Top Joomla templates from each category that leads in 2016

Template gives your website an eye-captivating look. Visitor's first priority is design & color of the website & that is provided by the particular template. A good template can  engage users with your website for maximum time. You must have to give immense importance to your website template.
Top Joomla templates

Joomla is one of the best platforms that provides thousands of templates in different categories. But, selection of template as per your website's nature plays an important role. Here I have listed top Joomla templates from each category that can make your task easy.
1. Education Centre
Top Joomla templates

As the name suggests, Education Centre is the top-notch Joomla template based on education theme. It comes with fully customized and responsive design. Without doing a single line of code, you can regulate everything including colors, layouts & more. Easy installation, animated portfolio with filters, advanced navigation & commenting system are the centre of attraction of this template. 

2. Flyte Tees
Top Joomla templates

An E-commerce template is especially used to build an online store. Flyte Tees is the completely responsive template that builds your online store within 10 minutes. It provides polished & utterly faster design that lead to the high performance of your website. It is totally made for the online store. Just generate articles & turn into the products. Its neatness & simplicity drives the users most. And yes, the template with such a powerful amenities is available absolutely free.

3. ProBusiness
Top Joomla templates

ProBusiness is the template based on a business theme. Either professional or fashionable, it is the one point solution for any type of business. Almost all Joomla web development companies use & recommend this template for your business. ProBusiness is having all rich features that top template must have. It is the modern & customizable user-friendly Joomla template. It provides easy to integrate solutions for your Joomla 3.x website. It is having fully responsiveness in terms of design.

4. Restaurant
Top Joomla templates

A Joomla template which is particularly made for Restaurant theme. Style, functionality, responsiveness & speed are the 4 strong weapons of this template. Moreover, the simplicity of the template makes it more pleasant. It supports all modern gadgets. No matter whether your food stall is small, medium or big, template's traits treat as per your specific needs. Most importantly, the template is powered by J2store.

5. Vision
Top Joomla templates

Vision is the ultimate Joomla template best convenient for a nonprofit site. Vision is also powered by Joomla 3.0.x template. It is built on Warp framework which use latest technologies like HTML5 & CSS3. It comes with 5 color style which can be expanded up to unlimited color style.

6. Architecture Joomla Template
Top Joomla templates

If you are looking for a template that is best fit for architecture, interior design or exterior design website, Architecture is the perfect option for you. With a few clicks, you can customize all things in this template without wasting time. This template is having all modern animation & effects. Special thing about this template is, its SEO-friendliness which makes it unique from other templates. Template has SEO optimized design by default that can help to improve website's ranking on search engines.

7. Momentum
Top Joomla templates

Momentum is the best one-page template best suited for freelancers and agencies. It is having all features that describe your services. Momentum at its best in responsiveness. It uses a special responsive grid that allows a similar view of your website on all devices. There are 3 versions available as per your needs- personal freelancer version, business / agency version & an alternative version. It also facilitates you with custom 404 page.

8. Free Estate
Top Joomla templates

Free Estate is the elegant Joomla template, convenient for real-estate related businesses including real-estate agencies, agents. Template enriched with dozens of features that accomplish all requirement of real estate website. Features include real estate theme with Bootstrap based code, browser compatibility, responsive layout, real estate software, damn easy customization, map modules, etc. Template is also suitable for Architects, Builders, and property managers.

9. Agricultural organization design
Top Joomla templates

If you want to build an agricultural type of website, given template is highly suggested for you. Easy & clean design and menubar makes it more user-friendly. You can choose custom pages as your own like contact page, FAQ & many more. SEO-friendly design makes it more adorable.

10. Radon
Top Joomla templates

Radon is a multi-purpose Joomla template which can be used for any type of professional and modern websites. It is fully furnished with the latest technology Bootstrap & HTML5/CSS3. Support of RTL language & responsiveness make it more graceful. Its wealthy administration features such as logo settings, menu, unlimited fonts control, google analytics, less compilation, link color, falls you love with it. 

About author : Mr. Deepak Patel is an entrepreneur and CEO of the prominent Joomla Web development company iMOBDEV Technologies Pvt. Ltd. His immense experience in the field of development is enough to shape up the superior applications. He is passionate to learn the modern techniques & implement them in recent projects. He frequently releases many articles & share his thoughts and knowledge of mobility solutions.

