5 Powerful WordPress Plugins To Boost Your eCommerce Site

One of the greatest benefits of running your online business on WordPress platform is the sheer number of Plugins available today. Various Plugins are developed to extend websites with advanced features and functionalities.

A wordpress (woocommerce) based ecommerce site is no different. eCommerce industry has been growing remarkably for many years and the worldwide eCommerce stores are earning more than $2.5 trillion annually.

And a large chunk of these sites are powered by wordpress. WordPress is the most flexible, scalable, robust and customized CMS that offers potential solutions to build a great eCommerce website as well with the help of WooCommerce.

WordPress Plugins

But just having a storefront is not enough. It needs to be extended with various other functionalities that is a must have for any website, including ecommerce sites.

Here we have listed 5 such indispensable plugins that you must have for your wordpress powered ecommerce site.

1. WooCommerce


When it comes for ecommerce in wordpress WooCommerce is a no brainer. WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic, the company behind wordpress and powers more than a third of all ecommerce stores on the web.

WooCommerce helps convert a simple blogging platform into a beautiful online store that can be easily personalized, and is highly scalable. As a store owner, you can display products, offer discounts, collect orders and secure payments.

There are numerous reasons why WooCommerce has been growing to power more than 650,000 eCommerce portals. With this Plugin, you get full compatibility with WP themes, PayPal Integration, elegant dashboard with widgets.

WooCommerce has an ability to track orders, sales, stock, Google Analytics support and many other details. It is a free Plugin, advanced with powerful features. WooCommerce also has a number of extensions that cover all aspects of ecommerce store management like order management, warehouse management, checkout, shipping, product reviews management, etc

2. Jetpack


Jetpack is another powerful plugin from Automattic Inc. Jetpack is actually a suite of plugins that takes care of a host of functions starting from traffic analytics to contact forms to speed optimization to social integration to content optimization.

Jetpack is one of the most downloaded wordpress plugins and is a must have for any wordpress website.

3. WordPress SEO By Yoast


Wordpress SEO by Yoast is the most popular and most downloaded pluging for SEO. It is the swiss army knife of Wordpress SEO and much loved by SEO professionals as they don't have to bother themselves about technical SEO and let this plugin do everything for them – from meta tags to XML sitemaps to search console error spotting to adding social meta tags.

 Majority of visitors come to your store through search engines; so it makes sense that WordPress has such Plugin that improves store’s performance in search results. No matter what type of your eCommerce store is, this Plugin offers best SEO functionalities.

 The basic plugin is free but Yoast has a number of premium add-ons that can take care of all advanced on-page SEO requirements.

4. Contact Form 7

contact form7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular wordpress pluging for contact forms. It gives merchants an access to an additional section in the WP dashboard – “contact”.

Merchants can create new forms and adjust the current ones. Contact Form 7 Plugin in easy to install, use and manage. Working with it is simple.

Ecommerce store admins can create as many forms as they want and add it on any page using shortcode. The best thing about contact form 7 is that takes on the CSS elements of the parent theme and so integrates perfectly with your store design and layout without you having to edit any CSS.

5. WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is a static caching Plugin which generates HTML files, served directly by Apache without processing heavy PHP scripts. With WordPress Super Cache Plugin, store admins can optimize the page load speed of their store.

Faster loading pages have much better chance of getting better SEO rankings and product sale and is something that just cannot be ignored. And WPSuper Cache is the most advanced free wordpress caching pluging for faster page load time.

To Conclude
WordPress, a powerful platform with thousands of plugins to choose from. Most of these plugins are free to use and can extend your ecommerce store in all manner possible.

Before you download and install any plugin you should check it's popularity and features and should use it only when you are completely satisfied.

But apart from ecommerce related functionalities, which can be covered by the many WooCommerce extensions available in the market, the above plugins will give your store the advantage it deserves.

Author Bio: Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder and CEO of Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd., one of the leading web design and Development Company in India. He also runs Biztech Blog, where he shares insights from the world of ecommerce and other web based technologies.

5 methods To maintain stop Hacking Your Facebook Account

The many Facebook account has been hacked or damaged serving to be heard is because security is not the right way to your account. Facebook had expended a needful Social Network. When we fall Facebook login info the other user's hands, which contain a lot of information on Facebook account will be lost.
facebook account
There are lots of plans of attacks to hamper  to your account via the unknown person to make use of the gadget, the easiest of which is to log off. However, if your smartphone or gadget will get slipped, it’s an entire different subject. In this article, I will discuss 5 methods the  security which you could take to rule out others from accessing your account.

