Top 5 Tools For New Photographers

Photography was a few years back confined to some bunch of professional photographers. But not any longer as presently due to easy availability of photographic accessories and tools more and more people showing their keen interest in the field of photography and are shooting stupendous snaps.

But it’s always not easy to take a beautiful picture as it is just a moment all you get to capture that. Guy’s, it is not just expensive accessories and high-end cameras you need as a photographer.

You also need some other tools for the photographs that you have captured.  Therefore, in this article, we have summed up the top 5 tools for new photographers.

Lightroom by Adobe:

It is almost impossible that if we make a list of top 5 tools for photography and do not include Lightroom. Lightroom a tool developed by Adobe is all capable to give a new dimension to your clicked snaps.
Its powerful yet easy to use intuitive editing features make your photograph a masterpiece. This tool is power packed with sliders, adjustment tools, filters to make editing a simple yet effective process. Not only this, using this tool you can edit your photos anywhere anytime then might be it is your desktop PC or your smartphone.

Also, apart from transforming your images into a masterpiece the tool also helps you to smartly organize your collection and easy sharing with your friends and family.

HDR Effect:

If you are looking for a tool that itself contains all the needed features of professional photography then HDR effect is there for you. This tool provides you a dynamic range of effects to convert your photograph in the way you want.
HDR Effect
Then whether it is a landscape or an interior scene HDR effect is equally effective for both. Moreover, noise in a photograph is a quite common issue that is faced by everyone that makes your images grainy and noisy.

But with this tool, you can denoise any image to regain its true color. One of the best thing that a photographer always look is a support for most image formats can be found in HDR Effect.


If you are a new photographer then it quite understandable that instead of looking for paid tools you are seeking a free tool. Then here it is, IrfanView is a lightweight software that is free for non-commercial use.
The popularity of IrfanView lies in its simplicity, this simple yet powerful tools help not new photographers but also loved by professionals.

Screen capturing, batch image processing, multilingual support, support for almost all version of Windows, paint option and image viewer are some of the salient features of IrfanView.

Duplicate Photos Fixer:

It is not only shooting of images and editing them that is only important in the process of photography. Organizing of photos in a better and organized form is another task that comes after clicking pictures.
Duplicate Photos Fixer
If you are looking to shoot a picture-perfect photograph then surely you have to take several shots with vivid angles. This means to capture that one photo you will end up with several duplicates.

Also, it is quite possible that if you take the images from your friend for the party that you were both part of, then also it will create duplicate photos on your device.

All this will lead to unnecessary clogging of your disk space. Therefore, to find these duplicates either you have to find them manually or use a duplicate image finder tool. Believe me, manually finding duplicates is an uphill and complicated task.

Here’s comes handy a tool named as Duplicate Photos Fixer, that easily scans for the duplicates, auto mark them and recover the valuable space on your drive.

This amazing duplicate image finder tool is available for all platforms, i.e. on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The tool uses a powerful algorithm and has a lightning fast scan engine to find the duplicates from a system within a few minutes.

And once duplicates are scanned it clubs them in groups and auto mark the duplicates. You can use various matching criteria for finding duplicates available in the product.


And last but not the least, PhotoScape is yet another tool that is a charm for new photographers. This image editing tool has all those features that one must require from an image editing tool.
You can resize the images, crop, adjust the color, white balance, brightness with an ease of using this tool. The clone Stamp feature of PhotoScape is really an interesting one that perfectly clones an area without leaving any previous traces behind.

And what more this tool is completely free to use.

So, guy’s that it from our side. Hope you will surely find all the above-discussed tools helpful to enrich your Photographic experience.

5 Free and Useful Tools for SEO

There are a lot of websites out there on the web but most of them have no traffic. This is often the case with most websites. The only way to get recognized is to get traffic to your website.

How does one ensure that people who access the internet to obtain certain information visit your website when the search queries match?

 As we know, Google is the world's largest and most widely used search engine. In today's digital world, if you want your website to rank on a Google search page, it is mandatory that your website meets Google's SEO requirements.
Tools for SEO

Listed below are the 5 best SEO tools, and they're free! Each tool will help to make your website skyrocket in the Google search ranking.

