Blackberry Priv: First Android Smartphone From Blackberry

BlackBerry, the darling of smartphone world, has introduced its first ever Android smartphone with a mix of new and old features. Dubbed as BlackBerry Priv, the new masterpiece from the company brings the much needed change with Android Lollipop, and aims at bringing BlackBerry back into the playing field against Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

While the element of design is simply amazing, there’s a lot more in BlackBerry Priv that makes it one of the best choices in the high-end segment. Yes, we’re talking about the aesthetics, the features, and most importantly, the slider keyboard that comes down from the bottom.

The storied smartphone manufacturer was initially reluctant to this change, but eventually, it happened and the perfect phone with the mix of BlackBerry and Android OS is finally here!

Here are some of the best things in BlackBerry Priv that we all want to try out!

Premium Design with The Best Keyboard Ever

If you’ve been a loyal to Android, there’s a strong chance that you don’t know what it is like to use a BlackBerry device. Till date, many Android phones have incorporated QWERTY keyboards, but only a few have been to provide the BlackBerry like experience. The smartphones from the company are a class apart, and as the matter of fact, not just keyboard, BlackBerry has been terrific in the entire design department. 
Android Smartphone From Blackberry
The high-end phones from the company are absolutely stunning, and so is the new BlackBerry Priv. It looks majestic from all angles and endows an entirely unique experience with a slider keyboard and a curved QHD panel. Like the well-stirred mixture of Galaxy S6 Edge and the BlackBerry Passport.

The best part is, Priv runs Android but is pure BlackBerry outside. The same classy finish that came down the hill is still available, and the keyboard keys are still as slick as they were ever before. For quick interaction and nonstop work and play, BlackBerry Priv stands out and proves more comfortable than any other phone in the high-end segment.

The specs are just perfect

If you’re shopping for a jaw dropping smartphone with stunning specifications, BlackBerry Priv is the way to go. Though a little expensive, the latest masterpiece from BlackBerry has everything to cherish. It sports a beautifully crafted 5.43-inch QHD curved display, and packs enormous power with the latest Snapdragon 808 chipset, 3GB of RAM and a long-lasting 3,410 mAh battery. The phone has all the power you need, and is capable of running all high-end games and apps with subtle perfection. 

In fact, its soft-touch back adds a lot to the aesthetics and gives a perfect user-experience with a firm and comfortable grip. No matter who’s using the phone or whether the keyboard is in or out, it fits nicely for texting or gaming.

The Camera offers full value for money

Last year, we witnessed some amazing smartphones with mind-boggling camera offerings. The Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s were the undisputed toppers, but BlackBerry Priv came as a surprise to everyone. The power-packed Slider Android phone incorporates a spectacular 18MP rear camera and gives sharp, colour-rich and vibrant images in all environments.
Android Smartphone From Blackberry
Yes, it’s not a Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6S killer, but it does a commendable job by producing flawless, detailed and well-focused images. It gives tough competition, but loses mainly because of the camera app, which takes a lot of time process an image and is really slow. It’s certainly a software glitch, which BlackBerry would look to address in the next upgrade.

Up front, the 2MP camera gives a nice selfie-experience, but it’s not at par with Android phones offering snappers up to 8-megapixels. It captures sufficient light in daylight but fails to make a strong impression indoors.

Unparalleled Security on BlackBerry Priv

Apart from good looks and stunning features, anything that makes BlackBerry Priv special is the amount of attention given towards privacy and security elements. Priv incorporates a gamut of new security features and sits proudly as one of the securest Android phones in the market. 

BlackBerry has touted a lot about security on Priv, and has made big claims for protecting the phone with features such as, Data in Transit and FIPS 140-2 Data at Rest. Top-tier security is a must for business professionals, but for an average smartphone user, standard privacy measures could also do the job. It’s an add-on for Android users, but we all know, it’s BlackBerry and it never compromises on security!

It’s very very expensive

Priced at $700, BlackBerry Priv is certainly one of the most expensive Android phones in the market. For a standard Android flagship, this price could have been a great way to get laughed at. But in this case, it’s quite acceptable.

