WordPress Tips for Reducing Bounce and Improve Page Views

The bounce rate is the percentage measured of the website that gives a fair idea of how well your website is performing- How frequently it is been visited, and how much time they are spending on the web pages.

Bounce rate; plays a vital role when it comes to page ranking. Hence, it is important to keep a tab on your visitors and how well the website is functioning so that you can keep improving your website accordingly.

Lesser the bounce rate of your website, better the page ranking. Reduced bounce rate means, your website is doing well and provides better conversions hence; more sales, more revenue, more conversions and ever expanding subscription list.

Reducing Bounce and Improve Page Views

If you’re unaware of your current bounce rate, then have a look at your Google Analytics account. A “good” bounce rate is considered to be anything less than about 40%. If your bounce rate is over 80%, it is serious concern to look into.

For any WordPress beginner; it’s always a dilemma of how to make a blog successful. Below are several strategies that will help you reduce your WP site bounce rate:

Improve Page Load Times

Improve Page Views

Low speed is something, everybody dislikes. If your website is taking a lot of time in loading, obviously there won’t be a visitor interested to wait that long to browse your web pages.

When they have better and time saving options, why will they wait for your website to load? A slow-loading site leads to a higher bounce rate. There are ways you can speed up your website such as:

#  Compress images and reduce their size before uploading, use tools like Optimus
#  Install caching plugin like W3 Total Cache
#  Use a Content Delivery Network to serve resources from a data centre close to your visitors
#  Compress your code
#  Choose a minimal theme
#  Choose a reliable host

Avoid Splash Pages and Pop-ups

Reducing Bounce

Pop-ups may enhance subscription rates, but they are super annoying to the people. It pisses your users and primary reason behind user does not wish to come to your website.
Do little bit of research to see how pop-ups are affecting your bounce rate, subscription rate and figure out a way to reduce the same.

“Welcome mates” and “Splash web pages” are known for annoying people. If the splash page of your website isn’t offering any value to its visitors, get rid of it.

Study Your Analytics

Page Views

If you know the behavioral pattern of the users visiting your website, it makes the task much easier for you to understand what makes them stay.

 If your website is generating too much traffic for the search term “buy blue shirt” for instance, but you don’t sell blue shirts, your website is going to have a high bounce rate. 

Keeping the track through your Google Analytics account and maintaining a note of the search terms people are using to land on your website and consider tweaking your copy if you don’t deliver what the visitors are looking for.

Improve Your Content
If your website’s visitors aren’t finding what they want when they are visiting, they are sure to leave your website. Therefore, look for organic keywords and terms where users are majorly using to search on the search engine. 

This aims to boost your content accordingly, to make it more informative and helpful in conversions as well.

Make long content easy to read by bolding key phrases, using short paragraphs and including bulleting points. It’ll be easier for users to find the preferred content. Go on to have more graphics and infographics to lure your visitors. 

Google Analytics is the best way to know which page has higher bounce rate so that you can work particularly on those posts and improve their quality.

Improve Your Navigation
A clear path for users to search stuff on your website will ensure that they use them regularly and for a long time. While developing your WordPress website, make sure your website’s navigation is easy to access.

You can install plugins like YARPP that can help you to improve the bounce rate as it leads visitors to their desired information. Also, you can feature your post in a prominent place. 

As soon as a visitor lands on your website, they would want to click on the post relevant to the information they are looking for. Posting a right post at a right place will work in a positive way.

Improve Your SEO
One of the best ways to valuing your website is by targeting the right visitors in the first place. If your website is about vintage cars, someone searching for R8 is not going to stick around for very long time. 

Ensure that you are using right SEO techniques to attract visitors. Use appropriate keywords in your copy, image titles, file names, Meta descriptions, page titles and much more. You can use SEO Plugins and tools to get the desired information about a better SEO ranking of your website.

Show Excerpts Only on Your Front Page
If you are listing too many blog posts on your homepage itself, the user is getting all the stuff then it doesn’t make sense that he/she visit further web pages to browse other content. 

