Best Bigcommerce Themes To Start A Professional Stores

If you are not familiar with self-hosted eCommerce system.Then you should choice 3rd party eCommerce store provider like Bigcommerce.

Benefits of the 3rd party store provider pretty easy. a store owner easily manages product and payment system. store owner doesn't have any responsibility to managing the system.

The provider also doing this for her client. That's why people like the platform.If you think to start a store with bigcommerce then your first thinking is about your store design. means you need a theme for your store.big commerce has lots of theme resource.

However, Almost maximum professional and good looking theme needs to pay.Obviously, few good type of free theme is available.

If you have a limited budget for your store. Then you may have to go with my listed following the theme.

However, the free theme is not good and attractive design but if you want to customize the theme as per your want then it's possible.

Because everyone have own choices and design concepts. All pre-designed theme are not fulfilled a store owner need. That's why Maximum stores owner applying to customization process.

Here in this article, I have listed few good type theme for your upcoming store on biocommerce. I hope you will find a theme for your stores.

Cornerstone Bold

Cornerstone Bold
Ideal for a wide range of businesses and brands, this design is fully responsive, simple, and ready for you to add your branding, logo, and products. It comes ready to build a clean looking and beautiful store with features such as homepage carousel, social media icons, featured and top selling products, and faceted search (which is available on select Bigcommerce plans). Fully express your brand by using our Theme Editor to quickly and easily style your site's fonts and colors, all without the need to write code.

Fortune Minimal

Fortune Minimal
Fortune is a standout theme for cutting-edge online stores. Customers will be transfixed by its striking hero area, which puts your imagery on full display, along with its sleek navigation and unique product grid. Ideal for small-to-medium-sized catalogs, Fortune has everything you need to command and convert shoppers.


Fortune Minimal
it owns a clean, elegant and high-tech look, which is meant for Computer Store, Laptops Store, Electronics Store and Hi – tech Store. Ebajes brings quite an experience with nice features like Responsive – preserving perfect compatibility with current browsers, and work well with tablets and smart phones as well. What’s more is a nice slideshow to show off the newest and hottest products, promotion banners or anything you want to highlight. Besides, we provide you with amazing theme features, which is Bigcommerce Add-on: Product Labels & Bigcommerce Add-on: Product Widget Slider (Homepage), Social Sharing and other powerful theme features.


Fortune Minimal
Perfect for Jewelry and accessory stores Could also work well for clothing and health and beauty merchants


You can simply hire a big commerce developer. A good Developer can customize the theme as per your requirements. I hope after applying your design concepts the theme will be an unique  designed theme that's really you want.

Things You Need To Learn In-Advance before Making an App

You might be among the tech savvy’s making an effort to launch an app.  Everything in this digital era is revolving around the applications-it’s the apps that are interesting now and not the mobiles.

People using mobiles are actually using apps inside them; to chat, to call, to voice message, to make a purchase, to do a business deal-basically everything. It seems influential and exciting to build an app, but are you actually prepared?

We took time and did our research on people taking an initiative in building mobile apps. Their experiences lead us to draw outcomes of mobile app development if you lose track of your persistency. One of the app developers we contacted is from VeztekUSA, a very well known mobile app development company.

Things You Need To Learn In-Advance before Making an App

You can also get in touch with their consultancy, as experience and expertise can always be counted on. For now read below and see what happened to all these people in effort of developing an app;

Your Ideas Will Change

You development and the process get dotted down on a paper and everything seems to find its way. You might share idea with closed ones or you may be during the first period, you will come across same application with matching features-you will change gears. The app world is so huge and there is so much in market that will attract you and will empower your plan.

Chose Your Project Decisively

The concept of new application and new project will hinder during the course-especially during the first era. You might find yourself spending days in urge of learning about the second attraction that occurred to you. You will of course find the need of making changes to your project, there will be suggestions and analysis but learn to move on.  You will have to decide on staying on the former or just move on.

Research As Much As You can

The entire process of app development is based on knowing what you want to do. To implement the ideas and get results, you need to know every aspect of building an app in the app white hot market.  Take your competitors into analysis; see what are the pros and cons are for their work. Get customers talking, dig into what they want and what are they looking for in an app. 

Let Your Idea Evolve

Your idea at start might not seem to you. You will have days when nothing seems to be working, or you might even have days where everything seems to be falling into right place. Remember to stay persistent in your efforts and let your idea take its own pace and find its way out. You idea and plan will evolve but it does require time. 

