas that Samsung has never let their consumers on is the camera. The Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus comes with an 8 megapixel back camera and a 2 Megapixel front camera. Some of the extra features with the camera include face detection, smile detection, auto-focus and led flashing among several other features.

Storage for the pictures taken as well as other items is not an issue since it has an 8 GB internal storage which can be expanded using an external micro SD card of up to 32 GB. It is a dual SIM phone that supports both GSM and WCMDA connectivity.

The interface is the usual Samsung TouchWiz interface that makes the use of the phone simpler. The phone can also be purchased easily by the use of Snapdeal.

Operating system and physical hardware

Just like most if not all of the other Samsung smart phones, it operates under an android platform. The only difference is that it uses jelly bean version 4.2.2. This is actually the latest version in the android smart phone platforms.

The screen is about 5.8 inches with a quality HD touch screen with a 540 x 960 resolution. Changing from the predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus is equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor.

Apart from the processor the phone has a 1.5 GB RAM. This means that when it comes to multitasking the phone will have no problems of freezing.

Connectivity and media features

As mentioned above, it is a dual SIM that supports both GSM and WCMDA. Apart from that it has all the other connectivity features of its predecessors. This includes features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity among several other connectivity features.

On the other hand, when it comes to media, it is a step up compared to the other phones. One of the major advantages is the actual size of the phone. Its large size makes watching of videos and playing of games better.

It supports quality HD media of all the common formats which mainly include MP4, 3GP and AVI among others. You can have a chance to enjoy this phone at a reduced price by using Flipkart.

If you summing up everything

The Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus is a big step up from all the other phones of the same genre. The simplicity and performance is amazing and further more the pricing is highly affordable for such a great phone. If one wants to have Samsung phone this will be a great choice.

Review: XNSPY iPhone Spy without Jailbreak

Year 2015 can be called as “the apex of innovation”, for it has given mankind so much in terms of technological advancement. The IFA conference at Berlin had some exciting pieces of tech to showcase this year.

But, as more and more handheld gadgets are coming under the attention of multi-billionaire electronics makers like Samsung, Apple etc., it feels like they are only made to skim profits from the consumers. Nevertheless, efforts need to be done to make these portable devices more secure, or we can see ourselves at the verge of digital annihilation, very soon.

It’s not really that bad of a scenario either, as there are tons of applications that are available to secure these new innovations, if anyone wants to. So today, I will be reviewing this application that can monitor all of your iOS devices. But, I will be focusing only on the iPhone spy app without jailbreak.
This app XNSPY is the newest mobile monitoring technology that was released last year. It’s fairly new but has a lot of potential. It’s recognized as a parental and employee monitoring app. With this app installed on our kids’ or employees’ iPhone and tablets, we can access data like:

• Phone logs including incoming, outgoing or missed calls.  
• Phonebook entries.
• SMS and WhatsApp chats. 
• Calendar entries.
• Internet Browsing history
• Emails from Gmail. 

Let’s get down to the real business. Is this app really worthy of your money? Does it have enough to be considered as a parental control app? What’s the best part about XNSPY?

Honestly saying, if you breakdown features and price separately, it wouldn’t make much sense. With limited features and No GPS tracking, XNSPY seems like an incomplete app though. 

But this isn’t how it really is. It’s the light NoJailbreak version of its parent app that works on Jailbreak devices. It still is a good effort at giving users a choice to monitor their kids and employees without jailbreaking their iPhones and iPads. 

Also, the app comes in very cheap when it comes to how much you are paying for it. The NoJailbreak edition costs only $8.33/month for securing your kids from online bullies, harassers and cyber criminals. It’s a decent monitoring app, I must say.

Well, if someone who isn’t really bothered with the complex and tacky procedure of jailbreaking their expensive iPhones and iPads, then XNSPY Jailbreak version is the right option for them. But not to forget that jailbreaking also voids your iPhone’s warranty.

The nice thing about XNSPY NoJailbreak edition is that it doesn’t require you to manually install the software onto the target device because it works using the iCloud of the target user. 

The only thing you would be required to do is to have your child set up an iCloud (if he hasn’t up till now) account and get their ID and password. Then you need to add those credentials into your XNSPY’s online control panel. 

You can manage unlimited number of devices from the same account, but that will require you to have separate subscription for each device that you wish to monitor. 

Final remarks: XNSPY iPhone spy without jailbreak is not a backyard innovation; it’s really impressive and powerful at what it does. For further details, Please visit XNSPY website. It’s also priced very nicely according to the features offered. 

But it’s absolutely a Nope for someone who prefers features over ‘NoJailbreak’.  XNSPY also comes in Jailbreak version. Problem solved!

Best HTML5 jQuery DropDown Menus For Developers

Today in this article I have collected few html5 responsive dropdown menu. Basically, this menu needs an only web developer who wants to develop a faster website for her client.

As a developer, I need this type of drop down menu several times when I develop a site for my client.
The menu is almost fully ready to insert any kind of project.

