Top 10 Social Media Sites For Getting Higher Traffic

The inception of social media websites in the world of Internet and technology is bliss, and definitely, its power cannot be overlooked. The fever of these networking sites can be seen on a kid as well as on an old man in his eighties.

Earlier, people used to communicate more through wired media, but now the social medial websites have brought a complete revolution. These platforms are the easiest and most inexpensive way to stay connected with others. You can post pictures, videos, audios, messages and even invite other people to be friend.

Social media marketing websites have opened doors for the entrepreneurs for promoting their products in an alluring way. Sign in to a reputed site to create maximum awareness among the audience worldwide about the goods and services of your business.

 Interact, market your products freely, and know the response of the people over the web. Form a brand name of your business with these influential platforms. However, make sure that you identify the best social media sites, which can work for your business to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

To make everything easier for you, here are top social media websites for getting higher traffic, and to make informed marketing decisions:

Facebook- Today, this social media network has grabbed everybody’s attention over the Internet, both in terms of active users and name recognition. Facebook incepted on February 4, 2004, and till now, it has accumulated over 1.59 billion monthly active users. 

This platform is must for every entrepreneur to connect with the people, and make its online presence. According to several statics, it is estimated that today more than 1 million small and medium-sized businesses use Facebook to promote their business.

Twitter- It was set up on March 21, 2006, and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Many people wonder how can it be possible to advertise their business in just 140 characters, however, they will be surprised to know this social media platform has over 320 million active monthly users who use powerful and influential 140 character limit to convey their message. 

So, all the budding businesses should not overlook Twitter, and use it to interact with prospective clients, answer their questions, release latest news and additionally, use the targeted ads with specific audiences.

LinkedIn- Established on December 14, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn is a well-known site for professional networking. It is available in 24 languages and has more than 400 million registered users. Companies can connect with people dealing in similar industries, networking with local professionals and displaying information and statistics related to their work.

Google+- It has exceptional SEO value, which makes it a must-use tool for any small business. Google+ was launched on December 15, 2011, and has millions of active users.

YouTube- It is the largest and most popular video-based social media website. YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. Founded by three former PayPal employees on February 14, 2005, it was later bought by Google in November 2006 for $1.65 billion. It has more than 1 billion website visitors every month.

Pinterest- Launched in March 2010, Pinterest includes digital bulletin boards where businesses can pin their content.  

Instagram- It is a visual social media platform that was launched on October 6, 2010, and has over 400 million active users. Businesses can post information about their wok, including travel, fashion, food, art and other subjects. Also, avail the benefits of video and photo editing features.

Tumblr- It is an interesting website that allows a gamut of different post formats, such as quote posts, chat posts, video, audio, and photo posts. It was originated by David Karp in February 2007 and presently hosts more than 200 million blogs.

Flickr- It is an online image and video hosting platform, founded on February 10, 2004, and later acquired by Yahoo in 2005. The platform had its footprint in over 63 countries.

Reddit- It is a social news and entertainment networking website where you can submit content, like direct links and text posts. Reddit was founded by University of Virginia roommates Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman on June 23, 2005. 

These are some of the top social media sites to attract the users, and creating online presence worldwide. So, which one are you going to choose for your business? Think wisely to get the desired results!

Vin Boris is Social Media Marketer & Content Writer at SoftProdigy. SoftProdigy is web design and development company striving in IT industry from more than 10 years & have worked for hundreds of clients including big & small brands.

A New Generation of Charging Electronics

Charging electronics like wall chargers, power banks, and car chargers are devices that we use on a daily basis and yet we don't know much about them. Purchasing a charging electronic from just any retailer is a mistake because most of the time the technology is very behind and you're stuck in the past with some slow charging.

With that said, people should know that we're entering an age where things are changing because power banks are actually very useful with what they deliver for on-the-go purposes and car charger and wall charges are very powerful as well. Not only that, some charging electronics go well together to improve the quality of each other.

A New Generation of Charging Electronics

In this post, I'm going to be explaining what newer generations of power banks, wall chargers, and car chargers are bringing and why it's important to know what each has so you know what to look out for.

Power Banks: 
Lots of charging ports and a High power Capacity
Most of the time when we think of power banks, it's usually the smaller power capacity kind that can, at most, charge your smartphone only once; even though that's good, it's not the optimal experience that you can receive from using a power bank.