Displaying posts as excerpts will surely reduce the bounce rate of your website, but it’s crucial to keep usability in mind.

For a WP website like WPKube, displaying posts as excerpts is sensible as this will tempt users to click on the posts for further reading. 

For blogs like personal and lifestyle where visitors will want to read every post, having to click through to read each one individually may be frustrating.

Interactive Sidebar
The sidebar of a website plays an important role in boosting page views and reducing bounce rate. One can display popular posts in the sidebars. 

Also, you can customize the sidebar to show the prominent posts according to likes, views or dates. 

Besides, it is an easier way to show recent posts only on the single page. Even, you can embed other sections of the website to make it more attractive.

Improve Your Site Search
A person visiting your website would want the information to flow quickly. In case, the user doesn’t find the desired information; he/she would search for it. So, make sure your search function works properly. 

If you haven’t started using a search widget on your website, activate one. Ensure that it is visible on your website. Place it on the top of your website.

The basic search widget offered by WordPress doesn’t work too well. So, consider installing an improved version of search widget like Relevanssi.

Tackle 404 Errors by Redirection
A 404 error informs readers that the information they are looking fordoesn’t exist even though your website is working. The error is generated due to deleted posts, inappropriate links and fluctuating permalinks. 

Re-directing the page annoys your visitors and they won’t be keen to wait that long to browse. You can help them reach the right page with the help of the ‘Redirection Plugin’.

In a nutshell, you can’t reduce bounce rate overnight. It is a constant process. The tips mentioned above can make definite difference. 

Implement them, and you will be able to reduce the bounce rate of your website. If you are using some other strategies to reduce bounce rates, do let us know in the comment section.

Author Bio: Kiera Hayes is a talented blogger and a digital marketing executive. She just loves to write and always on the lookout for top blogs to contribute. She follows many sports like ice hockey, soccer, and basketball.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Price in India and Availabilit

The Redmi Note 4 smartphone comes in variants like 2GB of RAM + 32GB of Internal Memory, 3GB RAM + 32GB Internal Memory, 4GB RAM + 32Gb Internal Memory at Rs.9,999 , Rs.10,999 , Rs.12,999 respectively.
Presently now it is exclusively available in Flipkart.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Price in India and Availabilit

The Design:

An outstanding look with Metal body on back and Front 2.5D curved glass (It soften the display edges for Redmi Note 4) and tapered edges (the frame creates a slimmer visual and rests in your hand perfectly) with glossy separation lines.

At the back, there is a fingerprint sensor, and at the bottom of the device, there are speakers for delivering excellent sound.

The Camera:

There is 13MP CMOS primary camera on the backside of the Phone and a 5MP front-facing camera. With the back camera, we can capture the images and videos in Full HD even under low light (using image brightness).

Both cameras having a large f/2.0 aperture, the 5-piece lens which helps to produce better pictures, there are 17 real-time filters, and 36 beautify profiles for capturing selfies with a 5MP Secondary Camera.

One more interesting thing on the phone is 720p slow motion video recording with back camera and no need for downloading photo editor apps the Redmi Note 4 comes with editing tools.


The Redmi Note 4 comes with a lot of specifications like 4100mAh high capacity Non-removable battery, powered by octa-core 2.0GHz snapdragon 625, 128Gb expandable storage. 

It also comes with 13.9cm (5.5 inches) Full HD display and Dual Sim (Micro SIM and Micro SD card or Micro SIM and Nano SIM) 4G VoLTE support, applicable to all variants in Redmi Note 4.

Performance and connectivity

The 3GB, 4GB Ram mobile helps running the device in multitasking very smooth. The smartphone comes with the connectivity options like 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and microUSB 2.0 port.

It also comes with an Electronic Compass, Accelerometer, Infrared, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, Hall sensor.Image Source : mysmartprice

10 Reasons Why Images and Infographic Are So Important for Blogging

Content today is all about catching the attention of the audience and so, bloggers are willing to do everything it takes in order to increase the number of views, likes, and shares of their posts.