BlackBerry Priv features a meticulously crafted slider keyboard, which requires a whole lot of engineering and cutting edge technology to fit with a sleek 5.4-inch display. The added cost is definitely for the keyboard, and at least for us, it’s definitely worthy for the price!

Bottom Line

With an improved look and feel, Priv, the first Android phone from BlackBerry takes a dig straight against renowned high-end players rolling in the market. The phones packs top-of-the line features and performs really well without any snags. Its commendable performance creates some serious threats against the likes of Galaxy S6, Xperia Z5, and iPhone 6s. But again, it’s the price that counts!

In a nutshell, if you’re looking a top-grade smartphone with a dash of classy keyboard, no other option can go better than BlackBerry Priv. However, if keyboard is not a thing of value for you, go for Nexus 6P, iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6. 

While the India launch of BlackBerry Priv is still pending, rumours suggest that the renowned tech-giant plans on launching the phone soon in the country. There’s no word on its official pricing or availability, but considering the global price tag, anything around 50-55k will not come as a surprise to us!

Best front-end frameworks collection for developer

Frameworks are one of invaluable front-End builders tool for faster and better progress development. With the framework, you could build a good structured, maintainable and upgradable website.

It also helps you save so much to your time because there are a lot of ready element are available on your hand. the main fact is you need to know how & where to use the element properly when you working using a framework.

Building a good quality web project now almost every developer select a frameworks tools. That's why framework has broadly accelerated, and I hope you know very well, Bootstrap from Twitter is in the top standings Position.

In this article to help, you select typically the most suitable framework to use your upcoming project, I have listed few quality frameworks for Bootstrap alternative.

Let's try to discover my collected list. I hope you found a suitable framework for your next project.


A html template with fully changable colors and list to create a superb dropdown list.
A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.Pure is ridiculously tiny. The entire set of modules clocks in at 4.0KB* minified and gzipped. Crafted with mobile devices in mind, it was important to us to keep our file sizes small, and every line of CSS was carefully considered. If you decide to only use a subset of these modules, you'll save even more bytes.



UIkit gives you a comprehensive collection of HTML, CSS, and JS components which is simple to use, easy to customize and extendable.UIkit is an open source framework to make the web look good.Create your own styles and discover the unlimited use of UIkit.


MontageJS is an HTML5 framework for building rich single-page applications (SPAs). The framework features mobile-optimized user interface widgets, logic-less templates, reusable components, simple and two-way bindings between components and objects, implicit event delegation, a managed draw cycle, and powerful command line tools for kickstarting and compiling SPA projects.


Groundwork is a lightweight, bendy and responsive front-finish framework created & maintained by Gary Hepting. constructed on high of Sass and Compass, Groundwork presents a quality grid approach which flexible, fluid and nestable. With its grid process, that you would be able to build any design sort of layout that fit on any display dimension.


HTML5 Boilerplate

Skeleton is a light-weight CSS framework that makes use of a 12-column grid system. in contrast to Bootstrap or basis, Skeleton presents you with some fundamentals accessories only like button, lists, desk, varieties which aimed to kick-start your progress method.



Bootflat is an open source CSS framework that is built with the strong Bootstrap three. Bootflat is designed to create a wonderful flat web design with rapid, easier and less repetitive manner. hence, its UI kit comes with gorgeous PSD person interface % that you should use to your website, iOS or Android project.

960 Grid System

960 Grid System

960 Grid procedure is a entrance-finish framework that can streamline your internet progress workflow based on a 960px broad container. The container is then can also be sliced up into 12, sixteen and even 24 columns for easier laying out content.



Materialize has come as a contemporary responsive front-finish framework. This framework may be very suitable for individuals who need to put in force material Design seem and feel into their internet site with none complexity. It points card design, ripple effect animation, Sass mixin, drag out cell menu and many extra.

HTML KickStart

HTML KickStart

HTML KickStart was developed situated on Twitter Bootstrap with the icon support from Font brilliant. With its ready menu, record, tables, buttons, grid approach, and lots of first-rate factors, you'll keep the method of your net task production up to 10 hours or much more.



