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Digital marketing has evolved dramatically in recent years, specifically SEO. Every time search engines update their algorithms, SEO experts become curious to figure out how they can integrate the latest trends.

Backlinking is one of those SEO strategies that never gets outdated.

You may already know the significance of it to boost your search engine visibility. But you should also know how to assess your link profile to improve your rankings. 

Your website age also holds great importance when it comes to backlinking. If your website is live for a few months, then there is a possibility that your website can gain some links.

You require relevant and quality backlinks for your site, but you should also clearly understand your link profile.

It will help you analyze whether you are moving forward in the right direction or not. The best way to do it is to use backlink tools to monitor backlinks’ relevance and quality.

It also helps you decide the effectiveness of these backlinks.

Here are some of the finest tools that will help you to monitor your website backlinks effectively.  

SE Ranking 

This tool has become the first choice of SEO executives. It enables them to monitor incoming links to your website. The feature-rich tool also allows you to do keyword research, rank tracking of competitors and your website, and website audit.

It also helps you monitor links based on the data of Google Webmaster tools.

It provides you a detailed report having a complete analysis of links that are indexed, cached, followed, and have massive social popularity. These parameters portray a clear backlinking picture of your site in front of you. 

Backlink Watch 

This backlinking tool has a simple functionality that allows you to perform all activities without any hassle. You can easily track a backlink portfolio of any website with it.

This backlink checker tool is user-friendly and powerful that helps you gain valuable data without any inconvenience.

It provides you the reliable results that you can turn into insights to streamline your SEO efforts.  


It is a free tool that plays a crucial role in shaping your backlinking strategies. It helps you find the traffic sources and competitor’s backlinks.

You can also get no-follow and do-follow links with RankSignals along with quality domains pointing to your website.

Also, you can identify the anchor text of the link, website PR, and other social metrics. It also helps you find and remove any spammy or bad links.   


You can get around 200,000 links in each report with OpenLinkProfiler. With an extensive database, it shows you the currently active links and doing well for other websites.

The tools also have a free version that can enable you to export around 100 backlinks and if that is not enough for you, then opt for the paid version.

It provides you valuable insights such as link data, backlink influence, and many more.  

SEO Spyglass

This backlinking monitoring tool is relatively new in the SEO landscape. However, it has built a good reputation by providing excellent results. It has a massive database of indexed backlinks.

You can check over 1000 links for free, but you have to switch to the paid version of SEO spyglass if you want to export outcomes. 


It is a free tool that helps you analyze complex links and to check whether backlinks are indexed or not. MoonSearch enables you to keep a complete track of your page rank and your overall SEO image.

It provides you the accurate and precise results that help you improve your link-building strategies. 

Backlink Test 

You can get complete information on outcoming and incoming backlinks through the Backlink test that helps you create results-driven SEO strategies.

If you are looking for regular use, then this backlink analysis tool can be a perfect choice.

You may experience many pop-ups in this tool. However, it will help you trace the IP address of sources along with other valuable information. 

Link Diagnosis   

If you are looking for all in one backlinking tool, then Link Diagnosis should end your search. You can explore a variety of options while using this tool. It provides detailed information on different aspects, including do-follow links, poor links, internal or external linking.

You can also get a clear idea of the web page positioning distribution through link diagnosis.

It also fetches data from different resources to provide you the most relevant and accurate information. 

Monitor Backlinks

It is one of the most updated SEO tools that provides you in-depth insights into link profiles. It gives you the feasibility to check around ten results without charging anything.

You can choose the paid version if you want promising results.

You can have a detailed overview of SEO metrics, domain, anchor text reports, and different backlinking elements.     


The simple and easy-to-use tool provides an outstanding level of convenience to users by automating the entire process. You can forget to manually check backlinks as Linkody automates the whole backlinking analysis procedure for you.

It saves your time and effort by keeping you updated every time.

It notifies you whenever you lose or gain a link and highlights the spammy link to disown it. You can also take a good look at your competitor’s activities.

It helps you assess what they are doing wrong and how you can capitalize on it. 

One of the most prominent features of Linkody is that it keeps you updated about your continuously changing link profile. When you lose a link, you should know about it immediately, so you can figure out what went wrong.

The same applies to your gaining a link. It helps you understand the impact it can bring on your Google rankings.

You can also set email notifications with this tool to receive a daily status of your link profile’s health.  


You can create as many backlinking strategies as you want to outsmart your SEO competitors. But if you do not know that either you are going in the right direction or not, you won’t succeed at the top level.

By leveraging backlink monitoring tools, you will have access to valuable information that will help you create effective SEO strategies.

You will be able to make the right decisions, and your every move will help you attain a top spot in search engine rankings.

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