Let's have fun with your photo on internet

Today in this article we will have fun with our photo with the virtual world means internet.

I will use few tools to hang up our photo including world-popular billboards, magazine covers, movie posters, attach you photo with any Hollywood or Bollywood celebrity's. For example, you will use your photo in this billboard, with your favourite celebrity, favourite place, also use tattoos in your body anywhere for you needs.   however, in real life everyone for doing this is quite impossible. but in virtual life it's possible.  I 'm starting with my two roommate anil giri & ekramul Islam raihan . however, both don't mind with making her funny photo that's why I will trying to here image on this blog.

Let's try you image in Times Square advertising billboard. Time square is a major commercial place midtown manhattan, New York City.Let's think you image is here how amazing :)
anil Giri
Photo credit. anil Giri 


PhotoFunia is one of the nice places. with lot's of category.with your photos by incorporating your photos into mock-ups of spectacular background images including billboards, magazine covers, and movie posters. Photofunia has a large variety of special effects that will attract attention.
Not for the web user photofunia almost have all mobile platform android & IOS platform. try apps on your smartphone easily making your photo in your smartphone storage photo.


Number two loonapix is another's a funny place this tool's are designed only normal user. if you like to spice your photo then browses lot's of effective photo for your need's
Making Tattoo on the arm of charming girl it's really easy here I will build a tattoo  with anil giri photo. after seeing anil say dada what are doing this, can you publish this image on the web. I say yes.he just smile and say why you are not using your photo on here. :)
Face Effect is a cool thinking for who love to add her photo with favourite  film starts with her favourite costume. With many popular costumes, movie poster, animal, macho man, girls many military mission tools  is available here
And here I 'm making ekramul photo with Jack Sparrow costume in Pirates of the Caribbean now he is a captain of the ship.

Most of the time, you will see online many funny animated photos on social media site. someone makes her friends photo some unexpected funny emotions face.like her nose become a balloon the face are rounding.this type of animated photo making is too easy with this tools freegifmaker Animated gif made by users is usually a sequence of their photos.the tools offer you to change the usual way and have a little fun.


Fyny.php.to In this site have 600+ fun photo frames, effects & filters. Add frames and borders to your photos, create funny photo montages, 'face in hole' pictures and greeting photo cards with custom text. Photo effects are automated by an advanced face detection algorithm.

Make Facebook Cover Photo

have a look at the site.Facebook cover maker has a wide selection of timeline cover photos with a plenty of cover templates and photo montages.
You can create a cool timeline cover photo with your pictures. Creating the best facebook cover photos online and applying photo effects and photo frames to your pictures are very easy and fast.

Best place to ask a question to get an answer around the internet

Once upon a time people just ask a question physically more than 2-3 people only listen the question.and reply the answer only who know the answer. now time will change in the virtual internet life we have lot of opportunities now if you ask any question on internet in popular place than million of people see you question and lot of good knowledgeable person get instant reply your question proper answer. many give you tips, suggestion and idea flowing your question.my opinion if you have any question then ask it's via online or you have good knowledge any kind of think then you can also join the place where you can able to reply to others question answer, may be your answer are very helpful for others .
Lot's of Site avialbe around the internet in this type Question & answer base system. today here I'm going to show few best place where you ask the question and also reply to others question's answer


Quora is simply a Questions-and-Answers site with a voting system attached. For whatever reason, this site has attracted big-time experts in numerous fields – so a lot of the people answering questions are the top in their industry. The voting system keeps only the best answers visible so you aren’t seeing junky answers from people trying to self-promote or blow smoke. Looking for great accounting software? Blog platform? A hosting service provider? Lawyer? Even a great new gadget? They're experts on here offering advice on all these topics. Why, you ask, would you want the opinion of a few experts as opposed to a whole community?


From 1995 ask focused question-answering solution around the internet.however, ask also provide web search result to. so think who don't know about ask. may don't need to explain about ask.com here. this is the only one popular place to question & answer. Just try with your question here.