Gumby is a bendy and responsive framework built with the vigour of Sass for turbo web progress. Its customizer enables you to with ease tweak and customise the complete UI package design to meet your great option. Gumby has a couple of forms of grids with one-of-a-kind column variations, but via default, Gumby comes with 960 grid approach.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate

just like its title, HTML5 Boilerplate provides you HTML5 able template that has been optimized to satisfy essentially the most regular of HTML new aspects. with the aid of utilising this template, which you can create a fast, effective and responsive site that's ready to adapt to any sort of browser, even the historic ones like internet Ex

Simple Grid

Simple Grid

It’s now not like different frameworks that have that fancy button, menu, table, and so on, simple Grid offers handiest a pure grid. The grid characteristic is situated on 1140 px display size with 12 columns that you can customize to get your first-class design.



it is very well documented, steady, flexible and open source front-end framework. It has many priceless instruments for creating responsive, cell first web challenge rapid. It supports practically all of the to be had browser at present, besides for IE7. although many builders are most often using groundwork for HTML and CSS best, however you've option to port it with Sass and Rails



Susy is an automated grid system that may aid you build net layout in any style of column you wish to have. It gives you freedom and suppleness to construct design of your alternative.

Metro UI

Metro UI

It’s very easy to make use of and has variety with a bunch of normal add-ons like button, tile, menu, date picker and far more. there is additionally a information Portal template to get you started effortlessly.

Material UI

Material UI

Material-UI came about from our love of React and Google's Material Design. We're currently using it on a project at Call-Em-All and plan on adding to it and making it better in the coming months.



To developed for faster UI development utilizing HTML, CSS and Javascript, identical to Bootstrap does. that you could create trendy design comfortably with some reusable interface factors like table, tabs, information picker, modal, sortable list, tree view, gallery, kind validator and more. It also allows for you to have DOM manipulation, communication services and fancy web page effects with its JS Core engine.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a hybrid framework that works good with PhoneGap and Cordova. With AngularJS, jQuery, Font first-rate and TopCoat as the foundation, Onsen UI can be a promising tools for setting up effective cellular apps. Onsen UI can help you construct cell apps effortlessly making use of the concept of web add-ons.


Which framework is the best? you can decide yourself. I just listed the framework.However, as a developer, i'm familiar with all my listed framework.because every framework has a unique feature. I hope when you discover the list you must see the specialty.

Which one is your favorite framework? let us know in comment section.

How to Edit WordPress PHP Files and Theme From Within Admin Menu?

Despite how good your WordPress site may look and function, you'll still feel the need to make changes to your website theme. In order to tweak anything in your theme, you'll need to edit the PHP files.

Wondering how?

WordPress comes with a built-in editor – The Theme Editor – that allows editing all the files from within your site's admin menu when accessed in a browser online. Or else, you can edit your WordPress files and save them on your local system, and later upload them to the site via an FTP client.
How to Edit WordPress PHP Files and Theme From Within Admin Menu

In this post, we'll discuss the process of editing the files and ultimately your theme with admin menu.

But Before You Start

To edit your files and website theme accurately, there are few important considerations worth considering:

1. Don't Forget to Create a Backup

Often making even minor changes to your site's core files can result in breaking the website. And so, it is highly recommended that you must create a backup of your site, including all your files. Doing so, will help you restore your site back to its original form if its damaged during the process of editing your WP theme.

2. Familiarize Yourself With File Permissions 

Every WordPress file contains a set of permissions that enables a user to read or edit a file. So, there's a possibility that the file you wish to edit isn't writable. Thus, before you initiate the task of making edits to your WordPress site's PHP files, you must become familiar with “File Permissions”. 

You can make changes to the file permissions using FileZilla or any other FTP client. And then,

Open up the cPanel of your FTP client, and navigate to Files → File Manager. Simply press the “Go” button provided at the button of the page as soon as the “Directory Selection” pop-up becomes visible.

From the pop-up box, you just need to change the numeric value in the textbox as shown in the image below:

Edit WordPress PHP Files

3. Edit Files Utilizing a Text Editor

As you may know, WYSIWYG editors generate messy code that is difficult to read. But, using text editors help in writing and editing plain text with no need for formatting. When searching for a text editor avoid using a Word Processing Program as it adds unwanted code or other changes that can break a file.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great text editors over the web that not only helps in making edits to files outside the WordPress editor, but also provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and other features.