The implementation process is very easy. So let's try my collecting menu. Hope you enjoyed with this menu. 

Custom Dropdown

Custom Dropdown
A html template with fully changable colors and list to create a superb dropdown list.

CSS3/Javascript Pure Dropdown Menu

CSS3/Javascript Pure Dropdown Menu
A simple dropdown menu to use on your navigation or sidebar menu.

Subway – Red Line

Subway – Red Line
Tiny simple transparent looking dropdown.

Dropy | A Simple SCSS & jQuery dropdown

Just a simple dropdown using SCSS and jQuery.

Solution for Long Drop Down Items

Solution for Long Drop Down Items
A scrolling dropdown solution made for long list of categories.

Full CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Full CSS3 Dropdown Menu
A better CSS3 only Dropdown menu.

Dropdown Menu UI

Dropdown Menu UI
A better CSS3 only Dropdown menu.

Hover pure css dropdown

Hover pure css dropdown
Dropdown enabled when hovered on the category list.

Simple Dropdown

Simple Dropdown
A friendly CSS dropdown list with clean and flat user interface design backed to it.

Country flag selector

Country flag selector
All country flag selector with flags and country code.

Custom Select menu

Custom Select menu
A floating dropdown for a modern website template.

Simple dropdown-menu

Simple dropdown-menu
Inspired by a dribble shot this is one flat design for dropdown menu.

Dropdown Menu Animation

Dropdown Menu Animation
Fancy, little animation for a dropdown menu or list. Using CSS3 animations and jQuery.

Responsive horizontal drop-down menu

Responsive horizontal drop-down menu
A responsive horizontal drop-down menu inspired by the menu.

Simple drop-down list effects

Simple drop-down list effects
A jQuery plugin for transforming select inputs into drop-down lists with some simple expanding effects.


thank you for the drop down menu developers who  will develop this nice menu.
If you have any other's unique menu collection in your hand don't forget to share here  with my readers.

Essential Ways to Speed Up Your Joomla Website

Is your Joomla website slow? Do you want a powerful way to boost your site performance?  We all know that speed is one of the significant aspects that determine the success of a website. And if you are a Joomla website owner, then you need to be more concerned about your site speed because

Google recently announced that it utilizes your Joomla loading speed that determines the ranking of your web page in the SERPS.

On the other side, not a single visitor wants to stay on a site if it takes too long to load. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand the importance of site speed and take some serious measures to make it faster.

In this blog post, we will explore the ways to measure your Joomla speed and also discuss the 5 ways that can help you increase your site speed.

Ways of measuring Your Joomla Speed

Well, there are loads of tools that are helpful in measuring your Joomla speed. You can consider the following measures and test your Joomla speed efficiently. 
  • Now, Joomla offers a free module that you can install in your Joomla website to quickly showcase your page load time. 
  • You can also insert an additional line to your Google Analytics tracking code. 
  • Use the Page speed-testing tool introduced by Google. Be careful while using this tool because it will use a lot of technical jargons. 
  • You can also use the testing tool from It is a reputed website monitoring organization that can offer you all types of information related to your website. 

Ways to Increase the speed of your Joomla website

1 Choose a reliable web host

Being a Joomla site owner, it is important for you to choose the perfect web host for your website. If you choose a bad hosting company, then your site is vulnerable to the security threats and can even make your site run slow. Thus, before selecting your web host, don’t forget to figure out their reviews and forums.

Try to avoid free web hosting companies, because they will not be able to offer you exceptional hosting services. A good hosting service could improve your site performance. Therefore, always choose a reliable and experienced web host that can give you best service.

2. Delete unnecessary extensions or plugins

Joomla is a great content management system for creating all types of websites. It offers lots of useful and stunning extensions that can help you add extra functionality into your site. But, selecting the most suitable extension from the list can be crucial. It is essential for you to choose your extensions carefully.

It is because most of the extensions leave an adverse effect on your site speed. The most troubling components are:

  • Large sliders and image shows: Images in the slideshow need to be loaded for the slider to perform that can take a long time with full-width images.
  • Social media scripts (counters for tweets and likes): These scripts require additional JavaScripts and need to be integrated with the remote networks that can slow down the speed of a site
  • Google Analytics/Google Webfonts scripts: They can also slow down the speed of your site.

Therefore, it will be better for you to remove the unused or unnecessary extensions because it can badly affect the speed of a website. 

3. Optimize your images

One of the easiest ways to boost the speed of a site is by optimizing all your images for the web properly. It is better to avoid large and slow loading images. You can optimize the size of all your images with an objective to improve the performance of your site.

To an addition, you can further reduce the size of your images by using compression tools that remove unnecessary data.

4. G-zip Compression

In Joomla configuration, you will find a setting called G-zip compression. You need to turn on this setting because it compresses all your pages in a zip-file and sent to the browser on your computer and uncompressed by the browser there.
Essential Ways to Speed Up Your Joomla Website
It is supported by all major browsers except several old versions of Internet Explorer. Through this, you can boost the speed of your website.

