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There are countless reports stating MacBooks as the second-highest preference for business purposes and developers who cannot compromise on their work processes.

As per reports, more than 29.2% of developers prefer to go with macOS rather than any other operating system. With time, the number is expected to accelerate to an ever-growing height. 

If you are someone who is doubtful about whether to go for a MacBook or not.

Here are some reasons for helping you wave off the dilemma. 

  • Safe – It may interest you to know that Gartner IT released a report stating that almost every IT organization spends around $2000 to $2300 on every PC to secure it from unwanted malware practices. Whereas on the other hand, MacBooks do not have to deal with such obstacles as it remains absolutely safe from malware. However, MacBooks users can still strengthen the security of their machines using smart antivirus software. Plus, MacBooks are quite cheaper to maintain. 
  • Compatible with Apple devices – Whether you agree with this or not, but the Apple market is still dominating the smartphones, tablets, and laptops market to a considerable extent. Despite being a bit more expensive than the other devices available in the market, a high majority of people find Apple as an ideal brand for gadgets often used in the corporate sector. If you already own a MacBook, it’s quite easier for you to sync or connect with other Apple devices for a seamless work process. 
  • Amazing support software – This is one of the biggest reasons why the number of Apple gadget users are increasing. At present, there are more than 1.4 billion active users of Apple throughout the world which says a lot about its amazing fleet of devices. Apple offers software, app or complete support for each type of OS device issue. One of the biggest examples of this is JAMF, which is used at SupportMyMac to support the Apple systems. This comes with a line of neatly and thoughtfully designed features to ensure the seamless running of all IT features in it. 
  • Record screen option – The corporate sector often demands professionals to undergo a virtual meeting or presentation. If we talk about the IT sector, people often have to create presentations having product illustrating videos to stand out from the crowd. Here, MacBooks can prove to be of great help. MacBooks come with a unique feature to record the video and audio effects without compromising on the quality of the recorded screen. The screen record on Mac is an appealing feature to help you simplify your presentations and other projects. For instance, – your organization has developed new software, and the client is asking for a quick overview. You can use screen recording on Mac to showcase the detailed working of the software. In case you are doubtful about how to use it, here are some quick steps to do it. 
  1. Get an app from the Apple store like Capto. Download and install it on the MacBook. 
  2. Launch the app and click on the ‘record’ button. In case you can’t find this app, you can go for other similar options as well. 
  3. Check the boxes for audio and video to capture video with quality audio features as well. 
  4. If required, you can even choose to record the video with the FaceTime camera feature. For this, set up the recording time duration, and don’t forget to hide the files stored on the desktop. 
  5. Click on the ‘record’ button to get started. 
  6. Once the video recording is done, click on the red button from the menu bar or press Shift + Command + Esc.
  7. The recorded video can be edited if required using other software installed on the MacBook. 

Data security

No matter how updated or feature-enriched Windows you are accessing, you would need to secure it with antivirus software all the time. But guess what, that’s not the case with MacBook users. MacBooks come with a fully intact system safeguarding them from all sorts of malware practices.

Therefore, MacBooks can be managed or accessed without having security software installed. Here, all you would require is to update the operating system version to keep it upgraded with all the security and other aspects. 

Key takeaways

Be it the performance at blazing speed or countless useful features; there are numerous reasons for people to hop on MacBooks more than any other laptop type. Being the choice of more than 100 million users all over the world, MacBooks holds many leverages to be used as your corporate buddy. 

It can be quite useful for the people who do have not much time to spend on the computer but is still used full-time. If you are looking for a laptop that suits your need, MacBook is one of those laptops on which you can rely.

It’s available in different sizes and form factors, so you can choose the one that suits your needs according to the type of laptop you need. The best laptop brands for the Budget-Friendly Users That being said, budget-friendly laptops are those laptops that are very affordable,

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