Use the log alert: 
If anyone tries to access to your Facebook account, then Facebook is going to be advised. To enable Facebook loging alert

After logging into your account,
Go to the Settings menu.
Next, click on the Security Tab.
On the Security Settings section
Click Login Alerts

Here you can now select  Get notifications and save changes. Done now any unauthorized access to your account, you will be getting notification on your mobile and email inbox same time.

Login Request Approval:
How you want log in your account also fb also monitor and control your login. Login approvals is an extra layer of security that uses your phone to protect your account. Without security code no one can access your account.

Click on the Security Settings button.;
Click On Login Approval
Click on the text box Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers.

 Facebook security

A box will pop up after the confirmation request to process information. In order to get a security code following instructions And re-enter the password. If you are not ready to set up this option just use No thank you option.

Keep up additional code
Aft Successfully Active the Logging Approval option if you want to access your account any other place with the new device, then Facebook security system asks your security code. However, you will get the code on your mobile via text message.

In case if you are not accessing your authorized device, then alternative method you can use 10 digit alternative security code for access.

Where did the login and logout Note:
In this section you can see all logging activity on your account which location, browser, device type with date and time. If you found any other  authorizing device to another location, then simply click End Activity

 Facebook security

That's device will automate log out from your account. You may also use this option when you access any other device, but forgotten logs, then this option helps you to log out from those devices.

Trusted and add legacy Contacts:
In your absence if  you think someone take care of your account then this option is pretty cool for you. But active this option both parties need  to agree.
For example, your family person  or one of your best friends. Actually, The system makes it much easier for family members or friends to take care of your Facebook account in unfortunate conditions.

Listed here are the steps to the surroundings, it all up:

Go to your account Settings > Security > Legacy Contact.
Then type in the name of the person you would like to make your Legacy Contact.

you could have the choice to ship them a message to allow them to be aware of, but it surely's no longer required. or else, they were notified when fb turns into conscious of your passing.

Then pick whether or not your Legacy Contact may have expertise Archiving permission and whether or not or now not or not you need your account to be deleted

Now with these 5 choices and one central reminder to keep out, you'll be able to be furnished to surf your Facebook account trouble free. Most people wouldn’t have proposal that our online debts would get hijacked.

It can be that their effectiveness of will unit participants in the market on the net WHO train unit actively trying to receive entry to our sensitive knowledge. Let’s not create it any so much, much less complicated for them.

Why Internet Marketing is Importance of business?

Why Internet Marketing ?  Reaching out to consumers and establishing a brand is an important part of succeeding in business. Without Marketing solutions, a business has a very high chance of failure.

Online marketing is a strategy that helps build up a company’s reputation and exposure online by using a variety of internet tools and solutions.

Online marketing, which is also called internet marketing or online advertising, is any tool, strategy or method of getting the company name out to the public.

The advertisements can take many different forms and some strategies focus on subtle messages rather than clear-cut advertisements.

Internet marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO): 
Help your domain rise to the top by making your site ís technical infrastructure lean, your content relevant and your backlinks strong.

Pay-per-click (PPC) : 
Snag customers at the top of the search results page with a strong call to action and corresponding link
Social media: 
Don’t just demand likes and push out talking points. Interact! And optimize at the same time.

Local search: 
This is the new yellow pages, and having a name that starts with AAA won’t get you to the top anymore. You have to optimize local listings, too.

Analytics : 
Confirm that your approach makes sense and is supported by the data. Adapt and adjust when necessary.

Pure Visibility will work with you to build an integrated digital marketing strategy using these tactics on your website, paid ads and social media outlets.

Our experience and expertise allow us to employ the right tactics and channels in order to effectively reach audience members at various points along the journey.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Price In India - Review

Xiaomi Mi 4i Is the Latest Smartphone which is available in India atRs. 11,999. Xiaomi Mi 4i is available in White, Blue, Yellow, Pink colors of 16 GB, 32 GB storage variants various online stores in India.

Now This Phone Is Available At Flipkart, AmazonWith An Affective Price of Rs. 11,999 & At SnapdealRs.12,098 as of 26th July 2016. The price is Same in all Popular cities of India including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Pune.