Let Your First App be Simple

Keep your first plan of an app as simple as possible. You do have a tough competition out there and chances are you might not even strike out in the market for years. You will need a unique appeal that can bring crowd towards you application. There are still millions of apps in market which have not been downloaded once. However, the competition seems, just try bringing down your app to the simplest look and use of the simplest features that can make the user experience as convenient as possible. 

Make A Soft Release First

Do a soft release of the app in the start. You will have feedbacks and comments and your analysis to fix bugs. There might be a chance that according to you the app is easy to use but as per the users-it’s very hard. Let it be in the soft release phase and let it give mature results before the final release. 

Do not Rush 

In order to keep yourself on track you will keep a time frame for the workout. In case if the app is not ready by the time you chose it to be, let the delay be. You will have time to add any missing feature or re-test the feature you want for satisfaction. Do not rush into releasing the app, it can be regretful instead.

The second part of this experience is-keep the users as a priority and not your app. The users are everything here, they decide you stay, they decide you leave, you leave. It’s the experience of the user that decides how good your app is. If you see downloads, try getting back to the users and asking for their advice and feedback-stay in touch with them. 


Do not rush towards developing an application. Take time you need for your research, working, and implementation of procedures. Do not expect to make a million from your app, may be you will not get a penny.

Rather work for fun and not for fun or money-your results will be better and reward will be good. These lessons mentioned above are driven from the developers who developed apps-and made mistakes. Yet, their second efforts have been fruitful. 

PSD to HTML Converter Tools for Developer.

As a freelance web developer, I will get few request to convert a PSD file to HTML. but PSD to HTML conversation process is very boring type work. However, a good type PSD to HTML conversation project completed budget has around 150$ - 500$. SO why we are not doing this type of project work.

In this article, I will show you few tools to Convert a PSD file to an HTML template. I'm also using the tools on a converting  project.Don't think the tools are accurately converted a PSD file to an HTML template with pixel perfect way.

It's Just helping your converting process quite fast and producing many works automated. but a Pixel Perfect conversation you need to creating by the manual .

PSD 2 HTML Converter

PSD 2 HTML Converter
There are nearly no efforts you should make if making use of the automated PSD to HTML/CSS conversion. virtually everything will likely be done by the provider’s program within the automated way. They completely automate the PSD to CSS conversion method on your satisfaction.

PSD To The Web

PSD To Web
The first ever automated conversion of photoshop .PSD files to HTML. maintain long-established layers including areas as HTML div layers and all.

PSD 2 CSS Online

PSD 2 CSS Online
PSD 2 CSS online service that converts your extreme, productive, innovative, no holds barred internet page designs into dynamic XHTML and CSS web pages automatically.


At its core Jadii converts your entire PSD layers instantly to HTML layers, text layers are transformed into net-safe fonts, and images and optimized and placed in the correct field. All you have to do is upload the internet site design created in Adobe Photoshop or Gimp as a PSD file on the master page and inside minutes you'll have a website generated in strict XHTML/CSS.

PSD Breaker

PSD Breaker
PSD Breaker Convert any PSD layout into easy, W3C necessities compliant XHTML with full CSS aid, in an on the spot. The PSD Breaker download permits you to convert 5-layer (max) PSD documents into HTML/CSS free of charge.


It is a free cloud base photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.


At the end of this article, if you learn HTML and CSS very well then you will be using the tools to fast working. Because the tools automatically produced lots of elements from the PSD file.I recommend that you are trying to use the following tools.

I hope you are experiencing the tools. If you have any advice and any similar tools have in you the knowledge that's not listed here please write down on the comment section.

How to Build A Fully Customized WordPress Login Page

WordPress provides you one of the easiest ways of creating a website. It provides you the flexibility of customization. You can add your desired features to a WordPress website. You can use plugins to enhance the performance of your website. All this make it such a popular website development platform.
How to Build A Fully Customized WordPress Login Page

The login page of your website is a good place to impress the users. Many site owners customize the login page of their WordPress website according to their own taste or depending on the target audience.

If you are having a subscription based website then the login page becomes a more vital factor. WordPress offers you the flexibility to customize the login page of your site.