Instead, there are power banks that have power capacities of 20,000mAh and even more than that too.

Charging Electronics

High Power Capacity

Take, for example, one of Anker's latest power banks. It has a power capacity of 20,000mAh and it uses 3 charging ports. It's great that it has 3 charging ports, but what are those 3 charging ports capable of? Well, a lot.

Charging Ports that are Beyond Powerful
Lots of charging ports on car, wall and portable chargers have their charging speeds capped at 5V/2.4A and that's a pretty good charging speed because it can charge most smartphones and tablets at their max charging rate. However there are smartphones that can charge faster than 2.4 Amps and that's when power banks like this Anker PowerCore II come into play because each of the charging ports is able to Output 5V/3.0A.

This faster charging speed will definitely be able to charge nearly all USB chargeable devices at their max charging speeds. The next step is to realize what the Max Output of the power bank is, and in this case, this PowerCore II has a Max Output of 6A. Which means even when you're charging 3 devices at once and the power bank is being pushed to its limits, then each port will have a charging speed of 5V/2.0A

Faster Recharging:

Charging Electronics

When a power bank has a high power capacity, that means it's going to have quite a long recharge time; that's actually starting to become a false statement now because many high power capacity power banks have two Input recharging ports and by using them both, you're able to recharge the power bank in a shorter amount of time.

In this Anker PowerCore II's case, it's able to recharge to its full power in under 6 hours because it uses two Micro-USB Input Ports.

Fast charging Options
Even though we did just mention that power banks have high power capacities, they can go even higher like this Aukey 30,000mAh power bank. This is the kind of power bank that you'd take with you on those long road trips, hiking, camping and it can also be very useful as an everyday portable charger because the power will last for a couple of days before it's completely depleted.

With all that said, the most innovative part of this power bank is that uses two very helpful charging technologies. This includes the usage of Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C charging technology.

There are quite a lot of smartphones that are compatible with those fast charging methods and they're only going to become more prevalent as time moves forward.

In addition to those fast charging ways, this power bank can also charge 3 devices at once because it has a Quick Charge 3.0 port, the USB-C Port, and a regular AiPower USB port.

Also, recharging can be done by both Micro-USB and USB-C port at the same time. By doing so, this power bank that has a very large power capacity of 30,000mAh is able to recharge to its full power within 10-11 hours.

Taking on Different Forms

Charging Electronics

A Power Bank Within a Charging Cable

Power banks are also being implemented within charging cables. Take, for example, this Jackery Jewel. The "Jewel" portion would be the power bank piece and it's such a great charging electronic product because it's both a charging cable and a power bank.

Even though the power capacity of the Jewel is 450mAh and the charging cable is a Lightning cable that is compatible with only iPhones and other Apple products; you can still charge an iPhone about 15% of the way through. So this power bank isn't something that you would exactly rely on all the time but it's great for emergencies.

You can just use the cable as a regular charging cable too by connecting it to a wall charger and that will charge the power bank and then the power and will charge your device. These are the kind of innovations that power banks are creating and how useful portable power can truly be.

USB Wall Chargers: 
Surge Protectors with USB Ports

Charging Electronics

No Need for a Wall Charger
PowerStrips alone are very useful because they give us a bunch of AC Outlets to use your Appliances on. With that said, most of the time one of those AC Outlets is going to be used by a USB wall charger because you want to charge your devices.

However, that can cause inconveniences like taking up an Outlet that you'd use for another appliance or even worse, a wall charger can cover another AC outlet that's next to it.

This is when Surge Protectors that have USB charging ports can be very helpful because there's no longer a need to use a wall charger. Take a look at the Aukey Surge Protector above. It has 6 USB charging ports and one of those charging ports have Quick Charge 3.0.

Not only is there no longer a need to use a wall charger, but you can even charge a smartphone that is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible at its max charging too. Surge Protectors that basically implement wall charger into themselves erase the need to purchase separate charging electronics.

Large Charging Stations

Charging Electronics

Masters of Charging
For the most part, people are satisfied to charge just their smartphone with a wall charger. There's more to them than that though because you can have more devices that you want to charge and so you'd use a 5-6 port wall charger if the need arises.