Lucky for them, they don’t need to come up with something too extraordinary. Today, they can achieve all these goals simply by adding images and infographics to their posts.

Moreover, adding images and infographics can actually give you even more benefits. Want to find out what exactly are these benefits? Well, I will gladly tell you.

Here are 10 main reasons why you should consider adding images and infographics to your blog posts.

1.They look good. 
When you add an image to the text, you make it more visually appealing (of course, only if this image is related to the text).

In order to achieve this result, you should choose only relevant images and pay attention to their quality as well as to their size so all of them look good and are neither too small nor too big.

2.Blog posts with images get more views.
People see many different blog posts every day but actually bother to view only a few of them. They usually decide whether or not they want to view a post based on a header image,

so if your post has one and if it looks good and catches attention, most likely, more people will read it.

3.Blog posts with images get more shares.
All bloggers care about social media promotion, since it is a great way to attract new readers. Statistic shows that if you want your blog posts to be shared more often, you should add images to them:

Posts with images are shared 37 percent more often than the ones without them.

4.Blog posts with images get more likes.
While people do spend a lot of time on social media, they don’t actually read and like everything they see there. They do not have much time to explore all the content offered to them and so,

They usually react mostly to images as this is one of those types of content that doesn’t take much time to see and understand. That is why your posts will get more likes if you add images to them (especially if they are funny, interesting, and nice to look at).

5.They are a perfect visual explanation.
This is especially important if you write something like a tutorial: you can use the images to explain your point further.

Moreover, it is better to see some things than to read a description, no matter how good it is, in order to understand it.

6.They help the readers to memorize your posts better.
When we were kids, our parents used to teach us things by showing us different pictures. This way, it was easier for us to memorize them. Well, actually, when we grow up,

Most of us don’t lose this skill – it’s still easier for us to remember something when we see not only text but also images.

Moreover, some types of visual content can be so good that they get stuck in your head for a long time. By choosing excellent images and infographics (or by creating them yourself), you will help your readers to remember your posts, as well as your blog, better.

7.They increase length of the posts.
Some might say that the quality of posts is more important than their length, and they will be right. However, while long posts might seem too complex to read, they seem more valuable at the same time.

When people see long posts (especially accompanied by images), they think that a blogger puts a lot of effort into creating content for their blog – and you probably would like to be a kind of blogger that makes such impression.

8.They make posts more professional and fun at the same time.
As mentioned above, posts accompanied by images look longer and much more serious. Moreover, they look more professional too as most of the professional bloggers have a habit of adding various images to their posts.

While posts with images do make such impression, you can also add images to your texts for a completely different purpose, for example, when you write a post that is very serious and you think that it could be hard for readers to comprehend.

In this case, images can be used for an entertaining purpose – they ease up the mood a bit and make the article easier to read.

9.They are entertaining.
You don’t have to insert jokes into your writing (especially if the text itself is serious) – you can use images for that. Some of them can add a bit of humor to the article or entertain the readers.

These days, even serious posts can be accompanied by funny images and still look nice (of course, if the images really fit the context).

10.They are a unique type of content.
Sometimes, it’s hard to create unique content. If you are experienced enough and have an extensive knowledge of your niche, you will be able to do so, but still, it would be hard to do this all the time.

That’s why if you want to offer something really fresh and new to your readers but aren’t able to come up with original topics at the time, infographics, as well as images, can become a perfect option for you.

Even though infographics rarely use 100 percent original data (usually people take it from various credible sources), it is still unique because you do all the visual work yourself. Such type of content is often shared because it’s useful, it looks amazing, and is valuable at the same time.

So, if you are having doubts about whether you should add images and infographics to your posts, the answer is definitely ‘yes’. Try it and see how it affects your blogging career in a positive way.

I wish you good luck with that!