5 Social Media Tools That Will Improve Your Marketing Results

It’s no secret that social media is one of the best ways to brand yourself. Customers can find Facebook and Twitter pages for virtually every company they patronize. But it’s not enough to solely have social media accounts for your business.

There are several mobile apps and strategies for social media you can use to up your company’s marketing game. Make sure you check out the following tips:
5 Social Media Tools That Will Improve Your Marketing Results

Nobody wants to see their feed filled with 100 posts an hour from your company. Instead, stagger your posts throughout the day. By using Hootsuite, you can schedule and keep track of your company’s social media pages in columns on one page. No longer will you have to flip through tens of browser tabs to post to and manage all of your accounts separately. 
You can even add a Hootsuite plug-in to your browser, so you can post something quickly and fuss-free. You can initially keep track of three accounts in the Free plan, but to include more pages, the Pro plan costs $9.99/month.

While this tool isn’t an app, it works similarly to Hootsuite, and it focuses solely on Twitter. You can schedule tweets while keeping track of your notifications and messages, plus, you can follow certain hashtags and @mentions, too — all in one interface. 

By adding more column features to your feed, you’ll be able to optimize your time management and social media presence. And not only will it do that, but the service works in real time — a definite must-have when improving your company’s marketing strategy online.

Google Analytics
This awesome Google feature works on mobile and desktop. By simply typing in your website URL, you’ll be able to find up-to-the-minute changes about the amount of traffic coming to your site, as well as access data regarding any aspect of your business.

Google also offers Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, which benefits companies such as Tinder or Snapchat.
Long links in posts can appear intimidating or overwhelming. They can also take up space in social networks with character limits *ahem* Twitter. By using this free app and website, you can shortlink those YouTube clips and blog posts to a neat, shareable URL, making room for more content in your post.

After you’ve shared your link, you can also use to track its performance with your clients, family and friends. 

One of the most fundamental elements of social media marketing is making sure people can find you. And if there are imposters out there, it’ll be much harder for potential clients and customers to reach you. PlagSpotter, a web-based service, helps catch plagiarists trying to steal your content. 

The site hosts 1,900 daily users and checks approximately 16,000 URLs every day.


These five apps are just the fuel you need to enter a fruitful and prosperous business adventure. By using them, you’ll be sure to see your marketing results improve in no time.

Four Android App Design Guidelines You Should Break

A s a mobile app developer, you know just how important it is to follow the guidelines laid down by the app stores. So, when we tell you about app guidelines that you should break, you may turn around and ask us if we’re making any sense. Turns out, we just might be.

The world today survives on multiple cross-platform Android devices. Our daily activities revolve around the simultaneous use of computers, smartphones and tablets. Android app developers will always look for ways to make their products compatible with all the platforms giving users a satisfactory experience. Each of these platforms has their own regulations, interface, and functionalities.
Android App Design Guidelines
It is essential to know the Google Android Developer Guideline to make good quality apps. But at some points, the guidelines break the logic of common sense and usability. At such point, an Android app development company works out its innovation and creates their own unique exceptions without disregarding the rules completely. In this article, we will present 4 cases where breaking the Android guideline helps you achieve better user experience and profit.

1.The app icon in the Action Bar

The Action bar contains the main controls and remains at the top of each screen throughout the app. It is a useful feature if you have just launched an app or your logo looks similar to any same category apps. But many successful Android apps divert from this guideline.

The app icon is needed for users to draw visual context between the brand and the user interface. Apps which make the exception have already established their identification through strong visual branding. Their UI is also unique enough for users to operate without the need of the app icon.

Disabling the logo offers other benefits like utilization of the screen space for centralized information and navigation controls. For example, Whatsapp uses the action bar for navigation options and sharing. But Google abides by their own guidelines and puts their logo on the action bar of Gmail app.

2.Label your icons
The most important function of icons is to communicate meaning in a graphical user interface. If an icon is not clearly understood by users, then its objective fails, and it ends up being an eye candy. The Google Guidelines give an example of unlabeled icons in the action bar.

This works only when the icons are readily recognized by users. It stands true for industry giants like Google, but may prove disadvantageous for a new or less known android app development company.

To prevent this icon ambiguity, you should put a text label to communicate the meaning in the particular context. It is also better to use text label even if you are using a slightly modified version of a standard icon. The text labels should always be visible throughout the app.

A simple one-word text will eliminate confusion regarding navigation icons without increasing the user interaction cost.

