Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors

The Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors are the best option for a lot of people. They are great for gaming, watching movies, and much more. The best thing about these projectors is that they can be placed very close to the surface you want to project.

So you don’t need any extra space or equipment to enjoy your projector! In this article, we will discuss 5 short throw projectors that have been rated as some of the best by users who purchased them.

What is an Ultra Short Throw Projector?

Ultra Short Throw Projectors are a relative innovation in projectors. These projectors can be placed very close to the surface they want to project on without any extra equipment needed! 

Best of all, these Ultra Short Throw Projectors can also cover larger areas than regular short throw projector models and will not need as much space for setup.

These specific types of projectors often use LED light sources that provide high-quality images with vibrant colors. They’re great for nongaming purposes such as watching movies or giving presentations due to their superior picture quality even at smaller sizes and distances from the screen/surface being viewed. 

These projectors boast excellent performance, but many models are extremely budget-friendly which is very cheap rated. The short-throw projector is defined by a projection ratio of less than 1, with a projection distance of around 1 m.

Comparison table of the best ultra short throw projectors

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LG HU80KA 4K UHD – Best Budget Short Throw Projector

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LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector – 2500 Lumens, B is the perfect entertainment option for small spaces. This innovative projector turns any room into a home theater with projection images up to 130 inches and screen sizes from 60-inches to 150-inches.

LG’s CineBeaam technology delivers enhanced brightness for higher contrast ratio while the built-in speakers provide multi channel sound at 7W each 

The advanced Quantum Color Solution gives an ultra-wide color range so you can enjoy greater dynamic detail on 1080p Full HD Models. 

LG promises long durable performance with less energy consumption and no annual air filter changes required Powered by LG’s innovative laser technology.

It needs just 280 watts to produce a projection of up to 64.5 inches in size. Picture quality has never been so clear, sharp, or detailed with full 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution.

The intensity can be set between low-light level natural viewing all the way to vivid scenes that push contrast and details for higher levels of brightness!

What’s it good for?

  • Great for watching TV shows and movies in 4K resolution.
  • Amazing clarity with up to 2500 lumens brightness. 
  • Feel like you’re at the theater every time you watch a movie on this screen.

LG HF65LA – Best Ultra-Short Throw Projector For Gaming

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When it comes to home theater, size doesn’t matter. True, a projection screen is an incredible viewing experience considering its 1000 ANSI Lumens and up to 100 inch projection with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

The LG HF65LA Ultra Short Throw LED Home Theater CineBeam Projector has you covered either way. Its short throw lens allows this projector to fit in more places than ever before! You can put the device on a table or attach it to a wall and still have your very own cinema wherever you go.

If size isn’t an issue for you, then consider all of the other benefits that come from owning one of these projectors. With 30,000 hour battery life plus LG Smart TV compatibility with mobile devices.

What’s it good for?

  • The highest resolution available.
  • High ANSI lumens for a bright picture.
  • Get the best of everything in one projector for your home theater experience.

VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector

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The VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector from Sony provides a cinematic viewing experience with its Ultra Short Throw, space-saving design, and ability to adjust projection on the fly. feast your eyes on awe-inspiring visuals with 4K resolution combined with HDR 10 for higher contrast, fuller saturation and sharper imagery.

This projector emits 2500 ANSI Lumes of brightnes and offers an impressive 3000: 1 native contrast ratio – exceeding the standard 2000:1 found in movie theaters! 

Take advantage of the VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projectors portability- as it can be adjusted between 80 and 150 inches on the fly-, space saving design, quick setup time: only 60 seconds required!, and made in America quality. 

What’s it good for?

  • Enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home. 
  • The VAVA’s 3000: 1 native contrast far exceeds the standard 2000: 1 native contrast found in movie theaters. 
  • Feast your eyes on awe-inspiring visuals with deeper colors, higher contrast, fuller saturation, and sharper imagery.