    Editing WordPresss PHP Files and Theme

When it comes to editing WordPress PHP files to modify your theme, you can make changes to each file from within your browser using any one of the two WordPress built-in editors, namely: Theme Editor and Plugin Editor.

Since we need to make alterations to the theme, we need to learn about using the Theme Editor. 

The Theme editor is nothing more than a text editor. You can access the text editor, by moving to Appearance → Editor menu from your site's admin dashboard. Here's a screenshot of how the WordPress editor menu of the Twenty Fourteen theme looks like:

WP Theme Edit
Fig. Twenty Fourteen Theme Editor Screen

In the image above, a list of PHP files of the currently active theme is displayed on the right-hand side of the editor screen. You can open any file you need to edit, and the content of that file will be displayed on the editor screen. 

Some Important Considerations

There is an “Update File” button available in the above image. This might not be present in all the servers if the file is not writable. However, it is crucial for making any changes to your WP files. So, you will have to change the file permission to enable the Update File option in your theme. 

• Just above the list of all WordPress files in Twenty Fourteen theme, you can see a drop down menu which gives users the ability to switch among the installed themes (both active and inactive themes). Some users usually become confused presuming that selecting some other theme from the drop down menu will activate that theme. But that's a wrong notion.

It merely opens up the files of that theme in the editor – that you wish to edit. Remember, to activate the theme you need to hit the activate option by navigating to Appearance → Themes.

Functions.php file: Help Make Changes to the WordPress Theme

To implement changes in your WordPress site's theme, you'll most likely have to make edits in the functions.php file. But remember, in case you don't know how to code, it is better that you should avoid using the Theme Editor for making edits to the functions.php.

That's because users often edit functions file simply by pasting any code available online. But, pasting the code in an inaccurate manner can get you locked out of your website. 

So, it is better to understand the FTP client before you start making edits to the theme's functions file. Also, you must study tutorials that can help you learn about the commonly syntax errors to avoid when pasting the code. 

A much better alternative is to seek professional assistance (ideally services of a WordPress developer) having enough experience in handling web development projects.

In Conclusion

This is just a beginner's tutorial that will help novice WordPress users understand how they can modify their website theme, which requires making edits to WordPress files. 

Remember, it is pretty easy to make tweaks to the theme. Just pasting code found over the web can help assist you in performing the necessary alterations. But you need to stay careful when making any changes to the core files in WordPress or it might break the site.

Thus, it is advised you should consider using a child theme for making the changes. Once you're satisfied with the changes, you can implement them in your parent (primary) WP theme. 

Author Biography: Samuel Dawson is a core development professional who is considering all the facts of converting HTML to WordPress theme diligently. Samuel has earned a badge of knowledge in WordPress. He has been a successful master in the area of CMS conversion and design. 

Best SEO Practices To Rank Your Website Higher

Search Engine Optimization is an Internet Marketing strategy used to increase traffic and business. It is basically the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's results - often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results. As an instance, when you search something, you just type few words or “Keywords” in the search bar and the search engine displays the results according to the algorithms working behind.

You open the website displaying on the first page of the search results and seldom move to the next page. This is what SEO is - having ranked your website on the first page of the search engine results. There are various aspects responsible for ranking your website higher.
SEO Practices

Let’s discuss some of the important ones.


Meta Tags are the information providers. Webmasters can very well tell the search engines about their websites through the Meta tags. Meta tag is written in the head section of the HTML page. It looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta name="Description" CONTENT="Author: Paulo Coelho, Illustrator: P. Picture, Category: Books, Price:  $45, Length: 567 pages">
        <title>Example Books - novel</title>
    <meta name="spiritual" content="noindex,nofollow">

SEO Practices

The tags should be complete, accurate, relevant, descriptive and carefully chosen. It is apparent that Google only returns rich and informative data. So, one should use the Meta data very sensibly. When starting with the Meta tags for the first time, consider the below listed ones as the most important:


Keywords play a very key role in SEO techniques. You need to spend a considerable amount of time in choosing the right keywords to yield high profits. Although the recent trends in SEO are changing, the keywords can still play a significant part in taking up your website. When selecting the keywords one must be careful about the following points:

1. Relevance of the keyword:

SEO Practices
You must see if the keywords you have selected are related to your website or not. If it is a healthcare site, then you might not want to use keywords like dresses or gowns.