3.The design of navigation drawer
Many android app developers prefer the use of left-hand side navigation drawer to list multiple categories and important actions. But users can get frustrated if you put too much on it. The successful apps are more centralized and focus on using just 3 to 5 options to achieve the task of navigation.

You should take the time to consider whether your app really needs the side drawer to scroll the options vertically.

Another general designing trend is placing the navigation drawer on the left side. Since 90% of the population is right handed, you may choose to put it on the right side of the screen just like Facebook. As the number of options increase, it gets easier to access them as they are placed closer to the thumb.

4.Provide a user-friendly interface
Android provides many tools and programs that you can use in your app. But it does not make any sense just to use a feature because it is there. Any addition you make to your app should be meaningful and aimed towards increasing its functionality.

It is better to steer clear from using complicated actions like long touch, nested menus or using multiple panes. Design options like multiple panes do not present a better result as it makes the interface jumbled and visually confusing.

Design patterns which follow the ‘mystery meat navigation’ symptom are sure to make your app a failure. Users will find navigation difficult when there are more panes than the screen can accommodate.

 It is better to have clear cut links directing users to the information they want. If your app has too many categories, consider reducing them or using a navigation drawer.

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in a leading android app development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.

Sorting Your Inbox The Right Way - From myMail’s Leadership

Does your email have a thousand messages unopened? Then, you are not properly managing your emails. Handling your messages doesn’t have to be hard, though. You can actually make your life easier.

In this article, myMail will provide you with tips on how you can properly sort your inbox and get rid of the anxiety of having to face thousands of messages.

First Tip: Clear Out Your Messages

It might seem daunting at first but clearing out your messages one by one is the first step to sorting your inbox the right way. You have to get rid of unimportant messages and save the important messages for later. 

Second: Unsubscribe To Email Lists

The second thing you should do is to unsubscribe from email senders that you don’t even read. Go ahead! Click the unsubscribe button. This will help you de-clutter your inbox. 

Make sure you don’t unsubscribe to the lists you actually read. Take note of the most important ones and discard the rest. 

Third: Sort Your Emails Properly

Sorting your email properly doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to choose categories for different types of emails you receive. It’s like a filing system. Where would you put your email after you have read it? 

First, get a pen and paper ready. If you are a tech junkie, then get your laptop ready. Then, sort through your email messages and check out the categories of people sending you messages. 

After that, use your pen, paper, or laptop to create a list of categories you would want to put these messages in. A list might include Friends and Family, Online Receipts, Business Contacts, Work Contacts, Subscriptions, etc. 

After you have created the list, use myMail to create various folders with the names of those in the list used for each folder. Select all the messages that apply to a particular category and move them to their respective folders. 

Productivity Hack

When you receive a particular message, make sure to put it in the designated folder afterwards. Do this every single time and your inbox won’t be a mess. 

This is a cheap trick you can do in the comforts of every single place. You can even do it during your work lunch break. Using this simple tip can actually boost your productivity. You can save more time for other important activities. 

As you know productivity is an issue for most people and making sure your inbox is cleared out will remove the “rattle” feeling you have when dealing with them. Plus, your efficiency with work and with your personal life will increase. 

In Conclusion:

Sorting your emails is one of the best and the cheapest ways to improve your life. If you haven’t started it yet, then do it now. You will be amazed at the feeling of having cleared out your virtual space. And also, don’t forget to thank myMail for helping you clear out and sort your inbox properly. 

10 Tips To Rein Your Bounce Rate And Fillip Sales Of Your WP Site

Bounce rate is prevalent as a woe for SEO and has not been well received by people. Moreover, I am pretty sure that those who are reading this might agree with what I said. Well to relieve your pain, I must say that this is quite a myth and all you need to learn the nuances to take the bull by its horns.

What is Bounce Rate?
In simple terms, a single page visit is defined as the bounce rate. To understand it better let us assume that a user came onto to your website and after staying there for a minute or two, he clicks on any of the link present on your website and then after abandons your website.  In short, a user can figure out exactly what they want on your website and will still increase your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is something that which one cannot bridle completely as a lot depends on the users and moreover as per a study most of the popular blogs in the world has a bounce rate of over 80%. But this does not give us the leverage to cut the slack when it comes to our duty.

