Web Developers Skills

To become a successful web developer, it is essential to have enough skills in this profession which will vary by company, but the overall skills for a web coder are the same.

In this article, we’re going to identify web developer skills and at the end, we’ll list out some online courses that can help you to improve your technical skills and knowledge. 

If you’re a beginner in tech and planning to start your career as a web developer, then it can be tough to figure out the must-have skills and knowledge.

From designing and developing to digital marketing, you must know everything that comes in. As a web developer, you must be skilled and dedicated enough to resolve critical tasks easily and produce effective results depending on your client’s requirements.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss what are the important and must-have skills to become a dedicated developer. So, without any further ado let’s get started!

Overview Of Web Developers

As we know that the web technologies are evolving into a new shape now and then. A web developer should be aware of the latest technology trends and technologies which are required to develop a website of today’s standards.

Before moving further on the skills of a developer, let’s learn what is a web developer, what are the web developer skills, 

what they do, and what is the difference between a web developer and a web designer.

Who Is A Web Developer?

According to the process of web development, a web developer is a person who writes code for developing web-based applications which can be accessed through the Internet.

These web applications and sites have special features and functionalities that the developer is responsible to create through his programming skills. 

The web development process consists of 2 main parts—Frontend web development and backend web development.

  • Frontend web development- The developer supporting the frontend section is known as a frontend web developer. They are responsible for developing and designing layouts and the main look of a website.
  • Backend web development- The developer supporting the backend section is known as the backend web developer. They are responsible for writing the main code of the program and building the framework to transfer data from web server to web browser as seen by the users.

A professional developer who is an expert in both frontend and backend development is known as a full-stack developer. 

What Does A Web Developer Do?

Also known as a web programmer, web coder, or web developer who is responsible for building a feature-rich website with high functionality and interactivity based on the vision of designers and other key roles.

As a web developer, your role is to make sure that the website functions correctly on various platforms whether it is desktop or mobile through testing.

Once your app is launched, a web developer updates it and maintains other tasks as necessary.

What Is The Difference Between A Web Developer And A Web Designer?

According to web development experts at TatvaSoft.com, the roles of frontend developers and backend developers are interconnected, their roles and responsibilities are also different in terms of required skills and duties. 

A web designer creates attractive elements of a site such as graphics, motions, and visuals. Using software like Photoshop for editing images is their key role.

The website designed by the designer is preferred by the web developer and according to that they make a functioning website from it. 

As we discussed earlier— a web developer is divided into two main sections – frontend developer and backend developer. 

A frontend developer focuses on providing amazing features and functions to attract the users and uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the visual part of a website. A frontend developer ensures that your website is designed perfectly.

Whereas a backend developer focuses on the main logic of the program that runs in a server.

However, it is essential that a web developer and web designer is skilled enough to handle their major sections of the development process and work to function properly.

What Skills Are Required To Become A Good Web Developer?

Keep An Eye On The Latest Technology Trends

With the increase in modern tools and techniques in the competitive market, a skilled web developer must be aware of the latest technology trends to be in the flow.

You can read blogs like Hacker News and Sitepoint to stay connected with the industry.

Joining seminars and conferences conducted by any web development expert is also a great idea since you can explore new ideas and insights. It is a good practice to visit a tech conference once a year to keep going with the flow and step out of your daily routine. 

Technical And Logical Coding Skills

To become a good web developer, you’ll require a variety of soft skills to create a perfect web app. If you’re a computer science student, who is planning to join a course to become a software developer, there are some technical and logical skills you need to have to become a skilled web programmer.

So, make sure that you’ve vast technical knowledge and know-how to implement various tools and techniques coming out in the market.

It is not important to have vast experience in technical fields, if you’re a newbie programmer with in-depth technical and logical skills then you’re capable enough to become a web developer.

But if you’ve ever worked as a web developer in the past, then there are chances that you’re preferred by the company. 

Communication Skills

One of the most important skills for every job is “Communication”. You must communicate well with your team members and effectively develop a perfect web application.

The web development team consists of designers, developers, and testers who are responsible to provide desired results by interacting with each other and consider communication with a high sense of priority. It is a fact that coding is very hard to grasp if you’re a non-tech or non-developer.

So, it is your responsibility to make other people understand what you’re working on and what are your technical problems. 

Should You Need To Know About Graphic Design To Become A Perfect Web Developer?

As discussed earlier, the concepts of web development and web design are different and require different skills. So, if you’re planning to become skilled in computer science, then coding should be your main focus.

The skills that a graphic designer consists of are UI and considered a bonus point for a frontend developer. 

Learn From Web Development Courses

Here is the list of online web development courses with certificates that will help you to expand your knowledge and become a skilled web developer.

Course NameOffered ByLevel
Introduction to web developmentUniversity of California, DavisBeginner
HTML, CSS, JavaScript for web developersJohns Hopkins UniversityMixed
Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & CodingUniversity of Michigan Beginner
Getting Started With Application DevelopmentGoogle CloudIntermediate
Web Design: Strategy and Information ArchitectureCalifornia Institute of the Arts
Web Application Development: Basic ConceptsUniversity of New MexicoMixed
Code Yourself! An Introduction to ProgrammingThe University of EdinburghBeginner
Responsive Website Development and DesignGoldsmith, University of LondonBeginner
Front-End Web Development with ReactThe Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyIntermediate
How To Create a Website in a Weekend! (Project-Centered Course)The State University of NewyorkMixed

Final Thoughts

In closure, these kinds of soft skills are mandatory for web development and to become a successful web developer that every business requires.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the latest technology trends to stay ahead of the competition and try to attend technical conferences, learn from the development courses with a certificate, read the news, and always try to improve your skills.

Keep exploring your overall professionalism, skill, and always find the way to a new career in the most innovative field. Hopefully, this blog is useful to become a skilled web developer and explore future possibilities.

Cheers to your new web development journey and keep coding!

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