Display (A Thinner, Better, Bigger Display):

The device flaunts a stunning Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) display which measures at 5 inches and has a pixel density of 441 PPI. So images have a clarity While watching Movies or Browsing On The Web

A great design should look and feel good.Xiaomi does with its best body design that gives aProper grip. The back Side of this smartphone is the one with best edges nice curves all the sides. 

It has a soft touch Finish back side cover and is comfortable in the hand, you don't want to put it down. Mi 4i has the Best design that looks beautiful and has greatest No of Users and I am One of Them.


The Xiaomi Mi 4i comes like the professional Photo Clicks of its 13-megapixel primary shooter along with a 5-megapixel secondary camera. The front camera comes with LED flash allowing it to capture high-quality images in all situations. We love taking pictures on our phone because of photo quality. 

Taking photos is fun and creative with Magic focus! The photographer in you will make fall in love with photography all over again. I Can Say It Is the Best Camera

Hardware & Software:

Under the hood sits a Snapdragon 615 chipset manufactured by Qualcomm. The chipset houses an Adreno 405 GPU along with a quad-core processor which is clocked at 1.7GHz. This Device Has the Best Gamming Experience, In addition, the device comes with 2GB of RAM.

Proven-Effective Ways on how Mobile Apps Increase Productivity at Work

To say that businesses at present are demanding is quite an understatement.  Industries undeniably have their backs against a wall every time a new competitor with potential comes in the scene. This trend has been going on for so long ever since the onset of the digital age.
Now that business entities have the power to reach their audience through social media, veteran companies are pressed with how they could keep their reputation and services ahead of their game.

A big blow of this challenge is experienced by employees who are directly involved with operations. They are those who work directly on field and do the legwork for the company they work for. A fine solution to this issue has been the usage of productivity app for salespeople.

Using these advanced tools, tedious works like filing documents and collecting data from different sources have been made easier. Below are some of the more specific ways on how mobile tools, especially applications increase one’s productivity.

File or document sync
One of the most notorious things that take up workers’ time is the collection and arrangement of files for specific tasks. With mobile apps like Evernote, projects saved via phone can easily be synced to the online or desktop version of the app.

Bulk action capability
Another advantage of these mobile tools is the ability to perform bulk action at once. This in turn saves time from having to manually do it one at a time.  One good example would be the email apps like TypeApp. Instead of individually opening different emails to send messages, the app allows you to register all existing emails – personal or business, and open each of them in just one click.
Clustering messages according to sender or topic makes your transactions even easier.

Who doesn’t want portability? Given the demanding nature of work in this digital age, having something that you can bring anywhere minus the hassles of space and weight is vital. Whether you’re on board a cab or waiting for your meal to be served, mobile tools help you stay connected with ongoing projects or tasks you wish to be updated of.

Wide sharing option
A lot of industries outsource workers or hire people who are based overseas for convenience or cost reduction. Either ways, this requires sharing of data online. Using mobile apps is a popular solution for breaching the gap of multi-platform sharing and paving the way for faster and more efficient working transactions.

Customized monitoring, tracking and scheduling
Managing different tasks requires efficient schedule and planning. One can’t simply jump from one project to another and expect them to be finished on time. Various mobile apps like Vender provides an easy means for salespeople to monitor their individual transactions with prospect clients and schedule appointments that would give them enough time to plan.

At present, there are lots of different apps available both in Google Play and Apple Store so there’s no reason why you can’t automate some of your tasks to favor more breathing time.
Explore mobile app options online and get the best options on board your phone!

About Author: Janelle Yu has great passion in writing various content topics especially about web design, digital marketing, SEO and social media. She is currently writing for Vender.

Some Outstanding and Exciting Reasons to Become an Android Developer

It is a well-known fact that with 1.4 billion active Android Devices in the world, Android dominates the smartphone market with 82% of global market share. Be it smartphones, tablets and other devices, the availability of Android is everywhere. With its rivals including iOS and Windows, it is getting a tough competition. However, Android still lead the race with a huge reach to its users.      
Become an Android Developer

Such amazing numbers can tempt anyone, especially those who are aspirant android developers and see themselves as the expert developers of the industry in the near future.

To build a progressive career in this arena, there are some vital reasons why people are embracing android development, let’s go through a few reasons:

1.) Enlarging Market of Android
As mentioned above, despite the constant competition from its rivals the growth of android has got a faster speed. Getting an app developed for Android platform increases your chances to reach to a larger audience, and thus it boosts the possibility to get recognized in the market. Currently, more than a 104 million Android Devices have been sold, which could all run the application designed by you.

