Do you ever wonder how some people amass those millions of subscribers for their blogs? Thousands of good bloggers give up on their passion because they just do not seem to get the numbers of subscribers that make their blogging worth their time.

The 6 Types of Posts That Can Increase Your Subscriber Base 1

There is no reason to give up yet, we’ve listed the 6 types of posts that can increase your subscriber base and smile all the way to the bank.

1) Tell People How To
Almost everybody looks for information on how to do something once in a while. An area that has massive potential for this type of post is the education sector. Many students do not know how to do certain stuff: like essay writing.

Check out an example of the type of post that readers are looking for on this post on the EssayHub Blog. If you look at this post, you will notice that it is useful without being too long. The other great thing about the post is that it is not just academic, it also gives examples.

2) Lists of Useful Resources
People that visit blogs are usually looking for something useful. This is the reason why lists of useful resources are very popular with readers. These lists could be anything useful really:

write about places in a particular area that people can visit and what they need to take with them or tell them how they can accomplish something such as going back to school when they are much older.

 Ensure that you are giving unique useful information, not the kind of stuff that has been written about one million times already.

3) Tell Them How Not To
We all love to learn about how things went wrong and the reasons behind it. This could be because we are naturally curious or maybe it could just be that we do not want to repeat the same mistakes ourselves.

When writing this type of post, be honest about the reasons why you failed and remember to include the lessons that you learned from that failure. Look at an example of what we are talking about on this Forbes post about how Apple first failed before it became successful.

4) Be Controversial
So, everybody in your area thinks that someone is a hero but you know that this is just because this particular individual is managing perceptions well and there are some things they are hiding? Write a post exposing those things. Create an alternative interpretation of the situation and get people to start looking at a topic from a different angle.

However, it is important for you not to just create controversy for the sake of it: get your facts right. You want to be controversial but still maintain your integrity with your readers. While this type of post can make you lose readers, it can also be a great way of bonding with and gaining others.

5) Analyze a Situation
Many people lack both the time and skill to analyze and think deeply about what a certain piece of news means in practice. For example, if you hear in the news that the country in which you live has just gone into a recession, create a blog post about the practical implications of this information for an ordinary person in the street.

Do not just end with giving an analysis, predict what you think is going to happen next. If you have taken your time to research well and listened to what the experts are saying, you are likely to get things right and you will soon be the go-to person for information.

6) Expose Shady Stuff
So you have a friend who works for a particular supermarket and they have told you that the supermarket changes the sell by dates on their frozen chickens and put them back in the refrigerators pretending that this is new stock?

Write an exposé about this and see the reaction. Or maybe it’s that winemaker who lies about the age of their wines and then sells them for massive amounts. This could make a great story that could get readers flocking to your site. Again, ensure that you verify your information before you publish.

Remember, the answer lies in quality posts and not in quantity. Check your facts always. The more you use the tips we suggest above, the more you get used to them and soon you will be applying them unconsciously.

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