Yahoo ! answers

Yahoo ! answers
The most popular community Q&A powered site with millions of users and thousands of questions asked and answered every day. All the questions are categorized in such a way that you can easily search for a related question in a category or place you question in a relevant category. Answers are rated by visitors and the best-rated answer will be displayed as the best answer for a question.

Microsoft Community

Microsoft Community
Microsoft Community the best place for windows operating system user. most of the people are using windows operating system this section of Microsoft provided you when you using windows probably you will face a lot of problem in my opinion you can find out windows related problem solution here.because most of an answer are provided from Microsoft developer team member this the plus point of this site.in the main page you will start finding your solution see the category after insert the category if you will not find your answer then simply you will be submitted your question with proper problem hope you will find the solution here.


Question dot com is place for all kind of topic. basically this site are best for general user. for who will find question impress a girls & relationship question , personal problem celebrity gossip how to arrange best holiday. take care of your health, baby name suggestion. beside if you provide good quality answer than question dot com add you top contributor list that's you will be come an expert


StackOverflow is a new programming Q&A Place .It’s not a discussion board ,it’s specifically designed for programming questions and answers. The questions can be as detailed as per your need. Anyway, enough about what the site is, and onto my impressions of it.

Wiki Answers

Wiki Answers
Wiki answers have a huge database of questions and answers and they are arranged in about 5,372 categories for easy reference. On the homepage you can post questions and also see new questions and new answers for the questions asked.

IDG Answers

IDG Answers
IDG answer is another's best place for it professional person . in my experience I also like this place.the site has network with few major category option. mainly this site gives you security, networking, data storage ,networking type question. maximum site user is an advanced level IT professional.


In last blow, all site are question-answer related solution.I have just listed here for my small experience. my opinion the site are able to find any kind of solution.if you are looking so solution to about your question then you must ask the answer here. I hope you will find the proper solution here. If you have a suggestion in my flowing list then please submitted a comment here.

Move your applications between Google Play Developer Console

When i will completely make the android application project i don't have google play account because my payoneer card date will be expired . and i will upload my apps one off my circle person i will believe the person that's why  i will upload her account .but one day i got mail from google "Account access disabled - Google Play Developer Console"

google play

That's with any of both personal reasons he disable to my access Google Play Developer Console. I will try contacting the person.he is in malaysia and i'm in dhaka . they don't pick my phone call don't reply my skype and facebook messages. in the time i will open my google play developer account . and ready to prepared transfer the all of my apps in to my account. after one month later the person are responding with me and he will agree to move my application into my account.
May be many others developer face this type of problem that's why i will write this article for my personal incident how to move application anothers google play developer account. may be the article is helpful for someone. to successfully transfer your applications between Google Play Developer accounts need to both developer agreement otherwise not possible.
Original Account holder - that's means where your app is currently published . Target Account - that's means in your account  want to transfer your app finally.

Prepare your Google Play developer account

See the Instruction on google support article See here 
After seeing this article now you can need fill out the from to start transferring process

google play

In the [3] & [5] number field we need both developer google wallet transaction id . you will find google wallet transaction id in wallet dashboard . last field i will write down two of my application name with package name . if you interest move multiple application than write down line by line with [*] mark .
After Submit the request form you will see the message . to clear this you will need to wait until transferring will be finished.however google team need 2 business days but many time within short time they will finish it.
Please note, we'll do our best to respond to your request within 2 business days. This depends heavily on the complexity of your app transfer request, and the completeness and accuracy of the information you've provided. In addition, please expect delays during holidays. We appreciate your patience while we process your request.

Your transfer is complete!

google play

Expose your self by making your professional profile in LinkedIn & tech.pro

if you looking expose your profile to the internet then you should to making your profile in qualified professional network.not only expose you the profile always expose your work too.the professional network is part of marketing platform to help grow your blog.
A professional profile is an alternative or addition to your job objective. It can take its form in a paragraph that acts as a sort of personal description of your accomplishments, qualifications, and qualities or can form a list with bullets to separate your different strengths.