It can even go beyond that, though, because there are 10 Port wall chargers like this Anker PowerPort 10 that has, yes, 10 charging ports.

It's with innovations like these, that makes charging 10 devices at once possible. A lot of people usually wonder why on earth they'd need something like this but they can be very useful. Such as keeping it in a living room or a dorm room and just connect your device to your charging cable to begin charging.

Whereas you'd have to unplug somebody else's charging cable and then plug in yours without a wall charger that has less ports. There's more versatility with charging stations that have lots of charging ports.

Car Chargers:

Charging Electronics

Power In Your Drive
Car chargers have become just as advanced as power banks and wall chargers and they're no longer the weak charging electronics that they once were. I say this because there was a time when chargers were quite weak and gave rather slow charging speeds.

These days that's simply not the case anymore and they have a combination of charging technologies that are able to accommodate lots of devices to their fully potential in terms of charging. What does that mean.

It means that they're able to use multiple charging and each of those charging ports are very powerful, just like this Imazing Car charger above. It has a standard USB charging port that has a charging speed of 5V/2.4A.

Next is a Quick Charge 3.0 port that is going to be very useful if you have a Quick Charge compatible smartphone because while you're driving and by the time you reach your destination, your phone is going to be charged up.

Car chargers are now able to use USB-C charging that matches Quick Change speeds too. Using these fast charging technologies with a car charger is vital because you may want your device to be charged up to a good point so you can use it by the time your reach your destination.

This kind of technology is perfect car chargers.You can read more about what power banks, wall, and car chargers are best for you at

3 Reasons Why Creating A Website Is Good For You

In a world where people are more visual than usual, the market becomes more challenging for businesses. The competition in digital marketing is quite hard and rapid. 

If you want to have an established identity in the online market, the best thing you could do is build a website.

3 Reasons Why Creating A Website Is Good For You

Understanding the enormous role of a website can immensely benefit your business. Why? Well, here are five concrete reasons to convince you to build one now.


Are you for real? How can you prove that you are legit and you mean business when your presence is not visible on the internet?

Besides creating an online leverage for competition, this is a great opportunity for you to show that your company exists. 

Just by building a website, you are giving consumers a reason to trust you. People nowadays often refer to the internet for a product and service’s credibility, this is where the testimonials and facts provided by your previous customers will also support your claims.


Transcending geographical boundaries is one of the most dominant features of the internet. Gone are the days when you still have to refer to yellow pages to look for products. 

With the birth of the web, you can now easily have access to any foreign goods or services from your mobile phone.

Not only that, having your own website allows you to reach a wider range of local and international consumers.

Another concrete example is when your customer would want to buy from your store, they no longer need to travel just to have your products. When your business has its online store that is available 24/7, 

Your consumers will be able to purchase anytime, anywhere without the fear of not making it to the store before it closes. As long as your website have a responsive web design, your business will have a guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Having an online presence does not only allow round the clock sales but also gives you a great opportunity to market your business to a wider scope of consumers.

Since you are already visible worldwide, your chances of gaining more customers will increase. 

And of course, when you have more clients, you will be able to generate more sales. Also, the results of your marketing efforts can easily be measured and evaluated from gathered pertinent data.

With the fast paced technological advancement,

It pays off to be updated especially in this modern age. The virtual world offers limitless possibilities. You should not restrict your business to just a physical store. Expand, go online, and start building your website now.

Google Drive Features that you need to know

Are you tired of sending large email attachments? Is it becoming difficult to do real-time editing at work? Don’t just worry as Google Drive is here to help you with its amazing features.

Known as one of the safest cloud storage devices, Google Drive not only lets you create files of different kinds, but you can backup everything. With its impressive features, you Google Drive enables you to work seamlessly, collaboratively and is accessible from anywhere.

Google Drive

Through this blog post, I am going to tell you the exceptional features and how does Google Drive work that will further help you lessen your burden.

Here’s a list of Google Drive Features
To access the Google Drive’s powerful features, all you need is a Google Account. Once you create it, you are now ready to experience the whole new lease of work life. Those who have a free account on Google will get a 15 GB of storage space, and if you go for its premium version, you’ll get 30GB of space.

Google Drive comes with a set of smart apps with power-packed features. You can create, edit and save Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and Sites. The best part is that Google Drive is extremely compatible with the third-party apps, tools, and plugins that help you to work more seamlessly and enrich your overall work experience. 

