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Beautiful shapely booty, it’s the ultimate dream for every woman! But without a booty band workout it’s not possible today. In fitness, many exercises allow you to work the booty and thighs to form your shape and make it more toned. 

But what you need to know is that these exercises work even better when balanced with a booty band!

But why are booty bands so effective? where to find them? How to choose them? And above all, how to use them? 

Here are all the answers to these questions to flow our booty band workout guide to finally get your dream butt!

booty band workout

Why is booty band workout so useful? 

Whether it’s approaching summer or not, it is quite normal to try to make your straight line more fit! And for that, the first impulse is always to try to eliminate unsightly curves while making certain parts of your body both firmer and more toned. And that’s great, exactly what booty band is capable of doing! And especially to build your tapered legs and a concrete butt!


Without going into too much technical detail, elastic bands help better target important muscles like the glutes, for example, in very specific exercises, of course. 

Without them, movements like squats and side raises are ultimately less effective, and you will need to do a lot more to achieve satisfactory results!

If booty bands are almost essential for a muscular botty, it is because they provide looped resistance when performing the exercise and therefore require a little more effort! 

But it’s for a good cause, you’ll see! The results will appear faster! Also, with their still affordable price, booty band are the solution with the best price/efficiency ratio. 

They also have one last advantage, and one of the sizes that can be used at home! No need to train at the gym, you will be able to sculpt your dream booty right at home!

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 1

They also have one last advantage, and one of the sizes that can be used at home! No need to train at the gym, you will be able to sculpt your dream booty right at home!

Which booty band to choose?

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 2

Victorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands Set

Victorem resistance hip booty bands are specifically designed for glutes, the legs and buttocks! Unlike traditional elastics for sport and bodybuilding,

They have a length that is much more suitable for lower body exercises: they are very easily slipped around the thighs or calves, and their size allows them to adapt to all body types. 

It is even here a set of 3 elastic bands of different sizes and resistance bands So there is no need for you to be afraid of not being “sporty” enough to use them: the mini band band loop are also suitable for all levels and all physical conditions!

For example, you can start with exercises with the widest elastic band, before continuing a few weeks later with the medium elastic and then finish with the shorter band. It will allow you to continue to progress and never lose sight of your main goal, more solid buttocks! 

These booty bands are color-coded, which makes their use even easier, and they have been optimally designed. For example, they are wide enough not to roll up on themselves when performing the exercises, and they will, therefore, not distract you in your efforts!

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6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 3

Our choice of the most effective 6 booty band workout!

Because without the right exercises, your booty bands will not be of much use! Here is our selection of the best rubber band exercises to give you some training ideas,

Those that perfectly target the buttocks and thighs for a top shape!

Step 1: Banded walk

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 4

Position your elastic band above your knees or around your ankles. Bend your knees slightly (about 1/4 squat) and place your hands on your hips. – Your hands can also be placed at chest level or in front of you.

Then take shuffled steps outwards, with steps the width of your shoulders!

For a complete crab walking exercise, we recommend that you take 3 chasing steps to the right, followed by 3 chasing steps to the left to come back to the same place and repeat this sequence 20 times.

For full effectiveness, you need to exert constant pressure on the elastic band: it should not be too loose. Also, avoid being too leaning forward, and if you stay, sheathed throughout the sequence, even better!

Step 2: Kickbacks

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 5

Place your elastic around your ankles or above your left knee. – Preferably hold onto a support. – You can also place your hands on your hips or chest. – Send your right leg back as far as possible. 

Return your left foot to the initial position but without touching the ground. Repeat the movement with the same leg before changing legs bent!

For these kickbacks, some details are important. 

For example, you should keep your legs straight as much as possible to work only on the glutes. The back should also stay straight, with good cladding. 

And the range of motion doesn’t have to be huge for the exercise to be effective: the band needs to be always under tension.

Regarding the repetitions, we recommend doing 20 movements in a row for the first leg before moving on to the second!

Step 3: Side elevations

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 6

Position your elastic band above your knees. – Space your feet at the width of your hips. – Place your hands on your hip width, or grab support, so you don’t lose your balance. 

Lift your right leg outward, keeping it straight. – Return to the initial position and start again before continuing with the other leg!

Side raises, or hip extensions, can also be done on the floor, and the movement is then the same. 

For this exercise, we also recommend opting for 20 repetitions for each leg. These 20 repetitions must be really hard to achieve, even if it means choosing a band more resistant than the one you usually use!

For every exercise, you should also make sure to keep your back straight and to contract your core as much as possible. 

You will benefit a lot by making it work simultaneously with your legs: better posture every day, less pain in the back, etc.

Step 4: Clams

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 7

Place your elastic above your knees. – Lie on your side with your hands on the floor. 

Bend your legs to bring your feet as close as possible to your buttocks. – Then, raise the top knee as far as possible (90 ° maximum) while keeping the feet together. 

Return to the starting position and repeat before changing sides!

It clams are also great for building the glutes, and on top of that, they can be made even more effective. For example, you can push your fixed leg towards the floor simultaneously as you raise your knee. 

It is also a version of the clams with the feet slightly raised, that is to say, at the lift your hips’ level. But this movement is rather reserved for those whose athletic abilities are already superior! And again, we recommend 20 reps on each side!

Step 5: Donkey kicks

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 8

Position your elastic band above your knees. – Kneel and put your hands on the floor as well. – Bring your left leg back, keeping the knee bent.

Stay in this position for a few seconds, if possible. – Bring the leg back to the plank position, repeat the movement, then change legs!

This donkey kick exercise works best on the glutes when the leg up position is maintained for a few seconds to contract the targeted muscles! You should know that you can also opt for a different placement of the elastic to bring an additional difficulty:

one end is put around the ankle while the other is placed in the middle of the foot’s arch that will s ‘raise. And as with all of the exercises featured here, we recommend 20 repetitions of each leg’s movement!

Step 6: Squat jumps

6 Booty Band Workout To Build Attractive Booty 9

Place your elastic at your thighs. – Spread your feet to the width of your pelvis. – 

Get down into a squat position, bending your knees as much as possible. 

Go back up energetically by pushing on your heels. – Perform a jump to complete the exercise. – Land by putting your feet at the width of the pool and start again!

The whole point of the squat jump compared to the classic squat is its explosiveness! The band also does not limit yourself to the body’s weight and will allow you to firm and muscle your legs more effectively.

With sets of 20, concrete buttocks are also guaranteed after a few sessions!