This is something all the aspirant android developers must pay attention to. It is noteworthy that India is considered to be the third quickest growing mobile application market across the globe. By the end of 2016, mobile connections in India are expected to cross 900 million and most of the users will be using smartphones. As per the surveys, the average time spent by an Indian mobile user is about 52 minutes per day.     

2.) Cross-Platform Competence
People who are already getting applications done for any other mobile platform, it is going to be a huge opportunity for them to distribute your app to the Android’s ever increasing market. Using the Android SDK, you can easily move your app and grow at a greater rate.

3.) A Convenient Platform for All 
Being an open source platform, it makes things much easier for developers and this is the best part of this platform. A number of electronic manufacturers including Samsung, HTC and Asus have got access to the code which makes it much convenient for them to use it in their smartphones. As IDC revealed, the worldwide share of Android in smartphones is going to achieve new figures in 2016.

As the time passes, Android devices are getting more affordable and efficient, thus the size of the market is expected to get a boost. This reaches to the extent where various versions of Android itself have been introduced through companies like Cyanogen which brought in the market Cyanogen mod.
4.)  Academic Viewpoint
If we look at it from the academic perspective, putting yourself in the learning of Android app development can prove to be a completely new programming paradigm, no matter you come with a prior knowledge about programming or mobile development. You can seek help from a number of tutorials available online and learn programming step-by-step effectively.

Other than this, real-time project oriented training is always preferred over the conventional class-room training. You can look for the companies that offer an opportunity to get the association of a few experienced professionals and participate in executing projects. Therefore, hands-on experience in android app development will be provided to you which will boost your confidence to do well in the industry.

5.) Have a Broader Mind Set
Android Play Store has only some restrictions in contrary to Apple’s iTune Store. This means that in android app development any aspirant developer can develop anything of his choice without being worried about the restrictions. Although, these instructions sometimes prove to be advantageous but development without much restrictions provide complete freedom to create anything for your app.
6.) Career Scope
This is one of the vital points to observe that with the ever increasing demand of Android in the market, the opportunities for android app developers have increased. Moreover, they will remain in the demand for a long time. They can also opt for the alternative of freelancing after the completion of their course.

If you give services to a company as a dedicated resource, the starting salary of an android mobile app developer is approx 3-5 lakh annually. For Android App Development the required Skill Set is following:

Efficiency in C, C++, Objective C, Java and Android SDK
Good logical aptitude and the ability to understand the requirement of a client   

Overall, such instances prove that learning the development of app for one of the well-known mobile
platforms will surely take your career to new heights.
7.)  Revenue Model
Not many of us know that in Google Play Store the costliest app is Abu Moo collection app for $200. This might seem weird to some of our readers, but this is true. This app is especially built for rich users. However, this is a fact that Google permits developers to charge their apps in the Google Play Store even at such lofty prices makes it pretty rewarding.

Let’s suppose that you are building an app for about $1 and you put it on Google Play Store from where more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated every day. Just imagine how much will you earn even only 1% of the total Android users download your app? An android app developer can earn through Ad-revenue as well where Google pays in exchange for placing ads in the app.

The ever increasing android mobile app development industry is not just creating requirements for the developers, but also for professionals with other skill-sets too including Software Testers as well as Quality Assurance professionals. The developed apps require thorough testing for quality, user-friendliness and perfection.

There could be many other reasons to embrace android app development as a career and constant learning, keen observation, creativity and hard-work are some of the keys to establish yourself as an efficient android app developer. 

Author Bio: Jitendra Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire android app developers for your own app development project. 

Best Resources to Be a Skillful Android App Developer

As far as Android mobile apps are concerned, we can estimate the popularity of their reach with the fact that a larger portion of OS platform shared by Android; therefore access to android apps to users is more prominent.

A few years ago, what entirely revolutionized the OS structure is the support to hand-held devices and Android was the one which made it possible. This exceptional operating system kicked off its journey with the release of the Android alpha back in 2007;

However, its first commercial version was rolled out in 2008. Right from the first version, Alpha to the latest Marshmallow, Android Operating System has gone through many stages of development throughout its long journey and it has always flaunted some outstanding features that have really taken the user experience to the next level.

