PTZ vs Rotating Security Cameras

There are various types of security cameras two of which are PTZ and rotating security cameras. A PTZ camera is generally thought of as a security camera with pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, and a rotating security camera has practically the same functionalities as PTZ without the Z or the zoom functionality.

While both security camera types seem to possess extreme similarities, there are small differences of great significance, which depend on the purpose the security camera needs to achieve.

Rotating Security Cameras
For indoor location that are of a moderate size, like a home or other private spaces, rotating security cameras are ideal. Its functionality of panning and tilting can be done manually or through an app on a smartphone or tablet.
Panning allows the camera to swirl to the left and right, increasing the area of coverage horizontally up a complete 360-degree coverage. Tilting on the other hand, allows the camera to move up and down, expanding the range of coverage vertically up to 180 degrees. The range of pan and tilt varies by security camera.

PTZ are ideal for large areas such as car parks, businesses, schools, sports' fields and so on. However, whether they are used in the home or commercial/public spaces, the freedom of movement that PTZ offer allow individuals to keep a watch over almost the entire surface of the area.

PTZ security cameras can be manually controlled via an app or a monitoring software that will automatically move the camera to user-determined areas based on a schedule. If the camera has motion detection, then it will automatically move,  bringing the source of the movement into its field of view.

PTZ security cameras have the panning and tilting functionalities mentioned above, but also provide a zooming functionality, which adjusts the security camera’s lens by zooming in and out to enhance the image quality and provide an individual with greater detail of the event in question.

What’s the Appeal?
PTZ and rotating cameras offer an extension on the functionalities and flexibilities of regular security cameras (alerts, night vision, audio, etc). PTZ and rotating cameras are often combined with fixed security cameras, particularly when used in a large area.

The fixed security cameras may monitor locations like entrances, key areas in question or with heightened potential for events, while the rotating or PTZ security cameras may capture general information as they tilt and pan - with PTZ also being able to provide higher detailed images as it zooms on an object or an event.

Rotating cameras and PTZ come in various styles and are often suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Rotating cameras are often known for their high-speed panning and tilting which allows one camera to monitor a relatively wide area, while also reducing or eliminating the blind spot completely.

As we summarize the key features of these two security camera types, keep in mind the purpose for which the security camera will be used: 

> PTZ tend to be larger in size compared to rotating and traditional cameras.
> PTZ cameras are also heavier and carry more bulk.
> Rotating cameras have pan and tilt, but no zoom functionality, while PTZ is equipped with all three.
> Rotating and PTZ cameras offer manual and automatic controls.
> Rotating security cameras are ideal for homes or other moderate size private areas.
> PTZ cameras are more popular in larger spaces and outdoors.
> PTZ camera's zoom function may be compromised with the result of blurry images.
> A quality PTZ camera should have an automated focus to avoid blurry images when zooming on an event.
> Both camera types can be combined with other camera types for enhanced video surveillance.
> PTZ cameras tend to be higher in price when compared to rotating security cameras. 

Best Security Cameras Under 100 Pounds

What constitutes a security camera to be the best? While the answer depends on the needs of the security camera owner, there are some basic features and functions that ideal security cameras possess.

Motion Detection
Motion detection is one of the most important features on a security camera, particularly a home security camera. The security camera’s built-in sensor can detect movement (only within the field of view), which can then lead to an alert, or trigger video recording.
If the camera has this feature it is important to also have the capacity to adjust sensitivity and the range of the field of view. If this capacity is lacking, then false alerts might become typical and frequent.

The alert function is another critical feature on a home security camera. This is a valuable feature that will allow you to be aware of any suspicious movements or events without having you monitor the video feed continuously.

Depending on the setting and capacity of the security camera, you may receive emails and/or alert texts when motion, sound, and/or a face is detected. Face recognition is quite useful particularly if the security camera is to be used at home.

The app that is compatible with a security camera allows an individual to access the video feed, receive emails and alerts, and even control the security camera by manually recording using the App, control the motion detection, sound sensitivity, audio speech and more.

Night Vision
We feel most vulnerable at night, and most break-ins occur after nightfall. Thus, a night vision feature is always in demand. Most security cameras offer infrared LED illumination, as opposed to night vision based on thermal vision.

There are security cameras that can automatically detect change in light and trigger night vision, while others need to be customised to indicate a time for the night vision to take over.

A security camera is useless if you cannot understand what is happening within the field of view. Blurry or distorted images will increase false alerts, while the video recording will be useless in case of an actual event or as evidence.

