It’s no secret that social media is one of the best ways to brand yourself. Customers can find Facebook and Twitter pages for virtually every company they patronize.

But it’s not enough to solely have social media accounts for your business.

There are several mobile apps and strategies for Social Media Tools you can use to up your company’s marketing game. Make sure you check out the following tips:


Nobody wants to see their feed filled with 100 posts an hour from your company. Instead, stagger your posts throughout the day.

By using Hootsuite, you can schedule and keep track of your company’s social media pages in columns on one page. No longer will you have to flip through tens of browser tabs to post to and manage all of your accounts separately.

You can even add a Hootsuite plug-in to your browser, so you can post something quickly and fuss-free.

You can initially keep track of three accounts in the Free plan, but to include more pages, the Pro plan costs $9.99/month.


While this tool isn’t an app, it works similarly to Hootsuite, and it focuses solely on Twitter.

You can schedule tweets while keeping track of your notifications and messages, plus, you can follow certain hashtags and @mentions, too — all in one interface.

By adding more column features to your feed, you’ll be able to optimize your time management and social media presence.

And not only will it do that, but the service works in real-time — a definite must-have when improving your company’s marketing strategy online.

3Google Analytics

This awesome Google feature works on mobile and desktop. By simply typing in your website URL, you’ll be able to find up-to-the-minute changes about the amount of traffic coming to your site,

as well as access data regarding any aspect of your business.

Google also offers Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, which benefits companies such as Tinder or Snapchat.

Long links in posts can appear intimidating or overwhelming. They can also take up space in social networks with character limits *ahem* Twitter.

By using this free app and website, you can short links those YouTube clips and blog posts to a neat, shareable URL, making room for more content in your post.

After you’ve shared your link, you can also use to track its performance with your clients, family and friends.


One of the most fundamental elements of social media marketing is making sure people can find you. And if there are imposters out there, it’ll be much harder for potential clients and customers to reach you.

PlagSpotter, a web-based service, helps catch plagiarists trying to steal your content.

The site hosts 1,900 daily users and checks approximately 16,000 URLs every day.


These five apps are just the fuel you need to enter a fruitful and prosperous business adventure.

By using them, you’ll be sure to see your marketing results improve in no time.