Google Drive Features

You can even save your Gmail attachments directly to your drive and access it without the internet connection. You scan important documents by either taking a snapshot or a picture. You can further save your stuff in the Drive and access it anytime. 

With its “Drag & Drop feature,” the professionals can upload files directly to an Email or Drive quickly without having the need of attaching it to an Email. It’s a great feature that helps you to upload large files faster, or you can share the URL or shareable link of your file directly by giving a customized access control to people. 

The professionals can customize the view of their drive by selecting a grid or list view as for how it suits them.  

Below is the screenshot of a list view of a Google Drive 

Google Drive Features

In fact, just like you organize your PC’s drive by adding files into folders, you can even give ‘color code’ or ‘star’ to various folders so you can easily recognize without any difficulty and work more productively. Besides that, you can move a file into folders or rename it anytime. 

Below is the screenshot of a Grid View of a Google Drive 

Google Drive Features

Just to ensure that file that you are sending a right file or sans typo, you can even preview your file in a drive before sharing it your client or a co-worker. In addition to it, if you don’t want few people to make any additions in your shared document or any other file, you can change the privacy settings by giving access control to people who can make edits or suggest views.

You can make your docs private, public, or provide access to the particular people. 

Is it exhausting to click mouse every time for every command? Don’t you worry as, with the help of shortcut keys, you’ll be able to navigate easily in the drive. The best way to make most of it is by learning some excellent Google Drive shortcut commands. You can view keyboard shortcuts by going into the settings of your Drive.  

Google Drive Features

With Google Drive’s sharing and collaboration features, you can share docs, photos or videos with your colleagues, business clients, and partners in the real-time.

It allows people to work in tandem on a single doc; wherein they can ask a specific question or assign tasks and interact with the team members via Chat option to receive their regular feedback on the project or any assignment.  

Wrapping Up 
All in all, Google Drive is more than just a storage device. From creating automatic backups to easier accessibility, Google Drive is the world’s best services that let you work collaboratively and seamlessly. If you haven’t tried or explored Google Drive yet, it’s now the time to get started and make most of it. 

Author Bio: Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. He is one of the most inspirational bloggers and the founder of

7 Best Plugins to Create Portfolio in WordPress

The plethora of WordPress portfolio plugins can help designers, photographers, and other creative artists to build beautiful portfolio websites in no time. WordPress makes it super easy for non-technical users to create and customizes a site because it requires no coding skills. It means you can develop a fully fledged portfolio sites from the scratch with ease.

The best part about these plugins are that they offer a host of advanced features that can help you add additional functionality to your portfolio site, without ever getting your hands dirty in coding.  Well, there are tons of WP portfolio themes that can help you create a portfolio site in minutes.

These themes can help you customize the overall design of the site as per your needs. But the use of portfolio plugin comes into existence when you don’t want to change the existing theme of your site.
In this post, we will explore the seven best portfolio plugins (both free and paid) that will uplift the design and functionality of your WordPress portfolio site instantly.

1. Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery

Price: Free
Available at:

Portfolio Gallery is a free WordPress solution for creating multiple portfolio galleries in different views. The plugin lets you add images, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, titles, and descriptions for each portfolio gallery in a matter of few seconds.

It also provides a free version to test slider gallery options, seven gallery views, and other essential functionalities with ease. The Portfolio Gallery is perfect for those who want multiple pages and posts for their portfolio site.

Note: There is also a pro version that offers a ton of advanced features and functions that will help you create beautiful portfolio website on the go.

2. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Price: $26
Available at:

Essential Grid is a premium WordPress plugin for building eye-grabbing portfolio galleries for portfolio sites. It is a multi-purpose solution for WordPress that empowers you to represent different content formats in a fully-customizable grid.

There are unlimited numbers of possible applications, such as blogs, portfolios, WooCommerce shops, galleries, product sliders, price tables, testimonials, services and a lot more. It means you can create anything using this high-powered WordPress plugin. Plus, it offers well-developed visual skin editor that lets you create additional skins from scratch with ease.

The plugin comes with tons of other advanced features, including:
> User-friendly plugin
> Boxed, Full-width and full screen layouts
> Easy to add images and YouTube videos
> Multiple animation types and preloaders
> Responsive and mobile ready design, etc.