About the Author
Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor,  sharing his experience in spheres of  blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers.

4 Important Tools to Start Creating and Publishing Video Content on a Blog

Do you want to include video content on your blog, but aren’t quite sure how to get started? The good news is that it really isn’t all that difficult, and with the right tools you will find that you’re able to create and publish video content with minimal hassle.

Video recorder

There are several ways to record videos, and you should make sure you have the right sort of video recorder for the type of video that you intend to create.

If you want to record actual video footage then you’ll need a video camera – and something basic like a smartphone or digital camera should be good enough to get started. Alternatively you could look into screen capture (to record your screen).

Video editor

No video is going to be perfect when you first record it, and having an editor handy to help tweak and improve your video is essential. Nowadays there are numerous user-friendly editors out there that you can use,

and if you want there are even Android video editors such as Clip & Go that you could use. Some of the features that you will definitely need include cutting and joining video segments, adding audio tracks, and saving videos in different formats.

Plugins for blogging platforms

Blogging platforms such as WordPress tend to support a wide range of video plugins that will help make it easier for you to upload and publish the videos that you create. Some of these plugins may help you to embed videos more easily,

while others will help you to set up a streaming video player, adjust its design, improve the SEO metadata and so on.


Although not strictly ‘necessary’ to create and publish video content on a blog, using analytics is important if you want to make sure that your video content performs well. By tracking the views, time spent, and other important metrics involving your videos,

you will be able to figure out what types of videos are performing well and optimize the content that you create accordingly.

Assuming you get your hands on these four tools, you should be pretty decently set. After that it is just a question of coming up with ideas for video content that you feel would do well on your blog, and then positioning and using it so that you can really harness the potential that comes along with it.

How to Convert MS SQL Database into PostgreSQL

MS SQL and PostgreSQL are popular modern RDBMS that come with easy-to-use interface, powerful engine and wise range of administration tools.

When comparing these database management systems someone may find that MS SQL has more restrictive licensing and higher cost of ownership than PostgreSQL.
Convert MS SQL Database into PostgreSQL

This is the reason why many companies switch their databases from Microsoft SQL to PostgreSQL.

The process of database migration is divided into these steps:

Step 1 : Extract source table structures as data definition language (DDL) statements

Step 2 : Transform these DDL statements into the target format (remove MS SQL specific syntax patterns, replace square brackets around names by double quotes, etc)

Step 3 : Import the resulting statements into the destination database

Step 4 : Export MS SQL data into an intermediate storage such as csv files

Step 5 : Transform the data into PostgreSQL format and load it into the destination database (it can be done via COPY command)

Step 6 : Extract MS SQL stored procedures, triggers and views and triggers from source database as source code and SQL statements

Step 7 : Convert all those items into PostgreSQL format and load it into the database

This list may be considered as a proof that migrating database from MS SQL to PostgreSQL requires many efforts if doing it manually.

This tedious time-consuming task is connected with risk of data loss or corruption that caused by the human factor.These risks can be eliminated by using special software.

Intelligent Converters, a software development companyIntelligent Converters, a software development company specializing in database migration since 2001, produced one of such conversion tools. It is SQL to PostgreSQL converter combining easy-to-use interface with extremely high performance of reading and writing data sufficient for large database migration.

The program supports all versions of MS SQL and PostgreSQL and provides command line version in order to automate and to script the conversion process. Windows 2016 VPS

Other features:

1 . Filtering data via SELECT-queries. This option allows to select particular columns and records or transform the data.

2 . Option to merge or to synchronize existing PostgreSQL database with MS SQL data.

3 . Option to change name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column of table. This is custom type mapping dialog, it also allows to disable particular columns from conversion.

4 . Conversion setting can be stored into profile for next run.

5 . Once conversion settings are stored into profile, it is possible to run the program in batch mode via double-clicking on profile description (.m2p) file in Windows Explorer

6 . SQL to PostgreSQL converter provides option to export the data into SQL script for those cases where it is not possible to connect to PostgreSQL server.