2. Evaluate the worth of the keyword:

Search the keywords you think can be a right fit, and then do a comparative study. Jot down the options you have and then make the right selection.

3. Long tail keywords convert better:

SEO Practices
A person who types dress in the search bar may not be interested in buying the same. On the other hand, if a person types price of Mango black dress, it indicates that he would buy the product. So this is where the long tail keywords help.

4. Keyword Research:

SEO Practices

You can also use Google's AdWords Keyword Planner which gives you suggestions for the keywords to use. Once you have the keywords, write the content that revolves around those.

5. Do not over-use a keyword:

If you think that using a certain keyword again and again will help you in ranking, then you are wrong because it will give you entirely opposite results. So, do not repeat over-stuff the keywords in your website- content. 

Author Bio: James Wright is currently pursuing his Masters from The University of Illinois and working part time with He is a programmer, a writer and a motivational speaker.

How Small Businesses Can Make A High Yielding Mobile App?

In this development world where people are moving forward in every respect and thus, we are in need to developing some of the best development.

Rather than going haywire in this highly planned and competitive development world makes sure you know a lot about the field of mobile app development.
Small Businesses

1)  Do they serve any specific purpose

I am not talking about special powers but the quite simple purpose that an app must render. This includes that the users must get to serve any specific purpose from your mobile app and this is the sole reason why they are going to download it.

For instance, you a car agency and thus you are opening up a carpooling app. Likewise, you need to make sure that your app servers a certain specific purpose and you have not just made it for the heck of making it. 

Moreover, you also need to have proper directions and deals for your users. You can also give a discount based on the locations that users can check through your app in order to get their personalized coupons. 
Does your app solve a problem?

Users get attracted to mobile apps that have any purpose to serve, render information, entertain them or helps in improving their productivity. While creating your mobile app make sure to analyze it from a users perspective before launching your app.

2. Know the users you are targeting

user targeting

Before entering the web development world make sure that you know about there preferences and behavioral pattern while working on mobile apps. This will help you to get to know about the kind of apps one can develop for their business.

Further you also need to know that which is the most preferred mobile platform in the area that you target. For this you need to carry on some surveys and go for the customer feedback.

What kind of users are there in the market and which kind of apps users are used mostly by the users. Knowing all these tactics will help you to develop mobile apps that can do wonders for your business.

3) Add zing to your platonic mobile apps

What do luminary people do? They do the same things but differently. Therefore, in the myriad of apps present out there you need to take the saddle in your hands and take your development to such a place where you can entice your audience by not just providing hackneyed stuff but beyond that.

When it comes to adding something extra or doing it  apart from the league you need to add extra functionalities or features such as gamification. This helps the developers to keep the zest in the mobile apps alive and is certainly a good news for the users. 

4) Mobile app payment adds convenience

mobile apps payment

One of the most up and coming functionality in mobile apps is the in-app payment system.
This is one of the best technique to make their customers pay instantly from the app itself before they go to other apps and help in the conversion rate of your competitors.

Moreover, this is trend is mostly for the people who are developing an eCommerce mobile app. Further, you need to go for GoPayment and Square in order to know how to check thoroughly the working of mobile payment processing and check whether it is right for you or not.

Moreover, this will add to your credibility as a seller or service provider that you render a highly secure payment gateway in your app. Promoting that you can accept mobile payments will surely help you to carve a advanced picture of you and will help to portray a strong image in front of the users.

5) You can't afford to miss social media

Social media integration has become the new food for life and this is the reason why you cannot ignore social media integration from your app as well. Including social media integration is one of the best way to improve the engagement of your mobile app. This comprises of connection with live updates from leading social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Doing so will not only help you to create a community of your user base but will also work to spread as word of mouth for your mobile app. This is certainly a sure short way of improving the user base for your mobile app.