ViewSonic LS810 5200 Lumens WXGA – Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector for Home and Office

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ViewSonic LS810 5200 Lumens WXGA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector for Home and Business is an ultra short throw projector that creates large-scale presentations with widescreen imaging. This versatile device can project up to 700 inches, making it ideal for boardroom or classroom presentation of higher education content in a variety of environments.

With Dual HDMI input ports, 4 corner adjustments and 0.23 ultra-short throw ratio, we make every setup effortless on any wall or surface.

Its powerful features include 0.23:1 ultra-short throw ratio, flexible mounting adjustments, and advanced visual capabilities such as 10 keystone correction options, HV keystoning, corner projection effects (4 corners), long lamp life (30K hours) and access to customer service team on site at Viewsonic US HQ.

It delivers high-quality images, with up to 150 inches in projection size at 5200 lumens. The extended lamp life provides long-lasting performance without interruption or replacement hassle; 30,000 hours of use spells amazing reliability through an entire school year!

What’s it good for?

  • The projector is easy to set up. 
  • It has a bright screen and high contrast ratio. 
  • You’ll feel more confident presenting in front of the class or your boss.

Optoma GT1090HDR – Optoma HD Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector

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This Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector is reliable and has a short throw lens! It comes with a powerful 4,200 lumens, allowing for easy installation. With an IPX6 dust ranking it will not accumulate dirt easily on the projector.

The laser light source never needs to be replaced as well as needing only low-cost maintenance! This HD presentation device creates an incredible 120″ image from just 4′ away making viewing easier in smaller places than ever before.

With HDR10 and HLG this projection system provides brighter whites and deeper black levels so you can see vivid colors in lush detail you’ve dreamed about through your entire life!

With low-cost and virtually maintenance-free operation, this projector shines bright thanks to a durable laser light source that lasts up to 30,000 hours.

What’s it good for?

  • No need for a lamp or filter replacement.
  • Short throw lens allows placement close to the screen, perfect for smaller spaces and easier installation. 
  • Experience a large 120″ image projected from 4′-4″. 
  • Enjoy brighter whites and deeper blacks with HDR10 & HLG technologies.

Things to consider before buying a projector

When you’re looking for the best ultra-short-throw projector, consider the following guidelines.

Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Depending on the use, you will need to purchase a projector. It is convenient and easy to install an ultra-short-throw projector for professional settings and read detailed information projected onto the screen.

An ultra-short throw projector is also the best alternative for viewing tight spaces.


When looking for an ultra-short-throw projector, you should think about the room’s lighting. The brightness rate is very important to consider because it affects how well your projected images will be visible in a given area of light.

For example, suppose you have a large and bright space with plenty of natural or artificial light sources illuminating all areas within its range (i.e., windows). In that case, there are no worries as long as the projectors’ brightness matches that level!

But what do I say when my office is small? It would help to know where this product will primarily be used to make sure our purchase reflects those needs appropriately. 

Display technology

For the Ultra Short Throw Projector, you have three display options:

  • DLP: Although the most widely used type of projector, it is surprisingly sharp with highly vivid colors.
  • LCD: This projector has good quality, but it is slightly expensive.
  • LED: You often find these projectors on office devices and in slightly low-lit spaces.


Choosing an ultra-short throw projector can be tricky, so before investing in one, make sure you know what ports it has. Some models offer HDMI and USB; some models may only offer VGA and Composite connectors.


Note that the noise from ventilation is always a problem in video projectors. Every model has its noise produced by venting to cool the lamp, with models generating 25-35dB of sound.

The ultra-short-throw projector takes advantage of your distance away from the projector by mandating you to stand at least ten feet back, where you probably won’t be bothered by this noise.

However, please consider other features of a projection system. Even if these systems are silent, they may have less quality than one that produces all sorts of sounds when running, such as different colors and higher resolutions for viewability.

Ultra short throw or short throw projector? Which is best?

Ultra short throw projector

The ultra-short throw projector projects an image a few feet away from the front of the device. What should place the projector at a minimum distance of 10 to 70 cm from the projection screen?