Before starting today in this tutorials, i will collect to professional network LinkedIn & tech.pro both network are effective for building professional profile.

LinkedIn & Tech.pro

In every second many people join linkedin as a new member . but joining is not enough you must need few technique to make better you profile . Beauce linkedIn give you an opportunity to build your business reputation, expand your professional network and help companies and connections know who you are and what you do.here i will explain you tips to make better you profile.

Tech.pro is especially for developers, designers and who write an article Ask question get the right answer. However, i'm new in tech.pro. In my using experience tech.pro is the right place developer and who have a technology blog. when I finish writing an article I will submit the article on tech.pro I will receive much more click via on tech.pro it's on the good point of my blog. as a result of sharing the article on tech.pro the article search engine rank are going to high.If you have good writing skill then you can write an article or tutorials for tech.pro user network. they are happily publisher you article with all of the tech.pro users.You can also build a network with your existing contact. When you completely build your profile now your profile will show the tech.pro registers company. around tech.pro register developer company get offers a job for you if you have found job via tech.pro.lot features are available. See how it's work See how it's work

Header Background

First impression will start here to having a good looking Profile Header background with your photo is powerful way to showcase you & your personal brand, get your company exposure in front of hundreds of potential clients and make a great impact.Forbes writer William Arruda write an article 5 Easy Ways To Create A Brilliant Background For Your LinkedIn Profile if you read the article then you should understand to creating idea brilliant LinkedIn profile image.

Profile Photo

I will see many places many profiles someone having to natural animal any others photo to her professional or social network profile not only general user many developers are  doing this type of activities. Do you know who visit your profile may be the answer is NO.you really don't know who visit your profile. most of the people connect you & like to do business with your face.in virtual world people never need to meet face 2 face with doing any kind of businesses.As a result, your photo should be up-to-date, clear, professional, and an expression of you, preferably the smiling you.

Abdullah Al Mahamud

Website Link & Address

By seeing your profile is not enough need to clear about, you must need add website. a website here your works are available or portfolio web beside company owner profile need to add her company website in the profile. you increase the number of clicks to your website or blog.who flow your profile they know well about your working experience.

Profile Summary

Summary are described the behind story about you. my opinion summary most of the important part of the profile.after first impression second time people are see the summary. most of people like and trust social media .best way to establish this trust is to share your business journey to date.almost every person have good story about your life. when you write summary about you just flowing the rules write clearly about your past how to start and come to this sector ,the present section describe you present work ,in the future section your aim what are you looking for forward.Within each of these sections if  you achievements, awards, career milestones, endorsements and last don't forget your any kind of failures story.If you need more idea to make better profile summary than Careercast Writer Brenda Bernstein write an article 5 Essential Tips for a KILLER LinkedIn Summary  See the article may be you will find more lot of idia

Abdullah Al Mahamud

Skills & Endorsements

LinkedIn ranks your skills based on the number of endorsements they have received, which means your top skills might not actually be the most important ones. Recently, LinkedIn added the ability to rearrange your skills and the corresponding endorsements.


Joining groups that relate to your industry or the industry you wish to enter is another step in building a compelling profile. This not only helps you keep up with industry news and advances, but group members may be the very people you want to do business with. Your participation in groups helps build your visibility, credibility and involvement within your industry. Whilst you can join up with 50 groups, in my opinion it’s best to only show 6-8 groups within your public and LinkedIn profile. You can choose which groups to display by changing the visibility settings in your system and notification settings.


Finally, complete profile is having the highest rank to your success. first point of contact when promoting yourself to potential clients, joint venture partners, journalist. The steps provided in this article are the essential steps in creating a compelling networking world profile.Be sure to update your profile as you progress throughout your career.

