If you are using online data backup service tools Google Drive & Dropbox. Why you are using both popular data backup service tools because you need to save your working data and also as per your need you can access your data file anywhere without having your Computer. But the question is can you think once.

if your computer or laptop will be loss or system crash then your data will be damage or handover any other hand.

However, you will get it’s from the online server later, but you need to wast a little time. One other thing in my mind. if your data are most important to you will save your credit card, bank account information store some secret codes will be stored on this drive. the flowing Google Drive and Dropbox are located in Drive [C] than Folder is located on your desktop. maybe sometimes you are not only using your personal computer.

Suddenly few guests is coming to your home or room. he wants to use your computer for a few moments .and you’re not saying NO or SORRY to using your personal computer.

You can now handover your PC to another’s hand. Now your tension will be the start You are really fully Unknown about this person. Who is he or she . he is your guest only.

why I’m making this topic because data thieve is a common problem on this day. most of the people are expert today .

you & I don’t know about other people knowledgeable Thief & hacker is always around us. So we need to alert.

I will share here one of my memorable moments about data Thieve .this story near about 7 years ago from today.

One of my neighbor’s Senior brothers as like Senior friend he is a medical student not much more knowledge about computers and the internet .

and for asking help I will train up about the internet. A few months later he will be a little expert. one day he tells me now he wants to be a hacker.
I say him it’s possible you need to more study & need to know better programming knowledge.

now the story is here. many times when he meets me at my house. he uses my Computer .

I don’t mind because He is my kind of senior close friend. why he will thief my data & information .

but my thinking is wrong in one day I can’t access my Paypal account. I’m worried about this who can do this. Then I have a doubt about this person.

I call him and ask he brothers can you access my Paypal account? he says YES. I’m Totally Confuse about this matter.

he says he successfully hacked my Paypal. he feeling proud of this matter.

Then I will ask Brothers Can you please Know me how to access my Paypal . as I know you don’t know the password and security question .so can you see or put the text file in my computer where I will write down my Paypal account details. he says YES.

the file he will put on my computer. Now I feel Angry and say him stupid this is not hacking this call thieve. you’re thief, not a hacker. So tell me How can we believe others for using your personal computer.

Maybe someone facing this type of accident around us every day . for my this type of thinking I will write down the article. In this article, I will disuse a very simple easy technique to highly secure our data.

if you are using windows 8,81 then see my other article on how to protect your driver with a password. Now after protecting your driver you can simply move your Google Drive & Dropbox to one of your protecting drive for example drive [E].

By doing this work, your Google drive & dropbox Data are fully secure with others. maybe you understand my think. Now Nobody can’t access your file system . your tension is 90% lees.let’s try the steep blow to move the drive’s

How to Move Google Drive

Click on the Google Drive icon in your system tray (usually bottom right of your Windows taskbar)
Choose Preferences

Move Google Drive & Dropbox Others Location To Save & Protect Data 1


Choose Disconnect account, your Drive will be disconnected but your files will stay on your PC

Move Google Drive & Dropbox Others Location To Save & Protect Data 2

Click on the Google Drive icon again
Sign in when asked, step through the set up until you reach screen 2 of 2 – then click Advanced setup

Move Google Drive & Dropbox Others Location To Save & Protect Data 3

Click Change to choose the folder name and location – if you choose an existing folder it must be empty

Move Google Drive & Dropbox Others Location To Save & Protect Data 4

Your files will now be re-synced down to your PC in this new location
Delete the old folder and files – if you want to.

How to move Dropbox

Using the Dropbox desktop application on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Click on the Dropbox icon from your system tray.
Click on the gear icon and select Preferences… from the menu.

Move Google Drive & Dropbox Others Location To Save & Protect Data 5

Click the Account tab.
Move the Dropbox folder location by selecting Move

Move Google Drive & Dropbox Others Location To Save & Protect Data 6

Select the new location for your Dropbox folder.
Let Dropbox move your folder and its contents to its new location.

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