To say that businesses at present are demanding is quite an understatement.  Industries undeniably have their backs against a wall every time a new competitor with potential comes in the scene. This trend has been going on for so long ever since the onset of the digital age.

Now that business entities have the power to reach their audience through social media, veteran companies are pressed with how they could keep their reputation and services ahead of their game.

A big blow of this challenge is experienced by employees who are directly involved with operations. They are those who work directly on field and do the legwork for the company they work for. A fine solution to this issue has been the usage of productivity app for salespeople.

Using these advanced tools, tedious works like filing documents and collecting data from different sources have been made easier. Below are some of the more specific ways on how mobile tools, especially applications increase one’s productivity.

1File or document sync

One of the most notorious things that take up workers’ time is the collection and arrangement of files for specific tasks. With mobile apps like Evernote, projects saved via phone can easily be synced to the online or desktop version of the app.

2Bulk action capability

Another advantage of these mobile tools is the ability to perform bulk action at once. This in turn saves time from having to manually do it one at a time.  One good example would be the email apps like TypeApp. Instead of individually opening different emails to send messages, the app allows you to register all existing emails – personal or business, and open each of them in just one click.
Clustering messages according to sender or topic makes your transactions even easier.


Who doesn’t want portability? Given the demanding nature of work in this digital age, having something that you can bring anywhere minus the hassles of space and weight is vital. Whether you’re on board a cab or waiting for your meal to be served, mobile tools help you stay connected with ongoing projects or tasks you wish to be updated of.

4Wide sharing option

A lot of industries outsource workers or hire people who are based overseas for convenience or cost reduction. Either ways, this requires sharing of data online. Using mobile apps is a popular solution for breaching the gap of multi-platform sharing and paving the way for faster and more efficient working transactions.

5Customized monitoring, tracking and scheduling

Managing different tasks requires efficient schedule and planning. One can’t simply jump from one project to another and expect them to be finished on time. Various mobile apps like Vender provides an easy means for salespeople to monitor their individual transactions with prospect clients and schedule appointments that would give them enough time to plan.


At present, there are lots of different apps available both in Google Play and Apple Store so there’s no reason why you can’t automate some of your tasks to favor more breathing time.
Explore mobile app options online and get the best options on board your phone!