Best Application For Who Love discover & Reading Online

In virtual life we love web . we love suffer on web we love reading on web. who don't love reading on web most of time.i think we need use few tools to save and read later all of our resource.to using this type of tools than we don't need memorize any website specific article address.the tools are do this.we can easily reading article on our personal computer when we are going out side of personal computer we also able to read the saving resource vai smart phone or tablet.
In this article i will collected few useful tools to using the tools on your computer and smart phone.may be someone already know about the tool. but if you are not to know about the tools i suggest using the tools to make better your virtual discover & Reading experience.
Before jumping the resource tools we need full confident in trusting the tools , Because most of the application need to require permissions to view all your browsing data, at the least. So let's start


Whether you’re browsing online or on-the-go with apps like Flipboard and Feedly, Pocket lets you save great content wherever you find it. You can save for later with a single click from any share menu on your phone or your computer using our Browser Extensions or bookmarklets for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. After you’re done reading or watching, send the articles and videos you enjoyed to another friend’s Pocket, or share to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or email.Save as many articles, videos and links as you want. Pocket will highlight the best and most relevant items in your list, organized by topic, source, and length, so that you can always find something interesting to read or watch.


Dragdis is here to make collecting things seamless by helping you put your discoveries to the right place the second you come across them. Drag & drop anything anywhere. Collect images, texts, links or videos to your private folders or post directly to Facebook, Twitter & (soon to come) Tumblr, Dropbox, Pinterest etc.


Pushbullet bridges the gap between your phone, tablet, and computer, enabling them to work better together. From seeing your phone's notifications on your computer, to easily transferring links, files, and more between devices, Pushbullet saves you time by making what used to be difficult or impossible, easy.

Move Google Drive & Dropbox Others Location To Save & Protect Data

If you are using online data backup service tools Google Drive & Dropbox. Why you are using the both popular data backup service tool’s because you need to save your working data and also as per your need you can access your data file anywhere without having your Computer. But the question is can you thinking once. if your computer or laptop will be loss or system crash then your data will be damage or handover any others hand.
However, you will get it’s from the online server later, but you need to wast few time. One other think in my mind. if your data are most importance to you will save your credit card, bank account information store some few secret code will be stored on this drive.the flowing Google Driver and Dropbox are located in Drive [C] than Folder is located on your desktop . may be sometimes you are not only using your personal computer. Suddenly few guest are coming in your home or room. he wants to use your computer for few moment .and you're not saying NO or SORRY to using your personal computer.
You can now handover your pc to others hand. Now your tension will be the start You are really fully Unknown about this person.Who is he or she . he is your guest only. why I’m taking this topic because data thieve is a common problem in this day. most of the people are expert today . you & me don’t know about others people knowledgeable Thief & hacker are always around us. So we need to alert. I will share her one of my memorable moment about data Thieve .this story near about 7 years ago from today. On of my neighbor Senior brothers as like Senior friend he is a medical student not much more knowledge about computer and internet . and for asking help I will train up about internet. Few month later he will be a little expert. one day he tell me now he wants to be a hacker.
I say him it’s possible you need to more study & need to know better programming knowledge. now story is here. many time when he meet me in my house. he uses my Computer .I don’t mind because He is my kind of senior close friend. why he will thief my data & information . but my thinking is wrong in one day I can’t access my Paypal account. I’m worried about this who can do this. Then I have a doubt with this person. I call him and ask he brothers can you access my Paypal account? he says YES. I’m Totally Confuse about this matter. he says he successfully hacked my Paypal. he feeling proud this matter.
Then I will ask Brothers Can you please Know me how to access my Paypal . as I know you don’t know the password and security question .so can you see or put the text file in my computer where i will write down my Paypal account details . he says YES. the file he will put in my computer. Now I feel Angry and say him stupid this is not hacking this call thieve. you're thief, not hacker. So tell me How can we believe others for who using your personal computer.
Maybe someone facing this type of accident around us every day . for my this type of thinking I will write down the article. In this article, i will disuse very simple easy technique to highly secure our data. if you are using windows 8,81 then see my another article how to protect your driver with password.Now after protecting your driver you can simply move your Google Drive & Dropbox to one of your protecting drive for example drive [E]. By doing this work, your Google drive & dropbox Data are fully secure with others . may be you understand my think. Now Nobody can’t access your file system . your tension is 90% lees.let's try the steep blow to move the drive's

