If you want to good performance in your windows operating system.then you should need to regularly clean your system.

by cleaning your windows OS it really gives you better performance.

as I see many 3rd party cleaning tools are available on the internet.

but I suggest windows have built system cleaning tools .this tools are pretty easy to operate.

using these tools you can remove your browsing history windows others software temp file unnecessary temp or cache file.

Today In this article I’m going to show you how to clean windows system with windows clean up tools.

  • Step 1 : Select Computer > Properties
  • Step 2: Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools
  • Step 3 : Open disk clean-up
  • Step 4: Select the flowing file and folder a select Clean up system files
  • Step 5 : In this windows system will be Calculating…
  • Step 6: After complete system Calculating finally steep here you can select flowing remove file and folder than Click OK after click OK you will see message then select Delete File
  • Step 7: In last wait few min System now permanently clean the file when this process is running please turn off all of your browsers


In this article, I will talk only about windows cleaning tool’s. this the easiest process to clean in your system . every general user can able to do this.

advance process is available if you are windows advanced user then maybe you can try the advanced technology in your system.

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