Google PageSpeed Insights: 

As you may have noticed lately, people are shifting from using computers to now using mobile phones. Therefore, Google too is now making its services more user-friendly for mobile devices.

Google now uses a mobile version of every website to rank on their search page, when accessed via a mobile phone.
Google PageSpeed

Thus, your website needs to be optimized for mobile usage. Mobiles magnify problems when load speeds are slow. This means your website needs to have superfast loading speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that tests the speed of your website, both the desktop as well as mobile website speeds. It also identifies ways for you to optimize your ranking on the Google search page.

Moz Local Listing Score: 

With every passing year, as the competition increases, it becomes more and more important for your website to have a better ranking. One way to do this is to increase the rank of your website is by ranking locally.
Moz Local

Instead of wanting to compete with global or national competitors, it would be more beneficial to compete with local competitors. Moz Local Listing Score helps you do just this.

 It collects and analyzes data from over 15 different sources and then scores your website. The results include actionable fixes to improve inconsistency or incompleteness.

Google Analytics:  

Though this one is old, it is not outdated. It is one of the most powerful tools available today, plus it’s free. Google Analytics enables you to track all the traffic coming to your website.
Google Analytics

It tells you what keywords are being used by users to reach your website. Even though it is free, they require you to sign up and use the given code in order to track traffic and obtain site metrics.

QuickSprout Website Analyser:

This tool offers you a variety of site and metric comparisons. It will enable you to compare your site with the sites of competitors. This tool helps you check out the sites overall SEO score, social media actions, page speed and approximate traffic.

Schema Creator:      

Schema Creator is a new tool that is gaining popularity in the market. Search engines like Google, use structured data to make sense of the content in the HTML code. Google created as a structured data standard.
Schema Creator

You can use Schema to get your website to have a higher ranking in the Google search result page. Coding is not for everyone and those other than coders get flustered when they have to code.

Which is why Schema Creator was created to help website developers use a simpler version of

Hopefully, these tools will help you better your SEO performance. However, SEO is almost a never-ending process. You can continue to better your performance and reach the top rank on the search page, without spending a single buck.

Some other tools to help you are Backline Builder, Moz Toolbar, XML Sitemaps and Find Broken Lines.

Useful Tips on How to Make Money Online

👌Yes, it is real. You can make money online by offering your products and services. But, it is not straightforward. You don’t begin earning money the moment you sign up for a website that provides online work.

Even if you have a worth selling skill, then you still need to go a long way for turning the online space reward oriented for you.

As far as the question of how to make money online is concerned, then it is not such challenging to answer. Everyone knows about the services that they can leverage to earn money in some online space.

What most of the people miss is, need to build on craft and surpass the competition as digital platforms are overcrowded with workers competing for the same jobs?

How to Make Money Online

There have been issues which are no lessor dynamic and need an environment of sound problems. Let’s have a look at the tips to earn money online in an effective manner.

1.Be Clear About Your Job 

The idea of making money online merely attracts many people. But, they don’t know what to do; this doesn’t mean they don’t have any skill. But, they fail because they can’t concentrate enough. 

If someone tells them that web developers and coders are in demand, then they start learning to code, even if they don’t have interest in it. Ultimately, they end up wasting their time without securing a job.

2.Build on Your Craft 

Well, this is much essential for those who want to beat their competitors. Make sure you master to master the art so that you can offer the best to your customers and gain their confidence. For this purpose focus on perfection and completion of deadlines. 

Whether you have to write an article, complete a programming task, or to sell something online, deliver what you have promised. And, this is possible only when you know your work and how you can improve to meet the customers’ demands.

3.Build Your Portfolio

Building the portfolio can be a tough task for the beginners, but it is essential. On platforms like Freelancers when hundreds of people place a bid for the single project, one has to come up with some differentiation. 

Usually, reviews by the previous employers serve the purpose best. But, a better idea can be to include a portfolio on the website.