Having less bounce means that users were there on your page, and this will help you to increase your conversion rate. Moreover, the alarming situation is when your website has a very high bounce rate as this might signal that the users are having a poor user experience, so it's quite difficult to judge whether these bounces were good or bad.

Begin with Google Analytics
Google Analytics should be the first place from where you need to start analyzing your bounce rate. After signing to you Google Analytics platform you will see that the bounce rate is fine, wherein when you will move further, you will get to know that you were looking for the following bounce rate.

With the help of this incredible tool, you can get to know the best traffic source, and best keywords to target that can help you to figure out your best traffic source. Using this data can help you to target the right audience and when you will target the right audience you will get to reach the audience who are looking for the services you are selling, which automatically reduces your bounce rate.

Web Design tweaks that can help you to reduce the Bounce Rate
Though many people wonder why how come design affects the bounce rate of a website. But the answer is quite simple as engagement is a key factor in keeping the visitors glued to your website and a few design tweaks will certainly help you to change the figure of your bounce rates.

Never make a clumsy navigation - A clumsy navigation will irate the customers as they won't be able to find out what they are looking for and they will tend to lose their audience if they are unable to render what they are looking for.

Makes sure not to mince with the purpose of your website and if you do not have a proper call to action, then you tend to lose a lot of audiences as people do not wish to explore a lot on a website. Loading time of a website increases a lot because of unnecessary widgets and content overburdening your website.

Make sure that the content in which you have invested your precious time is legible to all the viewers and do not forget that mobile device have become the new favorite of the users. This is the reason you need to invest a lot of your time in browsing.
Do not fail to flaunt your Story
Storytelling has become one of the most talked about feature in the web
development world and has become one of the most adopted trends by website owners.  One of the strongest reason storytelling has become so famous is because of the engagement it offers. It keeps the users engaged and thus can communicate easily with users. This, in turn, lowers the bounce rate of the website as it keeps your users engaged.

Furthermore, you can use bounce rate as a metric to check whether your story is creating an impact on the users or not. It is a good indicator of checking whether your story is striking a chord with the users or not. Brand storytelling is another important factor that helps you to drive the focus of your audience from the mischief to the central idea of what you are trying to communicate.
Ensure a Great User Experience

It is not just the page loading time that improves the improves the users experience and consequently helps in lowering the bounce rate, wherein there are other factors that can help you to achieve the same.


The halo effect of the love of mobile gadgets is at its peak, and the resultant has coaxed umpteen number of business owners to cut their teeth in the field of mobile app development. This is the reason you never know that whether a visitor is using a mobile device to browse, this is a cogent reason you need to develop your websites that are optimized for mobile devices.

This is the reason you need to make sure that whether WordPress website needs to make use of a plugin or a responsive theme that can render your mobile users a mobile-friendly version of your website. Not abiding by this rule, yes actually a rule as Google has accepted it to be standard format of design will increase your bounce rate.
Use 404 error pages wisely
You also need to ensure that your 404 pages can be redirected to a page that offers your visitors a way to find the information they want. If you do not do so, it will considerably increase your bounce rate as the users will improve the bounce rate of your website.

Make the content legible to the users
Legibility of the post also impacts bounce rate, and this is the reason you need to make sure that the content is readable to the users of all ages. Do not make use of small fonts as they are not quite clear to read for the visitors of all age group.

Make sure to incorporate small paragraphs as they must comprise of not more than three to four sentences and within these paragraphs, you need to have a lot of white space. Moreover, to make the content engaging make sure to use bullet points, subheadings, and enlisting the subject matter makes a page quite easy for your users to read.
Apart from this do not use excessive showy fonts, as though they appear to be quite good, but when it comes to reading, they are not quite supportive.

Internal Linking improves engagement
Internal linking has emerged out to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website as it effectively coaxes the user to stick to your website. This task can either be done manually or if you cannot do so, then you can make use of plugins that can help you to automate the process. One such plugin is WP Internal Linking Lite.

Internal linking takes the users to the other pages of your website, and this allows the users to explore further your website, and this considerably increases the chances of conversion.

Use the engagement quotient of Videos

Undoubtedly, Videos have emerged out to be one of the most engaging content for online users; this is a stated fact as a lot of reports suggest that Internet users spend a lot of time on video based sites such as YouTube and others. The engagement quotient of the videos can be utilized easily to get keep your user engaged, and subsequently, this results in lowering the bounce rate of the website.

