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There is no doubt that ink cartridges for printers are expensive. To some, they cost up to two or three times more than the cost of a single ink cartridge. It makes it difficult for many people to go out and buy ink cartridge refill. On top of that, ink cartridges can be very difficult to find in reasonable quantities, especially if you are looking to replace your printer ink cartridges regularly. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive ink cartridges, there are a few good alternatives to inkjet printer ink cartridges that can save you money and help you conserve ink.

Some inkjet ink cartridges for printers use the same ink as regular ink cartridges. These inkjet ink cartridges are available at most ink refill stations, such as office supply stores and ink distributors. However, inkjet ink is only suitable for printing text. For projects that require photo quality, you need to use inkjet ink with an ink-to-paper transfer system.

If you are looking to replace ink cartridges for printers that don’t have inkjet ink, other options can reduce ink’s cost. In addition to using ink cartridges that replace regular ink, you can also save money by buying inkjet refills instead of buying inkjet ink. 

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Best Ink Cartridges For Printers – Buying Guides 

While original ink cartridges perform better than compatible cartridges, they also cost more, especially for the compatible ink cartridges for printers can be more advantageous if you consider the following criteria.


Unable to work as it should with a compatibility issue. Usually, an error message is displayed on the device if one exists. Both the printer does not work at all, or it does not achieve its usual performance—the reason why there is some essential information to consider before buying your compatible ink cartridges for printers.

The manufacturer should present product compatibility. Check whether it is suitable for your Canon, Epson, or HP printer. That’s not all. The reference of it matters a lot. Added to this is the number of slots available. Some devices are quite limited with only two places, while others have up to 5, depending on the number of colors supported.

Printing performance

The print quality is less useful than with an original cartridge. Only those offered by compatible devices can be satisfied with a lower buying price. In addition to the number of colors available, they may be less clear on some models.

The same goes for rendering in general. You can opt for a single color, black and white, or a difference of other modes to optimize your work’s visual appearance. Quality is coupled with speed to assess cartridge performance properly—the faster and better.


There are generally two types of formats: the standard and the large structure presented in XL or XXL. This second variety offers a higher capacity in terms of the number of prints because it has more ink. However, be sure to check the print quality provided, although this information is not 100% accurate. It is just a fix to the cartridge packaging for information.

At the same time, the cost of use is controlled with this model. I prefer this one for regular use. It will allow you to achieve more savings. You may waste the cartridge if you only use it occasionally. In this case, it is better to turn to a standard tool.

The service life

The life of a cartridge is reflected in its long-term performance. The more it is used, the shorter its longevity. Therefore, the frequency of use influences this model. Also, take into description the nature of the documents to be printed. Those who are too loaded with colors, fat, and grays consume more.

Both ways, there are a few tips to help you preserve the initial life of your cartridge. Apart from the maintenance times, know that it does not support high temperature and too bright light.

Regular ink or Color ink

The ink delivered in the cartridge is split into two categories: regular ink and color ink. The first is compatible with all printers, whatever the brand, the same for the model. The flip side is that it is more deficient in quality, except for black and white prints. That is why it is sold at an affordable price. What should avoid universal ink if you are doing a large print volume.

The second ink is more expensive but also more significant. It shows excellent resistance to water. Not to mention that the colors are more durable with this type of ink. However, it would be best if you were prepared for a possible clogging of the printhead. Maintenance well done is essential here.

Types of Ink Cartridges For Printers

In addition to compatible cartridges, you can find remanufactured cartridges on the market, engaging in some instances.

Generic ink Cartridges

Generic ink Cartridges

The compatible cartridge is also called a generic cartridge. More affordable, it offers a lower cost of printing in the long run. It is exciting if we focus mainly on the price. It uses the same principle as the original cartridge to adapt to your Canon, Epson, or HP printer. Offered in new condition. However, it is not reusable. Although, the choices are immense if you go for these cartridges.

Remanufactured cartridge

It has the same shape as an original cartridge, both inside and out. Some of its components are replaceable, and others are not if they are still in good condition. You can have the same performance as that offered by your printer brand with the remanufactured cartridge.

Remanufactured cartridge

The most significant advantage of the latter is that it uses more than once. It pollutes the environment less as a result. These models are none other than those which have been used before and then refurbished. Manufacturers load them with ink so that they can sell them at a reduced price afterward. However, the process used may deteriorate the printer over time.

Compatible Cartridge or Original Cartridge?

Compatible Cartridge

As discussed above, the compatible cartridge does not have the same brand as the printer. Its most significant advantage is that it is cheaper. Despite this affordability, its performance is acceptable. It manages to offer you a printing capacity suitable for regular and professional use. Imagine that the savings it allows are 30 to 90% in terms of the purchase price and the cost of printing.

Original Cartridge

The original cartridge is sure to give you the most optimal performance. Resellers of your printer’s brand offer it, that is to say, either Canon, or Espon, or HP. You cannot be disappointed with this model. However, you have to prepare almost the price of the printer to get one.


If your goal is to save money, go without hesitation to the compatible cartridge. You will have a perfect result by respecting the buying as mentioned above criteria. The original cartridge is a significant investment, especially if you plan to use it intensively.


  • What are the best compatible Canon, Epson, and HP ink cartridges?

The best compatible Canon, Epson, and HP ink cartridges depending on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products around.

  • Is it a good idea to use compatible cartridges?

Compatible cartridges are not inherently wrong. However, you may be unlucky to run into the wrong model. Whatever happens, this is not likely to happen if you have taken into account all the factors influencing its performance.

  • Is print quality reduced with compatible cartridges?

Not necessarily. It all depends on the build quality of your compatible cartridge. Make a range of all of its characteristics before deciding.

  • Is the ink cartridge the same as a toner?

The ink cartridge uses ink, as the name suggests. It is thus used on an inkjet printer. Toner is used to power a laser printer.

  • How do I install a replacement cartridge?

It depends on the model. If it is a manufactured cartridge, it uses the same principle as that delivered with the printer at the time of purchase. It is with a compatible cartridge that you may encounter some difficulties. However, that doesn’t mean you should fail, as the difference is often minimal when you lean into it.


  • Completely clean the cartridge to save the life of the printer
  • Be careful with printhead cartridges
  • Check whether the ink supply is empty
  • Don’t waste ink
  • Don’t throw away your empty cartridges


If you’re considering buying ink cartridges for printers that don’t have inkjet ink, you might also want to consider purchasing ink cartridges that offer a significant discount.

Printer ink cartridges typically cost about the same amount of money per cartridge as inkjet ink cartridges do. By buying ink cartridges in sets of more than one color ink, you can save a significant amount of money on printing supplies over time.

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