How to Move Google Drive

Click on the Google Drive icon in your system tray (usually bottom right of your Windows task bar)
Choose Preferences

Choose Disconnect account, your Drive will be disconnected but your files will stay on your PC

Click on the Google Drive icon again
Sign in when asked, step through the set up until you reach screen 2 of 2 – then click Advanced setup

Click Change to choose the folder name and location – if you choose an existing folder it must be empty

Your files will now be re-synced down to your PC in this new location
Delete the old folder and files – if you want to.

How to move Dropbox

Using the Dropbox desktop application on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Click on the Dropbox icon from your system tray.
Click on the gear icon and select Preferences... from the menu.

Click the Account tab.
Move the Dropbox folder location by selecting Move...

Select the new location for your Dropbox folder.
Let Dropbox move your folder and its contents to its new location.

Popular Payment Gateways For Online Buy&Selling

Are you looking for buy or selling product online around the world . However you are facing most of common issue is online payment solution . how to send and receive payment .however lot of payment gateway solution available around the world.most of the user don't know how open an verified account in the flowing payment solution .as i see today online payment solution are so easy because now lot of payment provider are available. not only Paypal provide payment solution over the internet .One think if your bank not provide online purchasing credit card than don't be hope less . today online payment provider are also provided you virtual credit card are physical credit and master card to buying any kind of product where credit card are acceptable. you can also using the card withdraw you amount using ATM both around the world.
So why your greeting hope less and worried about payment solution . make it easy
Today in this article I'm going to show you few online popular payment solution.So to help you decide which one to use, I did some research and came up with a list of the popular gateways. This will help you pick the best payment solution for you


Paypal is most popular payment getaway you have an verified Paypal account than you can able to sell & buy product online almost every here . Because almost every online store business account holder accept Paypal payment. Just Without any illegal work . like gambling & casino . Paypal only support only legal work . and one think Paypal payment system are pretty nice you never loss your money . for example if you buy or give any amount but product are deliver in your hand if you cliem with legal document than Paypal will safely return your fund in your account .many cool option are available . just try and know the facility by using Paypal account


2CheckOut out is another popular payment getaway for online marcent store & developer who sell product on online . this an cross platform payment getaway .2CheckOut offer you one place integration to others payment system . for example you are an store holder if you using 2 checkout payment system than your user can buy product different payment method like credit card , bank account ,Paypal , any others payment system . if you are thinking this type of work than don’t be later start here with 2 checkout .


Payoneer is globally payment system . this payment system have no border . this is an popular payment getaway for freelancer who work at home also online publisher who have website or blog to receive advertising revenue from qualified advertising network who deliver payment via payoneer . recently payonner provided USA virtual bank account for globally user for essay transaction money online .they are thinking lot about general user and developer . one think payoneer verification process are very easy. After opening account anyone can receive an physical credit one her physical address .


Neteller is another cool payment getaway as i see . tell me why . this an super easy to start opening & verification account . just few min need . and Neteller support all kind of working money J . in my using experience online betting ,casino & gaming purpose Neteller very helpful an us full payment system . Love this who doing this type of work on online . one of exciting feature Neteller virtual card it’s look like amazing just 2 steep you will made your virtual card & start using anywhere it’s . after using Neteller and virtual card personally i don't fell any tension for online payment solution . i suggest open an account for you . verification process are easy see after opening account


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Authorize Helping your business grow, we simplify the payments process and give you tools to succeed.




Flowing payment getaway are work worldwide . the flowing payment getaway are not for only general user many business category option are available . big & small are using the flowing getaway . in my knowledge i will collect the list for my blog . if you think more popular  payment solution are available in your eyes than you must know here share your knowledge. If you like this article than please share this article with your circle.