However, you cannot just add any entertaining video on your website which by the was a very weird idea which I came with in the first place. One can reap in maximum benefits from a video when the subject matter of your blog post is a related  topic of your blog post or take your blogs to a new progressive level.

Therefore, it is not advised to come up with any weird video related ideas as only related videos can help you keep the target audience engaged, and this will further help you to reach your business conversion goals.

Do not sideline your sidebar, make use of it!
Though it is named as Sidebar, its usage cannot be sidelined as this real estate can be of your great use to attract the customers, and if you are not aware of it then its time to use it.

In spite of obfuscation this precious area unnecessarily with images as well as custom ads, make use of this space to educate your audience about your popular work of content.

You need to keep in mind that you have to add highly engaging pieces and not just any other post, and this will help you to see how easily the number of clicks and decrease the bounce rate of your website will increase all of a sudden.

If your website has grown too large and you cannot figure out what all post you need to keep in this category, then there are plugins that can help you to develop to feature all the best plugins that can help you to feature the best plugins for your website.

One of them is WordPress Popular Posts as it works as a widget, that can be dragged into the sidebar, and it enumerates all your popular posts that need to be displayed. Apart from this, you can also incorporate thumbnails, set up a time range, alter the type of posts that you wish to depict, and also comes in multiple variations on the sidebars or even in your footer areas.

Along with this, you also get an icing on the cake, as it allows you can also get to know their usability by checking these post from your WordPress admin.
Wrapping up!

There are several plugins such as Reduce bounce rate plugin, zero bounce rate plugin available that can help you to understand your bounce rate better but it is advised to follow the manual steps as they are a horse of the long race.

Author Bio - This Case Study is a guest post written by Kaira Clark a Web developer at Xicom Technologies Ltd. In this hyper interactive IT space you need to only look for comprehensive custom web Development services not just of high aesthetic value, but one that renders incredible functionality. Along with development Kaira likes sharing her web experience via blogging and reading what others have to share.

10 tips for building local links in 2016!

Local link building is important for penetrating the local market. Now, most people go for sites which have increased domain authority thinking that those sites can attract consumers leading to their sites.

But it is not true all time and this strategy has a higher chance of becoming a failure. Traditional link builders most of the times go for these increased domain authority sites but you will get better results if you rather go for a low domain authority sites.

tips for building local links

The sites that actually provide good articles and information, is the site that actually people look for and feel inclined to click on.

Discount offers:

We, all love special discounts. So, my first link building tips is to give discounts to the alumni of few popular local universities. The first hurdle is to make a page that will explain the discount offers and the rest is quite easy.

Once you are done with your page, try to reach out for the alumni pages and groups. You can also offer discounts for military personnel but that requires much more efforts and links as well.


Secondly, the local meetups comes. It is easy to find them. Just go to the and at first look for the local groups that share same interest with your business. You can also look for other local communities.

Then all you need to do is to offer them to take your place as the venue. And if the group is not searching for a venue, then you can as well be their sponsor and offer them some refreshments. Moreover, this will not cost you much, by spending 50-100 dollars; you can get a great result.

Throwing parties:

Or you can get into a larger picture. Invite all the people of the local community into a party and this will also lead a way into their heart.

Building up a resource page:

Creating a resource page for the local businesses is also helpful in making business links and if the information is found to be useful in the local communities, the people will come to know about your website as well as they will be benefited through the information.

Utilizing relationships:

If your business with the local community has been for a while then try to utilize the relationships with the locals for the growth of your business.

local links in 2016

Important local personnel:

Interviewing the local figures can also lead you to know about some great local links. For example, playing golf with someone important like the city council or going to the church with the mayor etc.

Finding local bloggers:

Local bloggers can act as the building brick, so try to find and relate with them. They can make the networking easy for you by writing about your business.

Getting Awards:

Engaging your business with the local awards can direct you to many links. At first find the type of local awards that your business is eligible for and try to keep yours in the nominated list and definitely being the winner can push up your business.

Getting enlisted:

Most of the cities usually have their own directories, so do not forget to get your business enlisted in there.

Sponsoring league teams:

Sponsoring small league teams can cost you less whereas giving excellent link building opportunities.
These link building tips can help to make your business flourish quickly, so let’s get started.

Guest author bio: The above article is written by Dean Conde, a professional blogger at I'm an engineering college student with immense interest in science and technology.

