Most of the people face this problem when install Google drive for windows 8./8.1. Besides, as I see windows 7 does not face this problem.

I will see many articles around the internet in this topic 80% are time waste article the article is only distributed a few toolbar software problems have totally hidden no solution.

Even a few toolbars creating a more big problem in your PC. personally, I will face this problem by flowing this type of article’s solution and finally, I will found the exact problem of why to show this error.

however it’s a small problem but I realize the problem then decides to convert this process be tutorials.

I hope these tutorials are helpful who face this problem. this is an administration permission problem. It is one simple step, that anyone can do, and the problem is solved permanently.

All you have to do to fix the Google Drive Python .dll Error is to tell Google Drive to run with Administrator permission. So let’s try

How to Fix (Fatal Error) Error Code 1114 in Google Drive

Error loading Python DLL

Error loading Python DLL:

Step 1: Find your shortcut to Google Drive, this can be in the Start Menu there is a shortcut[1] to Right Click [2] Open file location by opening Google Drive.

Error loading Python DLL

Step 2: Right-click on the Google Driver shortcut and  click Properties.

Error loading Python DLL

Step 3: Click on the Compatibility tab and at the bottom, Put a checkmark in the checkbox that says Run this program as an Administrator then press Apply then press OK.

Error loading Python DLL

Alternative Solution


When you first-time download google drives from google drive official site.

Open the folder where you can save googledrivesync.exe select the file and by installing the file Run as administration. That’s it


In last after complete the flowing step, you able to successfully run google drive without having the same problem. but when you first time you will run google drive maybe your drive show white screen taking a long time. this is not a major problem.

you will need to restart your windows and try again than see the google drive work properly. if you found another problem using google drive or face this problem again by doing this steep than you must know here.

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