Which is Better AT&T or Spectrum Internet?

The Internet plays an important role in your life. The world has changed and in this digital world, you cannot imagine living without the internet. The world without the internet is like a sea without water, it doesn’t make sense now. Your life is linked to internet service. From the school and office work you do to the entertainment you get through different platforms, you are trapped in this bubble and the fun part is that no one wants to get out of this bubble.

It gives you enough space to do whatever you want to do whether you want to do business and make some money or you want to watch Netflix at your friend’s place with pizza and snacks on Saturday night. You need internet services anyway. There are many internet service providers who are offering internet services in different states. The top leading companies who are giving competitions to each other and they know the customer needs and they actually care about their needs are AT&T and Spectrum.

Both AT&T and Spectrum offers high-speed internet and covers many states of America. We are going to talk about the pros and cons of both companies and we are going to discuss the features and services offered by them.

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Spectrum vs. AT&T – Internet connection

Spectrum provides internet connection to its customers via Coax cable. The cable is the most reliable connection when it comes to internet services. Cable connection is just like fiber when it comes to reliability and download speeds but the uploading speed is not as good as you get with the fiber optic connection.

AT&T provides internet connection to its customers through two different means. In some areas, AT&T provides services through fixed wireless, and in some areas, they provide services through fiber-optic connection. Fixed wireless connection is usually used by those customers who live in rural and remote areas and they don’t have anything other than the fixed wireless connection. In some areas, AT&T provides services through fiber-optic connection, which offers the fastest downloading and uploading speed and is the most reliable connection. With the fiber optic connection, you get symmetrical downloading and uploading speed which means that the downloading speed would be the same as the uploading speed. Fiber optic connection is not widely available and it covers only a few areas.

Spectrum vs. AT&T – Availability

When it comes to coverage, cable connection is the widely available connection in America. Spectrum even offers high-speed internet in rural areas where in the past no one could imagine getting the high speed of the internet. Spectrum made that happen. Spectrum provides internet service in the selected areas of around 46 states which makes Spectrum the second-largest cable internet service provider in America. While AT&T provides services in the selected areas of around 21 states.

Spectrum vs. AT&T – Internet speed

When it comes to internet speed, Spectrum offers its customer different speeds. Spectrum offers internet with a downloading speed ranges from up to 100 Mbps to 940Mbps. The internet gig service is the highest internet speed which you can get. With that speed, multiple users can connect multiple devices at the same time and they can connect their smart TVs, gaming consoles like Xbox Live, or PlayStation and they can do literally anything with this speed.

When it comes to AT&T, if you are lucky enough to get internet services via fiber-optic connection, you will be getting the same downloading speed as you can get with the cable connection but the uploading speed would be way faster when it comes to the fiber connection. With the fixed wireless connection, you will be getting a maximum of up to 75Mbps downloading speed.

Spectrum vs. AT&T – Data cap

The data cap is the most important thing that needs to be considered while getting internet service. If you connect multiple devices with your internet service, data cap should be your concern as each device will consume data and if you exceed your allocated data, you will be charged extra for the extra data.

Spectrum offers an unlimited data cap to their customers on all the plans which means you can download and stream as much as you want to and you won’t be facing any kind of issues regarding the data cap. AT&T offers a data cap of 1Tb with the fixed wireless connection and with the fiber connection, the customer gets an unlimited data cap.

Spectrum Vs. AT&T – Contract

AT&T plans come with a contract and if you cancel your new service after the first 30 days of the services, you will be charged an early termination fee of up to $180. With Spectrum, all plans are contract-free. Spectrum offers month to month billing service with no contract and on top of the no-contract, Spectrum also offers 30 days of money-back guarantee which means that if within 30 days you have paid the bill and you don’t like the service and want to cancel your service, the amount that would be collected would be refunded back to you. Spectrum also offers a contract buyout service, which means that customers can take advantage of up to a $500 contract buyout from their previous internet service provider but there are some requirements for that.

Spectrum Vs. AT&T – Prices

AT&T internet packages start from $35.00 with the basic internet package and go to $60.00 for the high-speed internet package and Spectrum packages start from $49.99 for the basic package and go to $109.99 for the gig package. For the equipment, AT&T charges $10 for the wireless gateway with all the internet plans on monthly basis and Spectrum charges $5 for the router and gets a free internet modem with all the internet plans.

Spectrum charges 49.99 for the professional installation and $9 for the activation. For the professional installation, AT&T charges 99.99 for the installation. With the self-installation, Spectrum charges just $9.99 for the activation while AT&T charges $35 for the activation.

Final verdict

Both companies are best at the services. Both have their pros and cons. If you are living in an area where AT&T provides services through a fiber connection, go for AT&T, otherwise, Spectrum would be the best shot as Spectrum offers the most reliable and widely available connection with no contract, month to month billing

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