The  Login page can be customized by  two ways:


1. Using a Plugin
2. Manual Customization

Using a Plugin:

It is the easier way to customize the Login page of your WordPress site. You do not need any coding for this method but you have to be satisfied with the plugin offerings. Following are some useful plugins which can be used to make changes in the login page of your wordpress site.

1.Uber Login Logo:

It is a simple and easy to use plugin. You can easily change the Login page logo on your WordPress site. It doesn't do anything fancy to your site but if you just want to change the logo of the login  page, it will work perfectly for you.

2.Theme My Login:

This is a great plugin to customize your login page. It themes the login page according to the current theme you are using. The Login, registration and forgot password pages will match your site.

3.Custom Login Page Customizer:

This is a useful plugin and enables you to easily customize your login page. It is supremely easy to use. Just install and activate it and get started with the login page customization. It allows you to check the preview of the changes you have made before making them live.

Manual Method:

It needs some awareness about the coding to customize the login page of your WordPress site manually. It provides you a better control over the final appearance of your login page.

Lets us see the step by step process of customizing the Login page:

In order to customize the Login page, you will need to add some code in the function.php file.  Create a new folder “ Login ” in your theme's directory. This folder will contain the images and CSS style sheets being used in customization of the login page.

Using A custom Logo:

The very first thing you may want in the login page will be a customized logo. You can replace the default WordPress logo with your company logo. Save the image of your Logo in the “Login” folder as mylogo.png. You can save the image in your desired format like .jpg.

Function my_loginlogo() {
   echo'<style type="text/css">
h1 a {
background-image: url(' . get_template_directory_uri() . '/login/mylogo.png) !important;
add_action('login_head', 'my_loginlogo');

Add this code to the bottom of your function.php file. Do not forget to use the “important” flag to overwrite the default logo.

Using A custom Logo:

Changing the Logo Url:

The logo image will link to the by default. You can change it to your website URL.
Add the given lines of code to the bottom of your function.php file to change the link.

Function my_loginURL() {
return '';
add_filter('login_headerurl', 'my_loginURL');

Change the '' with the URL of your site.

Styling the Login Page :

Using CSS you can style any HTML element on the WordPress login page of your site. Adding the given block of code to the function.php file can help you in customizing the style.

 function my_login_stylesheet() {
   wp_enqueue_style( 'custom-login', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style-login.css' );
   wp_enqueue_script( 'custom-login', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style-login.js' );
add_action( 'login_enqueue_scripts', 'my_login_stylesheet' );

Adding a customized Link on the login page:

Generally, you have the “Register” , “Forgot Password” and “back to the site” links at the bottom of the login page. If you want to give an additional link at the bottom of the page then use the following code:

function my_loginfooter() { ?>
  <p style="text-align: center; margin-top: 1em;">
   <a style="color: #4da28f; text-decoration: none;” 
    href="">Facing any trouble, visit our help section.
<?php }

Make sure you have changed the URL with your preferred URL and used a relevant text.
If you are making a site for your client or for branding purpose then you can not ignore the need of modifying the login page.

You can choose the plugin way or the manual way of doing it depending on your comfort level and create a great experience for the end users.

Author Bio:Mary Scott is a WordPress Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Stellen Infotech, a WordPress Theme Customization Company with a global reach.

Top Joomla templates from each category that leads in 2016

Template gives your website an eye-captivating look. Visitor's first priority is design & color of the website & that is provided by the particular template. A good template can  engage users with your website for maximum time. You must have to give immense importance to your website template.
Top Joomla templates

Joomla is one of the best platforms that provides thousands of templates in different categories. But, selection of template as per your website's nature plays an important role. Here I have listed top Joomla templates from each category that can make your task easy.
1. Education Centre
Top Joomla templates

As the name suggests, Education Centre is the top-notch Joomla template based on education theme. It comes with fully customized and responsive design. Without doing a single line of code, you can regulate everything including colors, layouts & more. Easy installation, animated portfolio with filters, advanced navigation & commenting system are the centre of attraction of this template. 

2. Flyte Tees
Top Joomla templates

An E-commerce template is especially used to build an online store. Flyte Tees is the completely responsive template that builds your online store within 10 minutes. It provides polished & utterly faster design that lead to the high performance of your website. It is totally made for the online store. Just generate articles & turn into the products. Its neatness & simplicity drives the users most. And yes, the template with such a powerful amenities is available absolutely free.