Author Bio: Arya Stark is a web developer working with Xicom Technologies, providing robust and scalable enterprise portal development services, embracing the latest technologies and business trends.

Improve your Website Traffic with Content Marketing

Webmasters consistently work in driving more traffic to their websites, but not everyone succeeds. Some websites try their hands at paid advertising while others hire expensive SEO experts and marketers to improve their search engine rankings.

However, not every business has the same budget to appoint an army of SEO experts and make it work for them.

Though there are various ways to increase traffic on your website, content marketing is one of the most preferred and popular ways, plus it's cheap. It has been around for quite some time now, although it has only gained popularity over the past few years.
Improve your Website Traffic with Content Marketing
Content is not what you write to drive more traffic to your website, it is something that conveys a message about your business to your target audience.

In order to stay ahead in the competition and gain the loyalty of the visitors, it is essential for websites to produce high-quality and useful content that reflects their brands.

The online world is all about content and you cannot expect your website to receive more traffic without creating and circulating quality content around the web.

With that in mind, there are certain strategies that can be used to make the most of the content marketing. Here are some of them:

1. Evergreen content

There are times when you need to produce content that is trending and current; however, it doesn't last long. On the other hand, an evergreen content stays fresh and pertinent long past its publication. They are more effective than trending content, as they are written once and enjoyed by various users over time. 

2. Focus on content formatting

Formatting plays an important role when writing content for your website. The overall appearance of your content tells whether it's a hit or a flop, besides the information provided inside it. 90% of web users don't even read the whole paragraph before navigating away.

Let's take it this way: you need information on sinus infection symptoms, would you stick around an article where the information is provided in long paragraphs? Of course not! Everybody is in a hurry.

Nobody has time to go through each line to find the information they are looking for. People want their information served on a silver platter. Write meaningful as well as interactive content to keep visitors coming back for more.  

3. Social Media Remarketing

Social media remarketing is one concept which is not very popular among webmasters. A majority of website owners often overlook the importance of sharing their content again with their followers and users.

As a matter of fact, sharing a particular old blog after a month or so can drive more traffic to your sites. This is an excellent method of developing returning traffic on your site.  

4. Promote via Reviews

A number of e-commerce websites find it difficult to write content relevant to their products, and then promote it on different sources. However, writing reviews are a great way to put your word out there and drive traffic to your sites. You can also make real users write reviews for your products to have a better impact.  

5. Become a Contributor

Contributing to other sites is an amazing way to build strong backlinks as well as drive valuable traffic to your website. Moreover, it also improves your search engine rankings. In order to have a better impact of contributing,

it is always suggested to approach websites on the same niche as yours. To start off, contact websites with your pitch and ideas you may have on your mind for their websites. However, when it comes to brainstorming ideas for other websites, make sure you completely pour your creativity skills.   

6. Optimize your site for mobile users

The evolution of smartphones has made it quite necessary for webmasters to optimize their sites for mobile users as well. Where an average number of websites receive more than 38% of traffic from mobile, can you afford to miss out on an opportunity to convert visitors into sales leads?  

7. Use Infographics

Infographics is the latest trend in content marketing. You probably have seen many websites boasting of their designing skills in the form of infographics while providing just the right information in the most right way. Make sure you don't overdo it.  

Author Bio: Emma Watson is qualified web development professional who is great at delivering focus in her writings. She meets expectations for Wordsuccor Ltd., offering WordPress Website Development  Services India.  Which is also giving proficient WordPress, PSD, HTML, Drupal and Joomla improvement administrations.

Best Strategy to Populate Mobile Apps

In today’s emerging digital market not only a bug free, unique and remarkable APP is important but also versatile marketing plan with a proper follow-up execution is also an important milestone.A coordinated methodology is best, with all parts supplementing and utilizing each other.
Populate Mobile Apps
A pledge to a coordinated marketing plan and proceeded with changes to the application itself, will build your likelihood of a supported point of preference in the profit-making center.