4.Wisely Choose Your Means of Earning

Those who have skill but are not sure whether it can support them financially or not should explore other areas as well. For this purpose, they should better have a broad knowledge of different fields.

Let’s explore what can be different ways of earning online and if you can choose them to make a living.

1.    Providing Tutoring Services
2.    Selling Items on eBay and Amazon
3.    Selling Handicrafts
4.    Doing programming
5.    Graphic designing, video editing, photo editing
6.    Article Writing
7.    Freelance Journalism
8.    Offering Customer Support Service
9.    Managing Social Media
10.  Affiliate Marketing

11.Running an E-Commerce Website

So, there are a lot of things that one can do to make money online. Even if a person is a builder and only knows how to fit pipes and erect the extended structures, then still he/she can use the internet to sell knowledge about it.

Create a Logo for Free with DesignEvo Logo Maker

DesignEvo is an easy-to-use online logo maker that allows you to quickly and easily create logos and graphics without having to be an expert in Photoshop.

Below you will see the main features of DesignEvo:

- 3,000+ fully customizable logo templates;
- More than one million icons available;
- Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from;
- A logo is fully customizable with powerful editing tools.

Create a Logo for Free

How does DesignEvo work?

Click on 'Make a logo for free' button on the homepage of DesignEvo and you can immediately start your logo design.

Then you will see a white working canvas with the possibility to add icons, text and shapes on the left of the screen. If you select an item, it is immediately transferred to the canvas. Then you can start playing there with placement, color and size.

With DesignEvo you can not only design logos, but easily create simple banners or buttons. Once your design is ready, you can download it to your computer.

Create a Logo

You will get a zip file that consists of a PNG and JPG files for free. To get higher resolution files, transparent background, or other SVG and PDF files, you need to purchase a package with a small amount of money.

Is DesignEvo usable?

The use of DesignEVo is easy and the downloads are unlimited, without watermarks. Of course there are already a lot of graphical web tools in circulation. However, DesignEvo mainly focuses on logo creation and small banners. In general, the possibilities are somewhat limited but concentrated.

It works simple and intuitive. You can use its 3000+ templates and make your own changes or do it all by yourself with a blank page. 

You can create an account if you want, but without an account, you can also use DesignEvo with no problems. 


DesignEvo is a simple online tool to design logos and other simple graphics quickly and without knowledge. It covers all kinds of logo categories such as tech, sports, education, fashion, club, and shop.

3 Tips To Make Your Facebook Post Perform Better

Are you marketing through Facebook?

Businesses all over the world hope to transform the Facebook’s 1 billion users into the website traffic. But according to a study published at social@Ogilvy – it has been estimated that brand posts are just seen by 6 percent of the page fans, and the figure is expected to fall more is coming years.

With the regular changes in Facebook’s news feed algorithm, using the right tactics will get you best results. Here are the three tips that will make your Facebook post perform better.

# Create engaging content

Rather than debating on the length of Facebook posts, consider the time that user will spend on your page. According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, human just has an attention span of seconds.

If you want your post to perform better, write an engaging text by following a good social media marketing plan that will grab your audience’s attention in no time.

3 Tips To Make Your Facebook Post Perform Better

# Post at off-peak hours

They say that best time to publish on Facebook is 3 pm. And, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursday and Friday.

If you are looking to make your Facebook post perform better, go to your Facebook insights section and check when your fans are online.

Then, choose the hours when the most of your followers are logged-in, and your competitors aren’t posting.

3 Tips To Make Your Facebook Post Perform Better

# Keep testing your posting rate

Besides posting at an appropriate time, you should also consider the posting freqeuncy for your business page.

Facebook pages with thousands of followers get more reach, and link clicks when they start posting more. However, these numbers drop for the pages with fewer followers.

Before increasing your posting frequency, analyze the type of business and number of followers you have.


There is no denying the fact that Facebook is on its way to become the largest platform for gaining the website traffic.
But as Facebook’s organic reach has been gradually declining for many businesses, these tips will help you to make your post perform better.

5 Foosball games for Android

Foosball is one of the most popular game tables for home and it has plenty digital versions. Due to that, it is hard to know which one is good, specially made to give you excellent gaming experience.

