It is a well-known fact that with 1.4 billion active Android Devices in the world, Android dominates the smartphone market with 82% of global market share.

Be it smartphones, tablets and other devices, the availability of Android is everywhere. With its rivals including iOS and Windows, it is getting a tough competition.

However, Android still lead the race with a huge reach to its users.

Such amazing numbers can tempt anyone, especially those who are aspirant android developers and see themselves as the expert developers of the industry in the near future.

To build a progressive career in this arena, there are some vital reasons why people are embracing android development, let’s go through a few reasons:

1Enlarging Market of Android

As mentioned above, despite the constant competition from its rivals the growth of android has got a faster speed. Getting an app developed for Android platform increases your chances to reach to a larger audience, and thus it boosts the possibility to get recognized in the market.

Currently, more than a 104 million Android devices have been sold, which could all run the application designed by you.

This is something all the aspirant android developers must pay attention to. It is noteworthy that India is considered to be the third quickest growing mobile application market across the globe.

By the end of 2016, mobile connections in India are expected to cross 900 million and most of the users will be using smartphones. As per the surveys, the average time spent by an Indian mobile user is about 52 minutes per day.

2Cross-Platform Competence

People who are already getting applications done for any other mobile platform, it is going to be a huge opportunity for them to distribute your app to Android’s ever-increasing market.

Using the Android SDK, you can easily move your app and grow at a greater rate.

3A Convenient Platform for All

Being an open source platform, it makes things much easier for developers and this is the best part of this platform.

A number of electronic manufacturers including Samsung, HTC and Asus have got access to the code which makes it much convenient for them to use it in their smartphones.

As IDC revealed, the worldwide share of Android in smartphones is going to achieve new figures in 2016.

As time passes, Android devices are getting more affordable and efficient, thus the size of the market is expected to get a boost.

This reaches to the extent where various versions of Android itself have been introduced through companies like Cyanogen which brought in the market Cyanogen mod.

4Academic Viewpoint

If we look at it from the academic perspective, putting yourself in the learning of Android app development can prove to be a completely new programming paradigm, no matter you come with a prior knowledge about programming or mobile development. Y

ou can seek help from a number of tutorials available online and learn programming step-by-step effectively.

Other than this, real-time project oriented training is always preferred over the conventional class-room training.

You can look for the companies that offer an opportunity to get the association of a few experienced professionals and participate in executing projects.

Therefore, hands-on experience in android app development will be provided to you which will boost your confidence to do well in the industry.

5Have a Broader Mind Set

Android Play Store has only some restrictions in contrary to Apple’s iTune Store.

This means that in android app development any aspirant developer can develop anything of his choice without being worried about the restrictions.

Although, these instructions sometimes prove to be advantageous but development without much restrictions provide complete freedom to create anything for your app.

6Career Scope

This is one of the vital points to observe that with the ever-increasing demand of Android in the market, the opportunities for android app developers have increased.

Moreover, they will remain in demand for a long time. They can also opt for the alternative of freelancing after the completion of their course.

If you give services to a company as a dedicated resource, the starting salary of an android mobile app developer is approx 3-5 lakh annually.

For Android App Development the required Skill Set is the following:

  • Efficiency in C, C++, Objective C, Java and Android SDK
  • Good logical aptitude and the ability to understand the requirement of a client
  • Overall, such instances prove that learning the development of app for one of the well-known mobile
    platforms will surely take your career to new heights.

7Revenue Model

Not many of us know that in Google Play Store the costliest app is Abu Moo collection app for $200. This might seem weird to some of our readers, but this is true.

This app is especially built for rich users. However, this is a fact that Google permits developers to charge their apps in the Google Play Store even at such lofty prices makes it pretty rewarding.

Let’s suppose that you are building an app for about $1 and you put it on Google Play Store from where more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated every day. Just imagine how much will you earn even only 1% of the total Android users download your app? An android app developer can earn through Ad-revenue as well where Google pays in exchange for placing ads in the app.


The ever increasing android mobile app development industry is not just creating requirements for the developers, but also for professionals with other skill-sets too including Software Testers as well as Quality Assurance professionals.

The developed apps require thorough testing for quality, user-friendliness and perfection.

There could be many other reasons to embrace android app development as a career and constant learning, keen observation, creativity and hard work are some of the keys to establish yourself as an efficient android app developer.