Here are some tricky strategy to make your Mobile APP popular and profitmaking in the marketplace:

1. Make It Beneficial- Regardless of how well you showcase your portable application, in the event that it's not something individuals need, they wouldn't be intrigued. Your mobile should not only showcase your website but also it should be of public interest and benefits. 

You can get inventive and think of something that will pull in the overall population and put your image name before them.if it’s not something people looking forthey are going to be interested

2. Develop Platform compatible Application- a Cross-platform app that supports multiple platforms is more effective.The sooner your portable application is created and conveyed, the sooner you'll be profiting from it.Cross Platforms APPs have a quick turnaround and easier updates.

3. Engage your audience with frequent updates- Frequent updates in your mobile APP make it interesting and popular among users. Feature enhancement in each update and come up with something that will attract the users will definitely promote your APP.

4. Social Advertising- It permits you to target individuals particularly by demographics and hobbies. In this way you can reach a number of people, you can ensure they are the main ones who can see and tap on your promotions. With Facebook advertisements, you can get really particular targets.

There are two general keys to compelling online networking advertising: 

1) utilizing social networking influencers in your specialty and
2) extending how extensively you consider online networking promoting.

5. Enable social sharing - Give your client option to effortlessly share your application over their social stages. Add some coordinated alternatives to tweet or share the application on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social networking platforms. 

This will give an extremely powerful system for getting the message out about your application. Some great cases of this are news and information applications that have a choice to tweet the article and the tweet then incorporates the name of the application.

6. Leverage Your Mobile Website-When you get good traffic on your website, you can utilize that popularity for your mobile Applications profit.These individuals are the perfect contender for a 'focused on gathering' who will be glad to utilize your application right from the get go. Take unique consideration while dealing with the structural planning and think how you can make it simple for them to recognize your application.
Populate Mobile Apps
Your site ought to likewise be creating downloads for your application. You can drive individuals to your site by means of SEO, visitor blogging, online networking, noting inquiries on sites, or taking part in different destinations inside of your specialty.

7. Create web and native apps accordingly- Create web and native applications appropriately while native applications are regularly more strong and responsive, Web applications utilizing HTML5 can likewise yield a positive reaction from your group of onlookers. 

On the other hand, we have found that for games like complex APPs, the native Apps model works better with quicker reaction times and a general more hearty experience.

8. Feature the App in an Official Blog-Compose a complete story detail about your application and let your gathering of people know the reason behind it. Let them know how this application can encourage and make things simple for them. Incorporate your application joins, screenshots, and recordings to offer them some assistance with getting a decent comprehension. 

Target keywords plat a vital role in promotion. You can promote your APP by promoting the blog.Fascinating content will attract more people to your website and APP.

9. Have your app reviewed on targeted app review sites-The review sites are the best way to promote your APP as they will create a lot more buzz for your APP through there positive comment and reviews. Getting rank and good reviews in these sites can help the APP in getting good exposure in the marketplace.

10. Create a video showcasing APP- Create a creative summarized video having all the major screens telling the story in such a way people can identify what your APP is going to offer them.People like recordings and it is regularly simpler to devour video content as opposed to text content.

11. Get Your Users to Rate Your App- A higher rating in the application store implies more downloads. On the off chance that your clients cherish your application, motivate them to get the message out about it! You can do this in various ways. 

You can particularly get the focus of users by integrating in-App rating feature in the application so that user can directly get navigated to App store rating.

12. Keep your application free on stores: Have you seen that most applications in the application stores are free? It is on account of the application stores make it much less demanding to advance free applications. Also, by the goodness of that, paid applications never wind up positioning greatly in application store seek and most purchasers never see the most application.

So the basic methodology is to make your application allowed to download, which would make your application more focused in pursuit. What's more, once you are focused in inquiry and are getting downloads, ideally you will have the capacity to make sense of how to profit from your clients.

13. Other apps and websites-This is one of the most non-promising methods, yet it can work. Just discover accomplices that are willing to cross-advance with you. You can drive individuals to them, and they can drive individuals to your application.

These can be portable applications, sites, podcasts or whatever else. The key is that you would get as much introduction as you are providing for your accomplices.

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