Intelligent Converters provides unlimited support and 1 year subscription for updates for each software product. Free demo version that converts 50 records per table allow to evaluate capabilities of the product and decide if it fits particular needs of the company.

Different licensing options are designed to offer the most suitable solution for any customer ranged from individuals or small businesses to world’s largest corporations.

11 Tips & Techniques to Becoming an Instagram Rock Star!

The world is evolving rapidly with regards to internet and publicity. It is now easier than ever to connect with people globally, thanks to strategies from iDigic, promoting your brand just got easier.

Here are 11 key pointers to start you off on Instagram and help achieve the status of a networking Rockstar!

#1: Your Profile is Your Business Card

Use Instagram to Build a professional Image for yourself or your business. You will need to put an appropriate cover image, a brief bio about yourself/your business and an appropriate profile picture.

The most successful Instagramers tend to use more personal photos to spread an image of humanity and transparency.

An example can be seen below in Jamie Oliver’s Instagram account, where he markets himself as a professional celebrity chef as well as a loving father and family man.
Users like to know they are engaging with a human being rather than some cold corporation, when they view your account.

#2: It’s All About the Stories Behind the Pictures
Instagram works in pictures. Post Images that exude more of a personal touch, the feeling you wish your clients to receive when benefitting from your services or products.

Understanding the mindset of your target audience is very important here. Followers are not interested in seeing picture upon picture of your products, they want are using Instagram to be social and engage with other people and concepts.

Humanity is a recurring theme for your Instagram account.

Posting an adorable video of a kitten, for instance, will get you more likes and engagement than posting an image of the kitten food you are trying to sell.

#3: Use Instagram to Brand Yourself Visually
Brand yourself at every available opportunity by inserting your logo or brand as a watermark on the images you post. This starts to develop a connection with your name and can allow your followers to find you on more places than just Instagram, which will increase your social traffic.

However, don’t spam your products or services, rather include relevant information that followers can find out more about them (like a short link to your website). 

#4: Follow People Back To Build A Support Network. 
Engaging people is so important and should be your main priority! Not following users back that are beneficial to your brand’s cause is a waste of a great opportunity to accrue even more followers.

You help and support other brands and people when you follow them and they are more likely to follow you back. This is also the beginning to engaging with your audience, revealing to them that you are not just a static page.

You can also tag other people, taking full advantage of the social aspects of social media. Engagement is King.

#5: Trending Content Gets You Guaranteed Likes.
Find out current trends in your niche and secure instant likes in 2016. A good way to do this is to check out what has received the most likes that day or week on Instagram, as well as other photo-based social media platforms.

These include Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr as well as quite a few stock photo websites. You will need to post your own unique version of the same and engage your audience in your own way about the trends.
Copying outright is one way to sink your chances of success.

#6: Observe Your Statistics & Improve Your Strategy.
Use tools to monitor your successes or failures and then adapt your action plan with what consistently works. The best program recommended for Instagram in this regard is Iconosquare (previously called Statigram).

It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand this and it can be a great way to learn from mistakes.
#7: Using Hashtags is #VITAL.
There is no excuse for not using hashtags. If you don’t, your page or updates won’t be easily discovered and users will not be able to search the content you upload! 

It’s a good idea to search trending hashtags that are familiar to most users and apply them (where appropriate) to your posts.

A good suggestion if you have a longer than usual posting format, is to put your hashtags in the first comment of your image, allowing users to still find it and giving you more space for your posts brief body.

#8: Provide the Ice-Breaker for your Fans
Give your fans a way to engage in conversation, such as placing a question, an effective punchline or even a challenge in the written part of your post.

The image is the one part of the equation and being social is the other. Comments from users generate the ultimate engagement you could possibly want from Instagram and it keeps things interesting for the fans, who crave socializing.
#9: Occasionally Use Instagram to Make Announcements
Use photos to introduce promotions, upcoming events or announce something to your fans every now and then.