Choosing the best table foosball game is not the easiest choice because you have to find it in the vast Android market and test it.
So, to help you decide which table foosball app is the best for you, I have made the list of 5 foosball games. I am absolutely sure you can find the game you are looking for on this list.

1. Foosball Cup World
This foosball app made by Ludus Studio has the best graphics and the best design on the list. But, that is not the only advantage. You can change the entire game any way you like it.

That means that you can choose the table size, the player formation, the team to play with and the balls, practically everything. One thing you should keep in mind.

This game is made for people who love to collect points because you have to win matches to unlock features like new player or ball. If you are a true fooser, that won’t be hard for you.

2.Foosball Cup
Foosball Cup is a game also made by Ludus Studio, but it is not as good as the game above. The main advantage of this game is the fact that you don’t have to collect points or win special matches to unlock features because everything is unlocked. 

All you have to do is choose the table, size, player formation and difficulty and start the match. The only real downside is the ball because it is too big for the field, but I think that you can adjust to that.  

3. Foosball 2013
The name of this game may confuse you. I am referring to the Foosball 2013, but in the Google Play Store, it is just Foosball. Foosball 2013 is the name of the game when you download it. 

If I have confused you now, the best way to choose this app is the name of the developers - White Collar Game. You can’t go wrong there. If we forget the name confusion, the app is pretty good. 

I believe that it is made for hobby players because you can’t choose the table parts like players and ball, but you can choose the difficulty and the duration of the match. Also, it is very easy to control the ball with the players. You just have to touch it with the players.

4. Foosball
The Android developers who made this game are called NAVU. It is another game for hobby players, or even for kids because it doesn’t have many options. 

The only option you have is to choose the game mode and that is the moment you start the game. Also, you control the players with arrows and not by spinning rods, which is not usual for foosball apps and I am not a fan of that.

5. Foosball World Cup
It has the similar name to the 1st app only the words are mixed. Don’t worry you won’t confuse them; you can see the difference from far away. This app is very simple it looks like a low-budget app. 

You can choose the game mode, the difficulty and who to play with and that is all. I am also not impressed with the gaming experience. The ball flies across the field and you feel like you are playing pinball, not foosball.

Author’s bio:Mark is a foosball player for several years now and he has decided to make a foosball themed blog called the Foosball Zone. On his blog, you can learn a lot about foosball, from a theory like the foosball history to practical knowledge like how to maintain your foosball table. 

If you want to visit his blog, check it out on this link:

Vivo V7 Plus With 24-Megapixel Front Camera, Bezel Less display - Price, Specifications and Features

Vivo just launched a selfie-focused smartphone in India, named Vivo V7 Plus. The device highlights its Bezel less display and a 24-megapixel front facing shooter. It will be available in Matte Black, Gold, and Rose Gold color options.

Platform and Display:

The Vivo V7 Plus operates on Android 7.1 Nougat Operating System out of the box packed inside the 2.5D curved glass that comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 topping. The device is equipped with a 1.8 GHz 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 chipset processor, paired with an Adreno 506 GPU. The smartphone measures 155.87 x 75.47 x 7.7mm and weighs 160 grams.

Camera and Storage:

The Vivo V7+ smartphone comes with 4 GB of RAM which helps the device run smoother without any lags and 64 GB of internal storage capacity, which can be extended up to 256 GB using a MicroSD card slot. The Vivo V7+ sports a 24-megapixel selfie camera with a Moonlight Glow selfie flash and f/2.0 aperture. It comes with a 16-megapixel primary camera that has f/2.0 aperture and dual-LED flash.

Battery and Connectivity:

The phone features a 3225mAh battery for an extended battery life. Connectivity options include 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth v4.2, Wi-Fi, GPS/ A-GPS, FM radio, Micro-USB, and 3.5mm audio jack. Sensors on the smartphone include a digital compass, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and proximity sensor.

Vivo V7+ pricing and availability:

The Vivo V7+ price in India is Rs. 21,990. The device will go on sale from September 15 in India and pre-bookings starts from Thursday, September 7.