Local link building is important for penetrating the local market. Now, most people go for sites which have increased domain authority thinking that those sites can attract consumers leading to their sites.

But it is not true all the time and this strategy has a higher chance of becoming a failure. Traditional link builders most of the times go for these increased domain authority sites but you will get better results if you rather go for a low domain authority sites.

The sites that actually provide good articles and information, is the site that actually people look for and feel inclined to click on.

Discount offers:

We, all love special discounts. So, my first link building tips is to give discounts to the alumni of few popular local universities. The first hurdle is to make a page that will explain the discount offers and the rest is quite easy.

Once you are done with your page, try to reach out for the alumni pages and groups. You can also offer discounts for military personnel but that requires much more efforts and links as well.


Secondly, the local meetups comes. It is easy to find them. Just go to the Meetup.com and at first look for the local groups that share same interest with your business. You can also look for other local communities.

Then all you need to do is to offer them to take your place as the venue. And if the group is not searching for a venue, then you can as well be their sponsor and offer them some refreshments. Moreover, this will not cost you much, by spending 50-100 dollars; you can get a great result.

Throwing parties:

Or you can get into a larger picture. Invite all the people of the local community into a party and this will also lead a way into their heart.

Building up a resource page:

Creating a resource page for the local businesses is also helpful in making business links and if the information is found to be useful in the local communities, the people will come to know about your website as well as they will be benefited through the information.

Utilizing relationships:

If your business with the local community has been for a while then try to utilize the relationships with the locals for the growth of your business.

local links in 2016

Important local personnel:

Interviewing the local figures can also lead you to know about some great local links. For example, playing golf with someone important like the city council or going to the church with the mayor etc.

Finding local bloggers:

Local bloggers can act as the building brick, so try to find and relate with them. They can make the networking easy for you by writing about your business.

Getting Awards:

Engaging your business with the local awards can direct you to many links. At first find the type of local awards that your business is eligible for and try to keep yours in the nominated list and definitely being the winner can push up your business.

Getting enlisted:

Most of the cities usually have their own directories, so do not forget to get your business enlisted in there.

Sponsoring league teams:

Sponsoring small league teams can cost you less whereas giving excellent link building opportunities.
These link building tips can help to make your business flourish quickly, so let’s get started.

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