As a mobile app developer, you would never want to publish an app with bugs and errors in it. In order to remove all the possible bugs and errors, the apps are required to be tested extensively. Such an extensive testing can be carried out only when the beta version of the app is made available to the selected users so that they report the issues they faced during the app usage.

There is a plethora of mobile app testing tools which can be used by the developers to share the beta version of the app and later collect the bugs and error reports. Once the developers have them, rectifying the issues become easy.

What these testing tools essentially do is that they bring about slight modification to the code so that the error reports may be gathered. After this process is completed, a link to the app is sent to the users of your choice and information is collected from them. Based on these information, the bugs are removed from the app.

It ensures that the app that is finally published for the users to download is apparently free from the errors which in turn leads to better reviews and increased downloads. Such testing tools are available for all the major mobile platforms, viz Android, iOS, Windows etc. While few are free of cost, others are available for a price.

Top mobile app testing tools

TestFlight: TestFlight is an amazing testing tool for your iOS apps. It was initially meant for both Android and iOS developers but after Apple acquired it, Android support was removed. For the iOS 8 developers, this free testing tool is quite helpful. Using the beta testing tool, the developers can invite the users to test the mobile apps before they have been released.

You can invite upto 1000 users to test your app using their email. After the invitation has been sent, the users or the testers will get a link to download the app from the app store. Also, you may share the build with up to 25 of your team members to get quick feedback. Using Testflight, you can test all the apps that you develop for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that run iOS 8 or higher.


HockeyApp: HockeyApp is a cross-platform mobile app testing tool from Microsoft. Using this testing tool, the developers can distribute the beta version of the app across platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac OS. Live crash reports, and users’ feedback can be collected easily.

You can also recruit unlimited number of testers and analyze the test. It is a paid testing tool but you can try it free for 1 month. After that you will be required to pay $10 for one month which will entitle you to test upto 5 apps. For all the plans, HockeyApp offers unlimited storage and testers. Some of the features of HockeyApp include:

I    Cross-platform distribution
II  Crash reports with version control
III Feedback from the users
IV Hardware, users and OS analytics

Google Play Native App Beta Testing: Most of the Android users must have used this testing tool from Google as they can access it with their Google account. From July 2014 onward, Google App publishing API is available to all the developers and offers them features which let the users perform some testing.

Any alert is notified to the developer through email. Google also sends optimization tips to the developers so that apps have better visibility. You also get revenue statistics if you are selling the app or offering in-app purchases. Bulk export of the reviews, deeplinking and website verification are also available for the developers.

Test Fairy: It is a free testing tool for mobile apps but an enterprise edition for bigger teams is also available. A host of features are offered by the tool and the most striking of them all is its ability to record the test, the tester is performing on the app. It helps you know, how exactly the app was tested and what was the outcome.

The users, along with the video are also provided with the information about CPU, Network, Memory and GPS. While testing the Android apps, the developers are not required to integrate any APIs into the app. All they are required to do is to upload the APK file and rest of the work is done by the tool. However, the iOS developers need to insert one line of code to help the tool gather the crash report and other relevant information.

Ubertesters: It is a comprehensive testing tool for mobile applications and currently supports iOS and Android apps. Support for Window apps may be provided in the future. There are both free and paid plans and you can choose them depending on the requirement. In the free plan, you are allowed to test 2 apps and provided with 100 MB of space.

There are several features of this tool which include analysis of bug report, distribution of the beta versions and integration with additional bug tracking systems. You can also hire testers using the tool to ensure that your apps are tested on real devices under real-world environment.


It is highly recommended to the mobile app developers to go for any of these testing tools to ensure that the app you publish is devoid of errors and bugs. These app testing tools are highly beneficial for app developers as they not only ensure better apps but also let the developers realize their mistakes.

As the users test them on a diverse range of mobiles handsets, the compatibility of the apps with different devices is also tested. Sincere efforts have been put into collecting the best mobile app testing tools. Let us know which one you have tried and what you feel about it.