How you can develop android app? (Hire android developer)

Enterprises, no matter small or big, consider the proliferation of hand-held devices a perfect platform to reach their targeted audience easily and pitch their services, deals, offers etc. to connect with their customers and get business. As a business holder, if you are looking forward to get an android app developed which can help you boost your business then, first of all, you must create a set of requirements/features/characteristics/services that you want your business app should depict or deliver.
Android App Developer

Then, you can avail the service of a skilled android app developer, which can ensure you get cutting-edge solutions to all your app queries and requirements. The best and most preferable method to be followed to hire a proficient android app developer is that you can contact various development service providers and pick the best suitable one as per you distinct requirements.

Skills of an Android Developer
Mobile application development process is a set of methods used in programming applications and software. However, what distinguishes it from web development is its requirement to serve various purposes. So, to cater to all the requirements and build an app that best serve its purpose; a developer has to be the owner of a set of skills and proficiency.
Following are the major skills that you, as an employer, must look for in an Android app developer:

1. Learning
Attaining a degree or diploma in Computer Science and any other course will not make you a developer; it can only establish a platform for you to build your own future. Understanding of the requirements, execute the planning and the touch of creativity are some of the major assets carried by a skillful developer.

2. Knowledge of Latest Technology
An android app developer must keep himself updated with the latest trend and technologies so that he can create cutting-edge apps that best serve the purpose of creating them. Moreover, being updated boosts your confidence and helps you, especially when you have to work on an exotic project.

3. Working with APIs
In the past a few years, the entire work method for app development has been changed and employers now want their developers work with their own API or some other third party API. The major APIs can be JSON/REST APIs, though XML/SOAP etc.

4. Back-end Skills
Sometimes, app developers are asked whether they contribute on the back-end of their system or not? This is one of the toughest jobs to add this skill to your profile, especially when you are at the initial phase of your stint.

There can be many other skills that are really required to be an efficient android app developer, however, the key note here is-you must always remember the basic concept of programming.

Online Resources of Android Development 

Android is an open-source platform and this clearly shows that its use can be expanded to multi-levels and it has no barrier of entry. This paves the way for new developers who have just kicked off their journey as a developer. Following are a few best online Android development platforms from where you can learn the ABC of Android Mobile app development:

Android Developer
This is the official page developed by Google and it has all the documentation you will need to learn app development. On this page, you get training guides and documentation for design and distribution if you have interest in those topics.

This has an amazing collection of free Android tutorials that cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics. The major attraction of this platform is that each tutorial is very well written and offers exceptional code examples and links to other resources that help you understand the topic.

My Life with Android
This is a huge platform, which is run by Gabor Pellar and My Life with Android feature his experiences with Android Development. Despite being a good resource, it may have errors because the guideline you see here is in the form of a diary-writing style and while reading you feel like some is penning down the thoughts as he is learning development.

On Technotalkative, you find free tutorials that are full of easy to understand methods. These tutorials cover specific facets of Android app development and target to offer in-depth answers to specific questions.

The New Boston
On this platform, you will see that things are done differently. You would love it if you are more of a visual person. You would love it even if you watch tutorials in a video format. With the facility to offer a number of free video tutorials, you will have a clear idea and intuitive approach towards Android development after viewing this massive collection.

What make android developer outstanding from others android developer (personal skills)?

Most of the employers, at present, look for employees that have to qualities-One, they should be passionate and second, they are motivated. It is only passion that makes you work for 15 hours and still you do not feel like taking rest at all. It is only passion that mountaineers win peak after peaks. Similarly, when it comes to app development your passionate approach will play a key role.

Association and Interaction
Establishing collaboration with a team is very essential and you, as an android developer, have to be the master of the art. You can measure its significance with the fact that even being only the sole member of a project, you will have to initiate the communication with your colleagues, you never know they might have face similar challenges in their projects you have been facing currently and it may help you a little.

This skill is accompanied by communication; however, it carries the potential to live out as a standalone skill. In the ever expanding economies, writing is getting more and more essential. Therefore, it has to be ensured that you are comfortable interacting via written text.

Android app development is a vast ocean and you if you find yourself capable enough to sail through successfully by being an android app developer then things can go pretty favorable for you. Developing the right set of skills, keep yourself updated and being innovative are some of the major characteristics that establish you as a successful android app developer in the market.

Author Bio: Arun Goyal, who is an incredible achiever, inspires the youth of the nation with his highly inspiring persona. Being the founder and CEO of Octal Info Solution Technology, he not only leads from the front but also shares his knowledge through his illuminating writings. His recent work on hire Android developer is a must-read for all of us. Get in touch with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and give an exalted touch to your opinion.