It is therefore, critical to have a security camera with a high resolution. With a high resolution, there are some sacrifices that must be made, including greater use of internet and Wi-Fi bandwidth and battery life.

If security cameras with high resolutions fall out of your budget, the zoom feature may be an adequate supplement.

These features do not automatically call for a higher price. The features and specifications mentioned above can be found on security cameras that are under 100 pounds. Below are some examples of the best security cameras under 100 pounds:

TIME2 Wireless IP Home Security Camera HD With Night Vision
This security camera offers all the critical features while keeping the price under 100 pounds. It offers a full 720p HD on the PC or Smartphone App with live video stream. It also hosts motion detection, night vision with enhanced display during low light periods (automatic night vision trigger setting)

and even audio sensors, meaning that the security camera can capture high quality feed during suspicious events, with immediate alerts to your device. With its built-in speaker and microphone, you can not only receive audio feedback but also communicate through the security camera. The camera also tilts and rotates for an expandable field of view.

720p HD
24/7 live video streaming
App compatibility
Night vision
Audio sensors, microphone
Motion detection with alerts
Tilt and rotate

Reolink RLC-410WS
The RLC-410WS security camera is less than 100 pounds and offers motion detection recording and alerts via emails and notifications. The alerts can be received by its corresponding app, which also allows for live streaming.

The camera has a night vision features, 24/7 recording with a NVR or a computer and a unique feature of a dual mode WiFi with an option of choosing either a 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, thus guaranteeing a continuous signal with minimum loss or interference.

Motion detection and alerts
Apps compatibility
Night vision up to 30 meters
Dual-mode WiFi, wireless
24/7 live streaming
24/7 recording with a NVR or computer

Zmodo Smart
The Zmodo Smart security cameras host LED infrared light night vision of up to 25 meters with automation detection and night vision trigger.

It also has motion detection with alerts through an app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Its performance and live video feed is seamless with full 720p HD image quality.

Works with iOS and Android devices
Apps compatibility
720p HD
Night Vision up to 25 meters
24/7 live streaming
IR night vision

How to optimize YouTube videos for SEO?

It has been more than a decade since YouTube came into existence. From a mere video browsing platform, YouTube has grown to become the second biggest search engine after Google.

Keeping this in view, businesses all over the World see the platform as an amazing opportunity to reach the wider audiences.

Along with the business firms, there are quite a few people who earn money by getting views over their YouTube videos.

However, getting views over a video is not that easy as it seems to be until and unless the video has been uploaded by a well recognized company or brand.

Therefore, it is important that just like a website, a YouTube video also has to be search engine optimized.

In this post, we are going to highlight some of the ways that will enable you to optimize the YouTube videos for SEO.

Keyword Rich Description
While drafting the description of your video, the initial lines are of utmost importance. These lines should cover the theme of the video and basically what the viewers are going to find once they click on the video.

The description should consist of the common keyword phrases that the users are going to type in order to search the video.

 In a case where the search keywords match with the initial lines of the description, the video is definitely going to rank higher in the search results. 

Video's Title Should Match Its Content
The title of the video must be such which gives a clear idea to the views as to what they are going to watch once they click on it.

A title that matches perfectly with the video's content will be friendly for the YouTube's algorithm for SEO and also to the viewers.

The best way to choose a title is to take assistance from the auto complete feature of the search engines. By typing a few keywords that relate to your video's content you will be able to find the keywords that can be used in the title of the video. 

Add Tags In Your Video
Tags play a crucial role in making a video rank higher in the YouTube search results. For putting tags in a video it is necessary to list the specific tags first. By using the main keyword all the weight will be put in the algorithms.

Along with specifying the tags, it is important to list the general tags also. For finding the right tags that are to be used with a video you can also take assistance from a few tools.

These tools also display the ranking with respect to the specific keywords. 

Before Uploading Name The Video File 
So, finally, you have created your video and are eager to upload it to YouTube. But before doing so, you need to rename the video file that consists of the focused keyword.

By doing this, you will be able to give an idea to the search engines as to what the video is all about.

As search engines won't be able to know the actual content of the video, it is the file name that will tell the search algorithms about the content of the video.

By keeping the name of the video file similar to its title will enable the search engines to index the video that will make it rank higher in the search results.

Above-mentioned are few of the tips or ways that will help you in making a YouTube video search engine optimized and in achieving a higher rank for it.

However, initially, all your focus must be on creating a video that is interesting and enticing for the viewers. Once this has been achieved by you, then shift all your focus in the getting the SEO right for it. 

