In this article i will describe Version control configuration with Gradle Build Project . when you lunce your apps ready to lunce for user you will need genaret signed .apk file with apps version details . if you are not proper configure your apps version setting than google play store are not allow your apps in google store . so we need to correctly setting up version configure . in gradle build project have an easy way to do this in your apps .  For Example

Gradle Version Seting Up : 
First open your existing project in android studio >

Create  file in your root project. See flowing image


Now Open File  and insert flowing line to add


Than Open file add the flowing code insert the android{ insert here }

Now we need  signing Configuration   add flowing line here . Tips : please type code manually by using your hand not copy and past  than understand properly.
Now Need Setting Up Buildtype add flowing line here

Here my full file source file

Congratulations! You have done ! now Run You Apps See the signed .apk file with version .

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