3. ProBusiness
Top Joomla templates

ProBusiness is the template based on a business theme. Either professional or fashionable, it is the one point solution for any type of business. Almost all Joomla web development companies use & recommend this template for your business. ProBusiness is having all rich features that top template must have. It is the modern & customizable user-friendly Joomla template. It provides easy to integrate solutions for your Joomla 3.x website. It is having fully responsiveness in terms of design.

4. Restaurant
Top Joomla templates

A Joomla template which is particularly made for Restaurant theme. Style, functionality, responsiveness & speed are the 4 strong weapons of this template. Moreover, the simplicity of the template makes it more pleasant. It supports all modern gadgets. No matter whether your food stall is small, medium or big, template's traits treat as per your specific needs. Most importantly, the template is powered by J2store.

5. Vision
Top Joomla templates

Vision is the ultimate Joomla template best convenient for a nonprofit site. Vision is also powered by Joomla 3.0.x template. It is built on Warp framework which use latest technologies like HTML5 & CSS3. It comes with 5 color style which can be expanded up to unlimited color style.

6. Architecture Joomla Template
Top Joomla templates

If you are looking for a template that is best fit for architecture, interior design or exterior design website, Architecture is the perfect option for you. With a few clicks, you can customize all things in this template without wasting time. This template is having all modern animation & effects. Special thing about this template is, its SEO-friendliness which makes it unique from other templates. Template has SEO optimized design by default that can help to improve website's ranking on search engines.

7. Momentum
Top Joomla templates

Momentum is the best one-page template best suited for freelancers and agencies. It is having all features that describe your services. Momentum at its best in responsiveness. It uses a special responsive grid that allows a similar view of your website on all devices. There are 3 versions available as per your needs- personal freelancer version, business / agency version & an alternative version. It also facilitates you with custom 404 page.

8. Free Estate
Top Joomla templates

Free Estate is the elegant Joomla template, convenient for real-estate related businesses including real-estate agencies, agents. Template enriched with dozens of features that accomplish all requirement of real estate website. Features include real estate theme with Bootstrap based code, browser compatibility, responsive layout, real estate software, damn easy customization, map modules, etc. Template is also suitable for Architects, Builders, and property managers.

9. Agricultural organization design
Top Joomla templates

If you want to build an agricultural type of website, given template is highly suggested for you. Easy & clean design and menubar makes it more user-friendly. You can choose custom pages as your own like contact page, FAQ & many more. SEO-friendly design makes it more adorable.

10. Radon
Top Joomla templates

Radon is a multi-purpose Joomla template which can be used for any type of professional and modern websites. It is fully furnished with the latest technology Bootstrap & HTML5/CSS3. Support of RTL language & responsiveness make it more graceful. Its wealthy administration features such as logo settings, menu, unlimited fonts control, google analytics, less compilation, link color, falls you love with it. 

About author : Mr. Deepak Patel is an entrepreneur and CEO of the prominent Joomla Web development company iMOBDEV Technologies Pvt. Ltd. His immense experience in the field of development is enough to shape up the superior applications. He is passionate to learn the modern techniques & implement them in recent projects. He frequently releases many articles & share his thoughts and knowledge of mobility solutions.

5 Social Media Tools That Will Improve Your Marketing Results

It’s no secret that social media is one of the best ways to brand yourself. Customers can find Facebook and Twitter pages for virtually every company they patronize. But it’s not enough to solely have social media accounts for your business.

There are several mobile apps and strategies for social media you can use to up your company’s marketing game. Make sure you check out the following tips:
5 Social Media Tools That Will Improve Your Marketing Results

Nobody wants to see their feed filled with 100 posts an hour from your company. Instead, stagger your posts throughout the day. By using Hootsuite, you can schedule and keep track of your company’s social media pages in columns on one page. No longer will you have to flip through tens of browser tabs to post to and manage all of your accounts separately. 
You can even add a Hootsuite plug-in to your browser, so you can post something quickly and fuss-free. You can initially keep track of three accounts in the Free plan, but to include more pages, the Pro plan costs $9.99/month.

While this tool isn’t an app, it works similarly to Hootsuite, and it focuses solely on Twitter. You can schedule tweets while keeping track of your notifications and messages, plus, you can follow certain hashtags and @mentions, too — all in one interface. 

By adding more column features to your feed, you’ll be able to optimize your time management and social media presence. And not only will it do that, but the service works in real time — a definite must-have when improving your company’s marketing strategy online.

