Google PlayService recently released new version 4.3.23. you are already see a notification in your file(see the blow image ) if your using old version of google play service. today I will show how to update google play service in last release version .procesing are pretty simple but I will find a lot of new developer’s don’t know how to  do it. that’s why I will show a simple tutorial to update google playservice 4.3.23

Update Notification 

Let’s Start :

  • In m2repository directory, m2repositorycomgoogleandroidgmsplay-services access play-service directory see all version here you will see 4.3.23 Directory 

If all are Ok then finally we change it
Open build.grade file change the flowing line

compile ''

to Change this blow

compile ''

Now we are Done! googleplayservice are now point to the latest version. 

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