Best Chromebook Games For Kids

As a parent, finding the best Chromebook games for kids can be difficult. There are so many to choose from! We’ve done some research and put together this guide of top picks from all ages. 

You will find everything from educational games to multiplayer games that your whole family will enjoy playing together! 

Best of all, these Chromebook Games For Kids work on any computer with an internet connection- no need for downloading or installing anything special! 

Which Chromebook games are the best for kids?

Chromebooks are lightweight, low-cost laptops with a touch screen. They’re easy and inexpensive to buy (starting around $200), affordable to maintain, and they come with all the functionality of any other computer. Now, what you might be wondering is how to entertain your kids on such a device? 

Put play games! There is no need for expensive gaming equipment; use the screen. And here’s where it gets perfect — there is more than one game that will keep them occupied for hours on end. 

The following list features some of the best Chromebook Game apps available: Car Race Industries LLC has felt that it has played an essential role in contributing to skill improvement.

Why should I buy a Chromebook for my kids?

Chromebooks are more secure because they use Google accounts to log in and operate, so children cannot cause unwanted changes outside the internet browser. 

And not only will they be able to log in with their user name and password, but also with an intuitive app if they have saved their phone number on Google!

Plus, there are all sorts of fun games for elementary school-aged kids. Try Photoscape or Pixlr Editor (pretty advanced photo editing software!) or Sea Star Run – a vehicle side-scrolling game. 

These won’t cost a thing because Chromebooks come fully loaded with loads of educational games- just like schoolwork online is free for K-12 students, so too are the games at the play store free for all Chromebook owners. The

Is it safe to let my kid play online games on their Chromebooks? 

Of course! There are a ton of safe and enjoyable games available on the Chromebook store. Kids can play Scrabble, Free Cell, Solitaire, or any one of the many Lego games. 

And for those kids who like a little more competition in their games, there’s both Quizoid and Face It HD to go toe-to-toe with friends and family over some trivia questions.

The Chrome Web Store also offers some great apps to increase learning – from ABC Typing Tutor to Khan Academy Graphing – your kid will be swiping and tapping away with skills that will make them more intelligent than you in no time at all. Like it says on Chrome Web Store: “Play More Games.”

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Launching Angry Birds on mobile devices is an exercise in pure nostalgia. As you start to play, it’s evident that the game has lost none of its charms over the years and still retains its classic addictive gameplay with a modern twist. 

All of your favorite levels are intact but appeared fresh through some new additions like dynamic backgrounds and brand-new characters! It’s easy to team up with friends or play solo as you try to master each level by collecting coins, shattering every last piece of glass, bypassing agility course challenges with flying colors.


  • Keep your flock on their toes with a new daily challenge each day.
  • Join or create a clan that suits you and plays alongside friends to take down the pigs together! 
  • Compete against other players for some friendly bird flinging fun and prove who is the best. 
  • Collect hats with different themes that will help level up your flock’s fashion game. Hat features include theme, type of hat, how many feathers it takes to craft it, whether it’s seasonal/limited time only, etc.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope fuses several genres in one to create something new and genuinely innovative. The carefully crafted animation brings life to Om Nom, a little green monster with a big appetite. 

Join Om Nom on his journey with quirky characters, point-and-click gameplay mixed with physics puzzles, an original score that blends classical music traditions and contemporary flavors. 100 hours of content in 17 boxes wrapped up by gorgeous HD graphics and piles of delicious sweets as far as the eye can see.


  • Easy to learn but hard to master level design 
  • Released on a variety of platforms 
  • Innovative gameplay features that challenge players’ logic and reasoning skills 
  • An interactive, playful environment with quirky animations

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is the worldwide smash hit game that has entertained players for years. Take your skills to the next level with Classic, Zen, and Arcade mode. Relive all those slicing memories as you swipe an endless supply of juicy fruit into perfect slices! Fruit Ninja now includes some bonuses for a healthy lifestyle: 

Features include double scoring, frenzy, and freeze bananas that give you rewards in chunks of time; plus, bombs are removed from Classic Mode so you can play it endlessly without frustration or stress. Fruit Ninja invites everyone’s potential fingertips – from five-year-old kids, coders, techies, competitive gamers, and pros alike – to experience the hype!

Fruit Ninja ranges from manageable levels loved by little kids up to impossible challenges designed with hardcore.


  • Relive stressful memories of slicing fruit
  • Get double points, frenzy mode, and freeze bananas while playing
  • Bombs are removed in Classic Mode for endless gameplay
  • Fruit Ninja invites the fingers from 5-year-old kids to adults

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Don’t stop your craving for sweet action with Candy Crush Saga. Be sure to have a friend like you who doesn’t let his or her sweet tooth get satisfied by anything less than the candy-crush of life!

In this free puzzle game, you can pass the time and challenge yourself by completing tasks. And if that wasn’t enough, you get rewarded with rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos on every level!

Boosters power up sugar rushes for lots of winning moments before it’s back to work again. Play now on Droid4X!


  • 100+ levels of challenging puzzles are added every two weeks
  • Play through a variety of modes, including Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients, and Order Mode
  • Daily challenges give players rewards upon completion. 
  • Check back daily to spin the Daily Booster Wheel and receive free tasty rewards.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a playable action-strategy adventure game with tons of zombies for you to meet, greet and defeat. Collect your favorite lawn legends like Sunflower and Peashooter with tons of new plants such as Splice Bean or Lava Guava. 

Try to conquer all the blubs while defending against hordes of zombies. There are hundreds of different plant combinations, so make sure you wear out those thumbs creating PVP monsters!


  • A lot of game modes to choose from and hundreds of plants to experiment with
  • Hours of content, campaign mode is 20 hours long
  • Replacement for games like Pokemon GO that have died down in popularity
  • It’s much easier and cheaper than going to a video arcade


Whether you are searching for Chromebook games for kids or just a way to keep your children entertained during long car rides, these few suggestions should have something that will be perfect!

With so many options out there, it cannot be easy picking the suitable game. We hope our list has helped narrow down some of the choices and that we’ve given you some new ideas to explore too. 

If not, let us know in the comments below what kind of Chromebook games for kids would interest you- we love hearing from readers!

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