3. Portfolio (Career Portfolio)

Portfolio (Career Portfolio)

Price: Free
Available at:

Create and display beautiful and responsive portfolio gallery into your portfolio website using this easy-to-use WordPress plugin.

The portfolio is an incredible portfolio grid plugin that lets you show off your portfolios, creative work, clients and even team members in an intriguing way. It offers all the necessary features that will help you create a professional-looking portfolio site, without any coding. 

Some of the exciting features of Portfolio plugin are:
> 100% responsive design
> Short-code support
> Basic Full Screen Viewer
> One layout style
> Easy-to-use composer, etc.

4. Media Grid Plugin

Media Grid Plugin

Price: $19
Available at:

The Media Grid is another premium WordPress plugin that will help you display responsive portfolio items, images, videos and gallery in an engaging style. It lets you create highly-customizable, filterable and paginated portfolios quickly and easily.

With the use of advanced techniques, you can also create your own layouts and mold them to any form. In short, it is the adaptive and mobile-optimized plugin for responsive themes. There is an intuitive visual grid builder that makes it easy to create portfolio item with ease – all you need to do is to add items, optimize the size and organize them accordingly.

It also offers SEO Pagination System that helps you paginate items directly in the grid builder and lets you split them just by clicking a button. 
Let us explore some other advanced range of features:
> One Click Fast Setup
> WooCommerce Integration
> Filters alignment and search
> Quick Support
> Unlimited layout-free portfolios and a lot more.

5. Gallery –Photo Albums

Gallery –Photo Albums

Price: Free
Available at:

If you are looking for a free solution to create multiple media gallery, then this is an ideal solution for you.
Gallery is a free yet impressive WordPress plugin that lets you create the different range of galleries from images, photo albums to portfolio. You can create the simple image to an image slider or image lightbox with ease. In short, it is an incredible solution for creating beautiful and intriguing portfolio site.

The plugin comes with a ton of customization options that empowers you to tweak the colors, grid, media sizes, and hover effect of the portfolio gallery with ease.

6. Cube Portfolio

Cube Portfolio

Price: $17
Available at:

Cube Portfolio is a premium grid plugin for WordPress that comes with a robust portfolio system, custom captions, and attractive animated filtering to lets you create beautiful and engaging grid-based websites in minutes.

With the help of this plugin, you can create image galleries, portfolio projects, photography site, team members and blog posts, without even getting your hands dirty in any programming language.
It is a perfect plugin for beginners as it comes with an intuitive live template builder that lets you control the different aspects of the plugin such as spacing, dimensions, fonts, borders and colors with ease.
Plus, you will get an extensive range of features, such as:
> Responsive design
> Inbuilt single Ajax page with HTML support
> 22 animations for item grids and 14 different caption animation types
> Lazy loading function
> Cross-browser compatibility and much more.

7. Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio

Price: Free
Available at:

Easy Portfolio is quite an exciting feature. It is a category filter portfolio plugin that one can use to build interactive portfolio functionality, along with category filtration into your site.

You can easily install this plugin, without any coding skills. Plus, it offers some of the basic features:
> User-friendly plugin
> Highly-customizable
> Most recent portfolio items display in list orders and also display in column
> Categorized portfolio items
> Portfolio details page customization, etc.

The plugins mentioned above in this blog post can help you create visually appealing portfolio based WordPress sites with ease. You can create the portfolio item, image gallery, video gallery, WooCommerce shop, team members, etc. just by integrating the best WP portfolio plugin.

Author Bio: Brandon Graves is a web development professional years of experience. He is presently working for HireWPGeeks Ltd., which provides WordPress plugin customization service globally. Apart from this, He is also a serial blogger who loves to share his innovative ideas with the readers.

10 smart tips for startup online business

It is a fully digital world today, and online businesses are running leaps and bounds to keep up with the ever-growing demand in the online market.
Here are some smart tips for e-commerce startups to root in deep in the market right away:

10 smart tips for startup online business

Register a business name

Of course, the first step of your venture; a catchy and unique business name attracts the majority of people into clicking your site.

‘First impression is the last impression’- this is an old saying, and it applies here also.

