Are you passionate about writing? If yes then you probably would have thought of starting your own blog. Or you might already have done so but find it a bit tough perhaps? Well, if that is the case then imagine yourself going camping in the forest.

Naturally, different questions would come to your mind such as who will you inform if you are heading out alone?

What equipment would be necessary for you to bring along to your journey? What would you do in case of an emergency?

You will obviously be planning everything beforehand you set out on this big adventure. And if for some reason you are not able to sort things out accordingly then you can come with solutions as the issues come forth. Launching your first blog is similar to this.

You are only equipped with a few tools and are expected to escape the wild by making the right choices. So, if you have started a blog and are figuring out how to find your audience then consider the following tips. 

1. SEO Is Important 

So, you are sharing one content post after another but aren’t getting the traffic that you expected to receive? What could be the problem here?

One word, SEO! What is it, you might be wondering?

Well, it is an umbrella term that consists of various principles and techniques to increase your website’s visibility in Google’s SERP. The higher you rank on the search result, the more traffic you would get.

Therefore, it is recommended that you take some time out and learn more about it in order to make your content SEO-friendly. 

2. Don’t Undermine the Importance of Tools

If you are running a blog yourself then tools will be of absolute necessity to you. They can take the burden off of your shoulders and make your lives a tad bit easier.

There are multiple tools that you can use to perform various activities. Some of them are as follows

  • Typeform: You can use this to create surveys 
  • Buzzsumo: This tool can allow you to search for keywords
  • Revive Old Post: It can enable you to automatically share a past post 
  • Canva: This tool would let you create custom images for your blog post

You can get these tools from the web. They will allow you to make the blogging processes really simple for you. 

3. Use the Power of Social Media 

Truth be told, it would take a lot of time for the search engine to direct traffic to your blog. Why? Well because SEO is an organic process. This means that it can only get you results gradually.

So, in order to make your blog more organically visible, you should consider using the power of social media.

There are millions of people who use different social media platforms daily. So, create super cool profiles of your blog and implement all the latest strategies and trends to attract a following.

You can then engage with your audience by posting engaging content. 

4. Prefer Quality Over Quantity 

Always remember to prefer quality over quantity. Because let’s face it, no one is going to read a blog post if it isn’t good. It won’t help you much if you just focus on the quantity of the posts.

When thinking about what to write, always remember to pick a topic that your audience will be interested in.

Also, make sure that you write the content in a simple language so that everyone can understand.

Moreover, look for quality backlinks as it will help your blog rank better on Google. 

5. Monitor Your Traffic 

Once you have created a successful blog and are getting a decent amount of traffic to your site then the next step is to monitor it. This is because you need to know from where you are gaining visitors. Plus, it will help you know the reason if the traffic starts to decline.

There are many tools available that will help you track the traffic. One common tool that almost everyone uses is Google Analytics.

It has a user-friendly interface and can give you detailed insights into the traffic your website is receiving. 


Although all of these five tips are valuable, the most important of them all is to subscribe to a decent internet connection. After all, you need it to make sure that your blog is performing well.

When I launched my blog, I checked different Spectrum offers before opting for their internet service.

So, if you are deciding to pursue your passion for writing, make sure to subscribe to an ISP that offers a decent connection. 

All the best with your blogging career!  

Affiliate Disclaimer : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.