Content today is all about catching the attention of the audience and so, bloggers are willing to do everything it takes in order to increase the number of views, likes, and shares of their posts.

Lucky for them, they don’t need to come up with something too extraordinary. Today, they can achieve all these goals simply by adding images and infographics to their posts.

Moreover, adding images and infographics can actually give you even more benefits. Want to find out what exactly are these benefits? Well, I will gladly tell you.

Here are 10 main reasons why you should consider adding images and infographics to your blog posts.


1.They look good.

When you add an image to the text, you make it more visually appealing (of course, only if this image is related to the text).

In order to achieve this result, you should choose only relevant images and pay attention to their quality as well as to their size so all of them look good and are neither too small nor too big.

2.Blog posts with images get more views.

People see many different blog posts every day but actually bother to view only a few of them. They usually decide whether or not they want to view a post based on a header image,

so if your post has one and if it looks good and catches attention, most likely, more people will read it.

3.Blog posts with images get more shares.

All bloggers care about social media promotion, since it is a great way to attract new readers. Statistic shows that if you want your blog posts to be shared more often, you should add images to them:

Posts with images are shared 37 percent more often than the ones without them.

4.Blog posts with images get more likes.

While people do spend a lot of time on social media, they don’t actually read and like everything they see there. They do not have much time to explore all the content offered to them and so,

They usually react mostly to images as this is one of those types of content that doesn’t take much time to see and understand. That is why your posts will get more likes if you add images to them (especially if they are funny, interesting, and nice to look at).

5.They are a perfect visual explanation.

This is especially important if you write something like a tutorial: you can use the images to explain your point further.

Moreover, it is better to see some things than to read a description, no matter how good it is, in order to understand it.

6.They help the readers to memorize your posts better.

When we were kids, our parents used to teach us things by showing us different pictures. This way, it was easier for us to memorize them. Well, actually, when we grow up,

Most of us don’t lose this skill – it’s still easier for us to remember something when we see not only text but also images.

Moreover, some types of visual content can be so good that they get stuck in your head for a long time. By choosing excellent images and infographics (or by creating them yourself), you will help your readers to remember your posts, as well as your blog, better.

7.They increase length of the posts.

Some might say that the quality of posts is more important than their length, and they will be right. However, while long posts might seem too complex to read, they seem more valuable at the same time.

When people see long posts (especially accompanied by images), they think that a blogger puts a lot of effort into creating content for their blog – and you probably would like to be a kind of blogger that makes such impression.

8.They make posts more professional and fun at the same time.

As mentioned above, posts accompanied by images look longer and much more serious. Moreover, they look more professional too as most of the professional bloggers have a habit of adding various images to their posts.

While posts with images do make such impression, you can also add images to your texts for a completely different purpose, for example, when you write a post that is very serious and you think that it could be hard for readers to comprehend.

In this case, images can be used for an entertaining purpose – they ease up the mood a bit and make the article easier to read.

9.They are entertaining.

You don’t have to insert jokes into your writing (especially if the text itself is serious) – you can use images for that. Some of them can add a bit of humor to the article or entertain the readers.

These days, even serious posts can be accompanied by funny images and still look nice (of course, if the images really fit the context).

10.They are a unique type of content.

Sometimes, it’s hard to create unique content. If you are experienced enough and have an extensive knowledge of your niche, you will be able to do so, but still, it would be hard to do this all the time.

That’s why if you want to offer something really fresh and new to your readers but aren’t able to come up with original topics at the time, infographics, as well as images, can become a perfect option for you.

Even though infographics rarely use 100 percent original data (usually people take it from various credible sources), it is still unique because you do all the visual work yourself. Such type of content is often shared because it’s useful, it looks amazing, and is valuable at the same time.

So, if you are having doubts about whether you should add images and infographics to your posts, the answer is definitely ‘yes’. Try it and see how it affects your blogging career in a positive way.

I wish you good luck with that!

Infographic Are So Important for Blogging
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