Google Analytics
This awesome Google feature works on mobile and desktop. By simply typing in your website URL, you’ll be able to find up-to-the-minute changes about the amount of traffic coming to your site, as well as access data regarding any aspect of your business.
Google Analytics

Google also offers Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, which benefits companies such as Tinder or Snapchat.
Long links in posts can appear intimidating or overwhelming. They can also take up space in social networks with character limits *ahem* Twitter. By using this free app and website, you can shortlink those YouTube clips and blog posts to a neat, shareable URL, making room for more content in your post.

After you’ve shared your link, you can also use to track its performance with your clients, family and friends. 

One of the most fundamental elements of social media marketing is making sure people can find you. And if there are imposters out there, it’ll be much harder for potential clients and customers to reach you. PlagSpotter, a web-based service, helps catch plagiarists trying to steal your content. 

The site hosts 1,900 daily users and checks approximately 16,000 URLs every day.


These five apps are just the fuel you need to enter a fruitful and prosperous business adventure. By using them, you’ll be sure to see your marketing results improve in no time.

Four Android App Design Guidelines You Should Break

A s a mobile app developer, you know just how important it is to follow the guidelines laid down by the app stores. So, when we tell you about app guidelines that you should break, you may turn around and ask us if we’re making any sense. Turns out, we just might be.

The world today survives on multiple cross-platform Android devices. Our daily activities revolve around the simultaneous use of computers, smartphones and tablets. Android app developers will always look for ways to make their products compatible with all the platforms giving users a satisfactory experience. Each of these platforms has their own regulations, interface, and functionalities.
Android App Design Guidelines
It is essential to know the Google Android Developer Guideline to make good quality apps. But at some points, the guidelines break the logic of common sense and usability. At such point, an Android app development company works out its innovation and creates their own unique exceptions without disregarding the rules completely. In this article, we will present 4 cases where breaking the Android guideline helps you achieve better user experience and profit.

1.The app icon in the Action Bar

The Action bar contains the main controls and remains at the top of each screen throughout the app. It is a useful feature if you have just launched an app or your logo looks similar to any same category apps. But many successful Android apps divert from this guideline.

The app icon is needed for users to draw visual context between the brand and the user interface. Apps which make the exception have already established their identification through strong visual branding. Their UI is also unique enough for users to operate without the need of the app icon.

Disabling the logo offers other benefits like utilization of the screen space for centralized information and navigation controls. For example, Whatsapp uses the action bar for navigation options and sharing. But Google abides by their own guidelines and puts their logo on the action bar of Gmail app.

2.Label your icons
The most important function of icons is to communicate meaning in a graphical user interface. If an icon is not clearly understood by users, then its objective fails, and it ends up being an eye candy. The Google Guidelines give an example of unlabeled icons in the action bar.

This works only when the icons are readily recognized by users. It stands true for industry giants like Google, but may prove disadvantageous for a new or less known android app development company.

To prevent this icon ambiguity, you should put a text label to communicate the meaning in the particular context. It is also better to use text label even if you are using a slightly modified version of a standard icon. The text labels should always be visible throughout the app.

A simple one-word text will eliminate confusion regarding navigation icons without increasing the user interaction cost.

3.The design of navigation drawer
Many android app developers prefer the use of left-hand side navigation drawer to list multiple categories and important actions. But users can get frustrated if you put too much on it. The successful apps are more centralized and focus on using just 3 to 5 options to achieve the task of navigation.

You should take the time to consider whether your app really needs the side drawer to scroll the options vertically.

Another general designing trend is placing the navigation drawer on the left side. Since 90% of the population is right handed, you may choose to put it on the right side of the screen just like Facebook. As the number of options increase, it gets easier to access them as they are placed closer to the thumb.

4.Provide a user-friendly interface
Android provides many tools and programs that you can use in your app. But it does not make any sense just to use a feature because it is there. Any addition you make to your app should be meaningful and aimed towards increasing its functionality.

It is better to steer clear from using complicated actions like long touch, nested menus or using multiple panes. Design options like multiple panes do not present a better result as it makes the interface jumbled and visually confusing.

Design patterns which follow the ‘mystery meat navigation’ symptom are sure to make your app a failure. Users will find navigation difficult when there are more panes than the screen can accommodate.

 It is better to have clear cut links directing users to the information they want. If your app has too many categories, consider reducing them or using a navigation drawer.

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in a leading android app development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.