There are a few legal procedures to be followed for registering a business name.
For all the details and knowledge,

ROC (Registration of Companies), a Governmental body appointed for overseeing registrations, should be approached.

Determine the legal structure of business

Commercial E-ventures are growing rapidly and considering the global online business Law and taxation policies, an unsuitable legal structure for e-commerce venture can prove to be the nemesis of your business.

Out of the four possible legal structures available viz.

Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC), online business startups opt for the Proprietorship or LLC.

Get a good internet connection

A bad internet connection will paralyse your online business for sure. Online businesses climb to the top only through swift actions and responses on online orders and queries.

So, investments on fast internet connection should not be compromised as it will decelerate online performance on a daily basis.

Organize all your web assets

It is an extension of organizing your business assets.
Your web assets include your social media profile, web pages, host-accounts, etc.

Your marketing plan is incomplete without proper maintenance of your web assets.
You should never miss out any updates regarding your company profile, new collections, inventories or other information.

Use social media and online marketing

This one is almost same as the previous one, social media and online marketing play crucial role in the success of your online business.

Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. gives your online business a global exposure almost instantly and free of cost.

Embracing a proactive marketing stance generates a rapid growth in your online business. So use these online platforms as your advertising billboards to the fullest.

Be consistent and stay focused on your goals

There are no shortcuts to success.

No targets can be achieved overnight; you need to work with rigid determination, consistency, persistence and focus throughout to thrive in your business.

startup online business

To start with, you need to know where your strength lies and make your goals accordingly.

Then, a consistent hard work and determination can only reach you there.

Set up a payment processor or gateway

It is the pavement for your money to walk into your account from the customer’s pocket.
So, obviously, High-Risk Payment Gateways must be avoided.

Then comes the question as to which gateway/processor to select for your business.
There are a classic, modern, hosted or integrated gateways to choose from and it is entirely upon your requirement selection should be made.

Protect online reputation and customer service

Online reputation and customer service are very crucial factors to be taken care of.

Setting up proper social media guidelines and Google alert notification helps you monitor online branding and mentions of your company.

Dealings with the customer directly decide the future of your company. A friendly, ever helping attitude towards customer complaints and service is an absolute must.

Know your competitors

Awareness of competitions will help you a great deal in starting your company.
That way you can enter into the market exactly knowing what new measures to adopt so that customer chooses you over them.

The social media platforms, keywords for SEO and other Google online tools that your competitors are using should always be monitored to dominate the race. 

Avoid immediate hiring

Though you are the owner of your company, it is obvious that you have very little idea about the functioning and mechanism of your company.

At this stage, you cannot articulate the job profile of an employee under you.

Even if you feel like you are in need of additional workforce, the best advice is to try coping up with the demands alone till you know your company substantially.

WordPress Tips for Reducing Bounce and Improve Page Views

The bounce rate is the percentage measured of the website that gives a fair idea of how well your website is performing- How frequently it is been visited, and how much time they are spending on the web pages.

Bounce rate; plays a vital role when it comes to page ranking. Hence, it is important to keep a tab on your visitors and how well the website is functioning so that you can keep improving your website accordingly.

Lesser the bounce rate of your website, better the page ranking. Reduced bounce rate means, your website is doing well and provides better conversions hence; more sales, more revenue, more conversions and ever expanding subscription list.

Reducing Bounce and Improve Page Views

If you’re unaware of your current bounce rate, then have a look at your Google Analytics account. A “good” bounce rate is considered to be anything less than about 40%. If your bounce rate is over 80%, it is serious concern to look into.

For any WordPress beginner; it’s always a dilemma of how to make a blog successful. Below are several strategies that will help you reduce your WP site bounce rate:

Improve Page Load Times

Improve Page Views

Low speed is something, everybody dislikes. If your website is taking a lot of time in loading, obviously there won’t be a visitor interested to wait that long to browse your web pages.

When they have better and time saving options, why will they wait for your website to load? A slow-loading site leads to a higher bounce rate. There are ways you can speed up your website such as:

#  Compress images and reduce their size before uploading, use tools like Optimus
#  Install caching plugin like W3 Total Cache
#  Use a Content Delivery Network to serve resources from a data centre close to your visitors
#  Compress your code
#  Choose a minimal theme
#  Choose a reliable host

Avoid Splash Pages and Pop-ups

Reducing Bounce

Pop-ups may enhance subscription rates, but they are super annoying to the people. It pisses your users and primary reason behind user does not wish to come to your website.
Do little bit of research to see how pop-ups are affecting your bounce rate, subscription rate and figure out a way to reduce the same.

