Bike Cleaning Kit

Cycling sure is a fun experience, and to ensure you enjoy such uninterrupted times on your bike, it is vital that time cleaning and care must be prioritized. But only because the bicycle is a self-starter vehicle and comes minus the motor, gear, and engine.

This doesn’t mean you can substitute a dedicated bike cleaning gel or wash with your leftover detergent or shampoo! Players like Morgan Blue in Australia and other such contemporaries have a wide range of bike cleaning essentials and tools to make cleaning bikes hassle-free yet effective.

You can opt for a ready-made cleaning kit from the market or handpick the best products for your bike and make your kit. Nonetheless, irrespective of what you choose, make sure your cleaning kit has the five essentials listed below:

Bike Wash

You cannot imagine a bike cleaning kit without a basic bike wash. So this one must go in first into your shopping cart or list. A good bike wash works well to get rid of the stubborn dirt, dust, salt, and other particles stuck to your bike and make the entire bike cleaning process much easier.

Chain Cleaner

While a bike wash works to remove the overall dirt and dust from the bike’s body, cleaning the chain may not be entirely adequate.

Since bike wash does not work on greasy substances, you’re going to need a dedicated chain cleaner to work wonders with your bike chain.

The best part is chain cleaners dry out very quickly, so you don’t have to be worried about any leftover residues post-cleaning.

Bike Cleaner

Specially designed bike cleaners work to degrease the bike and remove any leftover gunk. So while you may think that a bike wash would suffice, you need a bike cleaner to clean out every single bit of scrap attached to your bike.

Hence bike cleaners are also known as degreasers for this very purpose.

Bike Cleaning Gloves, Sponges & Brush:

You weren’t planning on cleaning your bike to the t with those fingers, were you? It would be convenient if you had a good mix of cleaning gloves, different kinds of brushes, and a set of good sponges for your cleaning products to work well on your bike.

Try and keep a variety of cleaning tools like claw brushes, soft washing brushes, and detailing brushes so that you safeguard yourself from chemicals and let the tools do their thing the best.

Do not forget a decent microfiber cloth too.

Chain Lube

Your bike cleaning kit is incomplete without a chain lube. Since chain cleaner already eliminates dirt and particles attached to your bike chain, chain lubes work to minimize the friction between plates and pins of the chain.

It ensures a seamless cycling experience as a lube protects your bicycle from corrosion which is detrimental to your bike’s durability.

Now that you do have a fair knowledge of how each bike cleaning product works, do not fall into the lure of substandard and at-home products.

Check out portals like Morgan Blue in Australia to know more about bike cleaning tools, processes, and specialized products.

You could also gather more in-depth information about general bike care and maintenance to understand better the pre and post steps related to bike cleaning.


We hope that you found this blog post informative and helpful. If you are looking for a bike cleaning kit, we offer a variety of options on our website. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

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