Tools To Cater Highly Competitive Web, Where Design Is Now UX And UI

In this nip and tuck competitive world where everyone is online, you need your own essence in your web design that can distinguish you from your rivals present out there.

According to a Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, we came to know that organizations are paying a lot of stress in various verticals to improve on the experience of their users.

Design Is Now UX And UI

When there is a lot of fuss lingering around to deliver quality user experience you need to make sure that you also pull you socks to deliver quality user experience.

For this we now have UX and UI design tools that have considerably changed the way how we use to design our websites. Let's find out!

1) Invision

Invision is a highly ineligible tool that can offer web designs into incredible design prototypes for web applications as well as mobile. The icing on the cake is that Photoshop is integrated with it along with Fireworks as another design tool illustrator.

It allows you to upload images and make use of hotspots so as to create a real app. You can also get feedback from the stakeholders.

2) Pidoco

Pidoco is quite a useful tool for those who wish to get incredible appearing web apps that appear in the designing process for those who are using the process of rapid prototyping. Those who need to work Pidoco for your fingertips, it allows you to easily and quickly develop wire frames and even test them on real devices.

This tool offers incredible prototyping features that brings ample lot of reasons that one should consider while building this tool.  It also offers incredible features for change management. Considering the design approach rapid prototyping is something that offers no hazards.

3) Notism

Notism is an efficient UX design tool that allows you to share your designs and get effective feedback on UX design prototypes from your colleagues as well as end users for whom the product is designed for, you need to create attractive prototypes, add notes that can discuss the projects along with the  editors as well as reviewers and this makes it a great tool for Task management.

4) Firefly

Firefly is an extremely intelligible UX design tool that fits exactly to the toolbox of mobile app developer of varied needs. This performs all the things that a custom software developer needs from a development tool, along with that you get numerous additional functionalities and features that make this tool one of the top notch in this category.

Moreover, you also do not lose configuration control and allows you to design a product using the process of rapid prototyping. Firefly has an incredible functional design management which ensures that it do not happen. Using Firefly, one can easily share the information by uploading it, see feedback that was shared, and make editions.

5) UxPin

As responsive is the talk of the town thus, you need a tool for creating responsive design tool for creating your UX app. The user gets a Tool Kit that offers common design elements along with libraries for UI elements that let you develop custom applications.

UxPin also comes in a control version and allows the users to share the product with stakeholders and customers.

6) AppCooker

Those programmers who do not wish to spend time in programming and need not compromise with the quality can make use of AppCooker. This versatile tool allows you to design, develop as well as share which is a great platform to create an impact on the clients.

It is not just the real-time look that this app renders that works in favor but its time-saving effect which helps in creating an impact. It is like the enticing related content published along with the main blog that allures the readers to continue reading. Likewise, AppCooker offers you several features that make you continue creating.


This tool allows you to develop high-fidelity prototypes of mobile apps that appear to be exactly like real world apps.  To create an interface you just need to select devices and add components to it.

This mobile tool was created especially for building mobile applications. So it offers you an environment that allows screen transitions, touch inputs as well as changes in orientation.

8) Ace iOS Mobil UI Kit

IOS Mobile developers can make use of this extremely proficient design tool that offers you ready to use iOS 8 mobile mock-up for make mobile apps quickly. The best thing about this kit is that you do not need to spend a lot of time to learn how the kit works.

The kit offers quite a smooth learning curve that it seems that you are working on a turnkey operation. It provides a plethora of screens that can help a developer to build a thousand of different apps.

9) Omni Group

If you are looking for an iOS development, then you can certainly try for Omni Group. OmniGraffle is a powerful tool that helps the developers to create wireframes, sketches as well as schematics.

Professionals can try the Pro version of the OmniGraffle, along with you will be requiring Action Support and AppleScript so as to add automated features and animations which make your web design quite progressive.

10) Marvel

This is an incredible tool that one can leverage to create interactive prototypes and the icing on the cake is that you get this free of cost. To start with your journey with this incredible tool you need to make an account on Dropbox. Just  Log in, to the Dropbox account and start building your design prototype.

To iterate your design you just need to login to Dropbox. This makes your Dropbox account the best platform to share your ideas as well as designs. Those who are looking for an easy approach to designing their website can choose Marvel for design prototyping.

Author Bio: Ella Cooper works for Xicom Technologies, one among the best web development companies as a programmer. Apart from programming she has a penchant for writing and thus she shares her development experience through blogging.