“Welcome mates” and “Splash web pages” are known for annoying people. If the splash page of your website isn’t offering any value to its visitors, get rid of it.

Study Your Analytics

Page Views

If you know the behavioral pattern of the users visiting your website, it makes the task much easier for you to understand what makes them stay.

 If your website is generating too much traffic for the search term “buy blue shirt” for instance, but you don’t sell blue shirts, your website is going to have a high bounce rate. 

Keeping the track through your Google Analytics account and maintaining a note of the search terms people are using to land on your website and consider tweaking your copy if you don’t deliver what the visitors are looking for.

Improve Your Content
If your website’s visitors aren’t finding what they want when they are visiting, they are sure to leave your website. Therefore, look for organic keywords and terms where users are majorly using to search on the search engine. 

This aims to boost your content accordingly, to make it more informative and helpful in conversions as well.

Make long content easy to read by bolding key phrases, using short paragraphs and including bulleting points. It’ll be easier for users to find the preferred content. Go on to have more graphics and infographics to lure your visitors. 

Google Analytics is the best way to know which page has higher bounce rate so that you can work particularly on those posts and improve their quality.

Improve Your Navigation
A clear path for users to search stuff on your website will ensure that they use them regularly and for a long time. While developing your WordPress website, make sure your website’s navigation is easy to access.

You can install plugins like YARPP that can help you to improve the bounce rate as it leads visitors to their desired information. Also, you can feature your post in a prominent place. 

As soon as a visitor lands on your website, they would want to click on the post relevant to the information they are looking for. Posting a right post at a right place will work in a positive way.

Improve Your SEO
One of the best ways to valuing your website is by targeting the right visitors in the first place. If your website is about vintage cars, someone searching for R8 is not going to stick around for very long time. 

Ensure that you are using right SEO techniques to attract visitors. Use appropriate keywords in your copy, image titles, file names, Meta descriptions, page titles and much more. You can use SEO Plugins and tools to get the desired information about a better SEO ranking of your website.

Show Excerpts Only on Your Front Page
If you are listing too many blog posts on your homepage itself, the user is getting all the stuff then it doesn’t make sense that he/she visit further web pages to browse other content. 

Displaying posts as excerpts will surely reduce the bounce rate of your website, but it’s crucial to keep usability in mind.

For a WP website like WPKube, displaying posts as excerpts is sensible as this will tempt users to click on the posts for further reading. 

For blogs like personal and lifestyle where visitors will want to read every post, having to click through to read each one individually may be frustrating.

Interactive Sidebar
The sidebar of a website plays an important role in boosting page views and reducing bounce rate. One can display popular posts in the sidebars. 

Also, you can customize the sidebar to show the prominent posts according to likes, views or dates. 

Besides, it is an easier way to show recent posts only on the single page. Even, you can embed other sections of the website to make it more attractive.

Improve Your Site Search
A person visiting your website would want the information to flow quickly. In case, the user doesn’t find the desired information; he/she would search for it. So, make sure your search function works properly. 

If you haven’t started using a search widget on your website, activate one. Ensure that it is visible on your website. Place it on the top of your website.

The basic search widget offered by WordPress doesn’t work too well. So, consider installing an improved version of search widget like Relevanssi.

Tackle 404 Errors by Redirection
A 404 error informs readers that the information they are looking fordoesn’t exist even though your website is working. The error is generated due to deleted posts, inappropriate links and fluctuating permalinks. 

Re-directing the page annoys your visitors and they won’t be keen to wait that long to browse. You can help them reach the right page with the help of the ‘Redirection Plugin’.

In a nutshell, you can’t reduce bounce rate overnight. It is a constant process. The tips mentioned above can make definite difference. 

Implement them, and you will be able to reduce the bounce rate of your website. If you are using some other strategies to reduce bounce rates, do let us know in the comment section.

Author Bio: Kiera Hayes is a talented blogger and a digital marketing executive. She just loves to write and always on the lookout for top blogs to contribute. She follows many sports like ice hockey, soccer, and basketball.