As far as Android mobile apps are concerned, we can estimate the popularity of their reach with the fact that a larger portion of OS platform shared by Android; therefore access to android apps to users is more prominent.

A few years ago, what entirely revolutionized the OS structure is the support to hand-held devices and Android was the one which made it possible. This exceptional operating system kicked off its journey with the release of the Android alpha back in 2007;

However, its first commercial version was rolled out in 2008. Right from the first version, Alpha to the latest Marshmallow, Android Operating System has gone through many stages of development throughout its long journey and it has always flaunted some outstanding features that have really taken the user experience to the next level.

How you can develop android app? (Hire android developer)

Enterprises, no matter small or big, consider the proliferation of hand-held devices a perfect platform to reach their targeted audience easily and pitch their services, deals, offers etc. to connect with their customers and get business. As a business holder, if you are looking forward to get an android app developed which can help you boost your business then, first of all, you must create a set of requirements/features/characteristics/services that you want your business app should depict or deliver.

Android App Developer

Then, you can avail the service of a skilled android app developer, which can ensure you get cutting-edge solutions to all your app queries and requirements. The best and most preferable method to be followed to hire a proficient android app developer is that you can contact various development service providers and pick the best suitable one as per you distinct requirements.

Skills of an Android Developer
Mobile application development process is a set of methods used in programming applications and software. However, what distinguishes it from web development is its requirement to serve various purposes. So, to cater to all the requirements and build an app that best serve its purpose; a developer has to be the owner of a set of skills and proficiency.
Following are the major skills that you, as an employer, must look for in an Android app developer:

1. Learning
Attaining a degree or diploma in Computer Science and any other course will not make you a developer; it can only establish a platform for you to build your own future. Understanding of the requirements, execute the planning and the touch of creativity are some of the major assets carried by a skillful developer.

2. Knowledge of Latest Technology
An android app developer must keep himself updated with the latest trend and technologies so that he can create cutting-edge apps that best serve the purpose of creating them. Moreover, being updated boosts your confidence and helps you, especially when you have to work on an exotic project.

3. Working with APIs
In the past a few years, the entire work method for app development has been changed and employers now want their developers work with their own API or some other third party API. The major APIs can be JSON/REST APIs, though XML/SOAP etc.

4. Back-end Skills
Sometimes, app developers are asked whether they contribute on the back-end of their system or not? This is one of the toughest jobs to add this skill to your profile, especially when you are at the initial phase of your stint.

There can be many other skills that are really required to be an efficient android app developer, however, the key note here is-you must always remember the basic concept of programming.

Online Resources of Android Development

Android is an open-source platform and this clearly shows that its use can be expanded to multi-levels and it has no barrier of entry. This paves the way for new developers who have just kicked off their journey as a developer. Following are a few best online Android development platforms from where you can learn the ABC of Android Mobile app development:

Android Developer
This is the official page developed by Google and it has all the documentation you will need to learn app development. On this page, you get training guides and documentation for design and distribution if you have interest in those topics.

This has an amazing collection of free Android tutorials that cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics. The major attraction of this platform is that each tutorial is very well written and offers exceptional code examples and links to other resources that help you understand the topic.

My Life with Android
This is a huge platform, which is run by Gabor Pellar and My Life with Android feature his experiences with Android Development. Despite being a good resource, it may have errors because the guideline you see here is in the form of a diary-writing style and while reading you feel like some is penning down the thoughts as he is learning development.

On Technotalkative, you find free tutorials that are full of easy to understand methods. These tutorials cover specific facets of Android app development and target to offer in-depth answers to specific questions.

The New Boston
On this platform, you will see that things are done differently. You would love it if you are more of a visual person. You would love it even if you watch tutorials in a video format. With the facility to offer a number of free video tutorials, you will have a clear idea and intuitive approach towards Android development after viewing this massive collection.

What make android developer outstanding from others android developer (personal skills)?

Most of the employers, at present, look for employees that have to qualities-One, they should be passionate and second, they are motivated. It is only passion that makes you work for 15 hours and still you do not feel like taking rest at all. It is only passion that mountaineers win peak after peaks. Similarly, when it comes to app development your passionate approach will play a key role.

Association and Interaction
Establishing collaboration with a team is very essential and you, as an android developer, have to be the master of the art. You can measure its significance with the fact that even being only the sole member of a project, you will have to initiate the communication with your colleagues, you never know they might have face similar challenges in their projects you have been facing currently and it may help you a little.

This skill is accompanied by communication; however, it carries the potential to live out as a standalone skill. In the ever expanding economies, writing is getting more and more essential. Therefore, it has to be ensured that you are comfortable interacting via written text.

Android app development is a vast ocean and you if you find yourself capable enough to sail through successfully by being an android app developer then things can go pretty favorable for you. Developing the right set of skills, keep yourself updated and being innovative are some of the major characteristics that establish you as a successful android app developer in the market.

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