There are good watches from many different countries. Japan is a country in the Asia part of the world known for its technology and its ability to make quality watches. It makes many suitable and quality watches.

They make good watches that are of high quality. They have reduced the monopoly that the Swiss had on the production of watches.

Japanese brands have always been innovative and improved their craft. Here are some of the best Japanese watch brands and what they offer.

List Of Japanese Wrist Watch Brands

Grand Seiko

Japanese watches are different from Swiss watches. Japanese watches are cheaper than Swiss ones, but they are just as good and reliable.

This watch Grand Seiko watches is not powered by a movement that beats at 19,800 BPH like the Rolex Datejust. It is powered by a Hi-Beat movement that beats at 36,000 BPH.

It does not have silicon in it. Its high-frequency escapements and long power reserves are some of its good parts. Some of its watches, like SBGR057, allow users to quickly see two different time zones due to its 4th GMT hand.

The screen on this watch is black and white. It does not have colors. This means that it is easy to read. The watch is from Japan and has a lot of history behind it.


Most people know this company for their calculators. But did you know they also make watches? These are Japanese watches with 50-meter resistance to water. The last 7 years! If you ever find yourself in the dark, be rest assured that it has a LED light.

They are not as expensive as Swiss watches. They were pioneers of quartz crystal watches. The G-shock watches became a mainstay among users during sporting seasons and events because they are reliable and durable.

Hollywood stars like Keanu Reeves wore it in the 90’s. In 1991, it became the first watch to move into the smartwatch category and market. It is undoubtedly the best outdoor digital watch.


These Japanese watches are of high quality. It is one of those watches that a wristwatch user should look at. It doesn’t cost too much, even though celebrities like Kelly Clarkson want to use it.

This watch is resistant to water for 330 feet. It has features like a day and night calendar. The case is made of stainless steel that has been brushed and polished.

Citizen watches are powered by light and do not need a battery. The last 18 years with no problem. Citizen also has another good watch made from titanium, which makes sure that it does not get scratched or rust.

The watch Citizens Men’s Eco-Drive Nighthawk has a bracelet with stainless steel links. It is like regular bracelets, but it never runs out of power because there will be a warning when the battery is low.


This Japanese watch is good. It has high-quality products, but it is still cheap. The parts of the watch are made of anti-corrosive stainless steel and have water resistance. You can use the watch for a long time because it lasts for 40+ hours.

Ray’s diving watch is rubber. This means it will not break when in water. The watches are designed to withstand the pressure of 200m. Other countries should take notice and not underestimate the Japanese people who make these watches.


The Credor is a type of watch made by Seiko but its name comes from the French word meaning “ultimate of gold”. It originally used to be made with precious materials like gold, but now it is made with stainless steel. It can be water-resistant up to 100 meters.


Swiss watches are respected in the watch community as a symbol of quality, but there are other alternatives from different countries that you can explore. Japanese watches are very durable and reliable.

Seiko has some of the best brands in the world today. Every detail is constantly being improved. Seiko’s line is a mainstay for divers because it can go underwater for up to 200 meters and still work.

This Seiko watch can be charged through solar means and it can last no less than six months on a single charge.

This watch tells the right time even when you change time zones. This is because the hour hand does not depend on the other hands.

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