This keeps continuity with your brands concept, promotes engagement from your followers and can generate sales for you, provided you do not abuse this feature and spam. 

#10: Your Posts Should Be Short & Sweet, Something One Can Eat!
Keep your post’s written content as brief as possible and encourage your followers to find out more or engage with you about it.

Utilize short links that WORK (nothing more embarrassing than promoting a web link that doesn’t exist) and direct people to your site so they know where to find out more.

#11: Regular Posts Are King.
The trick here is to post regularly enough that your fans don’t forget about you, at the same time respecting people’s boundaries and not overloading their feeds with only your posts.

The last thing you want is to spread the image of a selfish Rockstar! Regular posts also are more likely to get your page noticed more frequently, being current in searches more often than old posts. 

There you have it, 11 tips and tricks to getting you on your way to Instagram Rock-stardom! 

5 Tips When Buying a Portable Battery Pack for Your Mobile Device

In the current advanced world, mobile phone becomes the necessary product for every person.
Of course,
These mobile phones are offered by the different kinds of the brands in the various designs and features.

So, people now show more interest in buying their favorite mobile phones.Apart from the calling, the mobile phones are used for the variety of the purpose like texting, internet surfing, playing games, capturing videos and photos and more.

So, there is a threat of reduced battery power, particularly in the smart phones.
Therefore, it is essential to buy the battery pack to increase your mobile phone’s battery life in the well effective way.

Let’s see some tips for buying the battery packs for your mobile phone in this article.

5 Tips When Buying a Portable Battery Pack for Your Mobile Device

5 tips to buy the battery pack

Whenever, you are looking for buying the best battery packs for maintaining your phone’s battery level, you should follow some essential things.

In that manner, you have to initially consider five important things and they are listed as follows.

1.You have to know the basic terms that are  needed for comparing all the brands of the battery packs

2.It is important to make sure that the battery you are going to buy should be durable enough to give long lasting feature.

3.You have to choose the best battery when you plan to carry with yourself anywhere.

4.The most important things that you have to focus are that making sure about the connection can match with your device.

5.It useful to keep an eye out for getting the features of the bonuses while buying.

All of these things should be essentially considered while buying the right battery pack for your mobile phone.

# Knowing the basic terms of the battery pack

It is important to have the knowledge about the battery packs terms, units and numbers. As the way, the capacity of the battery packs is always mentioned in the unit of mAh or milliampere-hour.

So, it is important to choose the battery pack that should have around the same capacity in mAh as the battery of the device you like to charge for getting full battery.

Furthermore, the output, which is known as the sped of the battery can recharge your device is mentioned as amps or A.  Here, it is better to get the battery with the higher output.

In fact, 1 amp output is common for the mobile phones and some other devices. Then, 2 amps can be suitable when you use it for the tablets or other larger devices.

# Choose the durable battery pack as per your usage

You definitely refuse to buy the battery pack which is made up of the easily breakable materials. When you carry this product often in your bag, the durability of your battery should be high.

Therefore, it is better to choose the battery pack which is manufactured using the strong material like aluminium.

As well as, the form and the design of the battery is also an essential thing to be focused while buying the right one. In that manner, if you are carrying this product often in your pocket, it is good to buy slimmer one.

Otherwise, if you carry the battery pack through your brief case or the backpack, then it is definitely effective to buy the larger one. Of course, larger sized battery can always give you the feature of enjoying extra features.

# Select the compatible battery pack with your device

On top of all these things, you should consider whether the particular battery pack is suitable for your device. It will definitely effective for avoiding the future problems after buying it.

Most of the external batteries that are offered today are available with the standard USB output and the built-in cables.

So, you have to analyze the working compatibility of the device before you buy the right battery pack.
Of course, some kinds of the battery packs are also available with the additional features and facilities like battery level indicators,

multiple output ports for different currents, flash light, hand warmer and more.

Therefore, you can also check these features before you are going to buy the best battery pack.