This device is well suited for use in a quiet space free from ventilation noise and with no risk of shadows coming or going. The ultra-short throw projector is mainly used in narrow rooms to be positioned closer to the projection screen.

Short throw projector

The short-throw projector projects a small image onto the wall at close range. Setting up an ultra-short-throw projector takes more time than that for a standard projector.

The additional effort is required to adjust the image of the projection on the screen. The projector features great accuracy but doesn’t deliver the same precision as ultra-short-throw projectors.


If you’re hesitating between an ultra-short-throw projector and a short-throw projector, first consider the dimensions of your viewing space and how far away from the screen you want to place your projector.

An ultra-short throw projector will feature certain technical characteristics, but for a smooth outdoor visual display, you’ll need a flat projection surface.

Why buy an ultra-short-throw projector?

Top 5 Of The Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors 1

The ultra-short-throw projector is an especially practical device for easy distribution. It typically only needs a small amount of space and a very flat diffusion surface for a good projection.

An ultra-short-throw projector’s properties are designed to maximize the quality of images, sound, and sound volume. The additive features which ensure a product’s reliability may vary for each brand and this is what competition centers on most often.

Ultra-short-throw projectors are all roughly as powerful as each other. Choose which type is most compatible with your personal needs.

The ultra-short throw projector is great for saving you space because of its small installation size and close proximity to the projection surface.

The advantage of a ceiling hung projector is that you can see the image without worrying about being blocked.

The connectivity possibilities on this device are varied, including classic HDMI and USB connectors.

The latest releases offer wider navigation because of network ports, so you can explore whatever interests you.

Frequency Ask question

  • How much do ultra-short throw projectors cost?

Selected the best short throw projectors that cover a wide price range. We’ll start with the cheapest projector and move up to more expensive options.

You can easily spend less on a projector than on a device like a television. However, we’ve identified the best short throw projectors covering a wide range of costs – from under $1,500 to around $7,000.

  • Are Short Throw Projectors Better?

Projectors with short throw lenses are very similar to the standard projectors, but they have one key difference: they don’t need a long distance to focus on the screen.

Short throw projectors are not the same as other projectors, but they provide some unique advantages. Among these are that an image will be several times larger than a projection at standard distances and can be seen by people sitting in the front row or three rows back. If you’re presenting to many people, slide shows are usually more convenient because they don’t take up much room.

  • Do Ultra Short Throws need a special projector screen?

An Ultra Short Throw Projector is a unique projector that can project onto the wall without any screens. It works with a DLP technology (Digital Light Processing), which uses an optical system to reflect images instead of using an electrical light source like other video projectors. This type of projection makes it so that you don’t need any separation screens, and there is no need for electric panels for illumination in dark environments.

  • What is an Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projector?

An Ultra Short Throw (UST) project is a projector that can be mounted close to the projection surface, for example, a whiteboard or interactive desk. The closer the projector is positioned to its projection surface, the brighter and clearer images will appear. This type of technology makes it possible for presenters in training rooms, boardrooms, and offices to work with clear images from their computers projected onto screens and surfaces.

  • Are there any short throw 4K projectors?

Yes. The Optoma CinemaX P2 delivers a 4K resolution or Ultra HD with 8 million individual pixels in sharp detail from a close range of only 11.8 inches away, which is about 1/4th the size of a typical projector or TV screen (for example, 40″).

It is equipped with Optical Lens Shifting technology that allows you to focus the projection on any surface ranging from 60″ to 150″. It has six built-in speakers – two 10W front speakers, two 5W sides and back surround speakers, and two 3W top speakers for ceiling mount installations. Additionally, it features an HDMI 2.0 port capable of data transfer rates up to 18Gbps.


With so many different options for high-quality Ultra Short Throw Projectors, it can be tough to find the best one. Whether you want a projector that is easy to install or one with excellent audio quality, we have compiled all of our favorites here in this blog post and hope you will find what you are looking for!

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