Is your WordPress site load time worrying you?

Do you want to hasten your WP website? Then, you should read this post, we will explain to you some of the important things that can help in reducing the site load time.

Developing a site is not enough for boosting productivity. You need to follow some of the tricks that can help speed up the site on the different browsers.

From the SEO perspective, WP speed plays an important role, as a faster site quickly engages more visitors and increases ROI.

According to the research, 48% of visitors expect a web page to load within 2 seconds and around 60% of visitors will leave a page that takes more than 4 seconds to load.

Thus, it becomes necessary to speed up the WP site to conceive more benefits out of it.

In this blog, we will show the 8 quick fixes that can help you speed up your website’s loading time that includes:

    1. Finding out the plugins that are slowing down your site;
    2. Automatically compressing images, Web Pages, JavaScript and CSS files;
    3. Keeping the site’s database safe and clean

But before discussing major fixes, it is important to accurately plot the foundation of a site.

If you are hosting your website on a slow-moving server, then fixes won’t work. Thus, you need to fix the foundations first to achieve the desired outcomes.

Always Choose a Good Host: It is important for you to choose a reliable and reputed web hosting company because it can affect your site’s speed.

A bad hosting company or a hosting package can slow down your site’s speed. If you want to improve your site’s load time, then choose a good Web hosting company.

Select an Engaging and Well-Coded Theme: Some of the WP themes are fast and well-structured while, others are slow and not properly coded.

Thus, while choosing a theme, you can check the page speed of the theme’s demo.

Utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network hosts your files all around the network of servers across the World.

For example, if a web user from South Africa visits your site, then he/she would download files from the nearest server.

It is because your bandwidth is networked across several servers and the load time on a single server is automatically reduced.

Let’s discuss 8 fixes to improvise the WP site’s load time quickly and conveniently.

1. Pick Out Plugins That Are Slowing Down Your Site

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 1

P3 is one of the popular plugins that creates a profile of your WordPress site’s plugins performance by calculating their impact on your site’s load time.

It allows the owner or developer to find out such plugins that are slowing down your site.

After identifying the culprit plugins, you can decide whether to keep such plugins or replace them or to remove them from the site.

2. Compact Your Website

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 2

You can reduce the total size of your files by compressing them on your computer as a Zip file.

By doing so, you can easily and quickly send the Zip files to anyone. GZIP performs the same task but with your Website page files.

After installing Gzip files, it automatically contracts your site’s files as ZIP files, by saving bandwidth and generously speeds up page-loading times.

When a visitor lands on your website, then their browser will automatically unzip the files. Through this process, the content transmits from the server to the browser in more efficient way and also saves a lot of time.

3. Compact Images

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 3

A is one of the popular plugins that automatically compact images as you upload them to the media library.

In fact, you won’t observe the difference in the quality of images as all compression is “lossless”.

4. Compress CSS and JavaScript Files

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 4

When you install more than a handful of plugins, then your site might links to 10 to 20 individual style sheets and JavaScript files on every page.

It is important to keep all JavaScript into one JS file and all CSS into one CSS file as it can save a lot of time and you can manage these files more efficiently.

One of the great plugins known as Better WordPress Minify will compress all of your style sheets and JS files into one.

5. Clean up Your Database

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 5

Most often, your database gets filled with the thousands of post revisions, pingbacks, trackbacks and trashed items.

And it is necessary to clear up the database to improvise the speed of the site- load time.

With the help of the WP-Optimize plugin, you can clear out your database and store only necessary files. But before doing this, always back up your first.

6. Switch off Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 6

You can modify other blogs by using the WordPress pingbacks and trackbacks method.

In addition, they can decrease the speed of a web page.

You can switch them off under the Discussion tab in Settings.

7. Determine Image Dimensions

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 7

Being a website owner, you need to decide how to put the content around the images to make it more engaging and interesting.

But without knowing the actual size of these images, the browser has to find it out, causing it to perform the task effectively and efficiently.

Detailing image dimensions saves the browser from having to follow this step and also speeding thing up.

8. Transfer CSS to the Top and JS to the Bottom

Things Which Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website 8

It is always better to link to your style sheets close to the top of the page, as browsers won’t render a page before rendering the CSS files.

While, JS should be close to the bottom of the footer, as it saves the browser from parsing anything after until it has uploaded completely.

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