SEO Or Advertising: Which Marketing Strategy Has Better Outcomes?

Search engine optimization and advertising are the major components of SEM, i.e., Search engine marketing. As a business owner, you can use both valuable tools to run digital marketing campaigns.

However, deciding where you should spend your dollars is still a difficult task for many business owners.

If you are among them and wonder which marketing strategy can generate the best results, this blog post is for you. 

Why should SEO and Advertising not be a debate? 

There has been a cyclical debate about SEO and PPC. But it should not be a thing. Research suggests that SEO makes around 53% of the traffic that any website receives.

Evidently, more than half of the visitors find you in search engines like Google and Bing.

Did you know that last year the google searches doubled, and about 3.8 million searches were averaged per minute for the year? It effectively means that SEO is a better investment than Adwords.

Keep reading to know more about how SEO proves to be better than advertising or paid search marketing.

SEO is long-term

Online success requires consistency and excellent planning. And SEO is an element that needs long-term planning, high-quality content, and keyword optimization.

As  mentioned here at, using these strategies will attract a large audience and improve your visibility in the search engines.

In turn, you are increasing your conversion rates. The more you are in the search engines, Google will reward you for your consistency and bring long-term success. 

SEO brings organic traffic

Organic traffic comes to your website when the users type a specific keyword, and your website shows up in the search results.

Link building is one of the crucial practices to boost organic traffic. You can read this article to know more about link building.

And, organic traffic is one of the most powerful tools that can get your audience and sales. Research shows that SEO drives more traffic as compared to organic social media platforms.

Also, it was found out that the result for any Google search averages a CTR of 38%. Yet another research shows that Google has seen five times higher returns on investment for organic traffic than PPC and advertising.

But, before you make up your mind and reach a decision that SEO does not work it is worth knowing that around 90% of the pages do not get organic traffic?

The reason for this is the use of inferior SEO methods. So, make sure that you use the SEO strategies correctly. 

Readers use Ad Blockers

Privacy is a more significant concern for the people who are actively online. This is why they make use of the ad blockers. This number has constantly increased in the United States from 21% to the 28% over the past five years.

So, if you are only dependent on advertising for your brand’s online presence, you are making a big mistake. 

As a business owner, you must go where your audience is looking. Everyone uses Google, and SEO is one element that can help you have a long-term game.

It is, indeed, a powerful tactic for growing your brand online. Producing the best possible content will solve the purpose.