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Rank tracking software is the perfect solution for SEO analysts and web admins who want to check keywords on automation and create reports.

You can analyze your website’s keyword rankings with rank-tracking tools such as Screpy, and see variations over time from month to month or year to year. 

It will help you make future decisions about how best to use marketing dollars based on where they are most effective in terms of conversion rates.

In addition, these programs allow an analysis of the value (both financial and otherwise) that ranking a particular keyword delivers; there is often more than one way to measure success when it comes to online business strategies!

Features of Screpy SEO Tools

It also provides information about how many times it was found in different locations on the webpage (title tags, content, etc.). This is an excellent feature for finding out which pages are most relevant to those particular keywords. A rank-tracking tool will allow you with ease to determine monthly/yearly variations concerning your rankings around specific search terms!

PageSpeed Monitoring

PageSpeed Monitoring

Screpy lets you analyze the page speed insights for your pages right within your Screpy dashboard. Screenshot of Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom Tools on a single screen!

The following passage is about how pretty neat it can be to have an online service that combines all three resources: google page speed insights, gtmetrex & pingdom tool into one place.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyword Rank Tracking

Screpy is a rank tracker for getting keyword data. With Screpy, you can quickly identify what users are searching for and how to best appeal to them with your content. Without tracking rankings, it’s easy to be oblivious about particular keywords that need attention because the information isn’t readily available in one place like it would be if tracked through Rank Tracker by Screpy!

Scrappy helps track ranks on various search results, so you know which keywords have high traffic rates and interests from consumers who use those terms in their searches without this knowledge of all your key phrases’ ranking progressions over time.

There’s no way of knowing where new opportunities lie or whether any specific phrase needs immediate assistance while others may require less work.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

No one wants to see their website down! There are many tools out there for uptime monitoring, but what if you get this right within your SEO Tools? Screpy offers a new way of getting downtime alerts.

You can access the tool and start receiving notifications when it is time to take action so that no business goes without service or an opportunity because who did not notify them in advance of any sudden changes with your site’s server connection?

SEO Monitoring

SEO Monitoring

You can see all the errors in your web pages by using Screpy, an SEO Monitoring tool that allows you to fix them. You are provided with detailed information about what is going wrong and how to solve it- so whether there’s an issue with Lazy Load Images or Unused JavaScripts, they’re easily fixed after being identified.

On-Page SEO

On Page SEO

Your website is key to your success. You can fine-tune it by doing on-page SEO, which will make sure that you are optimizing the web pages of your site for search engines and customers alike.

Cleaning up these pages will help them rank higher in searches as well as provide a better user experience when viewing them!

Screpy Pricing

Screpy has the perfect plan for all of your needs! Whether you’re just getting started and want to test out their service or have a larger marketing team in mind. They offer free trials so that you can try them before buying. Their plans are flexible with different pricing options from solo ads campaigns to agency packages if those better suit your company’s size and budget requirements.

Team Work

Screpy is a great way to store your work and collaborate with team members. Screpy offers the ability for teams to organize projects in one space, making it easier than ever before! 

However, if you’re not part of an organization that needs those features, then consider scaling down on what plan will suit you best – there’s something here for everyone!

Screpeys many different pricing plans making collaborating as easy as clicking around their dashboard. The free plan even has some collaborative features such as adding people from outside organizations or assigning tasks like subtasks to be worked on by other people while still keeping them together under just one project umbrella. 


Screpy is an SEO tool that will help you see how your website ranks for new and competitive keywords. It’s also great at helping make enhancements to increase rankings even further on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing!

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