5. Joomla Enable Cache System

Cache is a method of serving pre-generated website’s content to your users. It means that the server doesn’t need to look up all information requested in the database every time whenever a page is requested.
Essential Ways to Speed Up Your Joomla Website
Instead of this, a saved view is presented to the browser (if your content has changed, then the user will receive the old information on temporary basis, unless you clean your cache). The best thing about Joomla is that it serves three types of cache:
  • Component views
  • Module views
  • Page views


In this blog post, we have discussed the 5 essential ways or tips that can increase the speed of your Joomla website. Make sure you follow the above tips carefully and wisely if you want to reap the maximum benefit.

Author Bio:
Maggie Sawyer is a creative web developer at MarkupHQ Ltd., a leading PSD to Joomla conversion company with vast experience in web development & design. She provides Joomla theme conversion services with 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

Access Denied to Folder in Windows 10 : Fix Solution

You fail to open a folder with following error message:

Access Denied

It can be a sign of deteriorating system health. To fix this error, as a first step, scan Windows 10 for issues in registry.

The software most liked by many users who faced similar errors is Reginout System Utilities. You can download it from its official website here: Fix Error.
Here are also given manual ways of fixing the error:

Change Ownership Privileges

You’re not the owner of shared folder you’re trying to access. Change ownership of the folder to another user by setting up advanced security settings.

In the Folder Properties dialog box set full control to the current user from Security tab. All you’ve to do is make sure adequate security permissions are allowed, example, modify, read & execute, list folder contents, read, write and special permissions.

Disk Read/ Write Errors

Disk failure causes error while accessing contents of a folder. You can fix that problem using Disk Check-Up (commonly abbreviated as, ChkDsk) > Scan Drive.

Terminate Corresponding Process

The folder you’re trying to open, move or delete is already in use. Check the Processes tab in Task Manager to get a list of all active tasks, and end up concerning process.

Turn Off your Antivirus

Your Antivirus program may be preventing the folder from deletion. Choose Pause Protection option after right-clicking its system tray icon, and your problem will be fixed.

Decrypt the Folder Contents

You’re running into Access Denied problem as the folder contents are encrypted to protect information. Just review the encryption settings from the General tab in the Properties dialog. Leave the “Encrypt contents to secure data” box unchecked under the Advanced category.

Try Accessing it using a File Compressing Tool
Use a free file compressor tool such as 7 Zip File Manager, and try opening the folder from its main user interface.

Customize Boot Options

Using System Configuration tool boot your computer in the Safe Boot mode. This prevents loading third party programs that are using the folder you’re trying to open. Safe Boot option is located in Boot tab of the MSCONFIG utility.

Rebuild Corrupted User Profile

A corrupted user profile is one of the reasons behind Access Denied issue. Try rebuilding your user profile by deleting existing user account from User Accounts > User Accounts > Manage Another Accounts, in the Control Panel. While re-creating a new profile, make sure you do not associate the old Microsoft Live account as your PC may obtain existing misconfigured settings that are saved on the cloud.

BSOD after Updating Skype : Fix issue

After updating Skype to the latest available version your computer displays a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), followed by an error, “Skype can’t connect”.
BSOD after Updating Skype

Disable Automatic Updating

Prevent your computer from automatically updating Skype to latest available release. Find the Automatic Updates > Turn off automatic updates under Advanced tab in the Options dialog. Open that dialog from the Tools in the main menu.

Install Generic Microsoft Webcam Drivers

You may encounter BSOD after updating Skype if you’ve HP Drivers installed. Just remove them using Device Manager (Ctrl + X); or Programs & Features (Control Panel), perform a hard reboot and then install generic Microsoft webcam drivers.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Go to Microsoft DirectX Diagnostic Tool using DxDiag command. If the Hardware Acceleration feature is enabled, turn it off using the slider in Display tab.

Disable Skype Startup Entry

Using Microsoft System Configuration utility > Startup tab, disable the Skype startup entry.

Repair Broken Registry

Another smart way to fix Skype errors is to fix broken registry entries through the RegInOut System Utilities. You can download it here: Fix Skype BSOD.

Verify Drivers

Check if any unsigned drivers were installed. An unsigned video driver causes BSOD after updating Skype. Use Driver Verifier Manager using “verifier” command and then automatically select unsigned drivers by creating standard settings, as instructed in the new wizard.

Restore Default Language

Perhaps your language files are corrupted. Set the default language English (United States) from Tools menu > Change language sub menu.

Disable Using Default Ports

As default Skype is configured to use default ports - Port 80 and Port 443, for additional incoming connections. Uncheck that checkbox under Connection category under Advanced tab in the Skype Options dialog box.

Sign in with a Different Profile

There may be issues with the Skype account. Sign out from the Skype menu in the main menu, and then sign in using a different user account.