I hope that the tips that are mentioned in the post will prove useful to you. Please let me know views about the post in the comments section below. 

Author Bio: Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle, providing affordable SEO services in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage a team of SEO Specialists. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

How to have safe internet for Kids?

No long ago, when parents look after their kids in playgrounds and keep an eye on their company of friends. The modern world’s parents have more responsibilities than ever before. You may be thinking that how modern parents have to put more effort to protect their kids in the modern world?

The answer is very simple since the technology has come into existence, it provides a lot of facilities in our lives, but on the other hand, it is also creating too many issues in our kid’s lives and for parents as well.

Now every young kid has technology in their hands such as cellphone devices and its connection with the world of internet.

The rise and rise of technology especially in the shape of an internet and mobile phones are creating dangerous issues for kids.

Kids are not secure when they are using the internet on the smartphones gadgets. Following are the things which are really messy and lethal for young kids.

Inappropriate browsing:
Kids who have cell phones, and I would say every kid have smartphones connected to the internet. Kids usually don’t know that what type of content they should visit while using the internet.

Even sometimes plenty of links and ads shown on any website on which young kids make the click and which leads them towards carnal content and they got into the trap.

Initially, they just start visiting the inappropriate content, but with the passage of time, they got addiction of it, which resultantly play with the innocence of the young kids and teens.
When they got addiction of pornographic content, then they could not stop to seeing it.

Finally, they mostly got some psychological issues. Parents need to protect their kids from all online dangers such as visiting inappropriate websites.

They just need to use mobile tracking software and view browsing history within the kid’s cell phone device. It will allow them to see all visited websites, a complete history, and all bookmarked websites.

Online bullies are everywhere in the digital world. They also use plenty of social messaging apps and always looking bully on young kids and teens. Teens and kids are the ones who usually have secret social media accounts whom they are not eligible off.

Resultantly, they don’t have an idea that what sort of people is present on instant messengers, they got bullied online and get some serious issues such as deep depression, anxiety and plenty of issues such as fear.

Therefore, parents are the ones who have the moral responsibility to look after their kids’ activities all day long. Mobile monitoring software empowers parents to keep an eye on all the trendy instant messaging apps easily.

It allows users to view all IM’s logs, IM chats, text messages, and media sharing and voice messages.

Addiction with the text messages:
We sometimes shock to see that, youngsters walking on the roads, sitting on a bench and even eating at home or restaurant frequently using their cell phone devices.

Sometimes they seem like freaks and behave like “zombies” they don’t pay attention to other conversation which are trying actually sitting right next to them.

They also use their cell phone devices walking on the roads without realizing what actually is coming in their way. According to some reports, plenty of kids and teens lose their lives due to freaky messaging addiction while driving and while walking on the streets due to accidents.

Parents need to keep an eye on their text messages, who kids and teens are talking to, whether it is their girlfriend or boyfriend. Parents can view all text messages through text messages spy app. It allows parents see text messages, iMessages, MMS, BBW chat messages and others.

They are the people who always want to keep plenty of boyfriends or girlfriends at the same time to play with. So, they usually go for kids and teens that are usually a very soft target for them.

They use the digital world and view profiles through social media platforms and while having a conversation show themselves as the gentleman and win teens’ heart through impressive language.

Once they got the trust of teens then fulfill their dark motives. Parents should use cell phone spy app in order to protect their kids and teens from stalkers. If parents come to know that teen is planning to meet with their online friend, they can use track GPS location tracking app.

It allows the user to view the current location of teens, location history, and weekly location history and even they can mark safe and restricted areas in order to protect kids and teens.

The cell phone monitoring app would be the best choice for parents to have safe internet for young kids and teens. Parents would be able to put their all worries to rest.

Author Bio: Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in monitor kids Internet activies, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works.

Useful 7 Facebook Privacy Safety Tips for Teens

As we all know that the social networking site such as Facebook which is very popular among young teens. However, there would be a number of young girls who are looking forward to having a Facebook account to communicate and explore the digital world.

Unfortunately, there are bad guys who are always ready to get their hands on young teen Facebook users. If teens don't bother to do this, parents can use spy software and view their activities and loopholes in their accounts.

Young teens need to set privacy on their social website accounts and following are some tips for young teens

Don’t Create Facebook Account until you are 13: 
Don’t dare to make a Facebook account when you are just under the age of 11 or 12 because Facebook doesn't allow anyone to create account who is younger than 13. A person can register his/her account only if he/she is 13.

If in-case you have put your fake age in order to get the Facebook account and in an attempt if you caught then your account will be terminated along with your pictures and content. Furthermore you might be able to see the status of your Facebook friend request.

