Analytics & research is important to think if you raise a product in the market whatever real-world or virtual world it’s doest, not fact.

Basically, analytics gives all the proper data about your product.

In virtual life, Analytics has provided a ton of actionable metrics for all sizes of businesses.

It doesn’t fact which type of businesses. Analytics gives your working power you simply know about your market competition, see activity on how to perform your competitor.

For a corporate business label, if they launch a product in the market. the first thing they are hiring an expert person who analysis here new product. it also needs a big amount of money.

So the question is what solution for the small or personal business owner? YES you must-have a solution

Investing actual data for your product you will get a key to success for your product enhancing.

Today lot’s of web analysis service provider around us. few are professional limited data provide you for free. beside many are provided data fully for free of cost.

You obviously won’t use all of these tools at a time, but it’s helpful to know about some of the top options.

Also using various tools only gives you further levels of insight into your customers and your success rate.

One Min before Jumping  into the tools themselves, let’s start
how you exactly benefited with the tools.

The analytics tools is a three-tiered data delivery and analysis service for your businesses.

First is the data itself, as it measures the traffic, page views, clicks, bouncing rate, Behaviour and more for both your website and for your direct competition.

Second is what you do with that data, or how you are able to take the information gathered via these services and apply it to your customers, whether new or existing, to make their experience meaningful and better.

Number three-tier is how it all circles back together to meet your overarching business objectives, not just online but offline as well.

Google AnalyticsMy First Listed is google analytics. However, it’s a completely free service to generate full details statistic service about your visitor.

currently, almost every website uses google analytics.

You can simply know many think where your visitor coming, how many time stay here, what they’re doing on your site And many others think. google analytics code

Basically rank watch help you to improve your search engine optimization knowledge as very well.

If you thinking targeting keyword improve search ranking know about your competitor, backlink audit, also know how to perform your keyword in search all materials will be found on a simple dashboard.

RankWatch also has triggered emails that will notify you instantly when your rankings move up or down.

Wistia Video Analytics
If you making content in the video, then you should know about your video how many people click, play and watch your explainer video, online demo?

How many viewers actually dig your video? If all you did was upload videos on YouTube and Vimeo, you only get to know your subscriber count and the total number of views.

Video analytics is surprisingly rare given the popularity of videos online.

Wistia’s analytics helps you to figure out how long your viewers watch the video, and to what extent, and the number of times an individual watches the same video.



Zapbi tools provided e-commerce tracking solution. If you are interested to know how your product performance with your customer time to time this can help you lots.

It provides online retailers with data and metrics on displays, merchandising, loyalty programs, and physical POS terminals.

Store operation such as staffing, operating expense, store report and many more


In last if you think analysis the market with your product. the collecting tools are provided the best result for your research.

However, Still, you are using google analysis but think once is google analytics is enough for your business analysis?

It really depends on what you want to focus on most with your business and that’s what you need to analyze before digging into this process, but these cheap tools are a great place to start.