Extensions for JavaScript Developers 

Nowadays, all developers have a clear idea of choosing the configurations and code editors.   Some of us have spent endless hours on different extensions for configuring, a code editor and switching forth and back within code editors. All these together will create the best development environment.

Without any doubt, Visual Studio is the most famous lightweight code editor. It attacks heavily from various code editors like Atom and Sublime Text. It became prevalent because of its stability and performance. Along with this, it offers much-needed features like intelli-sense, which are available only in full-sized IDE like Visual Studio and Eclipse.

The VS Code receives the most favorable response from the marketplace. We should be thankful to the wonderful open-source community, now the VS code editor is ready for every framework, programming language, and development technology. It supports the library or framework in various ways, which mainly include Intellisense, syntax highlighting, snippets, and emmet features.

A considerable number of extensions are made for VS Code. In this article, I’m going to list the top 10 VS Code Extensions for JavaScript.


1. Browser Extensions 

While we are writing a console program in Javascript, we execute script code within a browser. It means we frequently refresh the page to see the updates of code changes. Here are some tools in the market, which significantly reduce the development time of an iteration process and avoid manual interaction.
Chrome Debugger: Javascript can be easily debugged in Chrome browser by placing breakpoints inside the editor.
VS Code Extensions
Live Server: For static and dynamic pages we use a local development server with the feature of live reload
VS Code Extensions
Source: vscode-chrome-debugvscode-live-server
PHP Server: It is used for testing the javascript code on the client side only

Rest Client: Rest Client is a replacement for a CURL program or browser to test the REST API endpoints. We can set up this tool to collaboratively run HTTP requests right inside the editor.

2. Prettier

Many developers are very familiar with Prettier, and It doesn’t require much introduction. Before turned into the VS Code extension, Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. If we need code Prettier, we should install the convenient small extension[pun unintended].

3. ESLint 

ESLint is one of the most popular javascript linters, and later it turns into the VS Code extension. Already if you are running ESLint in your project, then you should add the extension for getting good results. Adding this extension, it does some extent of work for you.

4. GitLens

In VS Code extensions GitLens is one of the most powerful and useful. It provides features like code authorship, recent changes, blame, history, activity heatmaps, etc. If you are looking to work on any repository with multiple contributors, then you should choose this.

5. Snippet Extension

While we are installing the snippet extension, it comes with many inbuilt snippets for Typescript and Javascript this snippet will write the repetitive code very quickly through these inbuilt snippets are not insufficient so we can create your own very easily. Otherwise, we can add an extension that includes a bunch of helpful modern snippets.

Following are the most popular snippet extensions for Javascript. We are adding these extensions for the sake of simplicity. 

ES6 Snippet in StandardJS style
ES6 Snippet
JavaScript Snippet
Atom JavaScript Snippet

6. Quokka.js

Quokka.js is coming under the debugging category, and it is very flexible for TypeScript and JavaScript. It executes your code very quickly as we type and exhibits many results in your code editor. Whereas many developers are very familiar with Quokka.js for its prototyping, debugging, and testing. But some developers feel that Quokka.js is not perfectly good it has some distractions. But still, most of the developers work with Quokka.js.
VS Code Extensions

7. Fira Code

Fira code is one of the most popular programming fonts with the unique feature of ligature we can scan the code very quickly. It takes several steps for setting up the editorial font, but it’s not difficult at all. Developers want to make their code more impressive or look a bit bitter then choose the comparison operators which worth it.
VS Code Extensions

8. Babel JavaScript 

When we install the VS Code, Babel JavaScript should be there in the first place, and it feels like something. It allows React, JSX and ES201x syntax. Which I believe is most of the people are flexible to work with all kinds of modern web applications may not look much at the beginning. Though does it make a difference in the long term.
VS Code Extensions

9. One Dark Pro 

One Dark Pro fetches Atom’s one dark iconic theme to VS Code. Most of the developers feel it is less straining themes and more polite. It could be installed very soon when we transfer to the VS Code from Atoms. We know it is a personal preference, but the VS Code has a fistful of decent themes you should try it.
VS Code Extensions

10. Import Cost 

Import Cost is one of the best extensions for the high size modules and packages that we import into your app. This is the best way to provide the size of your application packages as small as possible!
VS Code Extensions


VS Code becomes very popular because it has a vast number of extensions. It never is easy to write a good java code script so that we can overcome this with the above-discussed extensions. Extensions such as ESLint is useful to avoid common mistakes.

Whereas the other extensions such as browser extensions help debug the code very quickly. For importing the modules, the Intellisense feature is beneficial. By using all of these tools, developers make the iteration process very quickly. I hope the above extensions could help you in your workflow.

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