As we stepped into the digital era organizations that are widespread globally leveraged video conferencing to connect with remote employees. With the unforeseen emergence of COVID-19, a rapid increase in the number of virtual events & online meetings has been witnessed. 

Due to the restrictions imposed on public gatherings and traveling, events scheduled up for the coming months got canceled completely. Businesses have made the move to take the events online to connect with global delegates, attendees, and remote employees seamlessly.

An increase in the usage of online meeting software and virtual events platforms has been recorded in 2020. 

Virtual Meeting software

In uncertain challenging times like today, businesses are heavily relying on virtual meeting platforms to keep the business running. It helps them to connect, network, and exchange information seamlessly.

Today virtual conferencing and virtual meetings have become a part of every industry to keep running smoothly.

What is virtual conferencing or virtual meetings?

A meeting that is held between two or more people over the internet on a virtual meeting platform is known as virtual conferencing or meeting. It allows people to connect and network in real-time in a virtual environment without being physically present at the location.

Virtual video conferencing enables participants to tune in from their respective remote locations from the comfort of their own space.

Attendees can access the meeting or a virtual conference via any device or browser.

We have listed top virtual meeting platforms that might help your business.

Have a look!

Top virtual meeting platforms

1Zoom meeting

Zoom meeting is one of the famous online meeting software used by many businesses to organize virtual meetings and conferences. It enables participants to share screens, documents, and have one-on-one chats via live chat functionality.

Zoom meeting software allows users to organize united meetings each of 40 minutes.


Skype is one of the most famous and well-known platforms for video conferencing. The platform allows you to connect with one or a group of people at a time.

It is being used by many businesses to conduct virtual conferences,


GoToMeeting is a brilliant virtual meeting platform used by businesses to organize meetings with a large group of people. The platform can host up to 100 people at a time.

The chat functionality offered by the platform enables participants to exchange messages in real-time.


Dreamcast is the top leading virtual meeting platform that enables organizations to organize virtual conferencing without any audience cap. The platform offers live chat functionality that enables participants to interact in real-time via live audio/video/keyboard chats.

The engaging features offered by the platform enables the presenter to organize live polls, surveys, Q&A to gain attendee insight.

Apart from it, the platform offers other features such as whiteboard, live streaming, desktop sharing, document sharing, data tracking, and so on for seamless execution.

The platform enables you to host any type of virtual event right from the meeting, conference, trade shows, exhibition, product demos, job fairs, and so on.

5Google hangouts

Everyone can use google hangouts who use google as it is already installed in google tools. It is a free virtual meeting platform that enables one to connect with other participants via instant messaging or phone calls.


Slack is such an online meeting software that allows team members to network with remote employees through its reliable messaging capabilities.

7Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is counted amongst the best virtual meeting platform that is utilized by many associations.

It offers various features right from messaging, screen sharing, video chat functionality to customize digital rooms to match the brand image.

8Google meetup

Google meetup is an improvised version of google hangout. It enables organizations to conduct team meetings with an assigned dial number.

Thus ensuring the virtual conferences and meetings remain private.


Apple users are well versed in this brilliant feature. It is not only used for connecting with friends but can also be used for meeting purposes.

The feature enables the user to conduct a virtual meeting with up to 32 participants.


As the name suggests, online meeting software is free of cost. It enables businesses to conduct meetings with remote team members.

The platform offers tools for making calls, desktop sharing, messaging, and so on.


ON24 is one of the best platforms that enable marketers to organize interactive webinars and conferences.

The platform offers the ability to organize live polls, surveys, etc for engagement and to gain attendees insight. The platform facilitates you to record conferences in multiple takes.


Join.Me virtual meeting platform allows the users to change the URL links as per their liking. The platform enables users to select the background they wish to display during virtual meetings.


Another platform to host virtual meetings or virtual conferences. HighFive does not require any password to access the online meeting.

The participants can wait in a meeting room in a digital environment until they are allowed in a meeting by the host.

14ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is another online meeting software that is free for up to 100 users. The platform offers various features such as whiteboard, screen sharing, document sharing along with live audio/video/keyboard chat functionalities.

The platform is compatible with every device and browser.

15Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing is another browser-based virtual meeting platform utilized by businesses for conducting virtual meetings and conferences.


LiveWebinar is one of the versatile platforms for hosting online events right from webinars, virtual conferences, summits, and more. It does not require any downloads and plugins to get started with the event.

It offers ample features starting from whiteboards, chat features, polls, screen sharing, breakout rooms, and so on for a smooth online conference.


Vfairs is one of the most used virtual meeting platforms for conducting online meetings with remote workforce or global delegates.

The platform enables participants to interact in real-time via live chats.

18RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral Meetings is a virtual meeting platform that offers a free plan to its users.

The platform only offers local recordings and does not allow sharing with outside users.

19Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Same as other virtual meeting platforms, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center enables users to organize meetings online with remote team members.


The platform is utilized for online teaching. But it can even be utilized for organizing business seminars or virtual conferences.

The platform enables users to share desktop screens, video and audio, messages, notes, and so on.


ClickMeeting is a virtual meeting platform that offers seamless features that are easy to use. The platform enables you to customize digital meeting rooms.

It offers a list of other features as well for the seamless execution of online meetings and conferences.

22Zoho meeting

Zoho meetings is a well-known online meeting software. It enables participants from any geographic location to be a part of a virtual meeting.

The platform offers various features such as screen sharing, display tools, etc. that help in running a smooth online meeting.


6Connex is another virtual platform that enables you to host a virtual conference in a safe and secure virtual environment.

The features offered by the platform enables you to exchange information with remote participants in real-time.


The platform uses cloud-based technology and hosts the end number of virtual events every year.

It can be utilized for hosting virtual meetings and conferences for businesses.


Pexip is one of the greatest virtual meeting platforms utilized by businesses to conduct online meetings.

The platform enables users to hold online meetings on various cloud services.

Final Word

During the times of social distancing caused due to global pandemic, virtual meeting platforms & online meeting software has prevented many businesses from dipping down into the ocean.

Communication is the key to run any business successfully. In these uncertain times, virtual meeting platforms come as an aid that helps businesses to stay connected and network with remote workforce and global delegates.