Set a privacy of the Account: 
When you have made your mind to socialize with the people on the social website such Facebook, then set privacy first.

Initially being a new user you should need set privacy that no one can see your complete profile and content. You need to your info open for those people whom you know in real life and to your friends.

Don’t use your first and Middle real name: 
No doubt, Facebook don’t allow fake names but it does allow nicknames. Let’s suppose you don’t want to use your first name and middle name, then you can use your nickname rather than just making Facebook profile fake.

It will secure you from stalkers, predators and identity thieves. If you want to get more assistance you can visit Facebook Help Center.

Don’t add contact info in your account: 
Young teens need to teach that they don’t ever put contact information on their Facebook profile. Ultimately, plenty of cases can happen, someone may tease you on your number.

It is also possible that hackers could use this information to SPAM OR torment you. I would say even don’t allow your Facebook friends to view your profile having your contact information on it.

Don’t post your location when you are at home lonely: 
When you find yourself alone in your house, and then don’t post your location on Facebook and your lonely status. This gesture really harms you badly, the criminals who are always looking for young kids to kidnap through social media.

 It is parent’s duty to keep an eye on their loved ones and protect teens from social media harms. Therefore, don't ever post a status that you are alone in your house and along with the exact location.

Rapidly submit the report against someone who is harassing you: 
If someone is teasing you, harasses you, massaging you, commenting on your profile and other activities or bullying you online then Facebook allows you to so spam that particular profile.

Report against that particular profile even you have an option to block on your Facebook account.         

Create Strong Passwords: 
If you have a weak password on your Facebook account, then it can hack easily, so if you want to avoid your account from hackers and other cyber-attacks.

Then you need set a strong and long password which needs to be based on the upper case and lower case letters. A strong password really creates a mess and time taking the job for hackers.

Teens need to apply all these tips to tighten the security of their Facebook accounts and parents need to use software to spy cell phone in order to view the Facebook privacy loopholes.

Facebook privacy security tips really help teens to avoid potential dangers.

The 6 Types of Posts That Can Increase Your Subscriber Base

Do you ever wonder how some people amass those millions of subscribers for their blogs? Thousands of good bloggers give up on their passion because they just do not seem to get the numbers of subscribers that make their blogging worth their time.

There is no reason to give up yet, we’ve listed the 6 types of posts that can increase your subscriber base and smile all the way to the bank.

1) Tell People How To
Almost everybody looks for information on how to do something once in a while. An area that has massive potential for this type of post is the education sector. Many students do not know how to do certain stuff: like essay writing.

Check out an example of the type of post that readers are looking for on this post on the EssayHub Blog. If you look at this post, you will notice that it is useful without being too long. The other great thing about the post is that it is not just academic, it also gives examples.

2) Lists of Useful Resources
People that visit blogs are usually looking for something useful. This is the reason why lists of useful resources are very popular with readers. These lists could be anything useful really:

write about places in a particular area that people can visit and what they need to take with them or tell them how they can accomplish something such as going back to school when they are much older.

 Ensure that you are giving unique useful information, not the kind of stuff that has been written about one million times already.

3) Tell Them How Not To
We all love to learn about how things went wrong and the reasons behind it. This could be because we are naturally curious or maybe it could just be that we do not want to repeat the same mistakes ourselves.

When writing this type of post, be honest about the reasons why you failed and remember to include the lessons that you learned from that failure. Look at an example of what we are talking about on this Forbes post about how Apple first failed before it became successful.

4) Be Controversial
So, everybody in your area thinks that someone is a hero but you know that this is just because this particular individual is managing perceptions well and there are some things they are hiding? Write a post exposing those things. Create an alternative interpretation of the situation and get people to start looking at a topic from a different angle.

However, it is important for you not to just create controversy for the sake of it: get your facts right. You want to be controversial but still maintain your integrity with your readers. While this type of post can make you lose readers, it can also be a great way of bonding with and gaining others.

5) Analyze a Situation
Many people lack both the time and skill to analyze and think deeply about what a certain piece of news means in practice. For example, if you hear in the news that the country in which you live has just gone into a recession, create a blog post about the practical implications of this information for an ordinary person in the street.

Do not just end with giving an analysis, predict what you think is going to happen next. If you have taken your time to research well and listened to what the experts are saying, you are likely to get things right and you will soon be the go-to person for information.

6) Expose Shady Stuff
So you have a friend who works for a particular supermarket and they have told you that the supermarket changes the sell by dates on their frozen chickens and put them back in the refrigerators pretending that this is new stock?

Write an exposé about this and see the reaction. Or maybe it’s that winemaker who lies about the age of their wines and then sells them for massive amounts. This could make a great story that could get readers flocking to your site. Again, ensure that you verify your information before you publish.

Remember, the answer lies in quality posts and not in quantity. Check your facts always. The more you use the tips we suggest above, the more you get used to them and soon you will be applying them unconsciously.

2017’s Top 6 Android Games That You Should Definitely Download in Your Device

As we all know, playing games on mobile are completely fun-loving as it has been improved at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. Today, you can see that Android games are hitting new heights with the release of many new and exceptional games like Pokemon Go, Flappy Birds, and more. It is expected that soon, we can see some of the impressive titles than we have now.

However, there are various wonderful android games obtainable in the Google Play Store that you can play in your free time and get an impressive experience. No matter whether you are new to Android and looking for some fresh games, to begin with, we have mentioned 2017’s top 6 android games that you should definitely download on your device.

Let’s Have a Look at the Top 5 Android Games of 2017

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battler of Polytopia is one such android game that based on a strategic adventure. This game is all about ruling the world fighting evil AI tribes, learning new lands and mastering new technologies.

With Auto generated maps, each game becomes a new experience with unlimited replay value. Take and choose among various tribes. Walking in the dark cold forests of Barduria and discover the steamy Kickoo jungles or you can claim the lush field of the Imperius empire.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is one new kind of Mario game, which you can play using one hand. In this game, you can control Mario by tapping as he is constantly running forward. You time your taps to pull off stylish jumps, wall jumps, and midair spins to collect coins and reach the goal.

You can download this game for free of cost and once you purchase the game, you can play all the modes of this game without paying any additional cost. Moreover, you can try out all three different modes before purchasing like Toad Rally, Kingdom Builder, and World Tour.

Island Delta

Island Delta is one of the most impressive action filled adventure games, where you wield a powerful anti-gravity weapon to rout dangerous enemies, solve puzzles and overawed hazardous traps. In this game, you can explore the retro-futuristic world with heroes as you set out on a daring rescue mission and face the evil Doctor Gunderson and his mechanical minions.

Equipped with enormous features, this game will give players a wonderful gaming experience that they have ever get. Original soundtrack, excellent environments, hack security systems and sabotage the facilities, three unique areas and get collectibles to unlock bonus levels and more are some of the features of this game.

Star Wars: Force Arena

Star Wars: Force Arena is the most exciting game in which you can lead a powerful team of iconic Star Wars characters like new favorites from Rogue One into real-time, adrenaline-fueled battles against other players from across the world.

Players of this game should form an advanced squad from a roster of more than 80 upgradable characters and units to emerge victorious in the quest for galactic dominance.

Moreover, players of this game can strategize solo or invite friends to fight in Guild mode to defend their selected faction. In the arena, a victory over opponents will grant top leaderboard placement for rewards, special characters, and bonus items.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the best mobile game that has been downloaded 650 million times. This game has won the award of “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch, introduced the addition of more than 80 beloved Pokemon among several other new features. Pikachu, Vensaur, Charizard, Blastoise and various other Pokemon have been discovered.

It’s your time to find and get the Pokemon all around you, so you get ready and go out find your Pokemon. While playing, you can join one of the three teams and battle for the prestige and ownership of Gyms with your Pokemon at your side.

Pokemons are around the corner and you just need to find them. As you will walk around the corner, your smartphone will vibrate when there’s Pokemon nearby. You should take aim and throw a PokeBall. And you should stay alerted.

6) The Trail

The Trail

Across the country, you can join pioneers on a wide journey unknown. You can set forth to reach the town of Eden Falls – explore, craft, collect, trade, discover, and ultimately settle and develop. The Trail is the newest game from Peter Molyneux, fabulous designer, and developer of the God Game genre, brings the frontier to life on your mobile device.

The earlier games of Peter Molyneux’s are Theme Park, Fable, Populous, Godus, and Dungeon. Stuffed with a range of features, The Trail is a must to play game that allows you to swipe, drag and move delightfully along the Trail using the thumb. You can travel to the newest places of the world and make your fortune. Learn to craft and trade.

So, these are the top 6 android games of 2017 that you should download on your device and have fun in your free time. You will have a wonderful gaming experience by playing these games, so what are you waiting for? Just download and start playing.

In case, if you have also a unique game idea in your mind, you can discuss it with a professional android app development company that has a team of android app developers to comprehend your idea and polish it.